Our biggest show to date has got to be the Dude, Monsters! exhibit we put on in the Summer of 2012. It might not have had as large of a controversial social implication as other exhibits at the Think Tank, but it certainly taught us how to incorporate the work of a large group of artists and friends, and how to successfully pull together many pieces of a community into one large creation - something vitally important to every Think Tank show since. And it definitely brought the largest crowd.

lukepelletier curated the exhibit with gallerist Jacob Patterson’s help, and the selection of artists was one of the most widely praised aspects of the exhibit. We also learned how to successfully form a video campaign for an event, and the remaining videos will fall in line as we continue to share with our new followers for Throwback Thursdays in the coming weeks.

Video directed and edited by Think Tank Hall of Famers Neema Sadeghi and lonniefrancisco, respectively.

Punkrock ALIVE and BROKEN. Watch Steve Lopez and I break it down. Best time, Dude, Monsters. -Gregory. @ThinkTankDTLA @PattersonArt @gregorysiff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6B1W4FMjhg&feature=youtu.be @fknarchangel @michaelchsiung @losojosdemuerte @colorsinla @newimageart @curtiskulig @shplinton @karenj1522 @lataco #gregorysiff #dudemonsters @thekleatherwood (Taken with Instagram at Think Tank Gallery. )

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