dudley o'shaughnessey

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why have reece king be ronan when Dudley o'shaughnessey looks so much more like him? why froy when it could be Tom Webb?

okay, it’s because I think they’re too old to play teenagers. Before you bring up Tyler Young, let me show you how I organized my thoughts. 

First, I’ve split actors/models into 3 categories: 15-17 year olds, 18-22 year olds, and the last one 23+ years.

Blue Sargent: 

Willow Smith is 16, Amandla Stenberg is 18, and Zoe Kravitz is 28. I chose Amandla over the other two because of her age and acting career

Henry Cheng: 

Lance Lim is 16, Yeo Jin Goo is 19, and Ki Hong Lee is 30. I chose Jin over the other two because of his age and acting career (I made sure all of the three were Korean, as well, because you can’t simply substitute one Asian race with another) 

Ronan Lynch:

Nathaniel Potiv is 17, Reece King is 22, and Dudley O’shaughnessey is 27. I easily eliminated Dudley because of his age, and narrowly chose Reece King over Nathaniel because of his collection of tweets about Ronan Lynch long before the announcement of the TV adaption 

Those are all the people i’ve fan casted where I’ve found people to fill all three categories, but for the following, I’ve only filled out two of the categories

Adam Parrish: 

Froy Gutierrez is 18 and Tom Webb (who most people fan casted before the announcement) is *23. I chose Froy because he is the exact age of Adam (during and after TDT, where he turns 18), but also because he’s half Mexican, bilingual, and an actor. 

David Mazouz is 16 and Tyler young is 26. This is where I was dying to chose. In the end, I chose to fan cast Tyler because David Mazouz is currently employed in Gotham, which is a stable job, while Tyler’s most well known show Eyewitness got canceled before the second season. 

That’s how I chose my own personal cast. If anyone wants to suggest someone to play Noah Czerny, or has an actor for Gansey that is more suited to the age of the character, send me a message (seriously, I’m always open to suggestions)