Dueces Wild

For as long as I can remember, my summers have always been filled with Dodger baseball and the accompanying narrative of Vin Scully. When I was a kid, my dad would put the Dodger game on TV, then tune in the simulcast on the radio when the coverage was national or being done by someone other than Vin.

There are few broadcasters in history with as rich or as long a history in any sport. The fact that he’s done what he does, for as long as he has, on his own, is really quite amazing. He’s been the voice of the Dodgers for 59 consecutive years, longer than any current sportscaster with any one team.

What has always made Vin unique are his subtle jokes, classic stories of days past, in-depth profiles of players, colorful verbiage, meticulous statistical details, a comical acceptance of modern technology, and a grab-bag of catch phrases.

One of the most common recurring turns of phrase Vin invokes is “Dueces Wild,” a situation in any game where one of many possible variables are occurring: two players on base, two balls, two strikes, two outs, etc. It’s a microcosm of Scully’s love for the game, as well as a perfect example of what baseball fans and announcer do to keep themselves on their toes during the (at times) mundane pace of baseball.

I’ve watched most every game this year and while Vin maybe getting older and his coverage slipping just a little, he still says things you’ll never hear from other announcers or phrases that nobody says anymore, anywhere.  

Anyhow, I thought it’d be fun to keep track of what he says. Here goes…