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relationship status: single forever rip
favorite colour: pale blue
lipstick or chapstick: both kinda
last song: eighteen- tep no
last movie: the lion king
top 3 shows: greys anatomy, b99, sense8 and more haha i cant chooseee
top 3 ships: jily, wolfstar and idk what else. maybe jake and amy from b99??!!

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.,.t.he way she looks at her..😩 i have reached the point where i simply cannot understand PPL WHO STILL DENY THE CHEMİSTRY AND VERY SPECIAL BOND between them look at this tiny cutie you still dont trust !?? LOOK HOW MUCH LOVE AND KINDNESS HER EYES RADIATE. So fuckin geniune

A few things about Andrew Minyard,,

- he makes other people tie his shoelaces for him
- hes a blanket monster, doesn’t even leave Neil the sheet ok, poor kid has to sleep in sweatpants and a hoodie in the winter
- secretly does a lot of research about it and only buys the best quality food for the cats
- he’s the only person in his apartment building that ever buys girls scout cookies but he always buys enough to make it worth their time stopping by, he has like 20 boxes of thin mints stashed in the freezer at all times
- he uses an electric toothbrush but it’s like a cheap ninja turtles one from target
- cooks and cleans but DOES NOT do dishes, he will literally let them pile up to the ceiling and then when there’s none left that are clean, if no one else does them, he’ll just throw them all away and go buy new ones
- (eventually they discover paper plates and plastic silverware)
- hates horror movies (not because they’re scary, it’s because they’re predictable)
- Neil is the first person (besides Andrew) to realize Andrew needs reading glasses, and he makes him get some and Andrew carries them with him all the time but only uses them when he absolutely has to
- “I dont need glasses, i dont want to see your ugly face”
- “shut up and try them on or I’m selling the car and buying a minivan.”
- he only does autographs for his kid fans
- once he gets on his pro team people (kevin and nicky) keep pushing him to dress in more colors instead of just black all the time so he gets a bunch of neon armbands and wears a different set every day,, hot pink,, lime green,, fucking yellow, obscenely bright orange,,, other than that his wardrobe doesn’t change
- learned how to sew when he was younger because none of his clothes ever fit right and he always has to make adjustments
- has a savings account that he puts money into every chance he gets and whenever neil asks about it he pulls these random excuses out of his ass (“it’s for candy”, “I’m gonna hire someone to hide your body after I kill you”, “I almost have enough to buy out Exites so that I can shut it down permanently") but it’s actually for the foxes’ kids

Now presenting the Demisaurus Rex, demisexual version!

(demiboy, demigirl, and demiromantic versions are pending but will be out eventually!)

He’s available for purchase on redbubble!

MMMM tastie improvement fresh out the oven

“but he only appeared like once in the show” “and vaguely in a hesokuri wars background” dont care im gonna draw them together, BONUS:


#a lovers’ spat #or two hamsters bickering

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