Okay. *wheeze* so despite what I do for a living, I haven’t actually created any art in like… an eternity… and I’m in tears dying of laughter because this is the first piece of trash I produce after all this time. My office will not be seeing this.  @unlimitedthotworks​ I didn’t know you guys had a book out. 

Also, fucc Gladio’s tattoos. That is all. This will be the first and last time I draw Gladio… maybe.

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God, I forgot about Onion-san... I hate to see his (is Onion-san a girl or a boy?) face in the underfell universe. Also, I think this might the first time IN COMIC that Frisk opened their eyes.

For me Onionsan is a boy.


Fourth time. Someone hasn’t read some pages or doesn’t remember, huh?

Also look at that art improvement bby

prompt fill – byeler

prompt from this lovely follower: “they’re 17 and they are attending a party. they aren’t together and they haven’t confessed their crush on each other. will gets a little drunk and he also gets hit on by a random guy, and the random guy asks him if he has a gf, and wiil’s all like “no, but i got a bf and i’m very much in love with him, thank you” and mike is shook.”

note: im ignoring the fact that if will ever said something like that in the 80s to some random dude he’d probably get his ass beat bc this is fiction and i can thx. i hope you like it did!

Mike had no idea how he ended up in the middle of a house party, but the heavy beat reverberating through the walls and the floors was starting to hurt his brain. He had no idea where his friends went, but he was almost certain he could hear Dustin somewhere in the crown singing along to a musical that had nothing to do with the music playing. 

The crowd separated a little bit, and through the gaps he spotted exactly who he was looking for– Will. He was leaning against a wall, a red cup in his hand, laughing at something the guy he was talking to said. Mike’s stomach turned, and he knew it wasn’t from the booze. At 17, Will had grown into the vision Mike always knew him to be. He got taller, though Mike still had him beat, he got a decent haircut the summer before high school started and it complimented his facial features perfectly, drawing attention to the definition that had appeared over time. Will was handsome, Mike had always thought so, but now everyone else could see it too. 

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Partners in Crime
—–     Ravus Nox Fleuret x Ignis Scientia
—————     Criminal AU by @birdsandivory

-Zenya from Sweet Pool-

Ohkay, can I just fangirl a bit how fantastic this obscure bl visual novel is? 👀 Bittersweet story, horror atmosphere, supernatural parasites, crazy cult, a bit of gore, gorgeous characters, load of feels, the art style and music are just superb~ Got so many nostalgic feels with this…Oh, and from the creators of DmmD. Man… It’s such a delight to see more mature looking characters and tbh I think… If you like Silent Hill and Killing Stalking, then this might be for you too. ;D