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What would the RFA dress up as for Halloween?

° a|n: i’m going to say what they’d dress up as + what they’d do heh
+++ have a happy spoopy halloweeeen  (*≧∇≦)°


° Yoosung

  • Halloween is is favourite time of the year because he can go dressed out as whatever he wants!!
  • but most importantly
  • HE CAN FINALLY PROVE HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND [no one believes him]
  • he wants to show his ‘manliness[okay qt] so he dresses up as a LOLOL warrior - buuuut he doesn’t buy his costume no
  • apart from him being broke - he wants to make the costume at home
  • asking you for help you both spend weEKS on the costume making sure everything is perfect down to the T
  • all the SMALLEST details are covered, he even asks you to plan his hairstyle for the day
  • ….you guys are co-ordinated as fUCK
  • “Yoosung.. you have’t done any of your college work..”
  • so when the college Halloween party actually arrives he flips the fuck out and he’s ready to show you off to the world \ (•◡•) /
  • stays by your side the WHOLE time telling everyone you’re his girlfriend
  • and we’re totally partners in LOLOL too who’s jealous??
  • “…nO Yoosung we can’t fight the other people no matter how much stronger we are together seriously for the last tIME”
  • “but does he know that we’re actually dating anD OW OKAY DON’T PINCH ME” [tough warrior my ass]
  • after he’s proven to everyone he has a girlfriend he gets bored
  • so you both end stealing sweets from the bar countertop and shoving them in your pockets - you need SOME candy right??
  • escape the hall with a trail of sweets falling out behind you
  • end up changing out of your outfits and going home to change into my comfortable clothes and playing games while munching sweets
  • he freaks out despite saying he’s okay - but you know better
  • so you suggest video games and that was the end to the perfect night

° Zen

  • Beauty and the Beast but the hella sexy version
  • he wanted to showcase his good looks and you got to also be by his side wearing a sexy outfit [goals]
  • originally you were supposed to wear a cute dress as the beauty
  • buuuut seeing Zen wear an unbuttoned shirt made you think twice
  • the second he sees you in a sexy revealing dress his heart drops out his ass
  • and holy fuck why do you have a whip what kinda princess-
  • “what.. you look um I uh”
  • he’s speechless?? [srsly well done he’s never speechless]
  • you’re usually quite conservative but christ you’ve got it going on tonight?? can halloween be every day I can offer you my soul
  • takes muscle in his body to actually leave the house without taking you there and then - just wait for later
  • you know that one couple that just kinda does their own thing in the corner - yeah thats you guys he’s super protective
  • LOTS of couple mirror selfies at the venue and its super cute as you have literally 1000 photos of him kissing your cheek 
  • he totally didn’t to that on purpose to feel ur ass cheeky bastard
  • but mf almost turned into an acTUAL BEAST WHEN SOMEONE APPROACHED YOU 
  • “yeah.. he better be, eyes off her legs” UHH ZEN??
  • he can’t take his eyes off you even when you try get a drink - he’s walked into 4 people and knocked their drinks over
  • wanting to take advantage of his flustered self you make sure he has a clear view of you dancing while he’s talking to his friends
  • splutters on his beer what the hELL ARE YOU DOING??
  • lol ur screwed when u get home literally
  • he gets up grabs your arm making you follow him outside
  • you already know where this is going you wanted this

° Jaehee

  • pooooor bubba - almost had a heart attack when you scared her as she woke up on Halloween
  • refuses to go out to a party and don’t even get me started on trick-or-treating hell no what no waY??
  • BUT she really can’t resist your pouty face and agrees to dress up with you as LONG as no one else sees [..you can always take secret pics??]
  • so you both dress up as the main leads in Zen’s movie - and one of them so happens to be a maid
  • she helps you decorate the house a bit so that when people coming knocking on your door later she has enough to give to everyone
  • seriously - she’s stressed out she doesn’t have enough
  • “…we have 27 tubs of sweets.. that’s more than enough Jaehee”
  • she can’t help but glance at herself in the mirror a few times in her cute lil outfit - why didn’t she do this before?
  • even makes Halloween themed pastries to give out to the children at the door and spends hOURS decorating them 
  • so by the end of the night you’re piled around tubs of sweets and pastries - nice work mum
  • she was expecting them to be super annoying and cruel but she can’t help but smile giving out candy to children with you
  • can’t help but frown when she sees a cat though
  • when night falls and everyone’s gone home you have a few leftover sweets 
  • so she makes both of you some pumpkin flavoured drinks [she’s really into halloween now?? wahEY]
  • that night you took a million pictures of Jaehee serving children at your front door and in her costume and sent it to eVERYONE
  • ZEN WAS SO HAPPY [back off boi]
  • but Jaehee was also super happy and but wouldn’t admit it - she was already planning next year’s outfit and treats 
  • (◕‿◕✿)

° Jumin

  • you know him, he’s willing to try what you want to try 
  • so when you explain Halloween to him he’s super confused since he’s never really understood the concept of it before
  • but he willingly accepts to do the ‘traditions’ with you
  • “…But why do they carve pumpkins?”
  • “It’s scary”
  • “No.. it just looks tacky and why do they” LISTEN M8 IDK!!!
  • but he agrees to help out because this was a day he could wear his cat ears and collar that was in his cupboard without being judged
  • YES
  • decorating the house he goes above and beyond - why are you putting up fake spiderwebs, we can just get rea- 
  • explaining ‘trick or treat’ to him would be so funny because he wouldn’t understand why you’d ask other people for sweets??
  • “can’t people just buy and keep their own sweets this is giving me a headache”
  • you DRAG him to a house to do trick or treat and he gets so red and embarrassed he literally runs home - nope not doing this again evER
  • next stage: eating sweets
  • you give him some the single sweet he managed to collect from the house and it’s a ‘sour ball’ HIS! FACE! IS! SO! F U N N Y
  • he’s starting to think Halloween is just torture
  •  why do commoners do this I’m going insane why am I dating MC
  • last part of the day is you watching scary movies together
  • BUT  his mind is blown at the fact you want to torture yourself like this you don’t even like scary movies what is this??
  • he doesn’t even flinch at the horror movies but ends up pulling you to his chest when you jump in fear and reassures you its a film
  • such a tiring day??
  • but it was all worth it when you Jumin and Elly took a ‘family’ selfie with kitten ears [not him, you did or else i’d be blurry af]
  • “.. so does this Halloween occur every year?”
  • bonus: Zen dying at the video of Jumin saying trick or treat in a mono-tonal voice and the person at the door laughing at his costume poor bby


  • the devout catholic wants to dress up as an angel 
  • you bicker about who would be a cuter angel [he would]
  • so he decides to make a costume one last minute and keeps it a surprise from you and reveals it in the evening
  • its a 2D car made out of cardboard with two cutouts so that you both could see and while walking 
  • such fuCKING DORKS - you’re wearing a onesie underneath too jesus
  • tbh I don’t think you’ll ever see Saeyoung happier than he is now?
  • you’re the oldest people who are outside knocking on other people’s door but you’re also the happiest
  • you have b u c k e t s of sweets and you ignore all the weird ass looks everyone else is giving you [kids envy you]
  • at one point some kid tries takes one of Saeyoung’s buckets and he was about to go crazy
  • you had to calm him down before he actually chased the kid but he was pouty for the rest of the night - besides you had about 8 buckets
  • the car outfit was a great idea but it had a few ..problems?
  • .. and that was the first time you ever walked into the mens toilet but you were t r a u m a t i z ed 
  • you’re the last ones out giggling on the streets until you’ve literally covered the whole neighbourhood
  • another struggle of the car was actually getting through the door and you’re both pressed up against each other trying to get though
  • eventually you just break the cardboard car and tip the sweets on to the floor settling down to watch a movie
  • don’t get me wrong you’re both REALLY scared of horror movies so you both end up not sleeping 
  • you just scream at every stupid jumpscare until dawn while eating a l l the sweets you collected until dawn
  • “I’m never.. eating sweets again”

anonymous asked:

I adore your writing! Your one of the best bughead prompt writers and your stories are flawlessy written. If it's not a pain in the ass, please do a prompt where there's a storm in riverdale and jughead has nowhere to go so he stays at blue and gold office, being found by betty there since she forgot something in the office and she had to get it? thank you so much if you do! it will mean a lot

Oh my gosh, this was the nicest thing ever, you are so sweet. I’m happpy to write your prompt out, thank you for the idea!

Shaking her baseball cap out, Betty sighed, leave it to her to get stuck walking back to school in what felt like a damn hurricane.

The weather report had called for rain but it wasn’t supposed to start until way after midnight, she looked down at her watch.


Thanks a lot channel 5.

As she sloshed through the Riverdale halls , she was grateful for the fact that the doors were left unlocked in their small town high school.

She had a major article due tommorow for the blue and gold and of course she had forgotten her laptop in the office.

Bad luck Betty, that’s what her older sister Polly had always called her.

Her heart stung at the thought of Polly, but she quickly pushed it aside when the doors to her and jugheads office came into view.

Turning the handle, she popped into the room in search of her laptop.

What she didn’t expect to see was the lump of a body laying on the old, rickety couch, Jughead had insisted they bring into the office.

A good idea at the time, now? Not so much.

Her eyes scanned her surroundings before falling on two huge history text books, heaving them both into her arms she chucked one onto the floor near the man sleeping on the couch. The book fell to the floor with a loud thud.

The intruder jumped about six feet in the air, she squinted to make out a face in the darkness, but she wasn’t gonna take any chances.

“ I don’t know who you are or what you’re doing here, but this is private property so I will not hesitate to hurt you, I may look small but I wouldn’t doubt me.”

Suddenly the light was switched on and she was face to face with jughead jones.

“Jughead! What are you doing here.”

Jugheads eyes fell to the book in her hands before narrowing

“You we’re going to use a modern civics text book to take down an intruder?! What if it wasn’t me and it was actually someone who wanted to hurt you? Are you crazy, you can’t do stupid things like that and risk your life.” He was shouting at her now clearly angry at her lack of safety precautions.

“I’m sorry okay I promise to.. wait a second, you cannot turn this on me! What are you doing sleeping in the blue and gold office at nine o clock at night?!”

Jughead shrugged his shoulders looking down

“I felt like a change of scenery is all,” he smirked trying desperately to charm his way out of the situation. Betty was way too perceptive, it made him uneasy.

She went quiet for a moment searching his face, before her eyes softened and she set her shoulders back

“Jughead, where do you live right now?” She questioned softly

He looked away his fake smile falling off of his face

“Here and there, I dunno, winters coming I’m on the lookout.”

She wouldn’t ask him the obvious question. If he wanted her to know about his dad, he would tell her.

She was racking her brain before she nodded her head and sat down on the couch, dragging him along.

“My parents are away this weekend, you’ll stay in pollys room until they get back, that gives us plenty of time to talk to Archie and Fred. Did you know they have two guest rooms?”

Jughead shook his head

“No Betty I can’t stay there.”

“You can and you will, Archie loves you and you know Fred has always thought of you as a second son, they would be happy to have you, it’s not charity, before you even mention that. It’s called someone caring about you, you’ll just have to deal with it, you’re a very easy person to care for.” She pulled her laptop out and to her lap.

Jughead just stared at this amazing woman in front of him, she always knew what to do, how to fix things,what to say to make it all better, feeling brave he placed his hand over her moving fingers as she typed causing her to stop and look up at him.

“What about you? Do you?”

She looked confused

“Do I what?”

“Care about me.”

Her face softened as she placed a hand on his cheek smiling so warm he felt his heart hurt

“More than you’ll ever know.”

Closing his eyes, he leaned into her palm, taking a deep breath before flopping back onto the couch.

“Soon as this rain stops we can head home, I don’t know how much more of this storm my sneakers can take.” Betty said squishing her toes in her wet sneakers.

Jughead laughed

“Alright, home sounds great to me.”


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