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@gradblrchallenge​ day 8 | march 13, 2017

lord. okay, so, i worked until midnight last night on a memo that i had due, then got up super early this morning to work on another response paper due at noon today. i finished it but then was wiped out for the rest of the day.

i have a paper due at 1pm tomorrow, but i’m going to actually skip my first class tomorrow to work on that. definitely prioritizing getting a full night’s sleep tonight because at 8am tomorrow, there’s this external review breakfast for the department, and i need to vent about our prelim system a little bit. 

#153: Sleeping Positions


*Claims that life is too stressful, that I don’t have time for anything because I have exams coming up in weeks along with 17 study hours homework due for tomorrow, but still manages to press a preference in* Okay, so I decided bailing on my clubbing trip to Copenhagen tonight in favor of doing some homework and writing so many things tonight!!!!

I’ve written something similar like this which you can read here:

Preference 106: How You Take Naps


Broad shoulders, long legs and strong arms, it said everything. It was difficult to share a bed with Luke, even if it was king size and measuring 2 meters in the length. He was practically a living cuddly bear who hated not having you as close as possible. So many couples claimed on Facebook, Twitter and other social medias that it wasn’t realistic to sleep arm in arm with your loved one, but you guys proved it wrong. Every single night you would be snuggled up in his chest with your nose taking in his scent and his fingers caressing up your spine in a calming manner. Normally he would love to wrap his arms around you from behind or front, hugging you into his side and pulling you close. But in bed just as soon as you would be ready to sleep, he would take the cuddling to a whole new level. His arms would be wrapped around you while you were pressed against his chest, lying on both your sides. He would have his hand in your hair and the other one holding you close while his lips would constantly find your forehead to peck kisses. You admitted it could be hot as hell at times but in the end it was always worth it by seeing the happy smile on Luke’s face, even in his sleep. The way he would excitedly jump into bed after his small night shower and tuck the covers up to your chin before pulling you into his chest. No other sleeping positions could compare to this because he felt no matter what it was a win win situation. He got the chance to kiss you, see your beautiful face and feel your heart pounding against him. And if it was getting too cold he would grumbly remove himself from the bed to open the window before sneaking back in with a satisfied smile on his face. He had grown so used to your sleeping routines that when being on tour he constantly caught himself cuddling his body around his white duvet in his bunk or at whatever hotel they were staying at. Of course the duvet was cold and soft but it could never compare to the beautiful sight he would wake up to every night at your house when the sun was creeping in through the curtains in honey colors.


There was no doubt, Calum was more of an independent person. He wasn’t much for showing PDA in public, but neither was the huge cuddler at home. Of course, when it came to napping he was practically a monkey, holding you as close as he possibly could. But when it came to sleeping at night, he couldn’t stand lying on the same position for long yet along having you rest on top of him for hours. It was okay with the small nap because it didn’t take that long to start every sweat gland in his body. But of course he still needed you somehow close, making sure that you were always beside him even though you weren’t sleeping arm in arm. He preferred to rest on his back and since you didn’t mind how you guys slept he was the one deciding. And if there was one thing Calum would always be a sucker for, it would be holding hands with you – even in his sleep. Having someone close to him didn’t mean so psychically that you could barely move yourself from his body, but just by the simple touch from one other. Having you both resting on your backs he would allow you to rest your chin or head on top of his shoulder while your arm would rest under his. Your hands would be linked, not necessary have your fingers intertwined but the simple touch was enough. It allowed you both to sleep without having to sweat, turn off the heater in the house or open the windows but still being somehow linked. Sometimes when Calum couldn’t sleep he used the position to run his fingers up and down your arm and your head was perfectly fit for his lips, allowing him to peck your forehead ever so often when he wanted. And without having you to press your ass against him he could see your beautiful face while you were sleeping, observing whether you were having nightmares or simply just sleeping. And sometimes you guys could be closer to each other in the morning or resting with both your back against each other. The possibilities were there and you guys didn’t mind because there were always morning cuddles in the end when one of you would wake up. It always ended up being Calum who would pepper your forehead with kisses until you would flutter your eyes open.


Michael was, and always would be a sucker of having you as close to him as possible. He mentioned it everywhere, in the kitchen, to the boys and even interviews! There was no doubt, he was the biggest spooner you would ever meet, and you couldn’t even argue with him to switch places. As he would quote, the only time he would be the little spoon would be if he was crying and needed your comfort. It was driving him nuts when he wasn’t having you close to his chest, his heartbeat pacing harshly against yours whether he was having a sweet dream or a nightmare. People always claimed spooning was the sleeping death of men, but Michael disagreed. He knew just exactly how the two of you should be positioned so he could whole you close for a whole night without having a dead arm and hair in the face. He would easily sneak his arm around your waist and pull you close to your body. Making sure that his arm was resting in the crock of your neck and your head resting on top of a pillow he avoided getting it killed by heavy weight. And tucking your hair behind your ear and making sure you would be resting on top of it allowed him free access to both kiss your neck and make sure he wouldn’t be spitting out strands of your hair during the night. It meant he had comfort to himself with your bodies initiated and you would feel cozy and warm in his embrace. It also allowed you to be somehow free, having your duvet in between your legs and not the source of heat right in your face, but up against your back instead. And even if Michael always stated that he didn’t want to sleep like this overnight, complain about the fact that you stuck your butt towards him, regardless he always somehow found your waist and pulled you close overnight. Besides, it allowed him to press his morning boner up your spine with a playing smirk on his face and pretending to be asleep when you would turn around and look at him with curious eyes. It was a position that was both teasing, intimate and so cozy sleeping at night was Michael’s favourite time of the day because it meant he could hold you as close to his heart as possible.


With Asthon’s constant snoring problems, it was hard to find a position that was a benefit for the both of you. With his broad shoulder and long legs, Ashton preferred to rest on his back with you half on top of his chest, your legs tangled and your hand resting on his stomach or chest. It was nice, especially because he was always suffering with some sort of sleeping problem, having to watch TV until three am at night. It meant that he could watch all the TV he wanted but still having you close by his side and sleeping on top of his chest, blocking out all the noises and the constant lights lightening up your otherwise dark bedroom. The position was also great for everywhere else whether it was only a nap or sleeping on an airplane or his bunk at the tour bus. You both got personal space and Ashton could freely pull you close with his muscular arm if he wanted. But with Ashton’s constant snoring it was hard staying in that place for a while. Knowing that would have to push him, turn him on the side to make him stop it was rather difficult with his arm draped tight around your body. Mostly you would try sneak out of his grip but in the end would end up in him waking up. But hey, at least the snoring stopped. Only to start a few minutes after. Sometimes you managed to turn him on the same but it would involve in him waking up minutes later to feel nothing but coldness and hurry to turn around and pull you back on his chest. You were almost like a secure blanket, that source of heat that was always supposed to rest on top of his chest while sleeping. And at the times where you couldn’t sleep you would take the opportunity to kiss his chest occasionally and trace your fingers over the toned muscles and his abs. Sometimes he would shutter under your touch even in his sleep, goosebumps forming on his arms and his hair rising. You would smile instantly by the action and watch as Ashton flutter his eyes open by the tickling sensations before mumbling “No please continue.” In a raspy voice and afterwards fall back into his slumber.

okay i’m not allowed to go shopping until i finish this 3 page story. it’s just 3 pages. due tomorrow. can’t leave until it’s done. no fun until it’s done. write it. it’s about bigfoot. it should be fun to write. just do it.

anonymous asked:

I'm going to be a freshman next year and I'm going to be taking a bunch of honors/pre-AP classes, I get a study hall all year and I'm pretty organized + I always get things done, but I have horrible time management skills and when I'm at home, I struggle with procrastination. I have this assignment that's due tomorrow and I've had 3 weeks to do it, but I haven't even started. Any tips on improving my time management skills and having better discipline?

Good for you for taking some challenging classes your freshman year!! OKAY so I go through periods of Total procrastination and it’s terrible but I find that I’m way more productive when I’m not at home!! It’s just really tempting to go on tumblr/pinterest/netflix/read a book/take a nap, so recently I’ve been trying to do as much work as I can at my school library, the local public library, or even Starbucks. If you have study hall definitely take advantage of that!! 

I FEEL YOU FRIEND I have actually written 15-page research papers the night before they were due (WOULD NOT recommend my habits are terrible but Im Working on It) but the best thing to do is just sit down and get started!! The first step is to eliminate ALL distractions. I use the Forest chrome extension which blocks certain sites (you can edit those manually- i’ve blocked facebook, instagram, tumblr, netflix, and pinterest) for 25 minutes ! Then open up google drive or microsoft word or whatever you use. Planning is key!!!! If you’re writing a paper, I’d recommend making a detailed outline so you can organize your thoughts. Once you have the outline, your assignment will basically write itself. 

As you can see I’m not a #Model Studyblr, I’m just human, so you’re def not the only one struggling w these things!!! Here are some things that have helped me and may help you too!! my procrastination tag and my time management tag :))

The positive things: 16/03/17

Despite being very tired and still feeling quite low, I finally felt a bit more like *myself* today, yay! I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone, how on earth is it Friday tomorrow already?! Okay so today’s positive’s…

  • I made my porridge on the stove this morning (due to a power-cut) which was a really nice change, I always forget what a difference it makes!
  • I stood up against anorexia and got my second part of breakfast when the power came back on despite already “agreeing” with anorexia to ‘save the calories for later’ *(because we all know that ‘later’ never comes when anorexia is involved)*
  • I tried a new sandwich filling today - a pot of cottage cheese with salmon and dill that I picked up in m&s a few days ago (it was new) and okay, it wasn’t great, but I am glad I tried it 
  • I started watching ‘The Matrix’ this afternoon (I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen it before - although I gave up after a while as my concentration was just not with it, so will have to try again another day)
  • I started some of the ‘homework’ E set me for before next week: I actually printed out the sheets I needed to (I can’t even count the amount of weeks I have put off printing out a ‘thought diary’…) and started to work on my ‘fear foods’ triangle (queue anxiety)
  • I managed to open up to mum a bit about yesterday’s appointment/where things are at the moment, which helped (I think). Things got a bit heated after a while as some other things were brought up but, after a little break, we went for a nice little walk through the vineyard whilst the sun was going down, which was nice/settled things between us.

So like, I’m really bad with deadlines. I have 5 major final assignments and/or tests due within the span of 2 days next week and just… can’t seem to do them this far in advance? I’m such a bad student omg

But, like, most pressingly, I’ve got a lot of volunteering and other stuff, including a huge event I’m putting on tomorrow! Please please please join me in a good vibes circle because it has to go okay and without a hitch if possible, and PLEASE help me help myself get through these final assignments and weeks of the school year, dear lord please and thank you <3 

We literally have an 11 page data report to do and I did 8 of the pages last week and sent it to my partner and said “Okay just finish it thank you” and she said yesterday she hasn’t started its due tomorrow did you finish or not please just let me know just text me back please so i can do the whole thing myself if i have to

Okay tomorrow in my English exam, I'm going to do one of my essays completely roasting the school system.
  • Teacher during school year: Your essay is due in 3 weeks. Make sure you use those 3 weeks wisely, you can't finish a whole essay the night before it's due.
  • Teacher on exam day: You have 3 hours to write 2 whole essays and one paper of unfamiliar text and it all has to be top standard. Go!