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Can You Hear Me Now? {Michael Mell x Reader Soulmate AU}

request:  Michael Mell x Female!Reader smut with a soulmate AU? Like Telekinesis… they can hear each others thoughts when they want to, but they can only hear the other persons words in their own inner-voice so they don’t know who it is? And it just starts at the same time as your soulmate, so you both get this TERRIBLE headache. Maybe he realizes it because (Y/N) is the lead in the musical and she’s going over lines, or maybe she’s the jokester and her wit is going at 100 miles a minute? ILY!!❤️

oh my god it took so long but here it is!!!! i hope this is what you wanted because i love my sweet mell!!

warnings: swearing, smut smUT SMUT

word count: 2800

Fuck the fucking thoughts in your damn head. Fuck the asshole who was constantly rick-rolling you, fuck the moron who literally had the Duck-Tales theme stuck in his head all the time.

Your soul mate’s thoughts had been invading yours for such a long time that you’d just learned to accept them. It wasn’t as though you could do anything to make them stop. You’d tried to make your thoughts louder, sharper,  and even those most private ones that you tried to hide- but nothing would shut them up.

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all liam talks about in his music is sex :/ at least just hold on has a good message and the other boys can talk about things besides stripping.

k y’all pulled this shit with zayn too so it’s obvious you’re rly fucking bias but just to prove that let’s talk about all the times one direction & the other boys sing about sex! 

“Are you sleeping, baby, by yourself? Or are you giving it to someone else?” - where do broken hearts go

“It’s 4 am and I know that you’re with him / I wonder if he knows that I’ve touched your skin / And if he feels the traces in your hair / I’m sorry, love, but I don’t really care” - happily

“And if we get together, get together / don’t let the pictures leave your phone,” - live while we‘re young

“You say you’re a good girl / but I know you would, girl / ’cause you’ve been telling me all night“ - little white lies (this is also kinda a gross song bc she says no and the character in the song is like ‘lol y u lyin girl’) 

the entirety of change your ticket & no control

also if we delve into solo stuff we have niall with slow hands: “Slow, slow hands
Like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry No, no chance That I’m leaving here without you on me I, I know Yeah, I already know that there ain’t no stopping
Your plans and those Slow hands”
like hate to break it to you dude but this entire song is about sex. 

then we have harry. harry “played with myself, where were you?” styles. harry “and now she’s all over me, it’s like i paid for this” styles. harry “she’s a good girl, she feels so good” styles. 

all of the boys write songs about sex. that’s because sex is a valid things to write songs about. just bc ur gonna be elitist as fuck and pretend like talking about sex is “icky” or something doesn’t change the fact that literally all the boys do it and that’s fine bc songs about sex are valid

conversation i just overheard my brother and his best friend having while they were playing video games
  • friend: yeah like i kinda get the one direction thing now... harry styles is a legend and we should respect him
  • brother: i know he's so cool
  • friend: like... he bagged taylor swift and kendall jenner
  • brother: he's gay he's like fuckin engaged to another dude in the band i've already told you this
  • friend: taylor swift like wrote songs about him tho
  • brother: that's not even confirmed man
  • friend: i saw a picture of him looking at her butt once
  • brother: taylor swift doesn't even have a butt...
  • friend: he was looking at it!
  • friend: dude just let it go like he's not gay. he and that other guy are probably just really good friends. like we can be pretty gay sometimes too, you know?
  • brother: you're telling me you would get like ten matching tattoos with me
  • friend: what the fuck they have matching tattoos?
  • brother: i've told you about this!

@ribly said: Have you seen anything about Overwatch lately? How about a request for your favorite fighter and mine? D. VA of course ;)

I haven’t played overwatch, but the characters look super cool! thanks for this one dude, that was fun :)


Food for thought……….sometimes coincidence is a plan in disguise….

Dear Maya
WOW! Our girl looks like a goddess in the new photo shoot! What a treat to see her in Coco’s abode. She mentioned serving dinner and I do wonder what she would cook, Maybe her pasta or even a grilled cheese. I had one with Brie and cheddar yesterday that was delicious but hard to beat a croque monsieur in Paris! Meanwhile her handsome man is having a GREAT TIME with Good Time in NYC (one of my fav places you know). Hard to beat a New York hot dog! (hold the mustard for me though)

R: I miss you

K: You just saw us

R: so I can’t miss you?

K: Miss you more

R: It was amazing. No one even knew you were there.

K: you and your affinity for disguises

R: they served us well. We had a good time

K: a GREAT time! You know she hasn’t put that doll down

R: it was a great time except that you stopped me from buying more

K: DUDE. You can’t buy her everything in that store! I thought the whole point was not to draw attention to ourselves. If I let you buy all the shit you wanted they would ask for some kind of ID. You can’t just pay in wads of cash like you just robbed a bank

R: you said I made a good robber

K: I said rad robber

R: that was a rad ice cream sundae

K: still can’t believe she ate the whole thing

R: still can’t believe they didn’t have grilled cheese. That’s her favorite but your grilled cheese is the best. They make me melt

K: you are such a dork! You make ME melt

R: she ate the pigs in a blanket because you told her they were mini hot dogs. And…….
I have a hot dog for you

K: um. That’s hardly a mini hot dog

R: can you eat the whole thing?

K: omg stfu

R: thanks for being there

K: you think I would have missed it? I’m so proud of you

R: you know I love you more than hot dogs?

K: speaking of……….your twitter groupies were salivating over your hot dog short

R: I told you honey. There is nothing short about my hot dog

K: stop reminding me how much I miss you

R: you have a Twitter acct now?

K: FUCK NO. But apparently you do……….. Or was that just a “rumor”

R: who comes up with some of that shit?

K: dude. You tell so many stories nobody knows what’s real

R: that’s the point isn’t it? let the stories be told. They can say what they want

K: chaos. confusion. disguises. Let the good times roll! Got it

R: you’ve always had it honey

K: you have too

R: by the way Happy Anniversary

K: ????

R: it’s on Twitter so it must be true

K: WTF are you talking about

R: today is Bella and Edward’s anniversary

K: oh shit. Sorry dude. How could I forget.

R: you wanna play honeymoon?

K: yeah. you wanna nibble my neck?

R: I wanna make you melt. Sounds kinda cheesy

K: I happen to have a thing for cheesy and yeah you always do. I love you

R: yeah. I love you more

So sweet Maya
Here’s a great song by The Cars. Have you ever heard it? Love the lyrics. Let The Good Times Roll. It’s going to be OK.


Aug 2017

Opening Act {S.M}

requested// imagine where you are Shawn’s opening act and you develop feelings for one another but you have a boyfriend and he gets jealous and so does Shawn

author’s note//hey pals heres a halloween imagine kinda lol i love halloween and aHHHhhhhHHH okay enjoy this as much as i enjoy shawn’s existence !!

masterlist || link to part two

“Dude, i’m so hype.” Your best friend, Jenna exclaimed, putting some pretzels in her mouth. You gave her a small chuckle as you shakily put your eyeliner on, trying very hard not to mess up the wing. Jenna was here for the special occasion, the Halloween show, so she could play the keyboard and sing backup vocals for a couple songs on your Halloween setlist. 

“Me too.” You flicked your wrist so your wing was perfect. You now looked like a black cat, with the drawn on whiskers and the tail and the ears and the tutu. You would have gotten into the Halloween spirit, and dressed up as something more fun (you really wanted to dress up as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation) but you remembered that this was Shawn Mendes’s world tour, and you were preforming in front of thousands of teenage girls. Who would judge you. So the traditional black cat would have to do. Even if it was painfully boring of a costume. 

“That was the fakest ‘me too’ I have ever heard you say since Holland Gerrand said he had a crush on you in seventh grade.” Jenna popped a fun size milky way into her mouth. 

“I am excited, Jenna.” You mumbled, getting up from your seat. It was not ideal spending Halloween, your favorite holiday, preforming indie songs that these fourteen year old girls don’t even know, or care about for that matter. They just wanna see some boy they think is hot. 

“Y/n, why is it after like, the first month of this tour you literally hate it?” Jenna popped another pretzel in her mouth, wiping the crumbs off on the skirt of her Dorothy costume. Jenna looked a whole lot better than you, with her long blonde hair braided in pigtails, and the whole Dorothy thing working out extremely well. She hopped off your makeup table. 

“I don’t hate it…” You muttered. 

“But you do.” Jenna shot back. 

“I hate the fact that i’m preforming for teenage girls who don’t care at all about what I am doing, I hate the fact that i’m dressed up like a freaking black cat on my favorite holiday of the year, I hate the fact my boyfriend yelled at me over FaceTime cause I told him I was catching feelings for Shawn.” Jenna sighed. She knew very well that you were starting to catch feelings for Shawn. She knew everything, she was the first person you told. 

“Y/n, you need to get over that. Cause it can’t last past the tour a-” You cut it off. 

“And Damion.” You added in. Jenna just rolled her eyes at you. 

“Your relationship with Damion is basically a ticking time bomb, y/n.” She sighs, jumping up and scurrying (cause that’s really all she can do with those sparkly red heels on) over to the chair where her packed up keyboard was. She picked up the pack and started to walk off. 

“Where are you going, Jenna?” You sigh, not wanting her to leave you alone. 

“Your act starts in thirty minutes, i’m setting up my keyboard.” Jenna walked out of your dressing room before you could protest, being left in the boring beige room. You were tired of spending three hours a day in boring beige, black, white, or grey rooms. You were tired of preforming for teenage girls who don’t care a bit about what you’re singing. You could easily leave the tour, go around to outdoor concert festivals and preform, people who go to those kind of concerts are the ones you want to preform for. The only reason you were staying was Shawn. He brought a light into your life, and while he was there, your songs weren’t all that sad. 

Of course Shawn was a teeney bopper, and your boyfriend Damion (who you weren’t entirely sure that was his real name, because you met him at a really obscure outdoor concert event you played at) was a lot more like you. And you liked Damion. You weren’t quite sure if you loved him, but you liked him. You weren’t a fan of the idea of breaking up with him. But you also hated the idea of living the rest of your life without Shawn. He made everything so much easier, so much better. You never had to worry about saying something wrong around him… like ever. You could say the stupidest of things, and he wouldn’t judge you at all. You loved that. You always felt so welcomed. 

You started pacing around, not really sure what to do. It was Halloween, your confidence was at it’s peak around Halloween. You needed to do something. You needed to either end it with Damion and try to be with Shawn, or tell Shawn how you feel so you can move on and focus on Damion. Either sounded absolutely horrifying. You needed to make a decision, and sooner than you thought because you felt your phone buzzing in the waistband of your leggings. Your breath caught in your throat, hoping to God one of the two names wasn’t going to flash in large white letters on your screen. Your hand shakily moved to your waistband, and pulled out your phone. Your heart sunk down to your stomach when you say Damion’s name pop up on the screen. You sucked in a breath and pressed the green answer button. 

“Hello love.” You tried your level best to pretend that there was nothing wrong. 

“Please explain to me what the hell that photo I’ve been seeing all over the internet is?” He obviously wasn’t doing the same. 

“What photo, my love.” You sighed, forcing a smile on your face just to make it a bit easier to fake it. 

“The one of you and that Shawn kid holding hands.” He almost growled. He was seriously getting mad over that picture? 

“Damion, please we were just out and about before a show and paparazzi were out and I couldn’t really see so he was helping me along. You know how the media is.” You added a laugh just so he would get off your back. 

“Y/n that’s a load of crap and you know it. You like this kid.” He snapped. You felt a couple tears leave your eyes. You couldn’t do this now. You needed time… You couldn’t make a decision to end it with Damion and tell him about your feelings for Shawn right in this moment. 

“Damion, please, I’m going onstage in twenty minutes I need to go.” You told him, pleading almost. 

“Aren’t I more important than some stupid concert?” He basically screams. 

“Damion please stop yelling at me… I have a show.” You held back the tears so you didn’t mess up your cat makeup. 

“Whatever y/n.” He scoffed. “This isn’t over.” You heard the three beeps that indicated that he had hung up. You didn’t cry except for a single tear. You pulled your shoulders back, needing to compose yourself before you went on the stage. You were doing a pretty good job at it until you felt two familiar arms wrap around your waist. 

“Hey cute cat.” Shawn whispers into your ear, his lips brushing past your neck, which sent a shiver down your spine. 

“Shawn…” You started. You couldn’t do this. He always did things like this… and you knew he had extremely strong feelings for you. You felt his soft lips press against your neck, and for a moment you gave in. But Damion reentered your mind, and you shook yourself away. You turned to look at him, being all irresistible in that pirate costume you helped him plan a week or so back. He looked so good in that loose shirt and black pants. Even the eyepatch looked good on him. 

“What is it?” Shawn frowned. You shook your head. 

“I can’t do this… not right now.” He gave you a puzzled look, and you continued. “I’m still with Damion, and until I figure that out, I cannot be with you.” You looked down at your black boots waiting for a response. 

“I thought that..” He started and you looked up. He paused for a moment, looking up. “Wait, scratch that, I know that if you truly want to be with someone, you’ll do anything to be with them… and I would do anything to be with you. But it hurts so incredibly much that you wouldn’t do that for me.”

“Shawn, pl-” he cut you off instantaneously. 

“Let me finish.” He put a finger up. “But I would do anything to be with you. And if waiting is what it takes, than I will do it. I’m not happy about it, but I will do it.” It was hard to take him so seriously in that costume… 

“Th-” Again, he cut you off before you could even finish a syllable. 

“That doesn’t mean I will accept second choice, y/n.” Before you could get another word in he had turned around. 

Your heart sunk a little, but you seemed to forget that when they told you it was time to go onstage. 

author’s note// lowkey feelin a part two lololol!! but happy halloween ya’ll, even though Halloween is actually tomorrow but I can’t post tomorrow lololol. hope you have a great one!

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Sterek - Stiles misinterpreting a gesture and thinks Derek is proposing, Derek naturally failwolfs

“Yes! Dude, I can’t believe it took you this long to ask, I mean, I really thought you were gonna do it at the restaurant when that string quartet started playing In Your Eyes, which, so not our song, okay, I always figured us to be more Phil Collins kinda guys, but–”

“Stiles,” Derek interrupts, straightening up from tightening his boot lace, “What are you talking about?”

Stiles goes very still, eyes darting between Derek’s boots, and his quite obviously empty hands, “Uh,” he wets his lips as his face goes very red. “I may have… assumed something that was… way too presumptuous. And, hey, it’s only been a couple of years, so, what’s the rush, right? Who would wanna tie themselves up with me too soon? Gotta make sure you can really handle it first. Well,” he glances at his watch, “Would you look at the time, I gotta get home. I mean, you live there, too, but I’ll just… see you later,” he steps out into the road, looking blindly for a cab, and Derek catches his wrist, tugs him back onto the sidewalk. 

“Stiles, what are you talking about?”

Stiles scrunches his eyes shut, avoids looking at Derek when he opens them, “I thought you were proposing.”

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I dig your playlists! Totally reminds me of stellar songs that I haven't listened to in a while!

Dude!! Thank you!! I enjoy making them :D Basically I always have *something* playing in my headphones or I will go crazy lol. There is so much amazing music out there it’s kinda overwhelming lol.


Hollywood Rose

Chris Weber:

“Tracii Guns introduced me to Izzy, and later on I called him to ask if he wanted to get a band together. He said ‘Yeah,’ and he introduced me to Axl. So I went over to the place where Axl was living, that was over in Hollywood, and I go up to the roof and he was laying down on this… I don’t think he had a towel or anything, just these shorts on, laying on this hot tar roof. He had this bright red hair and he was taking in the sun. I could just see the heat coming off of him. I went up and said 'Hey, I’m Chris,’ and he said 'How are you dude?’ Ever since then we started playing and writing songs together. That’s how it happened." 

    "For a long time, Axl and Izzy were living in my house, so we’d wake up and I’d come up with a guitar riff and Axl would have some lyrics, or we’d come up with the melody lines and show it to Axl and he’d write the lyrics. Their influences were like Ramones and Sex Pistols kinda stuff. The song 'Think About You’ was written around that time, and I played it with them live. It’s much simpler than the stuff Slash writes. I also knew Slash before he joined the band. We were pretty good friends while growing up. We both came from West Hollywood.”

  • RIP Magazine: I was listening to you singing in the car. Do you want to sing more?
  • Jerry Cantrell: No, I'd actually like to sing a whole lot less! [laughs] I think Layne kind of started me singing, when we did "Would?" It was my first kinda lead vocal-type "thing." I can sing fine, but, to be honest with you, I'm a lazy... I'd much prefer to sit back and just jam. For some guys, it's real easy to play guitar and sing at the same time; it's like walkin' and chewing bubble gum, I'm one of those guys that has a problem doing that. [laughs] It's definitely something I have to work at, but I'm taking on more vocal responsibilities and... that's basically been from Layne's support. Like him going like, "Hey, man, you should fucking sing that song." I'm like, "Dude, I don't want to sing it." And he's like, "You should fuckin' sing it! You wrote the damn thing and you sound good at it. Fuckin' sing!" So it's been a combination of his support and everybody else in the band as well, and my kind of putting my own fears behind me. It's real intimidating, too, for myself, working behind a guy like Layne, you know; he's the fuckin' king. You just don't touch the motherfucker. He's a badass.

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At the risk of sounding cliché, Eye of the Tiger is a really good song to get you pumped. I was at the gym, listening to my iPod, and kinda of struggling to finish my set then Eye of the Tiger started playing and I just got really pumped. So moral of the story is to always have Eye of the Tiger on your iPod.

Already have it! But I dude, I’m the same. I freaking broke my running time record today because “Eye of the Tiger” came on. I was like “YEAH I CAN RUN 10 MORE MINUTES ALL OF THE SUDDEN WOOOOOOOO!”