I am currently planning an open submission Photozine / Publication / Photobook exhibition at Open Space gallery, Bournemouth, UK in the next few months. 

Looking for a global variety of work  / books / prints from a large number of differing themes to exhibit. No Limits. 

Stay tuned for more information / If interested email theduderoad@gmail.com




Greg Jackson - 8 Moments that Shaped the World. 

” 8 Moments that Shaped the World is a study into how we perceive history and iconic events in todays modern age. A series of 8 flip-books that interconnect to create an overall of the segments of history over the last 100 years. All appropriated from Youtube videos. Four ‘good’ sides of history & 4 ‘bad’ sides.” 

Submitted to Halftone.


Carl Farrugia - Which Way

“A mixture of urban landscapes and found still lives, ‘Which Way’ is a contemplation of British patriotism and small town industry. Shot over late summer and early autumn of 2012, it asks ‘where to now?’ and whether we are in fact heading the right way at all”

Submitted to Halftone.


Prints from / Publication WAYFARING up at the launch of OPEN SPACE gallery, Bournemouth last Tuesday. Was a great night with work from:

Holly Buckle, David Capasso, Kalum Cochrane, Scarlet Cummins, Colette Cuthill, Skirtos Dakesis, Laura DuPont, Matthew Heaton-Blankley, Chris Helcoop, Greg Jackson, Alexander Jesipow, Alex Johnston, Corrin C Johnston, Eveline Lanckmans, Kitty Norwell, Beth Pearce, Jonno Pearson, Preeti Moon Roka, Simone Sandahl, Thomas Savage, Amy Louise Siddons and Izzy Smillie