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Sweet Tooth- A Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: Another two posts in one night! This is a little tribute to the fact that I already have reached over 100 followers on here, which is baffling?? Thank you all so much for supporting me so much in the very short time I have been on here. I’m so very glad that I have done this and I hope to be getting to some requests that I have received recently, as well! I digress. I hope you enjoy this Remus smut in celebration. This is my very first attempt at writing anything of the sort so sorry if it is no good! Enjoy~

Warning: SMUT 

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i’ll drive you

#73: “I like proving you wrong”

#74: “Girls can’t drive, plain and simple”

warning: a bit of cursing, and temporary sexism

word count: 1,063

a/n: My first writing of Jeff Atkins on this blog! Hope you like it and feel free to send in more requests! I also made a really bad pun that I hope no one notices if you wanna know it, hmu in my ask box;)

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Prompt: Could you write something about Tim having a s/o who’s a doctor or nurse? Love your writing!

Requested by: ANON

    Your relationship is a bit unorthodox. You know this. You embrace it. As you trudge into your apartment, you open the doors on the balcony before sliding your shoes off. You pad into the kitchen, take out the two cartons of Thai food, and pop yours into the microwave first.

    A few moments later, you hear the rustling of curtains, and Tim comes in. It’s six in the morning, and the sun is just starting to rise. Tim is dressed in his full suit, and you smile as he pulls off the hood. A moment later, he’s left in nothing but his pants. As your food finishes, you pop his into the microwave.

    With a smile you watch him move around the kitchen pulling out glasses of water and silverware. When the microwave dings you pull out his food and bring both plates to the table. You eat in silence, both reading and unwinding.

    Dinner is followed by a quick shower together before collapsing into bed. You wake up six hours later to the sound of clacking. Dressed in one of Tim’s shirts, you pad out to the den and take a seat next to him while he taps away on his laptop. You open your book and wait for him to finish. He wraps things up fairly quickly before sliding the laptop away.

    Finishing your page, you slide the book away before saying, “You sent seven henchmen to my ER tonight.”

    He smiles, “Jason and Bruce sent seven henchmen to your ER. I was busy hacking a security system.”

    You scowl, “It’s not funny, Tim. The doctors always get cranky when they have to work on bad guys. Not to mention it backs us up big time, and then there’s the security protocols.”

    He leans over and kisses you, “Next time we’ll deposit them closer to another hospital.”

    You smile, “That’s all I ask.”

    You sit there for another minute before saying, “We have to go to the store.”

    “Why, did the take-out menus catch on fire?”

    “Not since Alfred was here last time. We’re out of food, and just about everything else. We really need to clean too.”

    “You only have one more shift this week, right?” You nod, “Then I’ll take the rest of the week off and we’ll run errands and clean, and all that good stuff.”

    You smile, before saying, “You are such a liar.”

    He laughs, “I’ll call the cleaning service tomorrow. Alfred’s due for a visit, and I’d rather not get a lecture again.”

    You nod, “Okay I’ll make a list so you can run to the store.”

“Why do I have to go to the store?”

“Because I’m the one that can cook.”

He shrugs, “Send it to my phone.”  

You nod before curling up next to him. Your relationship is weird and you love it.

Introverted Omegas/Extroverted Alphas Headcanons

-A shy and clingy Omega being dragged to a party by their Alpha but it’s crowded and stressful so the Alpha ends up carrying their somewhat grouchy mate around while trying not to pay too much attention to the nose brushing against their neck, seeking comfort from the Alpha’s scent

-An extroverted Alpha that has finally convinced their introverted Omega friend to go on a date with them and they are so excited so they take the Omega to their favorite place, a very loud and busy restaurant that the Alpha adores because it feeds their need to interact and be around people. However, after chattering non stop for a while the Alpha finally notices how uncomfortable the Omega looks and how they shy away a bit whenever someone passes too closely to their table, feeling a bit guilty for not noticing sooner the Alpha makes up a reason to leave and they go somewhere quieter with less people. Despite the Alpha’s denial, the Omega knows they did it for their sake and they feel so content and cared for and they know they picked a good Alpha

-An extroverted Alpha trying to do something special for their less than social mate so they tell the Omega they can pick anywhere they want to go, the Alpha is only mildly surprised when the Omega’s eyes light up and they respond, “So we can go home and nap? Just the two of us?” but the Alpha isn’t really annoyed or anything because cuddles and sleepy kisses are their weakness

-An extremely introverted Omega that gets really anxious around people but they agree to go somewhere with a group of friends. The place they end up going to is really crowded and noisy and all the different scents in the air start stressing the Omega out so they instinctually clutch onto the arm of their Alpha best friend and squeeze tightly. The Alpha turns to question them about it but as soon as they notice their friend’s distress they are quick to wrap an arm around them and surround them with the Alpha’s own familiar and comforting scent, the Alpha is very social so they easily do all the talking for both of them until the Omega is calm and relaxed again…they still hold them close though…just to be sure everything is alright of course

-An introverted Omega constantly worrying that their extroverted Alpha will get tired of their antisocial tendencies and leave them behind, the Alpha eventually catching on and reassuring them that they could never lose interest in such an adorable little rain cloud of negativity, the Omega just going “never mind bye” and walking away while the Alpha laughs

-An extroverted Alpha taking their quiet and shy Omega drinking with friends and the Omega being mortified when the Alpha gets drunk and starts loudly discussing what the Omega is like in bed like, “Yeah you’d never know cuz he’s so quiet all the time but he’s a real screamer once we get goin-” and the Omega is blushing profusely as they instantly start dragging their drunk ass home and then they spend the next two weeks denying all the Alpha’s sexual advances as revenge

-An extroverted Alpha always feeling so accomplished when they find a social thing that their introverted Omega also enjoys, like concerts, low-key being all content about other people seeing how happy their Omega is because it makes them feel like a good Alpha

-An introverted Omega really not wanting to attend a party with their outgoing mate, so while they are supposed to be getting ready they instead do little things to distract the Alpha like exposing their throat or walking around without clothes…and when they end up fucking instead of attending the party the Omega has to accept the fact that they literally just seduced their Alpha to avoid having to socialize

-An Alpha having no luck convincing their Omega to go out and do something so they turn to the Omega’s sibling for help but they won’t help because, “If you guys stay here we can all do puzzles and doing puzzles doesn’t require going out and seeing people.” and the Alpha just gives up and joins them at the table to help with the puzzle

-An Alpha literally bribing their Omega to attend a family gathering like, “Okay okay, if you come with me tonight we can spend all day at home tomorrow eating garbage and doing nothing, we can do anything you want but my mother will murder me if we miss another dinner due to some random illness.” the Omega reluctantly agreeing…“Okay but I want tacos and ice cream for breakfast.”

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Hi can you please do a long reaction for Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Wonho and Kihyun where they cheer you up because you had a bad day at school or work?

Wish granted! Also, the Masterlist has been updated! I don’t know if you can see the “keep reading” part on the post (mobile only) because I don’t see it when I only view it. If someone can tell me why, (ain’t nothing but a heart ache) that would be great!

Wonho - You couldn’t help but feel the need to break your pencil in two and use it as a weapon against the teacher in front of you. Strict, rude, racist, and unforgiving, is the type of person he was. You didn’t understand, but at times he would spit out curses toward you and the other students for not working hard enough and today was the worst of all. His marks on your essays basically made one on its own and you couldn’t take his class anymore. Wonho often came by to pick you up from school, but today, he couldn’t because he had a meeting with the CEO, which made your day even worse. Just your luck. Walking out the school building, you still had the pent-up frustrations about that class, wishing that it wasn’t required to take it. The stress and the amount of studying wasn’t worth it, but you still did it anyway. Not to mention on your way home, you missed your bus not once, but twice, and the shops you bought bubble tea for the two of you was closed for maintenance. At that point, everything snowballed into a day that you wanted to forget and erase forever. By the time you made it home, it was already late evening. He’s going to ask, isn’t he…? A sigh escaped your lips from the thought of Wonho running up to you, patting your face and hair to see if you’re alright. Well, that almost happened. To your surprise, there was a makeshift tent in the middle of the living room, strewn with fairy lights on top of the blankets and pillows. “Wonho-ah… You made this?” “Indeed!” Wonho popped his head out from the tent, gesturing you to come closer and observe. “See? We can lay here all night and all weekend watching whatever while we’re underneath the fairy lights I bought yesterday. You know, you can’t hide the fact that you were having a bad day from me. Come on! Change into your pajamas and come on in!” Wonho got out of the tent and patted your shoulders, urging you to change and spend the night with him. As you showed a grateful smile, you nodded and headed over to your room, later to the tent where Wonho brought up the opportunity to cuddle as well.

Minhyuk - The expectations fell heavy on your shoulders. It felt as if you couldn’t breathe from the deadlines that approached quicker than expected, or the requirements and stakes were higher than you could overcome. School is only temporary, but it seemed like forever. Your headaches occurred more frequently, and you couldn’t find the time to eat or sleep because you doubted yourself from remembering specific topics the next day. As you came home, the whole journey, you reviewed terms, subjects, and key points in your head for the upcoming exam. What made it even worse was the fact your teacher handed you back a test you didn’t appreciate receiving. It was a 74%. You wanted to at least try your best in school for a satisfactory future. However, it wasn’t turning out the way you’d like to, and you came home with a sulk and a heavy heart. You didn’t want to face Minhyuk. After all, he was helping you with your schoolwork. How will find out about this? Exactly. He won’t. You sighed as you closed the door and let your bag fall onto the floor with a thump. The apartment was empty and didn’t pertain the happiness it had when Minhyuk occupied it. He’s at the studio today, that’s right. You ran your fingers through your hair in frustration and headed toward the kitchen, where you found a piece of pink paper with writing on it. It’s okay to have these days. Smile for me, will you? I don’t like it when you’re sad. Quickly eat what I’ve made you that’s in the refrigerator. I’m sure you’ll like it. You blinked a few times and attempted to smile, but you forced it in the end. Approaching the refrigerator, you opened it, seeing a photo of Minhyuk on top of a plastic box, decorated with yellow ribbon with white polka dots. Inside, perfectly wrapped kimbap sat on top of colored tissue paper with tiny separators with the banchan inside. From radishes to kimchi, you couldn’t help but eat your feelings away. You sat down at the bar, taking your pair of chopsticks and digging in. “Mind if I take a bite? I made it after all,” Minhyuk’s voice was heard from behind you. Quickly, you turned around and found him with his duffel bag slung on his shoulder, and dressed in his training outfit. “Feel better okay? I found out about your grades from your teacher but it doesn’t mean this applies how smart you are. One grade won’t make all the difference. So smile and do better next time, okay?” Minhyuk kissed our cheek before grabbing a piece of your kimbap and running away into another room.

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Separation Anxiety

I tried to do the formatting  @mustardyellowsunshine recommended. Here is my response for prompt 2. These prompts evoke me to keep the storyline set in canon for whatever reason.  I also embrace the fact that Inuyasha is descended from a dog youkai, especially with the line “Did you seriously just______?“

 Thanks for reading.

Summary: Kagome’s got some studying to do, of course. But, Inuyasha makes it difficult for her, but what are his motivations, really? 

“I have a lot of studying to do. So just go back to the Feudal era and wait for me.”

“Why do I gotta go back?”

“Inuyasha, school is my top priority!”

“I know that! You’ve only told me a million times.”

“So, why do I have to keep telling you!”

“You don’t! You’ve been spending more time with school–”

“You’ll just keep distracting me.”

Inuyasha sighed, defeated. His ears and shoulders drooped. He looked crestfallen for only a second as these thoughts raced through his head. His temper bubbled up. He was scowling and opened his mouth with a smack so he could angrily spat: “Fine! You better be ready in the three days you say! I’m not gonna be sittin’ around waitin’!” In a flash he was out the window.

     On the other side of the well, he sulked and huffed back to the village. His hands were fisted at his side and he practically stomped back. Hadn’t she said she wanted to stay by his side? Sure she had exams coming up, but what else was new, why was she sending him away?

“Inuyasha, I thought you were staying with Kagome?” Sango asked, surprised to see him.

“She made you come back, didn’t she?” Shippo teased.

“Shut up!” He shouted with a growl as he pushed past Sango, Kirara and Shippo.

“Wait, Inuyasha!” The young woman called. “What?!” He whipped around and snapped. “Since you’re back, could we train?

“Where’s Miroku?” His golden eyes darted around searching. “He went off with Hachi.”

“Keh! Let’s do this then.”

    Combatting with Sango helped pass the time, plus he actually enjoyed it. But, after getting knocked on his ass a few times, he and the demon slayer were getting fed up. “Get your head in the game!” She scolded. “I haven’t even used Hiraikotsu and I want to face Tetsusaiga.” “Good to know you got a strategy.” He grunted as he pushed himself up.
    He leapt at her, unleashing Tetsusaiga. She blocked his strike, the hidden blade at her wrist ripping out. He knew she had another in her other wrist and she’d try to kick him, so he jumped back. She grabbed Hiraikotsu, just a roll away from her. She swung the heavy weapon and let it fly, climbing onto Kirara to catch it after Inuyasha ducked to avoid it. “You’re predictable!” He criticized. “So are you! You’re thinking to use the Wind Scar now!” She shot back.

“Dammit!” Inuyasha’s voice echoed. As soon as Miroku got back, he went to go mope alone up in a tree.

     The next two days were spent hunting, cooking, sleeping, training, and talking with his friends. He even spent some time by Kaede as she worked in her herb garden.

Finally, it was time to get Kagome.


“Aren’t you ready to go yet?”

“Hear me out,” Kagome began as soon as Inuyasha entered her room. “I have an important assignment due tomorrow, which is Friday.”

“Aw c’mon!” As if the day of the week meant anything to him.

“Now, wait. You can stay here with me while I work.” She offered with a smile. He crossed his arms.

“But, if it’s not this assignment, it’s the next one, Kagome.”

“I just have to get this one done and turn it in.” She said, waving the paper in front of her. “I don’t know why this is bothering you so much!” She gestured wildly, arms out at her sides and the paper flapping with the movement.

“Because it just does, okay? You’re always doing something: training with Kaede, archery practice, school stuff, family and friends here, and hunting down Naraku with us.”

“All of that is important to me!”

“I know, dammit!”

“I manage to do all of it, don’t I?” The wind blew in from the window, causing the paper in her hand to flutter in her hands. Inuyasha had had enough and leapt forward, chomping down on the corner of the paper, tearing off the corner.

“Did you seriously just eat my homework?!” Kagome exclaimed with wide eyes.

Inuyasha sat indignantly with his head turned to the side, nose stuck up in the air, scowl marring his features. He sat in a squat with his arms between his legs, fingers curled mimicking paws.

    She started laughing. The musical sound filling his ears and softening his heart. She figured he had no idea about the cliche excuse of ‘my dog ate my homework.’ And didn’t want to make him feel worse, so she just laughed. He’d said in the past not to treat him like a dog, but when he acted like one it was hard not to.

    She finally composed herself and walked over to him. He didn’t move away, only flinched when she put a hand on his head and knelt down beside him. She stroked one of his ears. She was a little surprised he let her. “Inuyasha, how can I make it up to you?”

That got his attention and he turned to look the woman he promised to protect in the face. “You said you wanted to stay by my side. Just do that.” He answered, his eyes shifting to look at the floor, a blush crossing his cheek.

“Is that was this was about the whole time?” She asked, realization dawning on her. “If you wanted to spend time with me, why didn’t you just say so?” “Feh! As if I could!”

Kagome sat down beside him on the floor and leaned on his shoulder, “I’m sorry. My attention has been focused elsewhere lately.” She cuddled in closer to him, her side conforming to his. After a minute, he rested his cheek on top of her head.

We got interrupted last time, he thought, taking her hand in his. She looked up at him as he was leaning in.

    Their lips finally met. She kissed him back gingerly. His lips glided over hers. His head moved to the side to gain better access. She was too shy to move with him.

    His arms snaked around her waist and pulled her closer to him. He parted her lips with the tip of his tongue, dipping her backward a bit as one hand wound in her hair. His tongue disappeared as quickly as he’d slipped it out, still shy himself, but her taste was also overwhelming his senses. She was letting him touch her, he didn’t want to scare her off.

    He broke the kiss and peered into her glistening eyes, planting a brief yet moist peck on her pouty lips. “You better get to work,” he suggested. Her eyes widened and she frowned: speechless.

    “I’m not going anywhere.”  He assured as he sat back. She smiled and looked down, cheeks visibly blushing. “Well, I have to rewrite this page even if you hadn’t bitten it,” she waved it side to side beside him. The paper was wrinkled, she’d crumpled it during the kiss. “I’ll just get my book and come back next to you to do my work.”

     He sat quietly watching her. Her cheeks flushing now and then cuz he was staring at her. They bickered about that, but he’d told her if she focused on her task then she wouldn’t notice. She’d handed him some photo albums for him to look through to keep him occupied.

       She got her assignment done, but not much other studying. She could hardly concentrate with him breathing down her neck, literally. She decided to take a break, leaning back against him. He nuzzled her neck with his nose.

     “Your nose is damp!” She giggled. “Keh!” He turned away, embarrassed. She grabbed him by the forelocks gently to pull him back down to her, rising to her knees to rub her nose on his. She ran her fingers through his hair as she did so. “Let’s go to bed.” She murmured.  “Wh-what, Kagome?”

     Kagome flicked off the light, the moonlight illuminating her room. She took him by the hand. “Just lay with me and hold me.” She whispered. He sat beside her on the bed. “Are you sure?” He asked, turning to look at her. “I said I’d make it up to you. Besides, I have to get up early for school, then we can get back to the others and continue our quest.”  “Yeah.” He nodded in agreement.  

     He stayed awake, watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful and content in his arms. That’s how he wanted her to always be.

    And later, after they were separated for three years and she’d returned; all that time apart and unsure if she’d ever return. He’d played over and over in his head a thousand times what he would do when she got back.

    But, then everyone excited she was back. He couldn’t hardly get alone time with her, but he couldn’t even be mad.

     Once they were alone, they’d picked up right where they’d left off. He didn’t want to spend another moment apart from her. Ever. That’s how they’d ended up married.

    She lay in his arms every night. Even when he and Miroku had to go away from a village, they’d make up for the time they were apart.

     Then, when they had kids and he had to compete for her attention, she’d always make it up to him. It taught him patience, sorta.

     Looking at his sleeping family now, even having to leave their side for a few days to go make a living to make sure they were taken care of, yeah, it was all worth it.  

-0-0-0-0-The End-0-0-0- @hireikotsu and I had a fun conversation fangirling over Inuyasha’s wet nose. I had to include that detail here. Lol

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I'm crying right now. I desperately need to focus on my two papers due tomorrow. I can't for the life of me. I'm on medications for my ADHD but I'm so overwhelmed that I'm frozen. Do you have any suggestions? It's my last semester of college and I'm starting to lose it.

Okay, deep breath.

First, assess: which paper is due earliest in the day, and which paper is worth more? This will help you decide which to complete first.

Now, if you’ve done your research, you can just start writing; if you still need to research, get thee to the library.

Whichever paper you are working on second, e-mail your prof and ask for a 24-hour extension. You may have to take a hit in the grades department, but in my experience professors appreciate it when students are up-front about struggling.

This post has a breakdown of how to approach actually writing the papers.


The Nerdy Roommate - Choi Minho (M)

Pairing: Choi Minho x Reader
Word count:  1.1k words
Author’s note: Here’s another drabble for the Unrequited universe! Key’s eyepatch made a comeback so I wanted to use it, ehehehe. This is rated M even if there’s no smut (sorry!), but there’s usage of alcohol, explicit language, and sexually suggestive content. Basically don’t read this or the rest of my fanfics that are related to this (which I highly recommend that you read before this one: Unrequited, Unforgettable, Bread, The Bra Thing) if you’re not of age. I know you’re probably thinking that if I could write drabbles I could surely write part 3 but I’m planning to make part 3 long and hot with an unexpected plot twist (spoiler alert). Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think - I appreciate it a lot! :) ♡

“Kim Kibum, that eyepatch looks stupid.”

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Against the Clock / Veronica Lodge

Words: 1252

Veronica starts removing her coat as soon as she enters the much loved diner. When she reaches the usual booth, Betty and Jughead were already seated. Placing her coat to the side, she slides into the seat opposite the pair.

“Is (Y/N) not here yet?” she questions, letting her eyes wander around the near empty diner.

Jughead shakes his head as he grasps a handful of chips. “She’s not coming.”

“She rang earlier,” Betty elaborates after seeing the look on the dark haired girls face, “she’s staying in tonight.”


It wasn’t a secret the newest girl in town had grown close to (Y/N) (Y/L/N), it was very clear to everyone just how close they had become over the past few weeks. Veronica and (Y/N)’s friends were just surprised at how long it was taking for one of them to make the first move. 

After a while Betty notices Veronica isn’t fully there with her and Jughead, her mind was clearly wandering. “What’s wrong?” the blonde asks.

Veronica sighs, “(Y/N) didn’t tell me she wasn’t going to make it. We spoke earlier in class and she never mentioned anything.”

“Don’t think too much about it,” Jughead shrugs, “it seemed like a last minute decision.” 

“Juggie’s right, I’m sure she didn’t want to cancel on you.”

“I just hope nothing’s wrong.”

Instead of heading straight home, Veronica decides to stop by (Y/N)’s. She stands on the porch waiting for the door to open. Hearing the muffled footsteps from inside the house, Veronica feels her throat close up-suddenly nervous with the thought of being face to face with her crush.

The door swung open and Veronica is met with an exhausted expression. “Hey,” (Y/N) says quietly, her voice laced with surprise. “What are you doing here?”

Veronica remains quiet and stands there simply just taking the girl in who was currently the epitome of comfort. She wore an oversized jumper and a pair of black sweatpants, her feet fitted in the fluffiest socks Veronica had ever seen.

“Are you okay?” Veronica finally asks.

(Y/N) smiles gently, leaning her body against the door. “You came all the way out here to ask if I was okay?”

Veronica shuffles on her feet, pulling her coat around herself tighter. “I was worried. You didn’t join us at the diner, Jughead told me you weren’t coming but I was still concerned.”

“You’re too sweet,” she says. “Did you want to come in?” Veronica nods and walks past her into the house. (Y/N) leads her into the living room that was covered in scattered books and papers. “I’m sorry about the mess,” (Y/N) sighs, rubbing the back of her neck. 

“Is this what you’ve been doing all night?” Veronica frowns, feeling concerned as she glances back at the mess surrounding the room. Looking back at (Y/N), the dark circles under her eyes suddenly became more prominent. 

“I have a lot to do, a lot to catch up on,” she says, throwing herself against the couch. “I didn’t even realise how far behind I was.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t want to bother you.”

“(Y/N),” Veronica insists, “I would have helped. You know Betty would have as well.” The dark haired girl sat herself down on the couch so she was facing (Y/N). “You’re usually on top of all this, what’s going on?”

Tears filled (Y/N)’s eyes, catching Veronica by surprise, and before she could stop them from falling, they had already began to slide down her cheeks. Veronica’s heart clenches at the sight. “I don’t know!” she groans. “I just-I don’t know. There’s just so much.”

“Hey,” Veronica says softly, wrapping an arm around (Y/N)’s shoulders to pull her into a hug. “Calm down,” she whispers, rubbing her back. “It’s going to be okay.”

“It’s not, I’m a failure,” she cries. “I can’t do this. Any of it. I’m not understanding anything the teachers are saying and I-”

“Breathe,” Veronica instructs. “Slow down. Tell me everything you need to get done first and we’ll start there.”

“I have a physics test in the morning and an essay for literature that’s due tomorrow,” (Y/N) mumbles pulling away. 

“We can work with that. What else?”

“My math test is the day after and I have to have all the work from the chapter completed. My case study for legal is also due and I need to read and annotate the first three chapters for our next play in lit,” she groans. 

“Stay calm,” Veronica says, sliding to the floor. “It’s okay, let’s write all this down and prioritise what you need to do.”

(Y/N) fell on to her back, her eyes casted upon the ceiling. “It’s done,” she grins, letting out a relived breath. “Thank you,” she says, turning her head to the side so she was facing Veronica.

“No need,” she smiles, waving a hand. “It’s my pleasure. We don’t want you having a break down do we?”

(Y/N) laughs, “Really though, I appreciate this a lot. I needed to get back on track and you’ve really helped so thank you.”

“Stop thanking me,” she rolls her eyes. “You would do it for me, too. I just hope you know that I’m here for you and that next time you get overwhelmed like this-you will come to me.”

“I will,” (Y/N) mumbles, curling up on her side. 

“You should go to bed,” Veronica suggests.

She shakes her head the best she can, “Can’t. I need to study.”

Veronica rises to her feet and holds her hands out for the girl to take. “(Y/N), I know that you know the work. You’re just too clouded by your stress to review what knowledge you already have stored. So how about this? You go to sleep now and in the morning I’ll come over, bright and early, and I’ll help you go over it all before the test?”

“I don’t know,” she begins, cutting herself off with a yawn.

“You need to sleep,” Veronica maintains. “Come on,” she encourages, pushing her hands down further for (Y/N) to grasp.

(Y/N) hesitates for a moment before letting herself be pulled up by Veronica. “Alright.”

Helping to pull the covers over (Y/N), Veronica felt herself tense. She pulls away slightly and sits on the edge of her bed. “Are you okay?” she asks.

“Because of you, yes.”

Veronica’s lips form a smile, “Anytime. I should probably be going now, but I’ll be back tomorrow morning, yeah?”

(Y/N) nods, “Thank you,” she whispers gently. 

“What did I say about thanking me?” Veronica questions, her eyes darting to her lap. “I better go. Try and get a good nights rest.” As Veronica stands, a hand reaches out and touches her wrist-a gentle brush of fingertips against her skin. Looking down, she finds (Y/N) staring up at her. “What is it?”

“You forgot something,” she frowns, changing positions to sit up.

“What?” she asks, looking around the surface of the bed for something she may have dropped. 

(Y/N) moves herself so she was kneeling under the covers and gently tugs Veronica back on the bed. Slowly, she moves towards the girl and carefully cups her face. 

Their lips were connected before Veronica realised what was happening. After her brief moment of shock, Veronica slid her hands around (Y/N) and pulls her into an embrace.

When (Y/N) finally pulls away, her cheeks had began to redden. “I think you’re set now,” she mumbles. 

Veronica shakes her head, “Not just yet,” she replies, moving forward to kiss (Y/N) again. 

Out of Tarts

Sorry I haven’t been active as of late without much explanation. Well some of you already know but. This is an official post on the matter.

In a few hours my mom will be in the ICU for pre-surgical monitoring and extensive testing to prepare her for surgery (which will happen tomorrow) to remove cancer tumors that are in her neck. The surgery is high risk due to her PAH condition, so they have to go through a lot of precautions ahead of time.

I can’t really think about this blog at the moment with all this happening. I do apologize. I might not be the best person to be around until it’s certain my mom is doing okay. So I will be closing off contact to avoid troubling anyone cause when my emotions are out if synchronization I can act quite different than how I normally am. And last thing I want to do is project that onto others who are just trying to help me.

I will likely make a post tomorrow when she goes in to ask what I’m about to ask right now.

Please pray for my mother. Pray that things will work out. That things will get better.

She has been an amazing mother to me and many others who didn’t have mothers growing up. She is kind and strong and has always held out her hand to those who are in need or hurting, even if that meant putting aside her own pain.

She is also incredibly humble and understanding. When I came out for being bisexual she didn’t even bat an eye at it. She simply said, “as long as you are happy that’s all that matters.”

My mom also fought for women’s rights, specifically the right to work in factories that were predominantly male. She opened the door for many women.

She has done so much and deserves more time with her granddaughters who not only love her but need her. So please pray for her.

I share this little bit because a friend told me. Sometimes knowing who you are praying for makes the feelings stronger and more genuine. When you pray. Please think about her as she is, an incredibly sweet, kind woman who would stand up for you even if she didn’t know you because simply put it’s the right thing to do.

Magnus' address is PH 1...somewhere in Brooklyn, but I wonder who his neighbor is in PH 2??? Do they get along? A fellow Downworlder? A mundane?

Can you imagine: loud mysterious sounds due to “Magnus’ magic” at 3 AM…neighbor knocking on Magnus doors. Magnus answered…doors is ajar, “Um, I am Todd from next door…I was trying sleep. Early day tomorrow. You doing okay in there?” …Magnus: “I am vacuuming.” Shut doors. I have too many thoughts…hahahaha

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#153: Sleeping Positions


*Claims that life is too stressful, that I don’t have time for anything because I have exams coming up in weeks along with 17 study hours homework due for tomorrow, but still manages to press a preference in* Okay, so I decided bailing on my clubbing trip to Copenhagen tonight in favor of doing some homework and writing so many things tonight!!!!

I’ve written something similar like this which you can read here:

Preference 106: How You Take Naps


Broad shoulders, long legs and strong arms, it said everything. It was difficult to share a bed with Luke, even if it was king size and measuring 2 meters in the length. He was practically a living cuddly bear who hated not having you as close as possible. So many couples claimed on Facebook, Twitter and other social medias that it wasn’t realistic to sleep arm in arm with your loved one, but you guys proved it wrong. Every single night you would be snuggled up in his chest with your nose taking in his scent and his fingers caressing up your spine in a calming manner. Normally he would love to wrap his arms around you from behind or front, hugging you into his side and pulling you close. But in bed just as soon as you would be ready to sleep, he would take the cuddling to a whole new level. His arms would be wrapped around you while you were pressed against his chest, lying on both your sides. He would have his hand in your hair and the other one holding you close while his lips would constantly find your forehead to peck kisses. You admitted it could be hot as hell at times but in the end it was always worth it by seeing the happy smile on Luke’s face, even in his sleep. The way he would excitedly jump into bed after his small night shower and tuck the covers up to your chin before pulling you into his chest. No other sleeping positions could compare to this because he felt no matter what it was a win win situation. He got the chance to kiss you, see your beautiful face and feel your heart pounding against him. And if it was getting too cold he would grumbly remove himself from the bed to open the window before sneaking back in with a satisfied smile on his face. He had grown so used to your sleeping routines that when being on tour he constantly caught himself cuddling his body around his white duvet in his bunk or at whatever hotel they were staying at. Of course the duvet was cold and soft but it could never compare to the beautiful sight he would wake up to every night at your house when the sun was creeping in through the curtains in honey colors.


There was no doubt, Calum was more of an independent person. He wasn’t much for showing PDA in public, but neither was the huge cuddler at home. Of course, when it came to napping he was practically a monkey, holding you as close as he possibly could. But when it came to sleeping at night, he couldn’t stand lying on the same position for long yet along having you rest on top of him for hours. It was okay with the small nap because it didn’t take that long to start every sweat gland in his body. But of course he still needed you somehow close, making sure that you were always beside him even though you weren’t sleeping arm in arm. He preferred to rest on his back and since you didn’t mind how you guys slept he was the one deciding. And if there was one thing Calum would always be a sucker for, it would be holding hands with you – even in his sleep. Having someone close to him didn’t mean so psychically that you could barely move yourself from his body, but just by the simple touch from one other. Having you both resting on your backs he would allow you to rest your chin or head on top of his shoulder while your arm would rest under his. Your hands would be linked, not necessary have your fingers intertwined but the simple touch was enough. It allowed you both to sleep without having to sweat, turn off the heater in the house or open the windows but still being somehow linked. Sometimes when Calum couldn’t sleep he used the position to run his fingers up and down your arm and your head was perfectly fit for his lips, allowing him to peck your forehead ever so often when he wanted. And without having you to press your ass against him he could see your beautiful face while you were sleeping, observing whether you were having nightmares or simply just sleeping. And sometimes you guys could be closer to each other in the morning or resting with both your back against each other. The possibilities were there and you guys didn’t mind because there were always morning cuddles in the end when one of you would wake up. It always ended up being Calum who would pepper your forehead with kisses until you would flutter your eyes open.


Michael was, and always would be a sucker of having you as close to him as possible. He mentioned it everywhere, in the kitchen, to the boys and even interviews! There was no doubt, he was the biggest spooner you would ever meet, and you couldn’t even argue with him to switch places. As he would quote, the only time he would be the little spoon would be if he was crying and needed your comfort. It was driving him nuts when he wasn’t having you close to his chest, his heartbeat pacing harshly against yours whether he was having a sweet dream or a nightmare. People always claimed spooning was the sleeping death of men, but Michael disagreed. He knew just exactly how the two of you should be positioned so he could whole you close for a whole night without having a dead arm and hair in the face. He would easily sneak his arm around your waist and pull you close to your body. Making sure that his arm was resting in the crock of your neck and your head resting on top of a pillow he avoided getting it killed by heavy weight. And tucking your hair behind your ear and making sure you would be resting on top of it allowed him free access to both kiss your neck and make sure he wouldn’t be spitting out strands of your hair during the night. It meant he had comfort to himself with your bodies initiated and you would feel cozy and warm in his embrace. It also allowed you to be somehow free, having your duvet in between your legs and not the source of heat right in your face, but up against your back instead. And even if Michael always stated that he didn’t want to sleep like this overnight, complain about the fact that you stuck your butt towards him, regardless he always somehow found your waist and pulled you close overnight. Besides, it allowed him to press his morning boner up your spine with a playing smirk on his face and pretending to be asleep when you would turn around and look at him with curious eyes. It was a position that was both teasing, intimate and so cozy sleeping at night was Michael’s favourite time of the day because it meant he could hold you as close to his heart as possible.


With Asthon’s constant snoring problems, it was hard to find a position that was a benefit for the both of you. With his broad shoulder and long legs, Ashton preferred to rest on his back with you half on top of his chest, your legs tangled and your hand resting on his stomach or chest. It was nice, especially because he was always suffering with some sort of sleeping problem, having to watch TV until three am at night. It meant that he could watch all the TV he wanted but still having you close by his side and sleeping on top of his chest, blocking out all the noises and the constant lights lightening up your otherwise dark bedroom. The position was also great for everywhere else whether it was only a nap or sleeping on an airplane or his bunk at the tour bus. You both got personal space and Ashton could freely pull you close with his muscular arm if he wanted. But with Ashton’s constant snoring it was hard staying in that place for a while. Knowing that would have to push him, turn him on the side to make him stop it was rather difficult with his arm draped tight around your body. Mostly you would try sneak out of his grip but in the end would end up in him waking up. But hey, at least the snoring stopped. Only to start a few minutes after. Sometimes you managed to turn him on the same but it would involve in him waking up minutes later to feel nothing but coldness and hurry to turn around and pull you back on his chest. You were almost like a secure blanket, that source of heat that was always supposed to rest on top of his chest while sleeping. And at the times where you couldn’t sleep you would take the opportunity to kiss his chest occasionally and trace your fingers over the toned muscles and his abs. Sometimes he would shutter under your touch even in his sleep, goosebumps forming on his arms and his hair rising. You would smile instantly by the action and watch as Ashton flutter his eyes open by the tickling sensations before mumbling “No please continue.” In a raspy voice and afterwards fall back into his slumber.

Predators giving tiny prey tender, affectionate kisses before slipping them into their mouths and getting their delectable flavor running rampant on their tastebuds before letting their lovers slide down their throats~

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Learn to Take 'NO' For An Answer [LONG]

TL;DR - Guest does not understand what ‘based on availability’ means and waits till check out and after her happy family leaves before saying anything.


If there is one thing I don’t like, it’s guests that decide to change or fabricate their whole story after checking out.

Guest checks in Friday. In fact, I was able to get her an early check-in that day due to my availability. Guest asks at check-in if she could have a late check-out the next day.

Me: “Unfortunately, I do not have the availability for a late checkout tomorrow. I can always hold your luggage for you and you are more than welcome to use the pool and lobby though as you wait for your flight.”

Guest says okay and walks away. Doesn’t push any further. Doesn’t say anything else. I helped her with information on where to return her car and to get the shuttle to take her back here and with other things. She seemed fine.

I made sure to put a note on her reservation that said, “May ask for late c/o… told her it was not available.” The reason being that I was expecting us to be very busy the next day due to a local EDM music festival. And I was right. Over night, our arrivals doubled and I had an exorbitant amount of special snowflakes use their Guaranteed late check out.

So the next morning, during breakfast, she asks if we have any scrambled eggs.

“No, unfortunately we do not serve eggs on the weekend. Only hard-boiled eggs.”

Again. Didn’t say anything. Just said okay and walked away.

She came back up and asked again for a late check out. I explained once again that I do not have the availability for a late check out today due to the music festival in the area.

This time, however, she says that the front desk person from last night told her we had plenty of availability. I told her that I am almost sold out. She leaves.

Then apparently she talks to housekeeping saying that she was given a 4pm late check out.

I contact all the FDAs that were working the 3-11 and audit if they granted her a late check out. They all say No.

Her husband is talking to my breakfast attendant and he comes up. He was super nice and friendly and said, “Hey if there is anything. Anything at all you can do about a late check out. It would be much appreciated. Our flight is at 4pm.”

At this point, I was tired of saying “No no no”. So I told him, I could extend it to 1pm at the absolute latest because the girls needed to get in and clean the rooms due to the music festival. He lights up and says, “I completely understand. Oh thank you thank you! You have made my day! Thank you so much!” with all smiles.

I told him the same thing I told his wife, too, that we could hold their luggage and they could use the pool or lobby for whatever and he was super grateful.

Problem solved right? WRONG!!

At 1pm, the whole family comes down to check out. My co-worker and I ask them how their stay was per check out verbiage. Husband says, “Oh, everything was great!” Wife said, “It was fair.”

They asked me to call the shuttle. Shuttle arrives and wife waits till her family leaves out the front door before finally telling us what she really thought. “When I called to make my reservation, they said I could have a 4pm late check out. I am also a diabetic and I was told you have scrambled eggs every morning. I can’t eat pancakes. I would have stayed somewhere else had I known this before hand!!”

“M'am, late check outs are only based on availability. Did you book through central reservations or through a third party site?”

“I directly called your hotel.” (Lies. No one would have told her she could have a 4pm late check out, nor would they tell her we serve scrambled eggs every morning. And her reservation was not made through us)

“Do you remember the name of who you spoke to?”

“No. But I am not happy with my stay here.” and walked out to get the shuttle.

Okaaay…. I just find it funny/suspicious that the rest of your family was happy, but you weren’t. AND that you waited till after they were gone to say anything. AND that you didn’t say any of this at check-in.

If she had told me at check-in that someone told her that she was guaranteed a 4pm late check out, I would have honored it because I don’t like guests feeling like they have been lied to, and would have made it clear that I would honor it just this once, but next time it would only be based on availability.

I guess I am just frustrated because it seems like we have been getting bombed on GSS lately (a lot of sour spring guests) and I just know she is going to write a bad review.

By: WitherWithout

Well, I managed to get every elf of the Woodland Realm on a ship on the way to the Undying Lands. And it only took about 3000 elf years! What am I going to do next? I’m going to Disneyland and party like it’s 3019 T.A. Okay, no, I’m taking a MUCH needed break for about a day or maybe two. Thranduil’s story is 497 pages (w/o editing and the mystery 31st chapter that is in Book III). I’m good right now. I can’t post the actual book tonight due to severe weather but I’ll do it tomorrow and you’ll have 7 days to read The Saga of Thranduil in PDF. That will not be the final original version as if the powers that be like what’s in the extended version, the additions may end up in there as well. And with all books, there is a lot of editing (mine just has the Elvish and Black Speech element in there). 

But the Elves of the Woodland Realm have a HISTORY NOW and it goes way, way, way back (as you will learn in Book I: The Epic of Eryn Galen). Funny thing is, it actually happened–in Tolkien. He just never put it in the actual books. OH, there is so much about Thranduil’s world–I haven’t even begun to tell you.

Did I mention the Mirkwood Elves are taking a break before returning? Yeah, they really need a break.

They really, REALLY need to take a break. It’s been a very, very, very long 3000+ years.

Thranduil: Those aren’t my elves. I think they belong to Elrond.

Yep. They’re Elrond’s.

  • I ran and jumped on your back because i thought you were my friend but it turns out you’re not but youre really attractive and now this is awkward au
  • I was walking my dog in the park and now he wont leave your dog alone but you’re also really cute au
  • We’re the only two in the theater for the premier of this dumb movie au
  • You always spell my name wrong on my daily coffee but you’re really hot and I’m too intimidated to correct you au
  • We’re both sitting by this outlet in the airport au
  • I was in ikea and i just found you asleep in a closet shit are you okay? au
  • Why are you peeing in my ditch at 3am au
  • You just saw me bust my ass while hiking and now i need medical attention, please help? au
  • I found you hiding while i was trying to get away from my family during the fireworks and you’re really cute and this also happens to be super romantic au
  • We’re at the same party but my ride is no where to be seen and Im kinda shit faced so can i catch a ride with you cutie au
  • We’re sitting next to each other in this packed theater and you’re crying really hard at this movie you okay buddy? au
  • Your mom and my mom are new friends and want us to hang out but I’ve had the biggest crush on you for so long omg omg omg mom no i cant do this au
  • My teacher made me join this debate team and i am extremely unprepared and you’re really good and ohmygod this is so bad au
  • Your cat wont stop meowing outside my window every night and please just let me get some sleep au
  • You threw up on my new shoes at this party and now you feel really bad so you’re trying to kiss me au
  • We’re standing next to each other in line waiting for my favorite band and you have snacks can i sit with you this is gonna be a while au
  • Im being a nude model for your art class because i need money to pay my rent but hey you’re the real work of art here wanna get coffee au
  • We’re at a costume party and you happen to be dressed as my characters love interest so hey lets chat au
  • We’re both waiting for the bus and its raining really hard man are you sure you don’t wanna share my umbrella? au
  • Im your uber driver and you’re pretty drunk and singing really loud but it also happens to be my favorite song i mean who can resist a duet? au
  • I just saw you rip your pants and you dont know what to do and you’re wearing really embarrassingly cute underwear but you want my jacket to cover you up though? au
  • I fell asleep on you on the train but you didnt move and you also happen to be really cute wow okay au
  • We are apparently both trying to get the last book for our book report thats due tomorrow so do you wanna work together on this instead or something au
  • Our teacher told me stop ogling at you and pay attention and ive been in love with you forever and ohmygod no Mrs Ward why au
  • We’re both at the beach and a wave just took my bathing suit help me please omg i dont know what to do au
  • Im your translator for this meeting but they didnt tell me how cute you were omg au
  • We both work out every morning at like 4am in this gym and your butt looks really good in those shorts lets talk sometime au
  • My friend is drunk and is making out with your friend so uh hey whats up au

anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your blog, I just wanted to possibly request a Spencer Reid X reader imagine where the reader has an eating disorder and the team finds out and Spencer comforts the reader and then he convinces her to go for a meal with the team? Thank you so much, I hope this is okay to request

Hi, anon! You’re more than welcome, this is a perfectly okay thing to request. As I said in my notice, don’t be afraid to ask questions! I’m always here for anyone who needs to talk! Thank you for your compliment!

Y/N = Your name

TW: Eating disorder

You and the team had re-entered the BAU after finishing the latest case, which had involved a serial arsonist. You were sat at your desk, staring sadly at the mountain of paperwork that was due in by the end of tomorrow. There is no way I can do all this… you thought, though you knew that you had no choice and you knew that you just had to grit your teeth, get your head down and get it done. 

Though your body was focusing on the task at hand, your mind was in a turmoil. The team had found out that you had an eating disorder, and though each of them had offered their support before going to do their own things (though Garcia had dropped by at some point with a beautiful cupcake you had yet to eat, with the threat of making your credit history really bad if you didn’t eat it), you still felt like you were undeserving of food. 

Spencer came out of Hotch’s office and walked over to stand in front of your desk, staring at you. You carried on working, willing yourself to ignore him. You felt his eyes on the top of your head, and you shifted uncomfortably in your seat. You loved Spencer to pieces, but the man had a way of staring at someone as though he could see right through them, and you knew that he was profiling you. 

“Are you okay?” Spencer’s voice cut through the silence.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You muttered, still not looking up from your paperwork. You sighed internally, resigned to the fact that you had to look at him in order to have a successful conversation. “How are you?”

He offered you a small, nervous smile. “I’m fine.” He nodded.

“Good.” You gave him a small, half-hearted smile. 

Spencer put his hand on top of the chair in front of your desk. “Mind if I sit?”

Without thinking, you said “No, not at all.” Spencer nodded and sat down, still staring at you. 

“You know there’s no definitive record of what Genghis Khan actually looked like,” Reid suddenly spoke, making you jump. You glanced sideways at him.

“What?” You asked, slightly stunned by his sudden statement.

 "Also. several of his most trusted generals were actually former enemies,“ Reid added with an innocent smile. You tried to smile back. 

“Um, okay?” You tried. Reid sat back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. You realised that he was trying to distract you. There was another moment of silence, and then he spoke again, making you jump.

“You haven’t eaten all day today, have you, Y/N?”

“No.” You said, not meeting Spencer’s eyes.

“Why not?” Spencer frowned.

“I just forgot. Listen, Spencer, I-I’m busy and -” you were getting flustered, and you just wanted him to leave you alone before you spilled your secret.

“No.” Spencer picked up the cupcake and handed it to you. “Eat this. Even if it’s just one bite. Come on, Y/N.” His voice had a slight pleading edge to it.

“No.” You shook your head. Why couldn’t he just let you be?

“It’s for your own benefit.” His voice was soft, understanding, and it made you want to both cry and tell him everything. You gave in, taking the cupcake from him and taking a small bite. You gave him a tight smile. 

“The whole team is getting together tonight for a dinner meeting, Hotch wants us to have a relaxed meeting about something and he made us all reservations at The Golden Embassy for half seven and you kinda have to be there or your job’s on the line.” 

Your eyes widened. Hotch didn’t mean that, surely? “Oh, sure, yeah, I’ll be there!” 

Spencer laughed. “Okay, that last part is a joke but you do have to be there, Hotch told me to get you there by any means necessary.”

Hours later, you had managed to eat some food, and you had spent the time talking about your personal lives. JJ had opened up about her sister’s suicide, and this had relaxed the environment enough for you to tell them your secret. It was hard, and you choked on your words several times, but the team was fully supportive of you. 

Rossi offered to teach Y/N to cook healthy Italian food with the BAU family at his house and Morgan told Y/N that s/he is stronger than he was as a younger wo/man because he only started really fighting his demons when they came to light in a case. The meeting/get together ended with light laughter and a feeling of warmth in everyone’s chests, with Y/N feeling a part of the family a never before. Hotch was a part of the conversation, beaming with pride over his family and his team.

If you don’t like this, then let me know and I’ll add in any changes you want me to make! Stay safe, my lovelies! <3

Right Answers

Anonymous said to bvb-oneshots:

Can you do one were you are 16 and Andy is 23 and he comes over and helps you with your homework and whenever you get it right he gives you a little kiss, but your dad comes in and checks on you every 5min just to see what you are doing funny and very fluffy please


So I decided that they are best friends, not romantically involved, because the age difference made me slightly uncomfortable, but I still managed to make it fluffy, somehow, but whatever, enjoy reading :)


 “This is stupid as fuck.” You grumbled, throwing down a pencil.

“I agree this is stupid as all fuck.” He said, scratching his head and looking at the problem. “Look, this is what you did wrong.” He said, pointing out the flaw in your mathematics.

“Fuck Math.” You grumbled, shoving the papers away from you, and he laughed.

“Sadly for most mathematicians that isn’t possible, or I’m sure they would.” He told you, and you laughed, leaving your forehead pressed against the table.

“That isn’t what I meant.” You told him, and he chuckled, pulling you back into a sitting position, gently, by your stress ruffled hair. You’d been digging your hands through it for what felt like forever trying to learn this stupid shit.

“I hate math.” You whined, and he kissed your cheek.

“I promise, it’s going to be okay.”

“What do you know, you dropped out.”

“Yeah, I know, but I’m old and wise and shit, so I know what I’m saying.” He told you, and you laughed, leaning against the hand that was still holding your hair gently.

“You two doing okay in here?” Your dad asked as he came in and you groaned.

“We’re fine Dad.”

“Yeah, Mr. (Y/D/L/N), we’re fine, I’m just beating some sense into her.” Andy chuckled, and you Dad glared.

“I’m just kidding Mr. (Y/D/L/N), I’d never hurt (Y/N).”

“You’d better not.” Your dad glared, and you sighed.

“Can I please get back to my homework?” You said to both Andy and your dad, and they both sighed, though Andy was quick to chuckle afterwards.

“Yeah, but don’t get up to anything.” You dad grumbled, and you smiled when he left the room.

“Okay, do your work.” Andy told you, and you sighed, getting back to math.

“Can I do something else?” You pleaded, and he smirked at you.

“Yes, you can.” He thrust-ed his pelvis upward and you laughed, pushing his face with your hand.

“Freak.” You laughed, putting your math away and pulling out your English paper.

“Have you started the research?” he asked, and you looked at him sheepishly.

“Just bullshit it, it’s due tomorrow, any research you do isn’t going to be worth the time it takes to look it up.” He told you, and you nodded.

You started to work, creating a thesis and an introductory paragraph, and then showing it to him. He skimmed it, then read through it again, there were a few butterflies in your stomach as you feared he was going to say what you wrote wasn’t good enough, but he just smiled and put your paper down, giving you a quick kiss on the lips.

“That was great, now do the rest.” He told you, and you nodded.

You got halfway through the second paragraph when he started to read over your shoulder again.

“You might have to be my lyricist, you’re getting good at writing,” he told you, kissing your lips gently, and wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

“I thought I said not to get up to anything.” Your Dad told you, and he came back into the room.

“Dad, we aren’t he’s helping me with my stupid essay.”

“Get your arm out from around her.” You Dad commanded Andy, and he obeyed, smirking when your Dad wasn’t looking.

“I think maybe you should go.” Your Dad said, but you started to complain.

“But Dad, he’s helping me! I’m never going to pass if Andy isn’t here to help, I don’t get any of it.” You groaned and out your head down on the table for emphasis, and Andy’s hand found it’s way under the table to your sides as he started tickling you so it would look like you were crying. You Dad muttered something and left the room. He was always uncomfortable when you started crying.

“He’s gone.” Andy told you and you got up from the table.

“I wonder how much longer that’s going to keep working.” You told him, smiling at him.

“Hopefully a while, helping you with homework is fun.”

“Yeah, I know.” You smiled, pulling out your headphones.

“Whatcha doin’?” He asked, pulling your chair out and climbing into your lap.

“Fuck, you’re heavy.” You groaned and he laughed, wrapping an arm around your chair to keep himself steady.

“What are you going to listen to?” He asked both of you listening intently for your father’s approaching footsteps.

“Nothing.” You told him, and he frowned, pulling an earbud out of your ear.

“Put my band on.” He told you sternly, putting the bud into his own ear and you groaned.


“Put my band on.” He pouted, and you smiled at his pouty face.

“Okay,” You told him, rolling your eyes and scrolling through your music. When you put his band on he kissed you lightly on the lips.

“And what was that for?” You asked, and he laughed.

“That was the right answer.” He smirked, and you shook your head.

“It’s really difficult to do homework like this.” You told him, and he shrugged.

“I’ve started to lose the sensations in my legs.” You said, and he just shrugged again.

“Oh, wow, I think that my feet are turning blue from lack of oxygenated blood.” You said, and he just started singing along with his own music.

“Oh no, I’m dying because you’re sitting on me.” You said dramatically, but he just started head-banging, hair flying into your face occasionally.

“You’re a German Shepard that thinks he’s a Chihuahua.” You groaned, and he started laughing.

“Get off.” You grumbled, but he just smiled at you.

“You’re comfy.” He said, nuzzling your neck.

“I can’t do my homework like this Andy.” You told him, and he shrugged.

“You weren’t going to do your homework anyway, I mean, come on, let’s be reasonable.” He told you, and you glared.

“You’re a jerk.”

“And you love it.” He smiled up at you, kissing your lips gently.

“What was that for?” You asked, and he smiled.

“I am a jerk, that’s a right answer, right answers get you kisses, have you not been paying attention?” He asked, and you just shook your head, smiling, and then trying to get him off of you again.

“No, I’m staying.” He said, holding onto the back of the chair.

“Andy, I’m dying.” You groaned, and he laughed.

“That’s okay.” He told you, “Even dead you’re probably still comfy.” He beamed, and you just shook your head and decided not to fight it anymore.




But for now let’s get away
On a Roman Holiday

Life had started to become repetitive, dull, monotonous.

Both you and Ashton were tired, that much was obvious. You were both trapped in the repetitive cycles that were your lives and neither of you knew how to break them, instead just going through the same motions every day.

You unlocked the flat the two of you shared, kicking off your shoes and dropping your bag as your whole demeanour slumped. You made a beeline for the bedroom, relieved to find Ashton already home. He lay flat on his back, stripped down to nothing but his black boxers on top of the duvet, arm thrown across his face. You copy his actions, picking up his discarded shirt and crawling onto the bed beside him. You fit yourself against his side, the arm that was covering his face moving to wrap around you as you bury your face in the crook of his neck.

“Hey Baby.” He sighs, hand pushing up the hem of the shirt to find the bare skin of your hip. His fingers automatically begin drumming a rhythm, and you find it funny how the gesture feels so homely to you.

“Hey Superman.” Your response is muffled, lips brushing against his skin as you spoke. He hums at the nickname, head tilting so he can place a kiss to the top of your head.

“I don’t feel much like Superman.” His voice sounds more broken than you’ve ever heard it, defeated and worn down. “More like the complete opposite.”

“You’re still my Superman.” You tell him, finding the energy to prop yourself up and smile at him, He grins up at you, other hand pushing away some hair from your forehead. “You always will be.”

“I love you.” He smiles, cupping your jaw and bringing your face down to his, lips moving across yours gently. “So much.”

“I love you too.” You mumble against his lips, kissing him one more time before laying your head against his shoulder again. You stay in comfortable silence, breathing in time with each other when you remember an old film. “Did you ever watch Roman Holiday?”

“Audrey Hepburn?”

“Yeah, that one.”

“Yeah, Lauren made me watch it with her and Mum a few times.”

“I think we need one.” You suggest, tilting your head back to look at him. “A Roman Holiday.”

“A day in Rome where we pretend we have no responsibilities.” Ashton smiles, tilting his own head so his nose brrushes yours. “I like the sound of that.”

“When do you have a day off?”

“I have a whole week off starting the day after tomorrow, as long as you get time off we can go whenever you want.”

“I’m due some holidays, I can see if I can get a few days off work.”

“I like the sound of that even better.” He smiles, kissing you briefly. “So, Rome? Paris? A random hotel down the road? Where do you want to go?”

“I like the idea of Rome, is that okay with you?”

“Baby I’d follow you to any corner of the world.”


And now I’m covered in the colours
Pulled apart at the seams

There was evidence of Michael dying his hair all over the apartment.

It was on the pillow cases stored in the cupboard, splashes of colour from wear he’d been too tired to wait long enough before he went to bed. Flecks of the rainbow painted the side of your bathtub, wear you’d forgotten to clean it in time before it permanently stained. The towel that had the only purpose of drying Michael’s freshly died hair sat proudly in the bathroom, looking as though the manufacturer couldn’t decide on what shade it should be so through them all in. Not to mention the random speckles that littered your clothes from times you’d helped him, or when your fingers were stained for the days that followed.

Your little apartment was evidence for Michael’s ever changing hair colours, showing the world how it had mainly happened here. You used to love that, enjoyed seeing the reminders of his presence in your home when he was on the other side of the world.

Since he left though, you hated the colours that covered you and your home.

Michael had stormed out after an argument, leaving you to fall apart in the wake of his disappearance. The next day when you’d returned home from work, the colours were all that remained of him, his possessions seemingly vanished. And no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t get rid of the splashes of colour that filled your home that reminded you of the boy with the bright hair and even brighter eyes.

You didn’t let it beat you though.

You worked out how to carry on, how to live in a world wear all you had of Michael was the colours. And even though it felt like the very seams of you had been pulled part, you kept trying, kept living without him.

And then he came back.

A knock on the door at midnight revealed Michael, the embodiment of the feelings you’d been suppressing. He looked how you felt, devastated and empty. His hair was the most natural shade you’d ever seen on him, a dark brown that you thought maybe suited him a lot more than the hues of red and blue you’d been used to. What shocked you most though was the colour lacking from his eyes, how devoid of life they seemed, how broken he appeared because of it.

“I’m so sorry.” He choked, looking at you desperately. “I fucked up. I really fucked up.”

“Yeah, you did.” Your voice was harsh and he flinched t your tone.”What do you want Michael?”

“To talk. To fix this. Please Princess, I need to fix this. I need you.”

“You fucking ruined me Michael, do you realise that?”

“I know. God, I know. And I am so so so sorry, please Y/N, let me try and fix this, I need you, I love you, please.”


But do you feel like a young God?
You know the two of us are just young gods

Luke’s fingers were entwined with yours as you walked down the street, it being mainly empty except the two of you and the occasional passing car. Your walk was illuminated by street lights and you don’t remember the last time you felt this content.

Suddenly, Luke released your hand, flashing you a grin as a response to your look of confusion before he jumped across you, easily stepping up onto the wall that lined the edge of the beach as you reached it. He leant down, grin still in place as he offered you his hand once again, pulling you up beside him.

“Race you to the water.” You challenged, dropping his hand and jumping from the wall.

You began to sprint towards the waves as he shouted in protest behind you, a dull thud signalling he’d copied your actions. You knew you stood no chance, Luke’s height meaning he quickly caught up to you, his arms wrapping around you and pulling you into his chest after mere seconds. Your giggles mixed with his laughter, the two of you coming to a stop in the middle of the otherwise deserted beach.

“Nice try Pretty Girl.” He chuckled, kissing the exposed skin at the side of your neck before you wriggled free of his grasp. “What? You don’t want my affection?”

“We have the whole beach to ourselves.” You smile, holding out your arms and doing a small spin as you walk backwards, away from Luke and towards the water. “Like, everyone has been ordered away so we can have it.”

“Like we’re gods?” He laughs, following your movements. You take moment to look at him in the new lighting, the street lights creating a glow from behind him that makes him look ethereal, his smile shining as bright as the stars above you before you smirk.

“You are a God.” You tell him proudly. “A rock God.”

“Thanks love,” He grins. You shrug, allowing him to pull you back into his chest, looping your arms around his neck. “But I’m not that good.”

“Yes you are.”

“I’m not.”

“Luke, right now, do you feel like a young god?” You ask, cocking an eyebrow with a grin. “Right here, on a beach with no one but me, knowing that in this world there are thousands and thousands of people who  know you’re name and love your music.”

“I’ll say I’m a God, if you’ll be a God with me.” He smirks, hands squeezing your sides. “The two of us could be young gods together.”

“I mean, I guess I could be a God with you.” You sigh playfully, giggling as he rolls his eyes. “It’ll cost you though.”

“Name it.”

“Unlimited kisses.”

“You get that already.”

“I’m talking about forever Lu. If we’re young gods that means we’re living forever, and I want unlimited kisses for all of that time.”

He smirks, capturing your lips in a chaste kiss before pulling away to grin at you.

“I already told you Pretty Girl, you get that already.”


Cause I came here so you’d come for me
I’m begging you to keep on haunting

Your breakup had plagued Calum, your ghost haunting him wherever he went. 

He heard you in the lyrics of your favourite songs, the image of you singing them loudly with a grin in the passenger seat of his car swimming in his mind. He saw you in every love struck couple, the sight of them holding hands making him long to have yours clasped in his again. He was reminded of you in every coffee shop, thinking about thee way you’d curl yourself around your mug as the two of you talked in hushed tones. Even in Ashton’s apartment, where he’d moved back into following the break up, was full of you, despite the fact you’d taken everything that belonged to you with you when Calum had moved in with you a year ago. Calum couldn’t escape you, no matter where he went.

And he didn’t want to.

Calum couldn’t accept the fact you were gone. He needed you like he needed to breathe and he hated how the time you’d spent part was starting to take it’s toll, his memories of your laugh and your smile and even just the way your voice sounded begin to grow weaker. He hated that he was losing the only piece of you he had left, your ghost.

The idea came to him after his sixth beer that night, leaving the bar with a wave aimed at the boys, none of them surprised to see his retreating figure. Making his way to the park a few streets away where the two of you so often spent time together, he sat on the bench where the two of you had once planned your future together, waiting patiently and praying that you’d come this way home from work.

You did of course, you always did when you’d worked the night shift. He knew that, that’s why he chose the spot.

Your eyes widened visibly when you saw him, swallowing the lump in your throat as you edged closer to him. He smiled in what seemed like relief as his eyes found yours, standing as you approach, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Cal…what are you doing here?” You ask, sighing when you smell the alcohol on him. “How much have you drunk?”

“Not a lot. That’s not important.” He tells you. “I just…I needed to see you. I knew you’d come this way home, so I figured it was my best bet. I…you’ve been haunting me since we broke up. I loved you so much and I lost you because I was too wrapped up in my own pride to say sorry after that damn fight. And now all I’ve got left to cling to is my memories of us and of you and even thy’re beginning to fade and that is really fucking killing me because I can’t lose you again so I just needed to see you because I need you to keep haunting me Angel, I’m begging you to.”

“Then come home.” You tell him, stepping forward and pressing your lips to his. “I love you too.”

Calum wipes the tears from your eyes and finally remembers what it’s like to not live with ghosts, and to have you in his arms again.


Summary: Phil works as an Internet security officer whose job is to read flagged emails and send out warnings for a magazine company. Little did he know, he’s about to get hooked on emails from a certain someone. Based loosely on Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments.
Genre: AU
Word count: 976
A/N: This is the final part ohmygod i hope you like the ending <3

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