Okay but for real i’d live for a P5 fic where it’s just from the pov of the NPC that sits behind Akira in class.

Cuz like the dude would already be on edge considering Akiras ‘bad reputation’ right? Well, could you imagine how much the dude would probably be low key screaming at how Akira:

  • Brings his cat with him to every class without fail. And somehow everyone is cool with it.

  • Secretly talks at length with said cat as if he can understand him. Particularly when it comes to answering a teacher’s question.

  • Sometimes makes lockpicks and other shady things during their independent study class.

  • After school, religiously draws the thieves logo on the board every day without fail. Before erasing it with no explanation.

  • Sometimes sends group messeges that seem REALLY cryptic out of context. (cuz I imagine NPC - kun would be able to get a glance at his phone once or twice.)

NOT TO MENTION overhearing some of the conversations between Akira, Ryuuji and Mishima early on in the game. But instead of telling someone he just…stays quiet. Mostly out of fear, but also out of smug satisfaction that he’s one of the only few that know. Even if from his perspective they all cray cray and he’d rather have nothing to do with them.

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I also love the fact the horses in the film don’t speak. It’s so great!

dear wolf 359 fandom

please imagine this post on the hephaestus. no aliens necessary, just: at some point during those first 448 pre-show days, eiffel taped a knife to a space roomba and released it into the empty dark vastness of the station.

periodically it emerges and stabs someone.

s1!minkowski very much wants to kill him over it. eiffel, it is a safety hazard. even if it DOESN’T hit one of us, there’s a solid chance it will trundle off and hit some important machinery. there’s probably a pryce and carter tip about this. she keeps assigning eiffel to go find and neutralize it but he blows it off and/or uses “roomba hunting” as an excuse for why he didn’t get anything done all day.

hera doesn’t really get it? but then after she comes back to life, the space roomba almost seems to seek out a certain science officer? almost like somebody with control of the station’s hardware is directing it? she swears up and down it’s a glitch resulting from the impromptu brain surgery thing.

Surprise Knife Roomba is probably one of the stories eiffel tells lovelace, along with the space mutant plant monster, during that one conversation they had before things went sideways. lovelace thinks it is /fucking hilarious/. during the following couple of months eiffel sometimes complains that lovelace is more willing to bond with the roomba than she is with any of the actual people she’s threatening to blow up. this is completely accurate. she tells him she’s going to take it with her when she leaves.

at some point during the who’s there/pan-pan gap, minkowski has a moment of complete terror when she’s startled by unexpected movement in a room she knows is empty. then she realizes what it is and has to try very hard not to audibly sob about eiffel’s stupid shenanigans. (this is not a good time for anyone.)

kepler might be amused if (lovelace hadn’t laughed so hard at his tiny, tiny flinch) it were not emblematic of the REPREHENSIBLE BREAKDOWN OF DISCIPLINE ON THIS SHIP, etc. stabby roomba is slated to go the way of the space mutant plant monster. but there are a glorious couple of weeks between this order being issued and anyone actually catching the damn thing. this is not helped by the fact that maxwell is charmed by how much HERA loves the stupid little dude and its bad edge-finding algorithms, and jacobi secretly also thinks it is hilarious and bonds with eiffel over this.

alas, eventually it is ceremonially thrown into space. RIP stabby roomba. maybe the aliens will make a clone of it.


So here I am just a girl making  another post about Jughead and his sexuality because as somebody who identifies themselves on these spectrums but also occassionally feels things  I think some of you need to get your facts straight (also because it’s my tumblr and I can so fuck you). “But, Devin, he’s acearo in the comic books,” you say. Okay, I get that, that’s great there is a character with that representation but the comicbook Jughead would would do anything  for a cheeseburger and is a total doof. Whereas the TV show (which is a dark murder mystery btw whereas the comic is some goofy little story )is just some hot dude with a James Dean edge and is probably the most woke person in town. You see where I am going with this? I still get the idea he is asexual/aromantic because it’s not like they made him some skirt chaser trying to fuck anything that moves. He is interested in one girl, who he has known probably all his life. So no matter your stance on the issue or who you ship kind of take some of this into account.

Raven weed lmao

I have been unable to get this dumb garbage out of my head, so here. A fic about Beast Boy and Raven sharing in a high together.

Beast Boy peered down the hallway, watching both ways just to be sure he wouldn’t be caught. There was no way he was going to let Robin catch him with this. He could already hear the ensuing lecture that his leader would give him. Something about setting a good example, and that the law is the law, and there’s good guys and there’s bad guys, yadadada.

Beast Boy had his morals that differed from the others in multiple ways. He was against animal products entirely, something only Raven kind of agreed on. He had pretty lax views on piracy and copyright infringement, much to Robin’s charging when the Tower got hit by warnings from their ISP.

And for Beast Boy, weed being banned was beyond dumb. It hurts nobody, so who cares? As far as he was concerned, his protection of the law only covered crimes that could get people seriously hurt. So that was his excuse if he was ever caught with the bag of weed he was currently trying to keep concealed. Well, his actual excuse would be “It’s medicinal, dude!” but he digressed.

He successfully made it to his work without alerting anyone. Locking the door, he laid out on his bed, and got ready for a nice high. Beast Boy thought that he deserved it after such a long week of keeping people safe.

About twenty minutes into his little session, there was a knock on the door.

Beast Boy scrambled to his feet, quickly trying to hide any evidence he could out of sight, hoping he could play off the smell if they brought it up. After hiding the contraband, he opened the door to find Raven.

“Beast Boy, why are do you feel really weird to my senses?”


“Why does your room smell like smoke?”


“Why are your eyes red?”


“Beast Boy… are you high?”

“What! Me!? No, get out of here with that crazy talk.”

She glared at him.

“Um… it’s medicinal?” He offered weakly with a chuckle.

Raven sighed. “I can’t believe you would smoke weed in here. What if the city was attacked? What if we were attacked? Would a high T-Rex be that much help to us? Azar, what if Robin found out and kicked you off the team and… and… and…” she trailed.

“Um, Rae?”

“I feel strange. Like the room is spinning, and I have no control over anything.”

The gears in Beast Boy’s head were spinning. Paranoia? Lack of control? Spinning rooms???

Oh God, Raven’s high.

“Oh God, you’re high!”

“What? But I’ve never…” her eyes widened in realization, “My empathy! I must be high because my powers are making me experience your high.”

“Huh.” Beast Boy nodded, pretending to understand perfectly.

“Oh this is weird. What will the others think if they find out? They all think I’m so prim and proper to do this.”

“You are?”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Hey now, I’m just saying that you’re the one that reads smut in the common room.”

“How do you know that?”

“You know I can still read while I’m a cat in your lap, right?”

She didn’t have a response to that.

“I need to lay down.”

“Come on Rae, you can lie on my bed.” He offered as he led her to his bed. He set her down and laid beside her, holding her close to him.

“What are you doing?”

“The high is making you paranoid right now, just helping you relax.”

“Ok.” She meekly replied, curling up.

“Do you really think we think you’re that much of a tight ass?”

“Well, I am usually the buzzkill.”

“Raven, no offense, but if we were regular high school kids, I’d offer you a blunt. You look like you’d be up for it.”

“Um, thanks?”

“No prob, Rae.”

She contemplated what he just said to her. It was true that he always tried to include her in on the fun. She contemplated her looks and style, she contemplated the circumstances of her birth, her place in the universe, what life would be like if she were a regular high school girl, what talking to the crush that was currently holding her would be like then. But, most of all, she contemplated one thing in particular.

“It doesn’t bother you that I read smut in the common room?”

“Why would it? You’re a healthy teenage girl.”

“I’ve always honestly felt guilty about being so interested in sex. The monks always seemed to imply it was wrong of me to even think the boys and girls my age were even cute.”

“Yeah? Fuck them.”

“They wouldn’t enjoy that.”

“Huh, I guess you’re right.”

Beast Boy realized something.

“You like girls?”

“And boys.” She emphasized.

“Right. So bisexual?”

“Yes. And given your behavior, I take it you’re an alpha male stud who only wants ‘da pussy’?””

He blushed. “Um, sometimes? But to tell you the truth, and please please please keep this a secret. Sometimes I think Robin has a really cute butt.”

“He does.” She agreed.

“And sometimes I think Starfire has a really cute butt.”

“She does.” She agreed. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed.

“It’s ok Raven, I’ve kept my interest in guys a secret for a while.”

Raven felt like that was the strangest conversation she ever had, and she kind of enjoyed it? Blame the weed.

“You know Beast Boy? Sometimes I think you have a really cute butt.”

“Oh yeah? Sometimes I think I have a really cute butt too.” He grinned.

Raven was unamused.

“And sometimes I think you have a really cute butt.”

Raven flushed.

And then Raven felt a strange desire. A desire, not fueled by lust, but by hunger.

“I’m really craving some pop tarts and gold fish right now.”

“Aw, your first case of the munchies Rae.”

Was that a good thing? She honestly didn’t know.

“Is that a good thing? I honestly don’t know.”

“It’s a very good thing Rae. I honestly do know.”

He led her to the kitchen to get their snacks, carefully avoiding the others by taking advantage of Raven’s empathy and Beast Boy’s superior hearing. They quickly grabbed their junk food, getting the strangest mixture of combination that would be utterly appalling to any straight edge dude, but totally great for any stoner dude and dudette.

Indulging in their strange fascination with gold fish crackers, pop tarts, and whipped cream, the two enjoyed a nice bonglit lunch in Beast Boy’s room.

The high eventually did fade, unfortunately.

Raven was getting ready to get back on her feet when she decided that Beast Boy deserved her thanks.

“Beast Boy.” She simply said, now having her wits about her as she returned to her normal state of mind.

Beast Boy paid his attention to her.

“Thank you for helping me through this. It was… an experience.”

“A good experience?”

“Yes, I think so. I feel so relaxed right now. It’s nice.”

She made her way towards his door, and paused before exiting.

“Next time you have some more weed, ask me if I’d like to join in. I might even try smoking it myself this time.”


DUDE, NO EDGE. Finally got this thing up in the shop! It’s only been finished for almost two years now. This is the only one available and once it’s gone, it’s gone! It took almost 3 months to complete and has over 7000 stitches. So it’s quite a bit different than the work I normally put up!

Available here: [link]

Pattern will be available very soon!

Please do not repost, reblog instead and leave all artists comments intact, thank you!

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nookie bondage? :O

¤Nate is actually the one that introduces the idea, leaving Hunter a bit skeptical– Like, he doesn’t want to hurt his boi

¤But, Nate is super determined to try this

¤So he finally talks Hunter into it, which leads to him to going out and buying a whole crate ton of shit, figuring if they’re doing this, Nate’s in for a ride

¤Nate being tied to the headboard tho so his hands are stuck over his head, a bit raw from the ropes, all out and ready for Hunter

¤Hunter is super light and teasing, grazing his fingers over his chest and stomach, palming him for a few seconds just so he’ll whine and beg

¤And Hunter just wants to see how pretty'ed up he can get his boi, so next comes a blindfold and ball gag

¤Dude, Hunter edging Nate with a vibrating dildo up his ass and a cockring on him, listening to him cry and whine, the noises muffled through the ball gag

¤Nate just squirming and pulling against the ropes, his eyes rolled back in his head while he ruts into the air, trying to get some kind of friction, unable to gain any, which makes him whine and whimper more

¤Hunter would totally rip the ball gag out, grab a fistful of Nate’s hair and makes him suck him off

¤Hunter keeps telling Nate to hold it in (ie- Won’t let him release), just wanting to see him tapped out and sobbing; completely fucc drunk

¤Nothing but cuddles and love afterwards, of course~

Cuddle Drabbles Part 2

Word Count: 758

Warnings: Little bit of insomnia, little bit of PTSD, little bit of backstory.

Summary: Another sleepless night’s got you hangin’ with Bucky. Is he finally gonna let his guard down? No, he’s not. But, damnit, you’re gonna keep trying.

A/N: This is just another cute little drabble. Things will start picking up soon! Let me know what you think! @bovaria (Message me if you want to be tagged!)

[Part 1]

Originally posted by natpekis

Some nights were easier than others.

Most of the time, you could shove the things you’d done in the Army to the back of your mind. You could rid yourself of the screams, the pain, the constant rush-and-waiting.

But on nights like tonight, those thoughts were taunting you just on the edge of your conscious mind.

Nothing seemed to help. You tried to watch movies and lose yourself in a different world, but not even your favorites were helping. Reading took too much concentration and you’d give up before getting through the first page. You went down to Tony’s lab to tinker with his toys, but his Iron Man suits on display caused flashbacks to the last time Loki was around, and you rushed out of there, forgetting the lights behind you.

You sighed as you made your way up the stairs. Was anything going to help?

When you had made it back to the common room, you found Bucky flipping through channels and smiled. At least you wouldn’t be alone.

“Hey, soldier.” You say quietly, letting him know that you’re present. You knew better than to sneak up on soldiers. You’d hurt Sam once because he snuck up on you unannounced. You walked around the back of the couch to sit by Bucky.

He turns towards the sound of your voice and smiles at you. “Hey, yourself,” He takes in your features as you fall on the couch next to him, noticing the dark circles under your eyes and how listless they are. He knows it’s been at least twenty four hours since you’ve slept. “Wanna talk about it?”

You know what he means. He doesn’t need to explain that you’re about to head into that thousand-yard stare. You know that he knows when you’ve been burdened with the things you’ve done. You pull a corner of your lips up in a half smile. “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

He smiles at you sadly, and you get it. He hasn’t told Steve nearly half of the things he’s done, and you’re not that close.

But it doesn’t stop you from trying. You’ve been hanging out with Bucky for months, now. He’s the one you’re closest to, besides Sam. You know the difference in his features when he’s woken up from a nightmare versus not. You can even tell the severity of the dream some nights. And if the lines under his eyes tell you anything, it’s that tonight was a particularly rough one. You bump your shoulder into his. “Seriously, Buck. Helping people helps me. Anything I can do?”

He contemplates your offer, but you know he’s determined to keep his memories as the Winter Soldier to himself. He looks down to your hands in your lap, causing a lock of hair to fall in his face. You immediately thread your fingers through his hair and push it behind his ear. Bucky looks back up into your eyes, practically boring into your soul, and it clicks.

He needs physical affection just like you do.

“That,” he says softly, still looking at you with wonder and vulnerability. “Can you just–I don’t know. Play with my hair?”

You smile at him, reassuring and happy. “Of course, dude.” You scoot to the edge of the couch so he has space to lay out. He rests his cheek against your thigh and your hand automatically goes to his dark locks. Your nails scratch against his scalp lightly and a noise of content escapes Bucky.

He’s still flipping through channels as you gently work out knots from his tresses. You can feel his stress melt away the longer you play with his hair. Eventually, your left hand moves to tug at the hair at the nape of his neck, and your right cards through the rest.

You can tell he’s close to sleep by the way he stretches out and rolls to his stomach. He brings his bionic arm up to wrap around your leg, and he rubs his face into your thigh like a pillow. It’s so affectionate, and it makes a lump rise in your throat.

He’s the most pure cinnamon roll. You know what you’ve done in this life, but you can’t begin to imagine the things that Bucky has seen. And he’s still so good. Like he’s trying to make up for what he did as the Winter Soldier. But, he doesn’t. He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

That’s when you decide that you want to protect Bucky Barnes at all costs.

I’ll always admire the straight edge dude who told me time and time again to “Stay posi man,” in college

Although he’s been arrested for possession of cocaine and psychedelics since

he’ll always have a place in my heart