Do you know what would happen if tumblr existed in the YuGiOh universe

Do you know

Duel Monsters discourse

“if you say that Duel Monsters don’t have a soul then you’re an asshole and you don’t belong to the Duelist community”

“people who ship themselves with their favorite cards are gross unfollow me if you want to have sex with a card”

In Life you Must...

Forgive like Yugi Mutou

Dream like Anzu Mazaki 

Defend like Jounouchi Katsuya 

Support like Honda Hiroto

Work like Seto Kaiba

Aspire like Mai Kujaku 

Fight like Bakura Ryou

Teach like Suguroku Mutou

Overcome like Malik Ishtar

Change like Pegasus Crawford

Sacrifice like Pharaoh Atem

and most importantly

Love by putting them all together.