Entertainer Dudley Moore gets the lowdown on ‘Sexpuss’, the latest cutaway boots in purple suede by Ravel (Boutique in Carnaby Street), at the Spring collection displayed in London which Dudley compered. October 25, 1966.

David backstage with Peter Cook & Dudley Moore after a 1973 performance of Behind the Fridge, a Satirical review (followed P.Cook’s Beyond the Fringe run). DB apparently asked Dud (consummate tickler of the ivories) to accompany him on a Hunky Dory album track, but there’s no record of a reply. Would have been pretty good, I wager. (Guardian pictures from Kevin Cann book, Any Day Now)
Pete & Dud also had a great TV series ‘Not Only … But Also’ . Ps! Peter was also the Eminence Gris behind Private Eye, UK satire fortnightly since 1960, still going strong. PPS! Do not adjust your horizontal or diagonal (?) hold.