phew! dodged a messy situation there! ive got total mommy brain tonight. i kept asking myself why couldnt i go to sleep early today, and i couldnt remember why i was supposed to stay up. i was actually feeling tired and thought hey lets take advantage of the sleepyness and go to bed. then i remembered. i needed to take halfling to the bathroom and i was late on getting her there. were going on week 2 i believe of seeing if she is able to night time potty train. she may not be able to but were giving it a shot since the day time pottying has gone so well. Accidents are very minimal and we are able to leave the house and use public pottys (we bought a travel potty seat and its helped tremendously) weve had varied results on night time pottying because im terrible at waking up in the mornings. i sleep through alarms and phone calls and we don’t have a monitor at the moment so i cant hear her if she’s calling for me.(and for some reason had become very affraid of getting out of bed in her own) but every night i slightly wake her and take her to potty at 1-1:30, tonight i took her at two and she was still dry. i have one disposable diaper i keep in my bag for that just in case moment. but were not buying anymore and cloth diaper her at night because she does still have accidents then. im hoping by the end of the year she will be fully potty trained. that would be really awesome i am in no way shape or form trying to force this on her. the internet says only about 66% of kids her age are able to wake up and acknowledge that they have to go potty. so everything is experimental. i was late to learn and i think captian may have been too. we will be getting our new angel care audio only monitor in two weeks and i hope it works better then the others we have tried. and maybe that will help us.

on another note im 35wks and 1 day today. and im totally excited that were nearing the end of this pregnancy. i want halfling to meet quarterling already. i want the whole hospital situation over with all ready. in my pregnancy with halfling we had to force her out due to pre eclampsia. so she was born at 37 weeks. if Quarterling decided she was gonna pop out then id be extatic(in a healthy shes just ready way). so weve got 2-5 weeks. the only things we need are newborn cloth diapers and a new bath. hopefully i can get some assistance with that at the baby shower. everything else we can get at a later date or as we need it.