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yall gone make me loose my mind, 

so . what ive learned in my never ending journey to calm down the fire pit that is ddadds right now is this..

Its not a glitch…and it can be played…

but whats my proof?? I found out that the text from file 18 is missing its start and end features. this means that is was finished but not in a way to be accessed. Also for no reason should the text start the way it does. There is no transition and Sual exists for a reason. to have so little dialog in such a short span is off so i believe there is a missing page in the data. the page that it the start of the true ending. re inserting the code back into the game by mimicking the text in say the first joseph date caused little change but i feel that in the code, the ending is there . we just need the missing page and code to see it.    i think it is triggered after a date due to score card being the only thing out of the ordinarily there

Having fun isn’t hard when you have a Library Card!

Hey y'all if you’re just starting your line of credit and don’t know shit (like me, hello) here’s a little bit of life-saving information: PAY YOUR BALANCE BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH. This means if your due date for your credit card payment is due, let’s say, on the 6th of each month, and you pay it on that day or even like three days before, you’re actually screwing yourself over. You’ll get a lower credit score. Why? Well, the CRA gets a snapshot of your credit balance and activity the last day of every month, not the day you’re required to pay. So even if you’re paying the whole balance off a day before the official due date, it doesn’t count in their eyes, since they didn’t see that you payed it off on the 5th, in full; they only see that you have a bunch of money owed at the end of last month and haven’t payed it yet. This can drag down your score pretty hard, excpecially if you’re really good with payments.
TL;DR: pay your credit card BEFORE the end of the month even if you have an early due date (like the 6th) or else your credit score will be worse than it should be, because the CRA sucks.

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Batfam Christmas: So just how would a Batfamily Secret Santa go?

Alfred drops the spatula abruptly after he hears Damian mutter “Todd for secret Santa. I should just get him a crowbar.” 

“You will do no such thing,” Alfred snaps. “In fact, young Master Damian, you might take this time to actually find out a little more about your brother. After all, you know the least about him.” 

Damian looks almost startled, and starts to argue, but Alfred cuts him off. 

“Perhaps a book. Master Jason loves to read.” 

“He can read?” 

Alfred looks less than impressed. 


Alfred blinks as Dick proudly settles a cardboard stand-up of Jennifer Lawrence in the kitchen. 

“Master Dick…what on earth….” 

“I drew Harper for secret Santa,” Dick explains. “And she’s always saying that Jennifer Lawrence would be the perfect girlfriend as long as she didn’t talk. So…” 

Alfred can’t help a soft laugh. “Master Dick.” 

“What?! It’s perfect!” 


Stephanie paces the length of the kitchen. “Oh god. Oh god. What do you get a billionaire playboy superhero for Christmas?” 

Alfred chuckles. “Miss Stephanie-” 

“Of course I drew Bruce! Of course!” 


“Because I couldn’t have drawn say…Cass. Or Harper. Or Tim. Nope! Too easy!” 

Alfred sighs. “Miss. Stephanie.” 


“Master Bruce is quite fond of the Gray Ghost,” Alfred tells her. 

“That cheesy old serial?” she asks, puzzled. “Didn’t Mondo just do a special edition vinyl of the soundtrack?” 

“I believe they did.” 

“You. Alfred. You are a lifesaver!” 



Alfred blinks owlishly at the cage Tim sets on the kitchen counter. “Master Tim-” 

“It’s a duck,” Tim says. “It’s a duck. I just bought the brat wonder a duck.” he says it like he’s still in shock. 

Alfred can’t help chuckling. “I’m sure Damian will appreciate it. It should go well with the dog, the cat and the cow.” 

“I bought a duck!” 


“Where on earth did all this cereal come from?” Alfred mutters. 

“Me,” Jason says as he walks in with five more boxes in his arms. “Its mine. Actually it’s Dickbird’s. I drew him for secret Santa.” 

Alfred frowns. 

“What?! He loves cereal!” 

Alfred sighs heavily. “I knew I should have taught him to cook.” 


“It’s scarf that looks like one of those old library due date cards,” Duke says proudly, holding it up. “I thought it was nice. Babs’ll like it, right Alfred?” 

Alfred smiles warmly. “I quite think she will.” 

“Good! I knew she was that nerdy.” 


Cassandra dumps a load of Pokemon card packs on the island in the kitchen smiling proudly. “For Duke!” 

Alfred doesn’t have the heart to break it to her that he mostly plays Pokemon on his phone.


“Sir, what on earth-” 

“It’s an original signed Clash poster,” Bruce says as he waves the tube. “Tim will love it.” 

Alfred wrinkles his nose. “Honestly, Master Bruce. I’ll never understand yours or Master Tim’s love of that god-awful racket.” 

Bruce smiles just a little. “I know.” 


Cassandra is easy to shop for, Alfred thinks. Ballet lessons and new toe shoes to go with those lessons. He thinks that will do very nicely. 


“It makes waffles in the shape of the Death Star,” Barbara tells him, as she wraps Stephanie’s gift at the kitchen counter. “Everyone likes Star Wars.” 

Alfred chuckles softly. “Of course, Miss Barbara.’ 


Harper walks into the kitchen makes an “eep!” noise, and then rushes back out, and Alfred knows who his secret Santa is. 

He grins to himself. 


Alfred watches everyone open their secret Santa gifts and grins, before looking down at his own and opening it carefully. 

It’s what looks to be a magic eight ball that’s been painted a lovely shade of blue, and when Alfred turns it over to look at the little screen, a message appears: 

Don’t worry, Alfred,” it says. 

He turns it over again and it reads: 

Even if we’re all brats, we love you!” 

He chuckles, and glances back at Harper, who smiles. 

High School AU - iDubbbz Imagine

You’ve always loved being a library aide all throughout high school. It’s a nice break from your classes, and walking amongst the rows of books shelving and retrieving various novels is almost sort of therapeutic in a way. Everything is always quiet, even at the front desk, and the people you deal with are usually cooperative and friendly. No stress, no chaos, no fuss- it’s practically paradise, in your opinion.

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I haven't seen any updates from this blog in a while I hope everything is alright!

Sorry, I updated on twitter but I forgot to here!
This project is still ongoing (the due date for the cards was supposed to be the other day) but the admin is currently in the path of hurricane Irma and is taking leave from admin stuff until everything is ok
Trying to juggle this plus a natural disaster is just a bit too stressful for me, but don’t worry, I’m still around!