dude this is how i wanna live

It’s honestly really creepy the way biphobic radfems fixate on the sex lives of bi women. 

They can’t just say “bi women are attracted to men” or “bi women date men.” It’s always about sex, it’s always about how gross it is that we fuck dudes, how nobody wants to kiss a girl that had a dick in her mouth last week, how gross our pussies are for having been in contact with a cock. How we’re dick-worshippers and cocksuckers and bisluts. It always, always comes down to having sex with men, and it’s always just assumed that any given bi woman frequently has sex with men. 

There’s a lot going on with this gross trend but I’m too tired to get into it, I just wanna say that it’s really, really skeevy to me how obsessed people are with bi women’s sex lives. 

nick103001  asked:

Hey dude! I'm a big fan of your work and you're basically living like my ideal life. You probably get this a lot, but I gotta ask "how would I land a job at CN as a story board artists?" I'm 15 rn and a sophomore in high school. I just wanna know if I could actually grow up to work at Cartoon Network.

Yes, you can work at Cartoon Network.


In a couple years, you might not even be interested in being a storyboard artist, much less want to work at a specific company. When I was a teen I was making 3D art all the time and I wanted to go into special effects. Then I got into level design in video games. When I went to college, I discovered how cool 2D animation could be and that I liked to tell stories most of all. Then I moved to china and became an English teacher and eventually got the job on Regular Show. It was kind of a weird path and my interests and desires shifted and changed constantly.

I mean think about it, if you end up going to college (which you don’t have to, but if you do) you would graduate about 7 years from now. Think about what sorts of things you liked 3 years ago. I bet it’s pretty different. Now what do you think you’ll be like 7 years from now?? There’s no telling where your interests are going to go and take you, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on being a board artist specifically. Just experience stuff. Try out other jobs and other things and you might realize you like stuff you didn’t even know about just because you’d never heard of it or tried it before.

I also recommend not solely working toward being an artist, but working toward being a fully realized person. I’ve met many artists who are basically the most boring people I’ve ever met because all they ever did was focus on their art, but not any experiences. They never got in trouble, they never had any adventures or strange experiences because all they did was stay inside and use their cintiq all day. You don’t even have to be someone that goes out and does stuff all the time, but at least have some other hobbies to work different parts of your brain. Every time you make art, whether it’s for someone else or for yourself, it always has a part of you in it. If you don’t experience life, your art becomes meaningless because you have nothing to say. No one will find themselves drawn to it because there’s no shared human experiences there, just lifelessness.

It’s good to have a goal and a general area you’d like to go into (it’s also ok if you don’t right now, for everyone else reading this), but don’t put all your time and investment into one job when there might be others you don’t even know about that you can find just as interesting.

ALSO: Don’t put all your faith into working for one company. Companies come and go and the only thing they really care about in the end is making money. They’re not beholden to morals or honor or anything like the rest of us actual human beings. Corporations can and will take advantage of you, so you have to be able to say “screw ‘em” if they’re being a-holes.

Keep yourself open and try different stuff.

Writing Prompts

1. “Just to let you know, I may, or may have not, poisoned the right cup.”

2. “Why are you wearing that? We are at a wedding!”

3. “Look, can you just tell me what is going on?”

4. “When the rain came pouring down, all of my emotions came pouring out of my eyes. The thunder was my fists pounding against the wall and the wind was my screams. The storm raged on, as did I, for neither of us knew how to stop, and there was no sign of sunshine.”

5. “Look at this though! Isn’t this cute?”

6. “Please, just, stop talking before you get us into more trouble.”

7. “Dude, what the hell?”

8. “Just because I am hardcore doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate kittens.”

9. “I was never one to follow the rules.”

10. “Wanna start a bar fight? I’m bored.”

11. “This is where you live? Huh, I was expecting something… Different.”

12. “Take this, you’ll need it on your journey that awaits you.”

13. “Okay then, humor me. Why should I?”

14. “For one person to do all of that is inhumane, however, if I helped you, then-.”

15. “You are not good at this, are you?”

16. “Wait, no, I can’t do that, I took care of their gold fish, we have a bond.”

17. “We did what we had to. No matter what it took.”

18. “Dancing? In front of people? Me? No.”

19. “Wow, you’re really tall. I’m not. Wanna be friends?”

20. “I would say key their car, but that isn’t legal, so don’t so that. I dunno? Steal one of their garden ornaments?”

21. “You’re crazy. I like you. Want to join us?”

22. “Then take it, take all of it. I don’t care anymore. You want it? Take it.”

23. “We weren’t suppose to burn down the building!”

24. “Put on your seat belt, we are going for a ride.”

25. “You need to learn to stand up for yourself. Here, I’ll give you lesson one. Here’s what you do, you stick up the middle finger at people you don’t like and then-.”


I have something to tell each and every one of you… there is no handbook on how to be a man. You do not have to live up to any expectation of what society thinks you should be.

I’m a straight dude that has tattoos, usually rocks a full beard, dress with this “I’m a bad ass” thing going on… but you know what?

I don’t know shit about cars or trucks. I hate being dirty. I don’t wanna go sit at a bar and drink beer with the guys. I’m not obsessed with the female body and getting laid. I don’t spend hours working in a garage. I don’t go to the gym and obsess over having this hugely masculine body.

I listen to “girly” music more than anything else on my playlist. I fuckin love me some bath bombs from Lush. I know how to do girls hair. I still think the smell of cotton candy is the most amazing thing in the entire world. I am emotional and unafraid to be vulnerable. My favorite color is yellow. I think if you add glitter to anything it’s bomb as fuck. You could put that shit on camo and I’d be floored haha.

My point is… being transgender, it can be mad confusing just finding your true identity. Sometimes society has standards for gender and expectations that we try to fit into, just to pass or to accept our own selves into the identity we are still building. You don’t have to give up ANY part of who you are when transitioning. You don’t have to let go of what makes you, you. You don’t have to be whatever stigma of a man that society expects of or pushes on you. I tried that for so long and I was never ever truly happy. I am the happiest I have been in my entire life now just being wide open and unapologetic.

You are “man enough.” You are good enough. You are fuckin brave and amazing and the world deserves someone like you. Remember that shit.

Agents of SHIELD AU where it's the same but Robbie Reyes was there from the start
  • *Robbie and Lincoln are in the Quinjet. Daisy is sleeping to the side*
  • Robbie: So...you and Daisy?
  • Lincoln: Yeah.
  • Robbie: When?
  • Lincoln: Few days ago, before the whole raid on Gideon Malick's fortress. Why you ask?
  • Robbie: Nothing. Just needed to confirm to myself.
  • Lincoln: *chuckles* Not jealous or anything, right?
  • Robbie (lying): Hell no, I was just asking.
  • /
  • /
  • *Robbie slams Grant Ward to the wall. This is in season 2, when Ward was in custody*
  • Ward (provoking): Go ahead...prove to everyone that you're just a monster. Prove to Skye she was wrong about trusting you.
  • *Robbie lets go of Ward*
  • Robbie: You're lucky everyone wants you alive. I promise you...if you ever put the team in danger again...I'll personally drag your ass to hell.
  • Ward: Sounds lovely.
  • /
  • /
  • Daisy: I don't know when but...one of us is going to die.
  • Robbie: Eh, I already died. Not too scared, to be honest.
  • Daisy: *glares at him*
  • /
  • /
  • Hunter: My ex-wife, she was a raging she-devil. One time-
  • Robbie: Metaphorical devil or literal devil?
  • Hunter: Why you ask, mate?
  • Robbie: Because I've met the actual devil so I should know from first-hand experience.
  • Hunter: *stares, dumbfounded*
  • Trip: ...bro, you are weird. Cool but weird.
  • /
  • /
  • *Fitz is trying to open the Monolith*
  • Robbie: Damn it man, get away from there!
  • *Robbie tries to push Fitz away but Fitz pushes him back*
  • Fitz: Get away from me!
  • Robbie: Dude, I'm just trying to help-
  • Fitz: You wanna help, Robbie? How about you open a portal to whatever is on the other side!
  • Robbie: I told you, it doesn't work like that! I need to know where I'm going-
  • Fitz: Then you're useless!
  • *pause*
  • Fitz: I'm sorry, I didn't mean what I said-
  • Robbie: Nah, it's cool. I get it. Don't worry man...we'll find a way.
  • Fitz: You haven't given up on her like everyone else?
  • Robbie: Not yet. I mean...I'm living proof that you can come back from anything...even from death.
  • /
  • /
  • Daisy: So there's me, you, Lincoln, Joey, and Elena.
  • Robbie: A.k.a. Yo-Yo.
  • Daisy: Exactly. Time to put this Secret Warriors project to the test.
  • Robbie: You know I'm not Inhuman, right? Me being part of the team is technically cheating.
  • Daisy: Shh...the less the public knows, the better.
  • Robbie: Yeah but what kind of Inhuman can melt their face off and possess objects like a demon?
  • Daisy: You never know. I mean...the Hive lives inside people's corpses and Andrew Garner turns into a bluish monster thing.
  • Robbie: ...fair enough.

I’m so thirsty for Party-Animal John. Like, tell me about the parties he threw at his penthouse with all the expensive champagne and glamorous decor. Tell me about the one night stands he had; who they were with, whether he enjoyed them or even liked the person. Tell me about the drugs and booze and how John behaves when he’s under the influence.Tell me about the fancy suits he’d buy especially for the parties and the friends that he had; the chemistry he had with them. Tell me about his hangover routine and what he’d do when he woke up the morning after with no clothes on and 3 unknown women in his bed. I wanna see drug-obsessed John. I wanna see sex-obsessed John. Dude, I just wanna know everything about Johns rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, c’mon Ubisoft help ya girl out.


Bucky Barnes x reader

Notes: smut, fluff, itty bitty little bit of heartache

(what Bucky does in this little story is probably physically impossible, but the hell with it)

You have your needs and you’re not shy about them. Bucky knew that when he jumped at the opportunity to move in to your apartment, and now suffers the consequence of having fallen in love with his insatiable roommate, with a seemingly endless black book. 

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hidden relationship w/ jaehyun - a bulleted scenario

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

a/n: hi i’m back and i wrote this in like an hour bc i got really bored!!! also read my mark scenario!!! my requests are also open!!!!

summary: you and jaehyun have been dating for 2 months and pretty much have no plans on letting the members and the company know any time soon

genre: fluff???

- so basically your aunt is nct 127’s dorm lady and she gives u the job every weekend and sometimes at night so u can earn money on the side
- you’ve been doing this for nearly 6 months and you were pretty close with the group, but jaehyun in particular
- he eventually asked you out 2 months ago and you’ve secretly been dating since then
- you can’t tell the boys because not even his manager knows
- the only times you go on “dates” is when all the boys are out or asleep and you bring in “groceries” or “do some late night cleaning”

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I wanna live in the timeline where while everyone was arguing over how to “save Caleb” from his fake heart-attack, Caduceus went ahead and gave him mouth to mouth and suddenly Caleb just broke because the pretty new dude just kissed him and he was not prepared for that dfañldfjañdsfja

*In 4th grade*

Larry: How do you guys wanna die?

Miles: I don’t know. I haven’t put much thought into that.

Phoniex: I’m not going to die! I’m going to live forever!

Miles: You… you can’t do that.

Larry: Yeah dude. You can’t live forever.

Phoenix: Watch me!!

*Present time. Miles and Larry just got done talking about all the horrible things that had happened to them.*

Miles: Man… we went through a lot.

Phoenix: You’re telling me. I was going to get murdered, got charged for murder, ate a metal and glass necklace with traces of poison, been accused for murder again, got tased by your adopted asshole of an abusive father (Manfred Von Karma), fell off a burning bridge into water from a height, got bruises and a cold from that, stayed in the hospital for only one day when I know I should have stayed in there longer-

Miles: -Yes you should have-

Phoenix: -lost my dream job, Got charged with murder again, got hit by a car to only walk away with a sprained ankle, and just… yeah.

Larry: … You really can’t die can you.

Phoenix: Nope. I told you didn’t I? I’m going to live forever.

“Move on.” 

Words that Dex had been saying to himself a lot lately.  Words so familiar that they pretty much rolled off his tongue irrefutably.
‘Move on’ .The words out of his mouth when the final buzzer sounded, signaling the end of their season and the first time Samwell went out of the ECAC in the opening round in four years.
‘Move on’  he whispered to himself when he found out that Ransom and Holster, two of his best friends, had given their dibs to Ollie and Wicky, instead of him.
‘Move on’ when his dad told him that he wouldn’t be around when Dex got home from Samwell for the Summer.
And here he was again, sitting at breakfast, telling himself to ‘move on’. Dex wasn’t one for living in the past, he found it to be a waste of time and energy. But the situation right now was proving to be the most frustrating by far.

At least in the past, Dex had a good reason to want to move on. Yeah, it sucked when they went out of the ECAC conference so soon. And it sucked when he didn’t get the chosen for the room he was banking on.  And sure, he was pissed that his Dad couldn’t seem to be bothered to be home for him. But he’d gotten over all of these. It wasn’t like he was a senior and it was his last chance to win the NCAA title. And it made sense that Ollie and Wicky would get the attic, since they’re both going to be seniors. And the thing with his Dad, well Dex wasn’t sure what he was expecting in the first place. But now he sat, staring at his breakfast plate, dumbfounded by his own feelings. Dex couldn’t even fathom why he was so annoyed. But as much as he wanted to ‘move on’, he couldn’t help but feel bothered.
‘He left without saying goodbye.’
Dex was a science kind of guy. The kind of guy who preferred logic and reason over perplexing emotions. Perhaps that was why his gut reaction to anything that saddened him was to simply forget and try to ‘move on’. This was the first time that this method was failing him. And it was losing to something so stupid as well.
It was just like any other morning since graduation. Dex, Chowder, Bitty, and Nursey were the only ones still in the Haus. Dex didn’t really have a plan on when he was leaving, since it wasn’t like he really had anything to get home to after his dad let him down. He was just going to leave whenever everyone else was. Chowder’s flight was that night so he had been spending that last couple of days helping him pack. Bitty was also cleaning like crazy, making sure he had everything he needed to move into his and Jack’s apartment this summer. Dex had been sleeping in his new room, while Nurse usually wound up asleep on the living room couch. It was the day that they were going their separate ways. When Dex’s internal alarm clock woke him up and and he crept downstairs, eager for a cup of coffee, he couldn’t hear the obnoxious snores of his soon-to-be-roommate coming from the living room. Dex poked his head in to find it completely desolate of the the stacks of books and luggage pilled up around the coffee table, and the couch empty. There was no trace that Nursey had ever been there. Dex’s brain flooded.
‘He must have left this morning before any of us woke up. I can’t believe he didn’t say goodbye to any of us. Or maybe he did. Maybe he told Chowder and Bitty and didn’t even care enough to bother with me. What a jerk. That’s just flat out rude, especially if we’re supposed to be roommates in two months.’ Dex’s thoughts hadn’t shut up all through breakfast and were still pestering him now.
He attempted to distract himself from his thoughts with Bitty and Chowder’s morning chatter as they all sat at breakfast in the Haus kitchen. But as much as he willed himself to just ‘move on’, he could not stop thinking about it. He didn’t dare say anything to Bitty and Chowder though, because then they would know that he cared. And that was the last thing that he wanted. Dex didn’t even know why he cared. And as much as he tried to convince himself that he was ‘just pissed because it was rude’, the twisted feeling in his stomach told him otherwise. He hated it so much. He hated not understanding his own feelings. He hated that he couldn’t just let it go. And he hated that he was unable to deny that Derek Nurse had made him feel this way. It made it want to pull out his own hair and throw up at the same time. But he sat completely still, counting the crumbs on his plate, not displaying a single one of his emotions. He had gotten especially good at that. The only time Dex really ever showed his emotions was when he was angry. But right now, he didn’t know what he was feeling. He just knew that he shouldn’t be feeling it just because Nurse blew him off.
He finally snapped back to reality by the sound of the Haus door opening. Dex looked to see the boy he’d been thinking about for the past hour, standing in the doorway.
“Nurse?” Dex stammered. He figured Derek was sitting on his train right now, reading a book or something and not feeling an once of regret about leaving Dex without saying goodbye. Not that Dex cared or anything. Except he really did and he still couldn’t figure out why.
“Well don’t you look happy to see me Pointdexter.” Nursey acknowledged, closing the front door behind him and walking into the kitchen.
“Where did you go?” Dex asked, ignoring Nursey’s smug grin at his own sarcasm. He raised his eyebrow at Dex.
“Uh, the library? Had a book to return before I head out later.”
“Well where’s all your stuff then?” Dex tried to ask nonchalantly, like he couldn’t care less where Derek put his stuff. But he did care and had been thinking about it all morning.
“Packed all my stuff in Bitty’s car this morning. He’s dropping me off at the train station on his way to Providence tonight. Why?”
Dex shrugged as Nursey grabbed a slice of quiche and sat down across from him. Nursey glanced up from his quiche, looking at Dex with a puzzling expression.
“You really think I would like, leave before Bitty’s quiche was out of the oven?Pointdexter, you’re buggin’.” Dex rolled his eyes. He didn’t understand how an intellectual, english major like Derek Nurse could walk around saying things like ‘chill’ and ‘buggin’’ all the time. But yet it had grown on him, whether he liked to admit it or not.
“Besides,” Nursey continued, “We still gotta discuss this room sitch.” Nursey left his now empty plate, and pulled up a seat next to Dex. His phone was already out with Pinterest opened. Dex could see a whole board titled ‘Will’s and My Room”. Dex felt a blush begin to materialize on his cheeks. His blush washed away quickly though, once he realized that the board contained a bunch of projects for him to do this summer. Dex groaned but Nursey shook his head chuckling.
“No, no, no- the best part about it, is that we can like, complete all of these together! Like roomie bonding! Chill, right?” Dex knew that Nursey’s enthusiasm was over exaggerated jokingly. But he also knew that Nursey, being Nursey, would definitely still go through with these plans.
“Oh and that reminds me, my moms totally wanna meet you Pointdexter. I guess they wanna like, know the person I’ll be living with next year or something. I don’t know how the Fourth of July is in Maine, but the view from our apartment is pretty s’awesome,” It was becoming evidently clear that the ever so chill, Derek Nurse, was becoming less and less chill by the second.
“C! You should totally fly in too! My moms would love the company dude!”
“Independence Day in New York? S’wawesome!” Chowder was practically jumping up and down at the thought of spending time with his best friends this summer.
“Bits, I would totally invite you too, but I’m guessing you like, already have plans with Jack.”
Bitty had his back turned to them, humming a song while washing up the dishes.
“Oh yes.” He sighed contently.
“So,” Derek started, turning back to Dex, “You in Pointdexter?”
Dex was feeling over run with emotions. Happy that Nurse had invited him to hang out this summer. Happy that Nurse actually wanted to build stuff together. Happy that he would be living with his best friends next year. Happy that Derek Nurse hadn’t actually left without saying goodbye.
Dex looked from Chowder to Nursey. They were both eagerly waiting for his response. At last Dex smiled.
Nursey chuckled, his eyes twinkling. For some reason, Dex felt another blush coming on. Chowder danced around the kitchen. Bitty continued humming happily. And for the first time in a long time, Dex felt a feeling that he didn’t want to forget. A feeling he never wanted to move on from.
He still had somethings to figure out though. Like the gut twisting feeling he felt when he thought Nursey blew him off. And the fluttering feeling when Nursey looked at him with that smile. But Dex had a four hour car ride ahead of him to think about all that. Right now, he let himself be happy.

Thank you so much for reading this! It was supposed to be short but wound up 1500+ words… Anyways this is my first time writing something like this and it was a lot of fun. I hope it wasn’t the worst thing you’ve ever read in your entire life. Thanks again!

Dudes, I wanna know what Shane has to say about the moving black thingy.

  • Oh my god, it’s not blue! What a miracle! And look at them, they look SO good! I’m crying. Loving Shane’s shirt, also.
  • Ryan, doesn’t matter how many times you call him out on that, he’s gonna keep glitching.
  • I don’t think there was anyone living there… The place is a damn turistic attraction, it would be pretty bad service to have people and animals living there without anyone knowing. 
  • Ryan admiting that’s the scared he has been in a while and having Shane go, no jokes, “yeah, you were pretty scared”, that’s– yeah. Wow, It’s been a while since the Sally House, isn’t it.
  • #FuckTheHotDaga jdnsindndnfbr Ryan, we all know you love it. Come out as a dagahead.
  • This is the second time they said the would love to dress up more for the ghosts but they dont’ have the money, @ BuzzFeed GIVE US THAT GOOD CONTENT WE NEED.
  • Ghost Tech, fjdbsdnidubfjdmkf.
  • Shane laughing while saying he didn’t take joy on being right there covering the apparition, Jesus fucking Christ– But also, I… Listen, I appreciate the way he’s taking this. He doesn’t believe it was what Ryan thinks it was, he doesn’t believe it to be a ghost, but he’s not being rude or disrespectful about it. He’s not even giving shit to Ryan. At difference of some comments i’ve seen, Shane still respects whatever Ryan believes it to be, probably because he was truly scared. 

    I pointed this out before, but Shane didn’t say shit nor acted out after what happened. He doesn’t believe and that’s it, but it doesn’t mean he’s going to dismiss whatever his friend is feeling for what happened. That’s what makes him such a great host to the show. He has his own set of beliefs and explanation for things, and while he doesn’t share Ryan’s, he still respects him when it’s something as serious as this. We gotta learn from him, to be honest.
  • “I know you don’t take this as a compliment” fnmbdhsjnjfnjij. I understand Ryan’s frustration, I really do; especially because he has been in this for two years now– but honestly, as a believer, I think Shane is being great about all this. I’m not gonna change my mind about that.
  • Again, I just love the way this show is so honest, how honest they are. This is why they are the best.
  • “THAT’S THE GHOUL BOYS DIFFERENCE!” jnfdksmd jkwmdnrmnkr
  • Shane hoping Ryan would say he’s Slenderman it’s– oh my god. He enjoys the tall jokes way too much.
  • I’m gonna say… that i love seeing them discuss this shit. I wish more of this would happen, but I also know that I don’t want Ryan’s heart to give in with how scared he would be, lmao. But yeah– also, Ryan’s frustration with skeptics… Yeah. I’m very patient with people but honestly, Ryan gets way too much shit and a lot of people in social media in general is guilty of that. If you don’t believe, that’s game. But a little respect would be amazing.
  • HotDaga time ~ Doctor Ernesto Goondis, I’m CRYING, he has a full name jrndsknjr. “You are– you are insane”, Ryan– I thought you already knew that.
  • Shane always delivers, okay. He is the best and this is why we love the HotDaga. LISTEN TO THIS FUCKING THING, It’s amazing.
  • Ryan’s faces are a fucking journey, gotta love that man.
  • “Was that good?” “No”

Can y’all believe that,,

Christen Press, THE Christen Press, a Stanford Grad from Palos Verdes, ended up with Tobin, Tobin Heath… the one that spray paints “sup” on a canvas, that surfer dude chic. the one that customs cp’s shin guards? yeah that Tobin. Honestly,,, I just wanna know how- whatever I’m not complaining, proves I can get the 24 year old that lives down my street who walks her husky’s everyday of the week

candynubbies  asked:

Hey, Clyde. Your dad's single, Cartman's mom is single - could you imagine them starting a marriage? How do you imagine living together with Cartman and Liane would go down?

CLYDE: Uh. That’s a weirdly specific question. Do you know something I don’t?

CRAIG: It would be fucking hilarious if that happened.

CLYDE: No, dude! I don’t wanna live with Cartman

CLYDE: He’ll do shit to me! Horrible shit!

Entity!Cas: jfc FINE I’ll let you out. I just wanna sleep

Cas: Cool thx cause I would have annoyed your bitch ass literally for forever

Entity!Cas: There is one condition however

Cas: Seriously

Entity!Cas: Boy you gotta change that coat, like while going through your memories I realized how much this one sucks praise the OG trenchcoat and tie

Cas: Um…

Entity!Cas: Begone bitch imma nap

*Cas is in the land of the living*

Cas: That dudes weird but he’s got style *goes to find the Winchesters*

thatquirkydragon  asked:

Beast boy lance is the most perfect thing in the universe and you do it so wow. Thank you for improving this world one thousand percent

beast boy and lance are straight up two of my favorite characters in existence, i just can’t believe it took me this long to see the connection

nothing planned out but it’s pretty inevitable that i’m gonna draw more (i already have Allura sketched out as starfire cause jesus cheeses it’s actually a perfect match, i just haven’t polished it up enough for me to feel comfortable sharing) I also really wanna figure out how Pidge fits into it cause Hunk is definitely more of a cyborg character, but i considered having them … both? be cyborg like characters? idk yet, she could just be silkie and leave it at that

I’m a huge believer that Lance is a shark-rights-activist, like the kind of dude that would chain himself to a live shark to if it would save its life if you get what i mean

one of my friends and i were working on a fic where Lance got his leg bit off by a shark, and instead of fearing them, he wanted to help make sure people stopped demonizing them and understand them a little better. She’s also the one that gave me the idea to use Lance’s exes/past crushes to name his animals

I really only have a vague idea from watching speed paints and livestreams but … generally yea? I just gave a pretty low detail sketch, put that on low opacity, and then colored underneath the layer

As long as you’re not like … directly taking blatant ideas from it, i’m totally fine with it?? i encourage fic writing cause i believe the whole point of being an artist is to inspire others to also create so please do

both boys cuddle sharp toothed predators and ITS WHAT THEY DESERVE


sajksa yea that light blue text was just so i could lay out where the words were and i completely forgot to delete the layer. I noticed as soon as i posted it but i was too lazy to do anything about it

and don’t worry i couldn’t write a multi-chaptered fic, or even a solid one shot if i wanted to

and thank you!!! ❤️❤️

  • Chanyeol: What!? Yifan has never seen Star Wars?
  • Junmyeon: It's not a big deal.
  • Chanyeol: Hyung, the only people in the universe who have never seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars and that's cause they lived them! That's cause they lived the Star Wars!
  • Junmyeon: You've gotta calm down.
  • Chanyeol: What if you show it to him and he doesn't like it?
  • Junmyeon: Dude, it's just a movie.
  • Chanyeol: Hyung, Star Wars is your all time favourite movie, and whether or not Wu Yifan actually likes it is really important. It's like a test of how compatible you guys are.
  • Junmyeon: Chanyeol, it's just a movie.
  • Chanyeol: Ha.
  • Junmyeon: [pauses] If Yifan doesn't like this movie, I can't marry him.
  • Chanyeol: No, you can't.
  • Junmyeon: Wanna watch it again?
  • Chanyeol: Yes I do.