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stop yelling ‘parkour’ when you scale fences and run across the road that’s dangerous and an incredibly inefficient detour so gET BACK HERE

“Ethan!” Tyler yelled, running after his idiotic best friend as he hopped over another fence, yelling ‘PARKOUR!’

Tyler caught up to Ethan, seeing that shit-eating grin that he war. His hair was disheveled, a bright blue mess sitting on his head. Tyler sighed, grabbing Ethan’s arm and dragging him to the Starbucks, their original destination.

“Aw cmon dude, that was sick and you know it!” Ethan whined as he trailed behind Tyler. Tyler shook his head disapprovingly, looking back at the shorter boy. His eyes were wide and his had a sad look on his face. Tyler forced himself to turn around, although he’d love to spend hours staring at that face.

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Some days ago I made a queer graffiti in an abandoned place and it got a good number of notes on tumblr and idk that makes me happy and I wanted to share it with you because you are one of the reasons I am comfortable with calling myself queer

I feel like I shouldn’t encourage defacement of public property but also NICE DUDE THAT IS SICK!!

I’m glad I could help in some small way!

Several months ago I saw a guy at the gym wearing a shirt that had a stick figure drawing of a bride and groom and underneath it said “Game Over”. And it’s been bothering me ever since… Like I know that’s the typical cis-het dude’s perception of marriage, but I want to go up to every knucklehead and say “Yo. Tell you what. I’ll marry your girlfriend, how bout that? Then you get to keep playing your "game”, I get the gay wedding I always wanted, and your now-ex finally gets appreciated for the lovely woman I’m sure she is… Everybody wins!“

I’m so sick of dudes making marriage into a joke and taking their wives for granted, but then when two women or two men want to cherish each other for the rest of their lives all of a sudden marriage is so sacred…


48 hour film

worked with the super sick dudes alvin, kelly, vanessa, and hazi

I hear a patient verbally abusing one of my coworkers...

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