dudes in eyeliner

I was watching the latest episode of Into the Badlands and the minute Evil Eyeliner Dude threatened to make Amelia, a teenage girl, into a prostitute in front of Sunny my immediate thought was: wow I cant believe Sunny’s gonna swiftly kick everyones ass with his bare hands and also Adopt Yet Another Child

And thats what he did

house-on-treefire  asked:

What is your opinion on fall out boy and Panic! At the disco? (Pls answer as sarcastically as humanly possible)

Oh god fall out boy….. I hate them….. I’ve never cried over what a catch…… bingo at the casino is even worse….. with Brendon urat™ @howpanicprobablybrokeup

i think fall down dudes are terrible with their eyeliners and pete wentzs. panic in the club are even worse with their milks. Terrible bands 0/10 @madforweekes

okay but listen davekat humanstuck popstar AU. Dave is like a kesha-level troll in that a lot of his music is glitzy and ironic but he’s actually super talented, cares a lot about his fans, and dresses with like g-dragon level absurdity, with a lot of gender-fuckery and biting social commentary if you’re listening close enough. kanaya is one of his designers, and she hits up karkat to be her date to a red carpet event because rose is busy, and karkat is some little hipster nerd who only listens to like the national and bon iver, so he has never heard any of dave’s music or seen his videos. 

there’s an afterparty in some penthouse, and karkat hates everybody there and hates the fancy liquor, so he just goes out onto balcony to get some air, and finds this blond dude with smudged eyeliner fucking around on his phone and drinking Smirnoff out of the bottle all by himself all “its a clusterfuck in there shit gives me anxiety” and karkat just chills with this deadpan weirdo for hours not knowing he’s the dude the party is for 

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Asriel wants to wear eyeliner to look Cool but he's a little embarrassed about it so mettaton teaches him the Secret Art Of Eyeliner

(also holy fuck it’s eris undertale)

B: Are you wearing eyeliner?
C: WHAt no!
B: I thought we agreed to go all natural!

Okay full story of how THIS happened; we begin our story in North Carolina…okay cheesy but true. I had gone to the Charlotte show on 6/8 (the day before) i had b stage pit and it was one of the best nights but I hadn’t thought that tomorrow would be the day I met her. I won this contest through Keds to meet Taylor and get tickets to the tour. But the rules changed and made it a backstage tour (which would’ve been amazing in itself) and I signed forms for the change and i mean i was a bit let down that I thought I was registering for a meet and greet and it changed but blah blah fast forward to the day of. They ran late bringing the tickets and after staying up at will call for an hour and a half, they arrived and we grabbed this red paper and the tickets and walked a little bit away when i caught a glimpse of the title of the paper. Meet and Greet. I almost passed out. I bawled my eyes out and was shaking and we saw these other people who didnt know how to get in early either so we finally found out we go in with the vip 2 and separate so we headed over there. It seemed no one else was antsy, I was hysterical. I honestly could not stand still. We went through the line and got inside and joined this longggg meet and greet line under this tunnel and the waiting began. We got these bracelets (I am never taking this off) and time moved slow and fast at what seemed like the whole time. We were told to drop our bags and everything off at these tables and if you leave a gift, Taylor will grab it on her way to her dressing room. So as a lot of you know, I’ve been doing this journal for six months every day talking about my life and Taylor in my life and its just more of my life than I’ve ever told anyone before and it’s a really important part of my life that I felt like I could only trust Taylor with. So we’re led through the line through these curtains and theres a Loft 89 sign and I freak out. I’m getting so excited and emotionally distressed. There were a lot of costumes as you walk in like there was the billboards dress and the natalie outfit from the Ew! Sketch (which was amazing, might I add) so we keep going and there food on my left and we hadnt eaten so I was like oh my god there is pizza out and fruit and vegetables and then on my right was loft. It was like a huge living room aND IT HAS A PHOTOBOOTH! It was hard to resist but I kept my head down and pushed through, okay but seriously, we were in line a couple people back and he works for Taylor i think and my friend was talking to him about me getting nervous and starting to cry and he’s like just remember she’s a real person and I went “thats the problem” all desperate like and so we get up to our place in line and the curtain opens and my friend literally had to push me in because I froze and then I took off and did the hop-run thing to her and Taylor was trying to say like how I really outdid myself with my outfit. But I hugged her so tight, you guys and she gives the best hugs. And oh my god she is SO tall and perfect like as soon as she let go I said I loved her and she said i love you too and and I started like telling her about the journal and you guys… She looks at you so interested and I just remember looking at her eyeliner as I explained it and dude her eyeliner was on point. And she looked so beautiful like a screen cannot do her the justice like i thought she was stunningly gorgeous before but she is truly the most beautiful person ever. She said how she always picks up everything outside and how she would definitely read it and then she hugged my friend and told her how her earrings was amazing and she was like really theyre from Target. But then Taylor asked if we would take a picture with her and I had already planned it out that I was going to hug her so I get ready and i had gotten on the wrong side my sister in law needed to be on taylors left and i had just lost all sense of direction and taylor giggled (I DIED) and we switched sides and I hugged her for the picture and I had to go to on my tiptoes to not look like a complete shrimp next to her and we took it and i think i hugged her again it was a blur but my sister in law (Kayla) told her how her and her dad danced to Never Grow up and taylor said thank you for telling me that what a special memory and it was time to go and I yelled i love you so much and she repeated it and I bawled as soon as I got out like I was full on not okay nd we got to our seats (RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE IN THE MIDDLE) and i collapsed with the signed picture and the card we needed to get our pictures and sobbed and then sat there with my elbows on my knees recovering and crying for 20 minutes before Vance came on. During the show she looked at me and then Kayla, i feel like it was a couple times but it was at least one and I’ve never been so happy. Last night was the best night of my life and I cannot thank you enough taylorswift meeting you was a dream. Please keep me updated with the journal situation.

But please don’t get down on yourself, you can be told you aren’t going to meet her, you can truly believe that, but the next day you could be meeting her. So don’t get down on yourself. Just like my story, yours goes on and I’ve always been a sucker for meeting Taylor stories, now I have my own and I can’t wait to read yours.

Thank you Taylor, for everything. I love you so much. (P.S. There’s gifts in the back of the book) ;)