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Ever been so sexuallly frustrated you burnt down Paris to get a girl ?


Altair: straight, as far as I know. but then there’s AltMal so…

Ezio: totally pansexual all the way. He likes Sophia and you can feel the sexual tension between him and Leo…

Connor: Asexual. Face it, he’s never had any interest in dames or dudes. He doesn’t get dirty jokes and he’s a cinnamon bun. All he thinks about is freedom. (Connor x freedom ftw)

Edward: Bisexual. Dames more than dudes but definitely bi.

Haytham: straight AF

Shay: Shay is…uhm…he’s Irish.

Arno: I want to say straight, but then there’s GreenCoat and Ice Cream and Axeman….like…. ._.

Jacob: Straight

Evie: Maybe bi, but like 5% attracted to girls.

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Have you ever noticed that Eren looks exactly like a male Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Dude, that’s what I always thought, I mean, look at those emerald eyes, the thick eyebrows, and beautiful brown skin

She always reminds me of Eren ///a///

OK I cannot get over this Sir Prince Philip thing

1. Why would you choose a non-Aussie as the first Sir Aussie?

2. Why would you choose a racist/sexist mort?

3. Why would you choose someone whose main claim to fame is who they married? Why not Rose Hancock or George Clooney?

4. And where are the women? Why did Tony opt to knight dudes before daming dames? Why not make your first choice someone we can all agree on like Dame Kylie or Dame Dame Edna?

This is the Tony Abbott-iest thing Tony Abbott has ever done. Men before women, monarchy before everything, racist elites before actually-doing-good real people. All on Australia Day. It’s amazing.


Mystery Smuggler Revealed!

It’s Hard To Believe That No One Guessed The Identity Of Last Week’s Mystery Smuggler! It Was None Other Than James Love. The Ealing Fullback Loves To Show His Highly-Honed Hunky Self, And He also Loves To Smuggle His Budgy!

Smuggle On, Dudes!


We love Alia Shawkat. This is a nice piece about her cultural background. Hooray for multicultural dudely dames, awesome grandmas and cool dads. 


Amy Poehler interviews Pat Benatar <3