dudes in gray suits

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“I don’t like this..”

Steve smiled slightly, hearing Tony complain again and again. He straightened Tony’s collar and put a tie over his boyfriend’s head, leaving Tony with the rest.

“It will be fine, babe,” Steve soothed, changing his worn out t-shirt into a fresh one.

“I know it will be fine, I just don’t like some stranger walking around my Tower!” Tony scoffed, swiftly tying the lavender tie with vertical stripes, which went nicely together with a gray suit. “I don’t need some dude coming from space and telling me how outdated my technology is..” he grunted further and Steve couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Remember that he is from Earth. He is probably excited to see how everything changed,” Steve said with a soothing smile. He took Tony’s hand. “Ready?” not really waiting for an answer, Steve walked with grumbling Tony to the elevator.

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Now that the New Danganronpa V3 cast has been revealed, why not we discuss the elephant in the room: What type of underwear do they all wear?

  • Pink steampunk leather girl: Black lingerie with pink frills
  • Tall, black, and long-haired man: Black form fitting sports underwear
  • Checkered scarf: checkered boxers
  • Blue seifuku girl: Striped blue panties?
  • Little tough guy: Blue briefs with skulls on them
  • Robo-Naegi: IDK but they’d probably be his hip-piece
  • Twintails-chan: Striped red panties
  • Raincoat white-haired girl: White bikini bottom to match her top
  • Shaggy bara in suit: Leopard-print man-thong
  • Purple goatee dude: gray briefs that he could model
  • Little magician girl: frilly puffy purple bloomers
  • Blue librarian lady: might be wearing a thong
  • All-black military boy: Black tighty-whiteys
  • Maid with gray hair: Gray Walmart bottoms
  • Blonde hipster dude: …probably goes commando
  • Kaede: Yellow panties with music notes on them