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everytime garrett hawke is drawn wearing a muscle shirt with a witty saying on it, gym shorts, and dudebro flip flops with white socks, an angel gets its wings

Trick or Treat: Part 5 (Modern Halloween AU Kristanna Ficlet, Rated T)


“So, what?”

Kristoff kept his back turned to Sven as he worked over the hot stove, stirring a boiling pot of noodles.

“Are you guys something now?” Sven asked, spinning around in his seat at the counter.

“Why does it have to be something?” Kristoff argued, picking the pot up from the stove and pouring the hot water down the sink. “Why can’t two people just enjoy being together?”

“Uhh, maybe because you’ve never brought a girl home,” Sven said exaggeratedly, waving his hands around in the air. “And Anna’s been practically living here for the past couple weeks. I should start charging her rent.”

When Kristoff didn’t respond to his joke, Sven kept talking.

“Have you guys–” he made a lewd gesture with his fingers. “–yet?”

Kristoff sighed. “No, dude. Anna’s not like that. Besides… she’s never done that before.”

“Neither have you,” Sven snorted into his beer, earning him a middle finger from Kristoff.

“Ouch, bro. Brutal.” He rose from his stool and moved towards the sink, swigging the last of his beer before rinsing the empty bottle and setting it on the counter with a clink. He whipped around then and lunged for Kristoff.

“I always knew that someday the perfect girl would come along to pop my boy’s cherry!”

He tried to grab Kristoff in a chokehold to give the larger man a noogie, but the ex-hockey player ducked out of it easily and shoved him away. Sven disappeared into the living room, pumping a fist in the air and laughing maniacally.

“I’m so proud!”

“Don’t forget you need to be gone tonight,” Kristoff shouted after his roommate; the brown-haired man had promised to disappear to Cassie’s for the evening so that Kristoff could prepare a romantic meal for just himself and Anna at home.

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang, and Anna stood on his front porch in a black, knee-length jersey dress and khaki jacket.

“Trick or treat!” she joked as soon as he opened the door, letting in a gust of cool November air.

“You know you don’t have to knock, right?” Kristoff laughed. “You can just walk right in.”

“So you’ve said.” Anna grinned at him as she helped herself inside and kicked off her flats. Kristoff closed the door behind her. “But I dunno, I just feel weird about it.”

She handed him a DVD case. “I was thinking we could watch this after dinner. It’s the one we haven’t seen yet.”

“Right on.”

They made it halfway through the spaghetti dinner Kristoff had prepared before Anna was climbing into his lap, straddling him and kissing him deeply; since their first kiss at the bonfire, they’d quickly fallen into the habit of making out whenever and wherever they got the chance– the couch, the woods, Kristoff’s car, Kristoff’s bed. It was as if they couldn’t get enough of each other; being with Anna made the 21-year-old feel like a hormonal teenager again.

She whimpered as she kissed him, her legs clamping tighter around his waist, carding her fingers through his shaggy blonde hair and scraping her nails along his scalp. His hands roamed up and down her back as he tasted her with a flick of his tongue over her lips, holding her body as flush against his own as he dared, lest she get spooked and run out of his life forever.

The kiss became needier, heavier, when Anna slipped her tongue into his mouth, causing Kristoff to groan and grip her tighter, moving his hands to rest on her hips.

Lost in the haze of her tongue dancing over his, it took Kristoff far too long to realize that her fingers were beneath the fabric of his shirt, moving past the fine trail of hairs underneath his navel to dip below the waistband of his pants, her palm flat against the place where his thigh met his pubic bone.

He broke the kiss and huffed out a labored breath. “Is this moving too fast?”

He leaned back and scanned her face for an answer, but she only shrugged.

“I mean, probably…” She stared right back at him and licked her lips, which were parted from the effort of her breathing. “But this feels right– right?”

Kristoff gulped and nodded; he couldn’t deny that, although they’d only known each other a few short weeks, he felt deeply for her.

If he didn’t know any better, he would have probably said that he loved her.

“Then why not?” Her lively eyes sparkled as they searched his, looking for confirmation, needing to know that she wasn’t alone in her desire.

His fingers moved to leave a burning trail up the skin of her thigh, disappearing beneath the hem of her dress, stopping when they reached the lacy, scalloped edge of her panties. Kristoff could feel the way the young woman trembled in his hold.

“Anna… are you sure?”

Anna nodded, her strawberry-blonde curls jostling from the movement, and brought her mouth to his once more in affirmation.

“I want this with you, Kristoff.”

Without needing to be convinced twice, Kristoff rose from the table and led Anna upstairs to his bedroom by the hand, kissing her all the way.

“Hey, bro?” said Kirk, looking up from the bag of cheese puffs in his lap.

“Yes, bro?” said Spock. 

“Man, have you ever wondered if we’re really only living in a TV show or some shit? Or…if like, we were like, characters from a TV show but the fans were imagining us and shit and then they could make us act however they want us to so this isn’t really us this is them imagining us and like in the TV show we weren’t doing this but they just wanted us to do this so we don’t exist twice but we also do exist because we’re living in their heads? Like, that’s legit, right? Multiple universe theory and shit?‘ 

Spock raised an eyebrow at Kirk. "That’s fucking illogical, bro,” he said. 

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hey, what are your favourite long chaptered erejean fics? and possibly ones that have smut in them?:)

hello!!! here’s my jeanere fic rec! some of them are one shots and some of them don’t have any kind of smut, so I’m gonna list some chaptered fics with smut :) please give one shots a try, because they’re awesome even tho they’re not long chaptered! In fact, some of them are even longer than chaptered fics :D
1. Traffic Colors by Freekish (22/24 chapters)
2. dudebro au by searwrites (sears) (4/4 works)
3. College and Boys and Beer… Oh My! by DeathsLastPrayer (11/11 chapters)
4. A Series of Unrelated Events Starring Jean x Eren by DeathsLastPrayer (14/14 works)
5. Habits by Hanaji_ga_Eren (11/? chapters)
6. Mating Ain’t Easy When Your Mate Is An Alpha Wannabe by DeathsLastPrayer (5/? works)
7. erejean fic collection by searwrites (sears) (11/11 chapters)
8. Eren x Jean Drabbles by Chukabu00 (36/? chapters)
9. When We See the Sea by themissinglenk (6/? chapters)
10. Nights With You by NormieScum (3/3 chapters)
11. the magpie’s solo by dizzyondreams (25/25 chapters)
12. A Reason to Stay by All_you_sinners_stand_up (7/? chapters) (( I actually don’t remember if this one has smut, so I’m sorry if it doesn’t!!!!))

I don’t know if you’re into this, but @normie-scum does the best fem!eren x jean fics out there, so I’m also adding these amazing chaptered smutty fics
1. Bound Together by NormieScum (3/3 chapters)
2. Pink Skies by NormieScum (3/3 chapters)


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I have to give credit to all the best keynotes here to my brother, who suggested both that Amane would mistake the Spirit of the Ring for Ryou and that she should be a cute glasses girl.

I basically treated them as twins for this for convenience’s sake.  (The same is true of the other Amane AU I’m doing this August.)

Also: I will basically use any excuse to get Tristan away from Serenity.  Even having him white-knight at someone else.

In the event that I do more posts for this AU (probably will, Marik doesn’t even show up in any of these pics)…

…I’m tagging it #Yami no Oniichan

Requests are still open until August 8!

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dudebro AU?!!?!?!

The dudebro AU was happening right around the time I got into the Trek fandom last year, so I remember it fondly. It consisted of gems like this fanart by cdrmanamana, the animated spring break gifset, Jim Kirk’s protein shake recipe & all posts by queenlapinova (which you’ll have to see in the dudebro au tag because she’s redirected her blog & I can’t directly link), Boner McCoy, and no homo.

#1701 blaze it, bro

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hi Silvi ! I hope you're feeling great about yourself because you're precious and talented ! ♥ If it's not bothering you, do you have very good fics to recommend ? From nge,snk or free! . You have good tastes so I wanted to know some of your favorites ! Have a wonderful day !

Yes anon thank you i am feeling a little better today. And you are in luck because i do have some fics this time that i could recommend. 

The Echo There of Me and You

SNK, eruri, Altern Universe
Erwin moves to an old house in the coutry haunted by a teeny tiny ghost.

Appetence (bad blood)

SNK, erejean, Harry Potter verse
Jean and Eren’s relationship along their years in Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Dudebro AU

SNK, erejean, they’re skaters AU
erejean skater dudebros that dont get along and then do.
the first fic may throw you off but keep reading the rest is hellishly cute

Black holes replaced by stars

SNK, marcoeren, AU
Marco has retrograde amnesia because of an accident and Eren is there trying to deal with it.


SNK, erejean
Eren loses his way, then finds it again… with a little help.
you should read everything written by andrea actually. go do it now.

It’s Funny Because Eren Can’t Read

SNK, ereri
In the days prior to the 57th expedition beyond the walls Levi discovers that Eren can’t read. So he teaches him.

Like a Drum series but most importantly My Beating Heart

SNK, jeanmarco, AU
Marco is in college and has no friends, but then he meets Jean and all the friends that come with him. He also may or may not fall in love with him.


SNK, erejean
Jean and eren try to tell each other… something really important.
this. this fucking fic. read it motherfuck i cannot stress this enough this is the fic you need to read. read everything by variabile it is incredible trust me.

Story without words (folie à deux)

SNK, erejean, kinda AU but not. Maybe.
Eren and Jean in a world where they could have been happy.
they’re making a short film with this fic i think you should read it so you can be as excited as i am.

OKAY i Am sorry this is all SNK fics but it is actually what i read the most…? I hope you like the fics I chose though.

maybe another time i will dive into the nge fics and give you a rec list but for now, anything by morthael will knock you mismatched striped socks off.

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do u have any favorite multi chapter erejean fics??

hello anon friend. i wish i had a good list of fics on hand for you, but unfortunately i have not encountered a lot of multi-chapter erejean fics? it’s hard out there for an erejean shipper trying to find multi-chapter stuff that 1) has eren/jean as the main pairing, 2) is complete or at least has a reliable update schedule, and 3) is decently long.

my fave forever and ever will always be the Dudebro AU series ; just think of the installments as chapters. it’s fantastic.

Jäger Royale is a really fun read. a classic wrong number AU.

Jean’s Treasure, Eren’s Slave; really funny and unique AU

anndddd here and here are two really comprehensive rec lists to hopefully fill the void.

if anyone wants to add to this or suggest fics i’m always all ears 

happy egg uwu

i updated hte jongtae masterlist (((nd the other masterlist with one fic lmao))) for hte new year

nd i also made a schedule page so ull kno what fics r comin up uwu uwu

also also i found this one site that told me my top posts for each month this year s o

lil fic rec uwu

January: Jongyu; Vanilla; R; Jinki suddenly gets the ability to read minds and wow is he on Jonghyun’s mind a lot

February: Jongtae; Harry Potter AU; PG; au where taem is a muggleborn ravenclaw nd isnt havin any of hogwarts’ no technology bullshit

March: Jongtae; Vamp AU; PG; i think we all kno what vamp au is lmao

April: Jongtae; Eye-Sex; PG-13; *leans against a wall* hey u wanna make out *slips nd falls down*

May: Jongyu; Actually Familiar; PG; magic baker jong nd jinki bein all cute nd awk nd taem the ferret bein a lil shit uwu

June: i did not post a fic in june otl

July: Jongtae; Makes the Boys go Noot Noot; PG; Summer AU Day 2: Dudebros

August: Jongtae: Summer AU Masterlist; PG to NC-17; summer au is a blessin tbh

September: Jongtae; ( ಠ∀ಠ); NC-17; that one ask for taem gettin laid after his first win nd jong cryin in the middle of it

October: Jongtae; A Castle-Oriented Story; PG; Aro Jong Ace Taem fantasy prince-locked-in-a-castle au uwu

November: Jongtae; Why This; PG-13; We’re studying in the library and there are two people very obviously fucking in the stacks and we keep sharing embarrassed glances

December: Jongtae; Less Traditional; PG; Aro Taem askin Jonghyun to marry him

but okay so if kirk was a rapper you know he’d drag mccoy into that mess

so youre listening to jim’s songs and suddenly theres a bit where he goes “ yooo, the doctor is in” and then it switches to mccoy belting out some ridiculous southern tropes so you get shit like “that’s too much pumpkin for a nickle” before going back to kirk for the chorus