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good taz things
  1. taako’s sincere voice
  2. that time when carey thought magnus was hitting on her and she was like “you’re not my……. cup of tea” and mag was like “i know you’re gay” and made her a ring
  3. it ended on episode 69, which is the sex number
  4. lup was looking after her dumbass brother and the first thing she did when she could talk to him was kinkshame him
  5. angus mcdonald, boy detective
  6. the moon base, home to the bureau of balance and also fantasy costco and the chug n squeeze
  7. the form of transport between the planet and the not-really-the-moon moon is cannons
  8. the lack of description of garfield the deals warlock, leading to most fanart of him being garfield the cat
  9. when lup made the umbra staff, which justin knew would become an icon of his character, taako made fun of her for looking like a clown
  10. lup is arguably the coolest character and she’s trans
  11. all the gays
  12. boyland’s 400 sons and 13 daughters and unknown number of wives and husbands
  13. the big enemy is basically vore
  14. team sweet flips, which is 2 lesbians and a robot who is also probably lesbian
  15. abraca-fuck-you
  16. merle has completely forgotten that kravitz was responsible for the loss of his arm and continues to blame magnus
  17. magnus eating the philosopher’s stone
  18. everyone just assumed that the reason tres horny boiz could resist the relics was bc they were dumb as hell
  19. they almost always refuse to take anything seriously, but when they are serious… oh boy
  20. garyl the binicorn
  21. klarg just wants to drink tea with taako
  22. characters such as tom bodett (who is every citizen of rockport), della reese (a powerful angel), and clint mcelroy (the embezzling janitor)
  23. taako wore a skirt and the other boys kept trying to make it a Man Skirt™ but justin was like “no dudes it’s just a skirt”
  24. merle switched gods and clint immediately forgot who his previous god was
  25. “taako went on a date with death” “[you hear a very familiar voice that makes you so happy but you don’t know why] is it kravitz?” “you’re dating the grim reaper??” “i love you, taako” “i saw my boyfriend” “my boyfriend is death”
  26. the way the boys get so invested in the npcs
  27. all of the antagonists are so good (magic brian, jenkins, sloane, kravitz, the purple worm, lydia & edward, john hunger) (actually fuck lydia & edward. jenkins also is kinda shitty. of course the hunger isn’t great exactly. but yeah magic b, sloane, krav, and that bigass worm are all wonderful and gay)
  28. the ipre, aka nasa but with wizards
  29. griffin’s elevator fetish
  30. it’s me, taako. you know, from tv?
  31. taako’s relationship with paloma. his disappointment when he was tryin to talk about baking and she was like “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh scone magic”. him calling her the oldest woman he had ever seen.
  32. the cleric never heals anyone but damn he can make people tell the truth
  33. the whole thing actually

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Just cuz a dude likes to wear skirts, thigh-highs, and shaves his body hair doesn’t mean he’s secretly trans. Stop making that implication with no other context. Sometimes dudes want to feel cute.


Ahsoka Tano custom action figure.

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anonymous asked:

Can you draw Saeyoung with different holiday/traditional outfits? Like one for Christmas, St Patrick's Day, Halloween, etc. But I personally wanna see him in more "cultural clothes" like him wearing the Arab thwab or wearing an Irish kilt and stuff like that. It's all good if you decide to do it or not and I will love you regardless, just know that I adore your art >3<

can do buddy!!! i totally ran with a kilt once i saw the suggestion lol

The gunslinger needs a safe place

For my first homebrew D&D 5E campaign, I was taking them a-sneaking around the castle, when they came across a room which smelled basically of death and was encrusted with blood and venom. The Gunslinger is called ‘Nameless’, and the Monk/Rogue is a bit of a murder hobo.

Gunslinger (OOC): Oh boy, I want to leave this room.

Sorcerer (OOC): Be careful, or you’ll catch a bad case of the dies.

Gunslinger (OOC): This is not my safe place!

Sorcerer (OOC): Nameless needs his safe place~

Monk/Rogue (OOC): You’re standing next to me; of course you’re not safe!

Gunslinger (OOC): My safe place is between the legs of a cute barmaid!

Sorcerer (OOC): But dude, the skirt would defeat you before you got that far…

Anonymous said: Hi i hope you feel better soon! Also, I was wondering if you do a group fic? Like maybe some of the 13rw characters playing together? the jocks, tony, clay, hannah, jeff, jessica, alex and reader playing truth or dare or spin the bottle and just pure shenanigans. It’s completely up to you. :)

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“What the hell was Hannah thinking?” You mumble, clinging onto Tony’s arm tighter as the both of you walk up the sidewalk of Jessica Davis’ home. “I can’t walk in heels!”

“A.) They’re chunky heels, so I have no idea why you’re acting like a newborn giraffe and B.) I told you to change into the sneakers I had in my car.”

“Eat me, Padilla.”

Tony laughs out loud, stopping before the front door and looking at you in amusement. “Barking up the wrong tree here, Y/L/N.”

Glad to not have to concentrate on walking, you grin at Tony and set your chin on his shoulder. “Which is why I absolutely adore telling you these things,” you coo. “You know I only say them all in good fun.”

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Five Easy Fixes of LGBT Representation Issues

Well what do  you know, here’s 5 easy fixes that flawlessly could have added LGBT characters into RWBY without altering most of plot and without “feeling forced” as “some people”(who are wrong) would say.

  1. In volume 1 when Yang reacts to “teh naked guyse”, add some girls in there too. Oh look, possibility of a character being bisexual with absolutely NOTHING else changing. And the world looks way less heteronormative to boot instead of painting the whole admittance area as straight!.
  2. In Volume 2, Replace Neptune’s “I can’t dance but I am too insecure about it” joke with “I actually like boys but I am too insecure about it so I keep hitting on girls to overcompensate for society. Oh look LGBT character. Nothing changed in characterization. Nothing changed in how the scene plays out. Nothing changed in the message the scene delivers. Except you already have a freaking lgbt character in the show. And a lot more of Neptune’s writing in the show actually makes sense now and has complexity!
  3. Add same sex couples in the dance scenes. Oh look, world looks less heteronormative now, LGBT people EXIST In in it now beyond mere claims of them being somewhere and literally nothing else changes in the plot. While we are at it, there’s plenty of scenes that are way too heteronormative in the same way and could use such a fix.
  4. Just. Have. Blake. Decide. To. Take. Over. The WF. Because. Of. What. Happened. To. Yang. While. Being. Allowed. To. Talk. About. Her. Feelings. Oh look I saved up a considerable amount of Volume 4 screentime while adding more characterization to Blake, saving Sun’s characterization AND adding possibility of LGBT relationship and nothing was lost. 
  5. All the gender normative “jokes”? Don’t do that. Remember that time Scarlet David was all “girly” and got hit in the balls with a nut? Remember how “funny” it is to make a “dude” like Qrow wear a skirt? Remember how the WHOLE dance-floor laughed at Jaune in a dress? Hilarious right? No. Stuff like that actually counts as negative representation(or misrepresentation). It only reinforces heteronormative view of the world by pretending something out of the norm of gender standards is “funny”. By taking up a position that “straight is default for everything”. If RWBY writers keep talking about how “inclusive” and “diversive” Remnant is and how there totally are gay characters int he show, then mocking anything outside gender norms is the LAST thing they should do.

If there’s a chance to write something LGBT, don’t wonder whether it is “too forced” or “pandery”. JUST DO IT. There’s really no difference in doing heteronormative characters in stories and doing lgbt characters in stories.NOTHING CHANGES. Wanting it to be “subtle” is just an excuse especially when the writers do season wide storylines to give relevancy to heteronormative pairings. RWBY already has dozens of missed chances on showing that world is not just all straight and frankly if I were to list all of them and every instance where something could have been done, this would not be “five easy fixes”, it would be “hundreds of easy fixes”.

pants are fucking useless dude in a world where skirts and leggings and dresses exist i just cannot fathom why anyone would put a Pant on let alone a pair of them

the cutest thing ever just happened.. I was sitting in my car and this old dude in a skirt walked by and I told him that his skirt was nice and he got all happy and was like ‘thank you so much! do you have a cigarette to spare?’ so I gave him one and then we bonded over skirts it was so cute.. I asked him where he got his from cause it had these blue daisy things on them and he’s like ‘forever 21 actually! it’s nice in there but the employees give me weird looks when I ask to try things on’ and then I was like ‘yeah man not everyone gets it, but I think it looks great. matches your eyes!’ and he’s like ‘you are so kind!’ and then tried to give me $5 for the cigarettes and I was like dude no it’s okay and then he threw the money in my car and ran away.. the most Pure interaction ever

Inktober #26 - cute shoujo cherik!!!

are they really crossdressing, or is charles only making you see that?? hmm

notes, headcanons, and progress shots below cut 

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