duel dilemmas

martunamajor  asked:

So about your ELR question regarding Mavin, you can do this one of two ways. I'm a writer and an editor and whenever I come across this dilemma of duel identities (generally more with superheroes) it's always good to have a rule of thumb. When talking about a single one of the entities (either Gavin or Michael) then 'he' would suffice. When talking about the character Mavin (specifically referenced as such) then use 'they'. You can make your own or just stick with 'They' if you are still unsure.

someone replied to the post and said the opposite? in the episode, both the colonel and mavin himself/themselves used singular “he” when referring to mavin as one person. so perhaps it’s just like pronouns with anyone else where it depends on what the person is comfortable with? im not sure