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i want a childhood story spence


(it’s really sad but 99% of the stories i can think of are like ‘that one time my family had a brawl’ 'that other time my family had a brawl’ 'rmr that time my family had a damn brawl’)


ok so when i was growing up we used to go camping A LOT like /legit camping/ where you had to take a boat to an island and pitch a damn tent and it was SO FUN but like

idk how it is other places but here (florida) when you’re camping on a river or sth you can /hear/ alligators? bc they make this clicking noise right so when the sun started to go down we weren’t allowed to swim anymore

bc safety (i laugh in the face of safety)

and i thought i was a total badass who wasn’t scared of anything so i was standing on the back of the boat getting ready to jump in and shane (my brother) came up behind me and was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DON’T DO THAT I’M GONNA TELL DAD” and i was like /stop being bitch made shane/

and i jumped in

and i heard The Noise

and shane was just /frozen/ on the back of the boat and he whispered “it’s right /behind you/” (it wasn’t it was like on the other side of the river on the bank)

and i didn’t know what to do so i panicked and tried to get back onto the boat bc i was about to get eaten you know the deal

but instead i ended up just knocking shane in bc he was LITERALLY NOT MOVING HE WAS SO SCARED

and then we were like basically drowning each other and crying trying to get out of the water and my dad found us like .2 seconds later and pulled us both out and when we explained to him why we were crying he was like “guys it’s a /turtle/”

it was

it was a turtle

the shame will live with me forever