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Not hate, want to be very clear because the ship hate is fucking ridiculous, but a question, what is it about steve x Billy that makes it so popular, is it the fact they are so hot, the typical shipping main character with antagonist thing? Or is there a thing about two damaged people finding each other?

Well, there’s this type of stuff for one:

All of the above of what you said tbh. I mean it’s a lot like Draco/Harry or Buffy/Spike. Not to mention all this homoerotic shit they threw into the scenes between Billy and Steve. Not that I think it will be canon but I don’t really understand the confusion about why people would ship this lol. I mean honestly a ship that STARTS from a big fight? Is super fun. To me it’s like they had a ship checklist as if they were assuming we’d ship this lmao.

Preppy sweetheart + Badboy Metalhead? What’s not to like? It’s a really entertaining dynamic. 

Boy cries pretty, is full of angst and a raging asshole; ripe for redemption.

Also Billy seemed yes to be playing some weird power game with Steve but he also seemed like he was super flirting/obsessed with Steve. 

Also the idea of this angry macho Metal dude (who also definitely wears eyeliner) being gay (or bi, I hc gay) in the 80′s in a place like Hawkins is interesting.

Also the class difference make it interesting.

It’s REALLY fun to write dialogue between them. It’s REALLY fun to write angry angsty Billy trying to be better and being totally taken in by Steve’s affection. It gets you right in the feels to read Billy having a bad run in with Neil and going to Steve for comfort or to imagine a Steve who’s been kinda screwed up by fighting monsters finding solace with Billy who is also fucked up.  It’s also really hot. It’s also fun to write a better version of Billy who is still kind of a dick interacting with everyone else in Hawkins. It’s fun to imagine that Eleven who is full of anger and was abused herself to put it mildly might be someone Billy Hargrove would actually have a connection with. It’s wonderful to imagine a better relationship between Billy and Max and how that plays into Steve’s interactions with the kids. It’s fun to imagine a matured Billy who’s a snarky Metal head who somehow ends up giving Nancy Wheeler eyeliner tips. It’s fun to imagine Billy’s anger put into killing monsters. 

I don’t understand the confusionnnnn lmao.

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Sits there, with long eyelashes just waiting to be cultivated by none other than the bougie AF master himself, Bakugou Katsuki. "Eyeliner, Kacchan—?"

There’s no INSULT for him to find in these ‘ feminine ’ practices, though few of his peers dared to try and frame it in a negative light anyway.  Deku had his dresses and Katsuki had his make up.  And what of it?

He’ll never admit to listening to his parent’s fashion advice for a second, but he still wasn’t about to let Deku run around in a dress like that without the proper make up to compliment it.

     The lid to his liquid eyeliner came off with a pop.

“Stay still, Deku –”  He leans forward, but stops midway to frown deeply.  “– Close your damn eyes.  Don’t want you starin’ at me the whole time.” 


here is a compilation of drew using his L E F T hand!! is he left handed?? PERHAPS!!! we just conveniently left out all his right handedness ha - itstimetodrew

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root and shaw for 001!

(From this meme!)

When I started shipping it if I did: I started really shipping them in Death Benefit! I loved their little date and they actually had a conversation that ran a little deeper than casual flirting, which I welcomed. I thought it indicated a change in dynamic for them and I was mega interested to see if they would follow through (and boy did they ever!)

My thoughts: Root and Shaw are the single best canon romantic couple that consists of two characters both of whom are fully realized, have independent  relationships that are given equal weight, don’t dramatically change their entire personalities on a whim just because they’re in wuv, and can stand entirely on their own.

I’m so glad they exist!

What makes me happy about them: I love that this was something that wasn’t planned but that the writers still let it happen organically, and took it immensely seriously. They were never played for a joke and never treated as inferior and weren’t overly focused on in a “oh look at us ain’t we special” way, which is a disappointingly rare balance to find. They were written exactly as they should be – just two people in love.

What makes me sad about them: That they weren’t allowed more time together before Root died. We should’ve gotten more moments for them between the events of Sotto Voce and The Day The World Went Away.

Things done in fanfic that annoys me: The general need to shove them into stereotypical boxes. Shaw is almost always written as just perpetually grumpy over… something, anything, everything… and Root is often simply substituted with Amy Acker. 

Things I look for in fanfic: Depending on my mood, it can be adorable fluff, hilarious shenanigans or all of the angst! I love when fics incorporate Root’s perpetual connection to TM into them. I do wish we had more longfic with them IC.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Uhhh no one tbh. I’m down with Shaw having a fling with Tomas from HAT or eyeliner dude from Most Likely To and Root is already in love with TM, but for an actual relationship I think Root and Shaw have attainted The Golden Standard. I don’t think they’ll work out with anyone but each other in the long run anyway. 

My happily ever after for them: I do believe that Shaw will be fine eventually and is primed to accept Root being inside TM due to the events of 6741, so that’s comforting for me. But even if I were to go the route of Root being alive, I don’t think they would buy a house on an island and just sit around doing nothing. That’s not them. They’d probably continue doing what they were on the show – handling TM’s secondary and tertiary missions. 

Who is the big spoon/little spoon: Considering that Shaw was practically purring while Root ran her hand down her back in 6741, I think Root would be the big spoon. Shaw is initially resistant, but soon melts under Root’s touch once she gets used to it. 

What is their favorite non-sexual activity: Working a mission together is always fun of course – whether it’s Shaw saving some poor shmuck from their irritated spouse with Root tagging along just because, or them saving 103 people at once by taking down a terrorist – it’s just exhilarating when they’re working together as a scarily efficient team. 

But it’s the moments after that hold value…

Sometimes Shaw will look up from cleaning her weapons after a mission and see Root leaning against the wall – eyes closed, head cocked slightly to one side, and a small smile playing on her lips – and can’t help but be struck my the utter peace and contentment on Root’s face. It’s amongst the happiest she has ever seen Root. 

Oftentimes Root will glance sideways at Shaw walking beside her – still visibly high strung after their latest adrenaline rush and probably grinning through a busted lip – and can feel herself falling even more impossibly in love with this compact Persian sociopath. 

People I saw at the DM concert

- A man who kinda looked like young Dave
- A lady from Israel with cool dreadlocks
- Men who dressed up as Dave from the music video of Enjoy the silence
- An austrian man everyone thought was working at the show when in fact he actually used his device to track frequencies so he could hear what’s going on inside the venue
- A cute girl whoiwastooafraidtotalkto
- My ex-english teacher
- A dude with black lipstick and eyeliner with his two kiddos
- A lady who was like a G.I Joe sHE HAD A 6 PACK

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Pour Some Sugar On Me has me shook. I was dying over the hot girls, the hot Dan, the hot TWRPs, the hot Brian, the hot special effects, the hot e v e r y t h i n g. Everything was hot. (Also, I thought the girl at the end was going to vore Dan and I damn near had a panic attack. Also, also, I need more of Dan in eyeliner.)

Fuckin SAME to all of this. Just… Why does Dan have to be so hot? Why did they have to hire such hot women? Why does Dan seem to know exactly how to turn everyone in a ten mile radius on? And yeah the vore thing was what i expected lmao. Glad they didn’t go that way tho. Bit awkward. AND DAN NEEDS TO WEAR ALL THE EYELINER DUDE BRO PLEASE

okay but listen davekat humanstuck popstar AU. Dave is like a kesha-level troll in that a lot of his music is glitzy and ironic but he’s actually super talented, cares a lot about his fans, and dresses with like g-dragon level absurdity, with a lot of gender-fuckery and biting social commentary if you’re listening close enough. kanaya is one of his designers, and she hits up karkat to be her date to a red carpet event because rose is busy, and karkat is some little hipster nerd who only listens to like the national and bon iver, so he has never heard any of dave’s music or seen his videos. 

there’s an afterparty in some penthouse, and karkat hates everybody there and hates the fancy liquor, so he just goes out onto balcony to get some air, and finds this blond dude with smudged eyeliner fucking around on his phone and drinking Smirnoff out of the bottle all by himself all “its a clusterfuck in there shit gives me anxiety” and karkat just chills with this deadpan weirdo for hours not knowing he’s the dude the party is for 

I’m gonna go thru some makeup experiences I’ve had.

I’ve had great experiences with Maybelline. A1 chit my dude. Great foundations and eyeliners. My favorite mascara from them is the Lash Sensation mascara. Makes my lashes look good a f.

I’ve been using the Colorstay brow pencil by Revlon and it’s not too bad. I’m a cheap bitch who has 0 time for expensive shit so, there’s that.

Covergirl is the worst drugstore brand out there lol. Misleading advertisements everywhere. I just purchased the new Peacock Flare mascara and it doesn’t do anything. It makes your lashes look short and cakey. Do not buy it lol. Get maybelline products or something else.

Lipsticks by essence are actually really good.

Matte lipsticks by NYX are better than any Kylie Jenner bullshit, Noah fence Kylie. They’re cheaper and better quality.

But ya. There’s that. I also use highlighters by Hard Candy. They’re cheap and well pigmented.

Favorite eyeshadow palette 2k17 goes to the Urban Decay palette “Heat” from Sephora. Intense dark colors with some nice cream and light colors as well. Pigment is outstanding.

I was watching the latest episode of Into the Badlands and the minute Evil Eyeliner Dude threatened to make Amelia, a teenage girl, into a prostitute in front of Sunny my immediate thought was: wow I cant believe Sunny’s gonna swiftly kick everyones ass with his bare hands and also Adopt Yet Another Child

And thats what he did