Naruto ladies as the Doctor’s companions

You can’t choose what stays and what fades away

Older dude

Wise and honorable

Northerner accent

Blue-eyed brunette (This is like a severe weakness of mine)

Built like a brick outhouse

Why so perfect, Blackwall?

It’s not even close to finished, but I thought I might plug an in-progress shot for Blackwall Appreciation Day :D


Laura Spencer as Jessica Warren in
Bones 9x23 The Drama in the Queen


Or the mini-mall! They have all these Valentine Day deals - you get 20% off if you come in with your husband or your boyfriend.


"That’s a surprise. I thought for sure she was meant to be with Angel.
I guess you never can predict those things. You know?”
"No, I guess you never can…"


We amused ourselves last night by constructing an AU where Homestuck is a beloved film or television series and the cast members hang out and give interviews. 

Eowyn facts I am really into. (This, my friends, is a death-shrouded girl.)

-When Eowyn was seven, she watched her mother Theodwyn die of grief

-She spends the rest of her war stubbornly and fiercely trying to die of anything but that

-She was born into a dying house and watched it rekindle itself in the ashes

-Kingsfoil, which saves her life, is a common herb used to ‘bring you back to yourself

-After the war, she learns how to live. She settles down in hills once ruled by orc and Nazgul and she makes them prosper, bloom, and thrive

(Tolkein says she becomes a healer, but I’m pretty sure you can be a stewardess, a shieldmaiden and a healer, too) 

You don’t have to leave all of your old self behind when you learn new ways to breathe

-The date of Eowyn’s death is not recorded in Tolkein’s works


Lois Lane 6x10 Hydro