dude your face is too much

i wonder if one day when Jack is just lounging about in the Haus on his Kindle, reading an article on WWI history, and Bitty is in the kitchen heating up leftovers, Holster and Ransom will walk in from class and see this and chirp “Dude, domestic much. Do you guys have your future kids’ names picked out too? lol” 

Bitty’s face will redden and he’ll roll his eyes, ready to retort that he’s barely even being domestic by microwaving last night’s dinner, but Jack won’t even look up as he says absently, still half-focused on his article, “Yeah. Charlotte if it’s a girl and Jaime if it’s a boy. Maybe Richard, too, but I have to ask Bits about that.”

Holster, Ransom, and Bitty will kind of just stand there, slack-jawed, until Jack looks up and he’s like, “Why is everyone looking at me what did I say.”  


Happy 29th Birthday, Iain De Caestecker ! (December 29, 1987)

If you could have a super power what would it be?

“I’d like to be able to go back in time. Take a really good book with me and then write it back in time as if it was mine.”

Dating Jacob Portman would include: 

a/n: wow i’m so bad at these but people give me requests so here it goes

- you would definitely be 10000x shorter than him cause that boi is tall as frick

- wearing his clothes OBVs

- you giving him cute kisses on his nose and cheek 

- he doesn’t like it because it’s his things to do

- you like doing them too much but he gets mad

- when he’s jealous oH LORDIE

- he only watches you from afar with narrowed eyes as another guy flirts with you

- why? because he knows you’ll shoo the guy off, which you did

- after, he pulls you extremely close to him, gripping your sides with a small smirk on his face 

- i mean kissing would be wonderful bc his lips would be so soft, dude

- you two being together would save emma a heartbreak, okay

- everybody would be teasing you two

- his parents would love you, they would treat you like their own daughter

- your parents would be strict, but your dad wouldn’t be the tough one, it would be your mom, i think so :D

- he would of course be very awkward around them

- his hair, his hair, his HAIR would be like a forest for your fingers when making out

- there would be so many pictures of each of you on the other’s phones

- your friends would send you pictures of you together, LOTS of them

- if on social media, you would post something once in a while with jacob and there would be a cute caption

- lots of comments like “gOALS”

- he would be such a virgin, DUDE

- and you too, ofc

- your first time together, and ever, would be awkward and giggly

“oh shit, boobs”

- hickeys, can you hear me, HICKEYS MAN

- and he would smirk when he would see them after

- he would cherish you so much, oh my god

- i want a jacob portman

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Hey would happen to know why barry and oliver really dislike each other?? i havent read too many of the comics with the both of them and im confused by this???

oliver is a very intense dude, and pre-flashpoint he was even more intense about politics (he’s as anti-establishment as someone can possibly get), so he’d more than happily get into your face to let you know exactly what his opinion was, in his usual passionate way. he’d constantly come head to head with half the dcu, including barry, hal, bruce and even clark

barry wasn’t having much of ollie’s way of expressing his views and since he always seemed to lean towards right-wing politics (opposite of where oliver’s politic beliefs stand, they essentially both want what’s good for the people around them but barry is inclined to follow orders and not question authority about 100x more than oliver, who is very likely to flip said authority off), and as a result there were a couple of times where this was the normal between them:

look at hal. look at him. where’s an alien invasion when you need it

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Bro, my dude, have you ever drawn Friedkin? I'm regrettably in love with his stupidly handsome face, and him in your style would probably give me a heart attack of the best kind ;-; (no obligation at all, just know that if i could, I would marry your art style ;;;;-;)

This took me way too long, considering it’s not that much, but drawing characters for the first time is always hard. And i only drew him for you, I still hate his guts and want to set him on fire! 

Got7 Reaction to- You Hugging Them From Behind


Requests are open!

Mark- He would be so shy at first but then he would wrap his arms around yours and sway back and forth while you pressed your face into his back before sneakily tickling his sides and making him laugh that high pitched laugh of his that we all love so much and then he would grab your hands and spin you so that he was facing you and give you a little smirk before attacking you with tickles until you called mercy and then he would smile and be all cute and kiss your forehead oh my gosh how cute is mark guys okay he is too much.

Jaebum- it would be one of those days where you just wanted attention but JB is a busy dude so you wait until he’s done doing all his stuff and he would come out to stretch and as he’s stretching you just can’t resist wrapping your arms around him and leaning into him whispering that you missed him and he would do that half smile of his that melts my heart and then he would turn so he could face you and lean down and give you the sweetest kiss guys im NOT OKAY NOW.

Jackson- This would be a daily occurrence for you guys so he wouldn’t be all the surprised until you slip your cold hands up under his shirt and he would do that weird girly scream of his and then reach up to pull your hands away and spin you around so that he could hug you from behind and rest his head on top of yours and tell you that ‘it’s not nice to tease people and if you wanted to touch my muscles you have just asked” cause he is such a little shit.

Jinyoung- I feel like junior would love it if you just walked up behind while he was cooking or something and lazily wrapped your arms around his and let your head rest on the back of his neck or in between his shoulder blades. He would find it so calming and would press back into you slightly cause he might be a savage but he’s also a huge softy too and sometimes you just need someone to hug you okay.

Youngjae- My sweet prince oh my goodness youngjae would love it he would go all mushy and wide eyed as you wrapped your arms around his waist and kiss his shoulder all cute and he would blush cause he’s adorable and he would love it when you just showed him how much you love him cause he loves it when people do that my tiny baby now i need to hug youngjae okay bye.

BamBam- Little freak would love it so much but pretend like he didn’t. Like he would say something like “no jagi! I’m supposed to hug you cause im the man” but in reality he loves when you spoil him and give him attention.

Yugyeom- It would start out so cute like you’re just standing in line or something and you would wrap you arms around him and he’d blush and tell you that he likes when you do that and then it would get silly as you try and climb on his back and insist that he gives you a piggy back ride because that’s what tall boyfriends are for and at first he’d be like ‘wait what no’ but as soon as you pouted he would cave so hard and let you climb up on his back cause he is a good boyfriend.

im about to rant on ian somerhalder AGAIN get ready everyone

can y’all believe how SHOOK he was during this interview when they talked about characters coming back/nina coming back? he literally interrupts the interview and says “no, you’re not gonna get em. sorry bud, zero.” like ok dude first of all you’re not the one writing the episodes so how could you be SO quick to answer that question? then julie’s like woah ok sorry to burst your bubble but i’m definitely going to bring back familiar faces thanks. i can’t believe he had the audacity to do that!! he was so serious about it too and everyone else’s faces are like what is he even saying right now?

then when they brought up the possibility of nina coming back, paul literally had to say “jules” so she would answer the question before ian could interrupt and say something stupid again. he was literally just sitting there with a blank stare like “hello darkness my old friend” then actually says the percentage of her coming back is 18.75% like dude your bitterness is showing so much!! i commend zach for interrupting and saying, “at the end of the day, we’d love to have her back because this show wouldn’t be what it is without her” and everyone says yeah and smiles in agreement like thank you so much for acknowledging that because it’s completely true there would be no TVD without nina and it’s ridiculous that ian acts like she was never even apart of the show.

then there was this interview where his message to the fans was to remember that the actors aren’t their characters and to separate reality from fiction………………..what? this man is trying to tell me to separate reality from fiction when he is literally shook just by hearing “Nina Dobrev” i really can’t believe that. i know he’s gotten a lot of shit from people towards his personal life but cmon, i don’t think i’ve ever seen someone so fueled by hate that he feels he has to remind people that he isn’t damon. there are plenty of TV ships out there that aren’t together IRL and have people that ship them together IRL. but the actors still support the ship they’re apart of and don’t let it damage their personal lives. so before he can tell ME that, he needs to remember to separate his personal life from his work life, he can be friends with his ex-girlfriend, he can still support the ship he’s apart of, and he doesn’t have to be an ass about it every time she’s brought up.

nina has never said one bad thing towards ian since she’s left and that says a lot. she is so much more mature than him and i know she won’t have any problem coming back to TVD because she’s loved by everyone except him. i’m actually so curious to see how that will play out. ian will probably kiss ass and act nice to her as if he hasn’t shit talked delena and been disrespectful ever since she left. nina’s been able to separate her work life from her personal life and it will be so easy for her to get back in the swing of things. i feel bad that she’s gonna have to work with him again because he’s done nothing but disrespect her whilst she’s done nothing but respect him. i still love delena very much so i hope their storyline has a good ending and i pray for nina having to deal w ian bc i don’t know how he’s gonna be able to be in the same room as her again. this rant was so long but i’m just so sick and tired of the way he’s been acting and i hope he can suck it up bc nina’s coming back at some point whether he likes it or not :-)


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Pairing: CasxReader
Word count: 988
Author: Brittiny
Request: Anonymous. Promt for the angst: Castiel is frustrated cause he can’t express feelings towards reader well (and he never could… I guess that’s the angsty part?) I’ve always found it kinda weird how easily he can express his feelings in some fics since he’s an angel ya know? I guess it’s more realistic to have him stoic and lost and all that

Cas watched you walk out of the room, wiping a tear from your face. He tilted his head and looked over to Dean. “I don’t understand.” He said in his usual tone. “I simply stated that we would be unable to attend her open mic night. We are far too busy with more important things.”

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You guys!

My sample of Colin’s cologne (grey vetiver by Tom Ford for those who don’t know) came and ohhhhh myyyyy godddddd.

It is supremely unfair that a man that looks like that also smells like this. fresh and clean and vaguely herbaceous like grass when it rains…it’s glorious. It’s the kind of scent that makes you want to bury your face in a dude’s neck and just breathe him in.

It smells like clean, damp skin and literally like springy grass being rained on and IT IS SO GOOD. Do yourself a massive favor and buy any amount of this you can afford. I fully plan to wear it frequently just so I can smell this damn good. Holy fuck.

I’m not even kidding. Buy some. Now. *falls over and sniffs wrists for hours*

kaikhosrow replied to your post: << out of trouble;; >> tfw ya boy looks hella…

{ i’m still in a very aggressive/salty denial of the ending,, whelp. imo it’s ridiculous that kishimoto ended his 15+ year old series on the nonsensical, fan-catering note that he did. & some of his ‘hand picked’ ships are just … ???? }

[ DUDE, SO MUCH SALT. I’ve basically become actual salt by this rate. If I squint really hard from 1000 yards away facing backwards with my head in the sand, I might see why he picked the ships that he did, but bruh. Seriously. Stop reaching. Not to mention I’m 10000% forever salt about Neji. I’ll never be over that either. ]

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Dang dude, your comic is so good!!!! More congrats are in order! Your character art is amazing as usual, and I love the diversity of the characters. And pupper Alex is just too stinkin' adorable. (It made me giggle too with things like "FISHES?" and the butt plug face) I'm so excited for you!!! <3

Ohmygosh thank you so much pal!!! It was such an awesome experience workin with OJST im glad it gave yah a giggle ♡♡♡^0^

A follower of my other blog requested a screenshot from the latest EMH entry. don’t read too much into the time stamp or name as this is just from the raw footage. 

I posted it here because I wanted to gauge interest in a livestream/EMH Q&A. I’ve got some n64 games or you can watch my face as I edit. Whatever floats your boat, dudes. Let me know

Just because she’s been granted the strength and skill of the spider, does not make her any less painfully awkward. Which, you know, is so much fun whenever she’s addressing a crowd. ;)


“Citizens!” Behind the mask, she blinks wide eyes as they flit from face to face. There are too many people, way too many people, the Vulture could swoop in and pick them off like fish in a barrel at any second. And she gets it, people with super-human abilities and the general mayhem of a good versus evil throw down is enticing. Exciting. But for once, Beca really wishes they’d all just go home and sit behind their computers and wait for this to be uploaded to youtube, because she can’t possibly guarantee the safety of every person here. Especially when half of them aren’t even looking at her. “Um, hey! You guys!” Movements jerky with uncertainty, she raises her arms above her head and waves her hands to get their attention. When more than a dozen pairs of eyes are on her, her hands freeze in midair for a few seconds before she balls them into fists and drops them back down to her sides. “Uh, hi.” Her voice cracks a little and she’s never been more glad to be wearing a mask. She clears her throat, propping her fists on her hips and shoving as much authority into her voice as she can manage. “Hello! Look, I understand that you’re all,” her feet shuffling across the top of the police car she’s perched on, “super excited by this. Who wouldn’t be? It’s pretty cool, right? Spider-chick, bird-man, not the kind of thing you see every day.” She catches a few people in the crowd frowning at her and feels her insides twist. She really hates public speaking. “But I was sort of hoping you guys could like… go home?” A low murmur of muddled voices rises up from the crowd and Beca lifts her gloves hands as though to keep any physical manifestations of their displeasure at bay. “Not that I’m not seriously stoked about the support!” Inwardly she cringes, because you never hear Batman or any of The Avengers saying “stoked” and oh my god, what is she? She lets out a loud, nervous laugh. “You are here to support me, right?” A voice in the crowd yells out in the affirmative and she points a finger in the direction of the shout. “Alright! Awesome! Okay, so, I really need you to either just go home or, or even maybe hide out in a store or something? I just really don’t want the big green birdman to get his talons on you because, well. We’ve all seen what happens then.” She tilts her masked head to the side and hopes that the action conveys the remorse of her statement. 

“Great ready to see it again, Spider-Hag!” A voice screeches from overhead and Beca and the crowd collectively turn their gazes skyward in time to see the Vulture plummeting towards them from a building top. A man shrieks, a woman screams, and then all hell breaks loose. Beca’s hands go to her head before she remembers her hair is tucked away. People scatter in all directions and she calls back to the police officers behind her, telling them to get the people to safety and that she’ll take care of the flying rat. Then she’s aiming across the street, at a tenth storey window, and-


Twisting her web around her wrists, she pulls back until she’s at the edge of the police car roof and then launches herself into the air. She collides with the Vulture seconds before he reaches the fleeing crowd, tackling him into the side of the building she’d been aiming for. He grunts and she catches herself against brick with a hand and a foot, swinging aside to let him fall to the ground below. 

“Who you calling ‘hag’, bird-brain?” She yells down at him, then pushes off the wall, somersaulting her way into a perfect landing against his shoulder blades.

Dude: “I think this is too much feminism.”







Orange Juice (Part Three)

Pairing: ReaderXDean (Supernatural)

Prompt: On the way to Jefferson City you decide to attempt to nap, however you end up over hearing a conversation between the brothers. Once you get to the location, your wide awake when the brothers have a strong worded argument and the Dean walks off leaving you and Sam to follow. 

Part One 
Part Two

Written by: Claire

“Sweet car.” you said from the back seat of the Impala. You had always had a thing for older cars, the new ones never impressed you much.

“Glad to see someone’s got good taste.” Dean said, glaring at Sam in the passenger seat.

“Oh so Sam, you’re more of a Preus guy? Let me guess health freak too?” you said leaning forward so your face was in between the two boys.

“Damn, she just pinned you dude.” Dean chuckled, looking back to the road.

“Whatever, can we just focus on dad and the demons?” Sam asked. With that the car went quiet and you leaned back into your seat.

The car ride was silent for the most part so you decided it would be a good time to take a nap seeing how Jefferson City was almost a 5 hour drive from Bobbys. You kicked off your shoes and laid across the seat using your backpack as a pillow and closed your eyes.

“Do you trust her?” you heard Sam ask Dean a little more than ten minutes after you had laid down, your mind and body still wide awake.

“Considering that she saved our ass within the first ten minutes of meeting us and that she’s pals with Bobby, yes I do.” Dean answered. You could almost feel tension build in the car.

“Listen, I know I’m about to piss you off by saying this, but don’t fall for her.”

“Sam, I’m not gonna fall for her, stop being stupid.”

“Dean, I saw the way you looked at her.”

“The way I looked at her means nothing now shut up, I feel like I’m in a chick flick or something.” and with that the conversation ended leaving you to try to drift off again, not like any restful sleep would take place.

You woke from your light snooze when the Impala came to a stop. You lifted your head and looked at the clock on the dash. You had only been out for an hour or so, however that hour had gotten you to your destination.

“Wakey wakey sunshine.” Dean said, looking at you through the mirror. You groaned while sitting up and slipping back on your combat boots. Sam and Dean got out of the car, an act that you followed only a minute later.

“We here?” you asked scratching your head.

“As close as we can get without setting off demon alarms.” Dean responded opening the trunk of his car and taking out a gun, checking the amo. “Did you sleep well?” he asked, looking up at you from his gun.

“What? Were you worried about me?” you giggled. “I slept fine.” He gave you a small smile and head nod before once again looking into the trunk

“You gotta gun?” he asked after a few moments of quiet.

“Am I a hunter?” you asked pulling a pistol out of the back of your jeans and showing it to Dean and raised his eyebrows and then returned his gaze to his own gun. Suddenly Sam walked past you from out of no where, a big book and white pencil in his hand. You watched as he put the tip of the pencil to the open trunk door and began to draw.

“Not on the car.” both you and Dean saying at the same time, your tones synchronizing.

“What the hell dude?” Dean asked watching as his brother continued to draw. “This isn’t arts and crafts.”

“I’m sealing the trunk from demons so they won’t get the Colt.” Sam explained finishing the little doodle and moving over to the other side, beginning another drawing.

“We’re taking the Colt with us.” Dean said blankly. You watched as two brothers fought about the placement of the Colt, bringing up things that you had no knowledge of whatsoever. However it seemed like one comment in particular, a comment brought up by Sam about how Dean came and got him from college for this, seemed to shut Dean up.

“Fine, the Colt stays here.” Dean gave in, taking the classically built gun out of his jacket and putting it into the trunk, slamming it shut once it was in there. “Happy?” he asked Sam grabbing his backpack off the ground and throwing it over his shoulder, walking away.

“What’s a Colt?” you asked Sam after watching Dean walk away for a moment.

“It’s the Colt and it’s a gun that can kill anything.” Sam explained, turning his head to look at you, knowing that you were going into this hunt blind to the danger of it.

“And why can’t you guys bring it? It sounds pretty handy to me.” you lightly chuckled.

“It’s only got three bullets left and we need it for something else we have to kill.” Sam said closing the book and tossing it into the car, picking up his own backpack.

“Right, that yellow eyed demon guy.” you clarified, following in Sam’s action and grabbing your bag.

“Yeah.” Sam responded, his body tensing at the name of him being brought up. “We should go catch up to Dean.” he spoke after a moment of him seemingly spacing out about something, his jaw clenching tight.

“Okay.” you said trailing off, watching as Sam slammed the car door and walked away in the direction Dean had gone. What the hell have I gotten myself into? you asked yourself before following in pursuit.