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‘Are you angry ‘cause I’m not going to your show or ‘cause you’re worried about me? ‘Cause it’s really hard to tell, dude’, Jayce said sardonically.

‘Jay, I know you all my life, and I don’t wanna find your body in the ditch behind your house,’ Max replied.

‘You’re exaggerating-’

‘No, I’m not. Blue Hawaii ain’t no stuffed bunny. You need to ditch him before he ditches you. You need to find yourself a real job. You need-’

‘I need dough to pay for mom’s rehab next time it’s needed, and there ain’t no ‘real job’ for me that gives that much of dough-’

‘How long are you-’

‘I don’t wat to talk about this, Max’, Jayce cut him off again. ‘I’m doing it. Period. I have nothing to lose anyway’.

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(Of course Hollywood would snub Doctor Strange. One of it's messages is "It's not about you." and victory trough diplomacy and self sacrifice instead of self righteous violence.)

(( I know, right XD Even so, the Doctor Strange special effects were probably the most amazing effects I’ve ever seen in my entire life.))

“Oscar dudes, I’ve come to bargain!”



based off this post and Episode : Time of my Life (Johnny Bravo) 

DUDE I had this whole episode planned out in my head where if Jack was the girl instead. Jack at that time would’ve been in training period with Robin Hood (first episode) and somehow accidentally time travel to Johnny’s high school period. Jack would be forcefully put into school and try to fit in the teen crowd as he’s looking for a way back in time. Jack defends Skinny Johnny from the bullies and they become good friends at first and head towards romance. Later on, Johnny asks Jack out to the prom, Jack says yes making Johnny want to beef up for Jack before Prom. But Jack is taken back into this original time leaving Johnny to thinking he got ditched. Years later, Jack somehow time travels to Johnny’s time again and they finally have that dance. The End 

Am I the only one that wants Tom to have a Hellfire moment sometime in the series and sing about his uncontrolled rage?


dear future children,

one day you might think back to the year 2016 and think it’s a total dumpster fire

and you’re right it is. i’ve got nothing.


a person who doesn’t know how it got this bad, but im sorry about it


dave: were you gonna grab it by the top
john: no
john: yes
dave: ive been on youtube before bro… maybe try something like………. original


save him. 


while I think it’s entirely possible that magnus gave simon and raphael an actual list of ingredients he actually needs for other things, I think it’s much more likely that they showed up at catarina’s with a piece of paper that just said “idk, sorry”