signs as shit dub!kaiba said
  • aries:we've come this far and i'm not gonna blow it. actually, yes i am.
  • taurus:stop saving the world and get a hobby.
  • gemini:if i had a dime for every time you used the word destiny, i'd be even richer.
  • cancer:boooring. let's duel.
  • leo:i want him to see what he missed out on so give him a good seat for the next duel. aHAHAHAH! i'm funny.
  • virgo:oh great. if it isn't the dweeb patrol.
  • libra:that's it! i'm not gonna stand here and talk to some mutated hood ornament. i'm just gonna blast you into next week.
  • scorpio:mokuba, what do i always tell you? if at first you don't succeed, blast them with your blue eyes again!!
  • sagittarius:so you have a dweeb army? am i supposed to be scared to attack?
  • capricorn:me? duel you? i would have more of a challenge playing solitaire.
  • aquarius:anyone who's late for registration will be disqualified. mokuba, make sure wheeler's late.
  • pisces:oh great. i'm hallucinating again.

“Here’s a story of a boy named Yugi who was dueling with some very lovely friends…”

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