Big shout out to all the contributions I didn’t have time to photograph. These being a selection.


MUDDLED - Various AUB Illustration.

ON.BB - Jack Bartrop

La machine de la mort & Lineality - 3 Shades of Grey

Disposables (with zine) - Alexander L. Johnston 

Writers, Number Four, Anti-Skateboarding Devices, Documenting Dylan (with prints) - Marc Vallée

Tree Times & I’m a Tourist - Jesse Untracht-Oakner

Just Like Honey .1 - Oynx Miller

Métier - Laura Braun

Various - Andrew Mellor

Top Left to Right. 


I am currently planning an open submission Photozine / Publication / Photobook exhibition at Open Space gallery, Bournemouth, UK in the next few months. 

Looking for a global variety of work  / books / prints from a large number of differing themes to exhibit. No Limits. 

Stay tuned for more information / If interested email theduderoad@gmail.com



Halftone is an exhibition celebrating self-published, print based work. Centered around Publications, Photobooks and Zines, we call for all types of print based media & the DIY to be submitted for curation. With the first show based in Bournemouth, 2013, the second in Copenhagen in the beginning of 2014, Duderoad is proud to announce Halftone’s participation in Unveil’d ‘s debut event taking place at Bristol’s Edwardian Cloakrooms from the 10th - 12th October, 14’.

This event will be slightly different from the first two Halftone events for Duderoad, as I will be curating the exhibition & also hosting a talk from my current location in South East Asia. 

We are currently calling for submissions: Any self-published Zines, Publications or Photobooks that would like to be considered for Halftone’s part in Unveil’d, and to be exhibited along side the current library of works that have been submitted from around the world. 

Any questions: hello@duderoad.co.uk

Submissions to be sent to:

C/O Duderoad, 
7 Madeira Villas, 


Greg Jackson - 8 Moments that Shaped the World. 

” 8 Moments that Shaped the World is a study into how we perceive history and iconic events in todays modern age. A series of 8 flip-books that interconnect to create an overall of the segments of history over the last 100 years. All appropriated from Youtube videos. Four ‘good’ sides of history & 4 ‘bad’ sides.” 

Submitted to Halftone.