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EXO’s Reaction to Their GF Dancing Sexually w/ Another Guy...

Cont: …and finding out he was gay. (also I changed it from crush to GF SORRY but i thought it would be a bit more easier to apply and relate to. if you want i can always write another where you’re their crush


Even after you explained to Xiumin that your friend was gay, he wouldn’t budge on his position. “Don’t touch him like that–and don’t let him touch you like that either. I’m your boyfriend. Not him,” he’d say, his face showing obvious annoyance and dissatisfaction at the situation.


“Jongdae, he’s gay,” you’d explain to Chen for the fifth time. “I don’t care, jagi, he’s still got a penis,” he’d respond, clearly unhappy about you dancing with him. Despite you repeatedly explaining that your friend is most definitely not interested in females, he’d ask you to not dance on him any longer.


Though certainly less than pleased with the situation, Baekhyun would try to be understanding and let you do what you want with your friend. You could see that he wasn’t happy about it though, and would hold off dancing with your friend, which Baekhyun would quietly thank you for later.


Chanyeol’s pretty protective about other guys, gay or not, and would pull you aside to have a talk with you. Though you’d reassure him that you friend wasn’t interested in females, Chanyeol would still politely ask that you stop grinding on him out of respect for your relationship.


More disappointed in you than anything, Lay wouldn’t really bring it up himself. You could sense something was wrong though and ask him about it. He’d confess that it made him uncomfortable to see you act like that with other guys, regardless of their sexuality.


D.O would be pissed and very open about it. The first thing out of his mouth when he pulled you aside was, “What the hell?” When you told him your friend was gay, his position wouldn’t change. “I don’t care. Don’t dance like that with anybody but me,” he’d say, his face stone cold.


Always trying to see things from different perspectives, Suho would try to be okay with you grinding on another guy–after all, he was gay, right? Nonetheless, Suho would ask that you stop because seeing you on other guys made him uneasy.


Kai would be more confused than anything. “Why are you grinding on him though? I’m right here. I’m your boyfriend. What are you doing?” he’d respond when you told him your friend was gay. You’d later apologize and he’d forgive you, as long as you promised to not do that again.


Not super confrontational, Sehun would give you the silent treatment for the rest of the day. When you finally cracked and asked him what’s wrong, he’d tell you he was pissed that you were dancing with another guy like that. “Sehun, he’s gay,” you’d tell him, but that wouldn’t change his attitude about it.



Right? Cold beer. Grown men on skates. What’s not to love?

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is it normal for a lesbian to think "gosh diddly darn that's an attractive dude" cause I would never want to kiss/sleep with/date/marry a dude and I'd want to do all these things with women, but I still see some attractive guys and think "heck". is this just an everyone thing?

yeah, i think that everybody, regardless of sexuality, find people attractive even if they’re not actually Attracted to them

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i've had this plot bunny for a while but i can't decide if i actually want it? but it's set in a world where ppl think they are getting "soulmate marks" from some fancy algorithm but the main character discovers that it's actually just a plot by the government to subdue people and force them to follow certain paths of life, register for everything etc etc so it's essentially a dystopian revolution type thing? but idk if it is still problematic like soulmates is Bad but i want this 2 fight them?

OKAY i revise my earlier statement bc this (anti-)soulmate AU is Good & i am Into It, thank you for sharing bc i love this concept a lot. i’m a big fan of “your entire life is planned out for you by the government & you’re just a cog in the machine but you don’t know it yet, until suddenly you DO and it SUCKS” stories, plus the whole point of this is centered around deconstructing the idea of soulmates and why we find them appealing.

like i think about soulmates in the context of consent and free will all the time, and it’s just so wild to me that the things that people love about soulmate AUs are ~romantic~ and ~meant to be~ when it’s with the Right Person, but those same arguments often get used by abusers irl to trap people in situations where they have very little agency in their own lives. And honestly imo soulmates are literally exactly the same as arranged marriages but like… arranged by the universe. Individual people have just as little agency and free will and choice in universe-arranged pairings as they do in pairings arranged for them by their families or governments or the Kryptonian Codex or whatever… so why is a universe-imposed pairing any more appealing??? is it just because we cannot actually see or explain the mechanism by which it works and therefore it must be Better? (so in that sense is it basically a religious impulse? an innate desire to believe that some higher power is calling the shots, because that makes us feel more secure or something?)

so ANYWAYS i do like the idea of a story that puts those issues in the forefront and highlights the similarities between a universe where soulmates are actually real in an inexplicable, magical/supernatural sense and a universe where preordained pairings exist in a very explicable and horrifying and unnatural sense. So yeah the point is I think this is awesome and you should def write it (if you’re still considering it), please fight them for me & give us the anti-soulmates Matrix story we deserve

Things I’ve done for my Ryuuzaki cosplay 

  • Walked barefoot through public areas 
  • Posed awkwardly with a banana as my mom took pictures 
  • Increased my sugar intake by 87% 
  • Took a casual stroll down the beach, handcuffed to my friend 
  • Learned how to contour my face 
  • Learned how to make a Wara Ningyo doll 
  • Learned how to make burn marks 
  • Learned how to make invisible shoes 
  • Crawled and contorted on a dirty con floor 
  • Walked around with a jar of strawberry jam 
  • Ate said jam with my hands throughout the day 
  • Played with matches at a hotel 
  • Hid under a bed 
  • Nearly got stuck under a bed 
  • Set my clothes on fire



“I swear, doesn’t it sometimes feel like we’re babysitting?”


i was tagged by @not-that-boring to make a moodboard of myself only using pictures saved on my phone

okay ngl most were from my cloud but they were on my phone at some point……

i’ll tag @kuhlista, @dandeiions, @nerdqueenofthepumpkins, @nebugay, @fujitaras, @fuukaqueue, @humbuns, @hvman-natvre, @splenderai, @whateverdreamers and whoever wants to do it, as always you’re not forced to but it’s pretty neat so

you know it didn’t occur to me at the time because I was annoyed at her character and also playing Vera, who is a woman of color (Iranian and Chinese, actually), but Cora saying that Ryder is a better pathfinder than she would have been is…kind of gross when you consider that the devs were probably thinking of people playing a white Scott Ryder.

And also that they obviously intended said white Scott Ryder to romance her, considering the detail they put into her sex scene.


Kinda gross, there. “I was mad at first that you took my job but you’re better at it than I would have been anyway.” 


I’m really never gonna settle on a version of him I draw consistently

I figured out why I’m so That Way about ~flag etiquette~, even though I don’t give a shit about the flag or patriotism or anything at all: because there’s a Definite Right Way to display the flag (according to rules and such) and if it’s not the Right Way then it’s Wrong and I need to point it out (every single time) to let others know that it is Wrong and how to be Right.

I know what is Right and it is therefore my job to make sure everyone else knows (and adheres to) the Right Way to do things… THAT doesn’t sound suspiciously like a certain personality disorder at all!!


A Very PA Renaissance Faire Story Time

There’s a particular former member of the US military who grew up on the PA Ren Faire grounds. The entire world refers to him as MFR His father used to be an actor there and has, in fact, acted in many things both on stage and on screen. He’s a really nice guy. MFR’s mother owns the herb shop I frequent all the time for tea and spells things. She’s a gem of a woman and we could all be so lucky to be her children.

Game changer: MFR has…grown up. A lot. And now he is not only incredibly aesthetically pleasing, he’s actually a good human being??? Like, he saved an old lady who’s car got swept away during a flood a few years ago. He’s a Good Samaritan and he’s amazing. So many ladies are completely and utterly in love with him.

Not gonna lie, I crush hardcore on him, too. He’s always dating someone though, so his serial monogamy is sort of irritating and kind of frustrating? But I barely know the guy besides making snarky, sexy comments about his kilt and his tattoos both in his range of hearing and out of his range of hearing. And also I ran into him on Election Day (he lives near me) and he vaguely recognized me and was super pleasant to talk to on line to vote.

BUT ANYWAY all these girls out here thirsting for MFR but only I have the distinction of getting a swipe right from him on Bumble. Today has been a good day.

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D6 ♥

Send me a character + expression

[[ Kissu kissu for all the beautiful people~~ lol. ]]

Tbh I think the first cosplay I’mma try is probably Blackjack, just cause his shit would be rly easy to get

I mean I’mma cosplay Bailey too cause all I need for that now are his cowboy boots and his glasses so. Y’KNOW