I'll Just Wait Here Then
  • I'll Just Wait Here Then
  • Nina Winkler
  • Supernatural: The Musical

I’ll just wait here then
That’s what I’ll do
I’ll just wait here then
Wait for my cue

I raised you from perdition
to be God’s ammunition
But now you need some rest
so I will do what’s best

I’ll just wait here then
That’s all I’ll do
I’ll just wait here then
I’ll wait for you~

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Title: Paper Planes
Author: zerostumbleine33
Artist: dudewheresmypie
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/ Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopian AU
Pairing(s): Dean/Cas, Sam/OC, Charlie/Dorothy
Rating: R
Word Count: 69,489
Warnings: Implied homophobia, explicit language, violence, angst, sexual content

Summary: Far into the future, long after the third world war decimated the earth, there existed two groups of people. On the ground lived the less fortunate, seemingly forgotten by time. Their water and food resources were limited and controlled by the government. High above the ring of pollution and radiation lived the colonies, populated by the elite and those skilled enough to be granted admittance to the military. Dean is 21, a water delivery pilot for the military, who also grew up on Terra. After he returns home for the first time in three years to his hometown in Kansas, he is met by his childhood friend Cas, who he left behind all those years ago. As Dean and Cas fight to find their footing with one another despite the distance between them, Sam uncovers a government secret that will throw the whole world into chaos. Soon, they must all work together to preserve the life they know and fight for a better one.

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It’s been a hell of a morning.

First, Castiel’s alarm doesn’t go off. He wakes up with approximately five minutes to get out of the house, miss-lines up the buttons of his shirt, can’t find his freshly ironed pants and so has to wear the creased ones, and accidentally knocks his toothbrush into the toilet. After brushing his teeth with his finger, Cas manages to find a pair of socks without holes in them, but completely forgoes the brush and any attempt at shaving, instead clawing his way to the coffee machine. Gabriel has left his apartment an absolute mess, but he doesn’t have time do anything but be royally pissed.

As if all this isn’t bad enough, Castiel’s coffeemaker freaks out and jams, so he has to pick up something on the way, but the barista fills his cup too much and he ends up spilling it on his poorly buttoned shirt. And onto his pants. When he’s trying to wipe himself off, doing acrobatics to try and keep his messenger bag and laptop dry, he realizes his tie has been tied backwards.

Needless to say, when Cas runs down into the subway only to squeeze into a cart filled beyond its maximum capacity, he’s not a happy camper.

When the stupid train stalls in the middle of a tunnel, he’s even less happy.

When he’s in the middle of dabbing himself, letting go of the metal bar to get at a particularly wet stain, and the train jolts to a start, Castiel is embarrassed.

Why? Well, he’d noticed the supremely attractive specimen of man sitting down in front of him, but he’d spent every second since carefully looking everywhere but lighter hair and nice lips. Not that the man even acknowledged Cas at all; he’d looked up from his book only when the train had stopped, and that had been to roll his outrageously green eyes. Castiel had been treated to a better view of light freckles before the man looked down once more, long lashes fanning out against his skin.

The bottom line is that the man is very attractive.

Currently, Cas is sitting in his lap.

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Pinpricks of Hope // Drusilla&Dean

Drusilla sat with Miss Edith on the park bench. The flowers had told her that the night would be pretty here, despite their fallen member. Poor Jasmine. She did not deserve the fire that ate her petals. Poor dear…

She cuddled Miss Edith in the crook of her elbow and slipped her blindfold down over her mouth so that she could see the stars with her. She liked company and such whispers told her that she and Miss Edith would no be alone for very long. 

She heard his footsteps as he approached and she swayed gently in her sat. “The sun is back,” she said happily, not looking at him.


I was tagged by cas-the-wise and I gathered that I’m supposed to post six selfies taken this year… Not sure that this is exactly a great summation of the year or anything, but it looks like 2014 was the year dressed up as a scarecrow for Halloween, cosplayed fem!Dean, started caring more about my fitness and health (hence the sweaty pics), and took a selfie with my cat.

P.S. The other girl in the top pic is my sister (who has guest liveblogged here before). Also… I take wayyyy to many flexing selfies.

I read this great quote at the beginning of the year, it said something along the lines of, “2013 was the year I figured out who I wanted to be.  2014 is the year I become that person.” It’s been one heck of a year… and I think I made the best of it.

I tag: captainlafitte, appleblossomdean, unholyseraphs​, snuggydeamon, and endversecas DO IT. I want to see your beautiful faces.

“Sorry. S’cuse me. Sorry. Sorry.” Dean Winchester shuffles to the back of the small plane, biting his lip as he clutches his backpack to his chest, graphs and plans sticking up from the partially zipped back. He’s almost at his seat—the window, left side, last row, when he trips on the foot of some punk-ass kid.  The little asshole, smug as she is, smirks when Dean’s backpack lands with a thump, papers and plans exploding onto the aisle. She giggles obnoxiously and Dean blushes crimson. By the time he’s shuffling toward his seat once more, papers are messily cradled in his arms, crumpled and causing the young man to clumsily bump into things. Half the plane is glaring at him and his thick, black-framed glasses are askew on his nose.

Plus, he’s got the window seat on this tin deathtrap. Looking heavenward, Dean mutters a ‘fuck me’ to the plane ceiling, mumbling an apology to the glaring father across the aisle. Why? Well, because, his plane buddy is already in the appropriate aisle seat. Awesome.

“Sorry, dude, I just gotta…”

Blue eyes look up from a battered copy of The Hobbit, frowning at the spectacle before him. He shifts a little.

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Woman in White

Drusilla sat on the headstone and at the feet of the concrete angel and swayed with music that only she could hear. With her red dress spread out around her, she almost looked like a pool of blood at the statue’s feet. 

It was all so lovely tonight. The calm of the air could fool chaos into believing that it was subtle, but she would not be taken by surprise. Not this time. This time, she would help it along, just as she always preferred. She let out a small giggle.

She had searched for the brothers in her mind that day. She had the strong desire to see them again. She wanted to talk to them, especially the one with darkness in him. So much rage…. she shivered in delight at the thought.

She hoped her small ploys would lead them to her soon. The small boy that had seen her in the cemetery the night before would be sure to speak of the ‘woman in white’ that he had had nightmares about that night. That and the body of the girl would raise the suspicion of someone new to Sunnydale. She would wait. She was patient. For now. Besides, if that didn’t work yet, she could always use more treats to lure them to her. 

So after 3.5 years on here, I’ve never done one of these!  This was extremely hard, but if you don’t see yourself on here and you know we’re BFF’s please don’t hesitate to yell at me because I know I missed some people!

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