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Can We Still Be Alone? (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This was inspired by two songs Windswept by Crywolf and Daning On My Own By Robyn (the Hunter Plake and Jack Cassidy version). When I heard them the ideas just started flowing. This is very different from anything I have written. I had @minhosmeanhoe on my mind as I wrote this. Not for any particular reason, she’s just my actual soulmate so I’m dedicating this to her. I really hope you guys like this (: Also, I’m pretty sure I proofread this! (Pretty sure)

Paring: StilesxReader

Warnings: Smut 

Word Count: 4988

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Requested by - Anon.

Pairing - Stiles x Reader

Word Count - 852

You haven’t seen Stiles all day, it was Saturday and you figured you two could have a day together. You were getting texts here and there, but you never worried about it if it wasn’t a full on conversation with your boyfriend.

You sat at your desk in front of the window that faced out towards the street, your homework laid out that you planned on doing but you were a bit distracted with your phone. You heard a car and the engine cut off, you just happened to look out the window to see Stiles. A smile appeared on your lips and then you heard the front door open and saw your younger sister.

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  • Can I have an imagine where you are a guest star on teen wolf and meet Dylan?
  • (@elenapri02Hey, since you’ve added Dylan to your list could you do an imagine where you are an actress who just became famous and works with him like she always wanted to do? Thanks anyway love❤ 

Warnings: none

You were majorly excited. Today was your first day to start shooting a Teen Wolf episode. That wasn’t the main reason towards you excitement, though. You were a huge fan of Teen Wolf, and loved Dylan O’Brien. You were finally meeting him.

Arriving on set was surreal. You felt like such a fangirl. The set of Teen Wolf looked cooler than any other set you’d been on. The best part was that you were playing Dylan’s new love interest, meaning you would become a regular on the show.

“Y/N, glad you’re here,” a man walked up to you. It was one of the producers. “Let’s have you meet the cast, then we can go through everything and start filming.”

Butterflies swarmed in your belly. You were going to meet the cast, and that was exciting enough. Your body shook with nerves, and you tried to calm yourself down. You were an actor. A professional actor. You couldn’t act like some crazy fan. Though deep down, you were still a fangirl. 

“Everyone, meet Y/N.”

This new room had Dylan, Tyler, Holland, and Shelley sitting. There were all talking and eating some snacks. The four of them took you right in. They greeted you with smiles and kindness, but also with humor. 

“Look, it’s my new girlfriend,” Dylan joked, causing everyone to laugh. 

“And she’s a fan of you, just FYI,” the producer smirked, leaving the room for a moment.

“Oh?” Tyler looked at you, then Dylan.

You were blushing hard. “I’m a fan of the show…”

“Then aren’t you going to have fun with us,” Shelley said.

“Everyday is a party,” Holland chuckled.

You smiled wide, already enjoying yourself. This was going to be loads of fun, and hopefully you’d make some new friends.

“Okay, so I’m the new girl that crashes Beacon Hills and steals Stiles’ heart,” you chuckled, messing around.

“Oh, but of course. Stiles loves those new girls.”

You playfully smacked Dylan’s shoulder. You both laughed, as it was just you two at the moment. It was actual bonding time with him, which you cherished. Not only was Dylan your favourite actor, but now you were actually getting to know. He was so genuine and humble. It was nice.

“So, why Teen Wolf? Aside from it being a favourite show of yours.”

“Because I think it would be so much fun to be a character on the show. I don’t know, I think everyone would be fun to work with and I get to be some supernatural creature. What’s better than that?”

Dylan laughed. “Then you are going to have the time of your life. I’ve watched some of your other stuff, you’re pretty good.”

You felt your cheeks heat up. You tried to hide your cheesy grin. Hearing a compliment coming from a favorite meant a lot.

“You’re pretty cute, too, when you blush.”

“Don’t say that!” You squealed, turning an even brighter color.

“Hey, gotta get used to mushy stuff if we’re going t be dating.” Dylan winked at you before walking away to get into costume.

Being on this show was going to be a lot of fun.

Nine to Five Masterlist

Relationship: Stiles x Reader

Summary: All Y/n wants is to find a new family to care for, when she comes across an AD in the newspaper, she couldn’t be happier. Stiles hires a new nanny for his daughter, but he soon realizes that he hired someone that would soon become much more than just a nanny.

If anyone wants to be tagged, please let me know! There are more than 2 parts, don’t you worry! I have 5 parts wrote so far and it’s still going!

Part 1

Part 2 (coming 25/06/2017)

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It’s Fandometrics, baby.

Television: Pretty Little Stevens.

Steven Universe makes one giant leap for show-kind up to No. 6
☆ Here’s one truth revealed about Pretty Little Liars: It’s back at No. 10.

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Movies: American Buttsbuttsin.

American Assassin is killin’ it, debuts at No. 6.
⬇︎ Don’t mean to make you feel bad, but Your Name falls ten to No. 19.

Music: The Boys are back in town.

Paramore makes a stunning return to No. 3 after falling on Hard Times.
Fall Out Boy (No. 6)  teased their fans until they turned Purple in the face.

Celebrities: You know them, you love them. Celebrities!

Dylan O'Brien is back at No. 1. Will he be able to maintain his reign next week?
⬇︎ Hayden Christensen falls an unlucky seven to No. 17.

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Games: High scores, low scores.

Bendy and the Ink Machine releases a second chapter, leaps six to No. 3
⬇︎ Mystic Messenger (No. 6) gonna turn on its read receipts. It’s falling, falling, falling.

Web stuff: Fresh Youtube meat!

Christine Sydelko of Elijah & Christine debuts at No. 13.
Philip DeFranco, the titular host of The Philip DeFranco Show, debuts at No. 19.

Hey. HEY. Hey.

We have a surprise for you next week. We don’t want to spoil it, but it involves fandom categories. New fandom categories. Brand new fandom categories that you’ve been asking about. You literally asked for this, Tumblr.

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This is a PSA

Just to let ya’ll know now, I will probably be somewhat inactive the next few days. I will be in Jersey for Howler Con until Sunday night. I will try to write while I have some down time at night, but most of my time will be taken up by the con.

I will hopefully get some good chunks of my Mitch sin done and posted before the end of the weekend. Otherwise, I will use my Monday I took off work to finish it.

Till then, my darlings.

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