dudewhereismytardis  asked:

OH DARLING. it hurts like hell and stuff but oh well this is how i practice for being in hell someday. But yeah it hurts but a cold towel and a few days can heal it. I didn't need to go to a hospital (i think) so yeah. BUT THANKYOU FOR BEING CONCERNED. you are lovely.

i am seriously concerned even if i did chuckle a bit because like i said, it would be something that happened to me. it’s the truth.

when i was ten years old i was out at my aunt and uncles camp with my family, celebrating the fourth of july. and we were shooting off fireworks and had those sparkler thingys that you hold and wave around. in truth your really shouldn’t be giving them to little kids but yeah that’s my family for ya. so we were waving them around and my cousin had one too and we stopped to look up at the fireworks being shot off. little did i know he was behind me with his sparkler and he ended up burning a hole through my shirt… also my shoulder which stung like hell for the next month. it also looked like burnt toast with all the black bits.

needless to say that the “adults" took the sparklers away from kids after that incident.