Arashi Live Tour 2015: Japonism
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thirstykurapika  asked:

Sorry if i am bothering you with more draws ;w;, but i just wanted to see how pairo would look in your style and what is your take on an older pairo? ^^

You’re never bothering me, I love it! :D

The only problem is that I have no idea of what my style is

When it comes to Pairo i wonder if would have got be fully healed if he’d lived

@ everyone replying to anons

I’m sorry to ask, but do you think you could attempt to be a bit more… respecful to the anons? I’ve been seeing people replying to these anons with comments lashing out on them, using the r slur, and just being rude. Please try to refrain from that. Thank you very much.

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What is it about Professor Barnes that gets you all hot and flustered? I'm not letting this drop by the way


I am a woman who likes older men (there is a limit, obviously, but older). I like men who are intelligent, kind, funny, and above all- experienced. Someone I can have a conversation with. I mean, have you met guys in their early twenties? My mental age is about ten years older than my physical one, so attractiveness and maturity kind of go hand in hand. 

PROFESSOR BARNES HAS ALL OF THESE QUALITIES. He’s a kind of person you could talk to about novels and history and society over dinner, then have mind-blowing sex afterwards.

This is a fine example of me living vicariously through fictional characters. To combat my crippling loneliness and lack of a love life, I create this guy. It’s that simple. 

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does this mean there's also a demon calliope?

This is Calliope, she has the power to create ANYTHING in the universe and beyond, and her presence next to lord english will destroy them both. She appears to others as a common demon so she can hide from LE, because he is batshit crazy and shes the one who set up his entrapment below the underworld.