dude you know what show is great

I Think We Made a Big Mistake

Lemme just start off by saying 2010 was a great year in animated shows. Unreal great. Like, seriously.








To put this in perspective, about 2007-2009 wasn’t a stellar time for animated shows. The best one by far was Phineas and Ferb, and maybe … El Tigre (which had so much personality and life, but I haven’t seen since it aired so I can’t tell you how it holds up), but there wasn’t a lot of new stuff that lived up to the top contender.

Also important to remember is that in 2009, Cartoon Network briefly went insane and wanted to transition to more live-action shows or live-action/animation mixed like Out of Jimmy’s Head. None of these really held my attention, and it took airtime from the cartoons that could’ve come out.

We also could point out that Nickolodeon was well on its way to airing basically only Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents forever amen (as much as I love those shows).

Disney Channel hosted P&F, but other than that, pickings were getting slim.

So, realizing that, you’ve gotta understand how remarkable it is that we were getting so many good shows all at once again! It was unreal!

But it didn’t stop there, not even for a year.

2011 gave us families.

2012 gave us blends of story and comedy.

2013 gave us stellar characters in interstellar adventures (also the Mickey Mouse shorts, but that might not count).

2014 gave us surprises.

2015 gave us heart.

And this year? A return to form. What with the Loud House finally breaking Nickelodeon’s streak of poor nicktoons, Voltron keeping the action cartoon alive from the Avatar team we love, and the upcoming Milo Murphy’s Law from the creators of Phineas and Ferb.

There’s also shows like Mighty Magiswords and Long Live the Royals on the way that could just as easily make this list.

So the question remains. What the hell happened in 2010?

Well, I don’t know what caused all this, but I’ll tell you what happened.

Sym-Bionic Titan happened on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. And nobody told me.

When I stumbled on it way after the fact, I thought I remembered seeing something like that advertised when I was a kid. You know, early 2000s action show. I figured it got lost in the Beyblades, Ben 10s, and Yu-gi-Oh ripoffs, and I could at least make peace with that.

But then I find out this aired just a few years ago and I’m shit-pissed. aND MY OWN BEST FRIEND APPARENTLY WATCHED IT AND NEVER?? TOLD?? ME??

how dare you I instantly forgive you.

What I’m getting at is this is a high quality show. Really high quality.

The basic premise is summed up best here:

The three main characters include Ilana, princess of the royal family; Lance, a rebellious but capable soldier; and Octus, a bio-cybernetic robot, all of whom must now blend into everyday life in Sherman, Illinois. Posing as high school students, Lance and Octus work to conceal Princess Ilana from General Modula and his hideous space mutants sent to kill the sole heir of Galaluna.

When called into battle, the Galalunans are outfitted with individual armor that provides more than ample protection. It is when the gravest of danger appears that Octus activates the sym-bionic defense program and he, Ilana, and Lance unite “Heart, Body and Mind” and come together to form the spectacular cyber-giant Sym-Bionic Titan.

If that sounds great, it absolutely is. The characters are well-devloped, the story is front and center, there’s continuity between episodes– everything we’ve come to love in some of our modern favourites. So, my point is … why the hell was this left out of the cartoon revolution?

Well … honestly, I can’t figure it out. Advertising? Not enough cross-promotion in the daytime? Weak word of mouth? It’s certainly nothing the show did wrong.

Why Watch It?


I’m not gonna spoil much more than the summary, but despite the fact that it takes place on Earth for the most part and focuses on week to week stories, the overall story is very much in the forefront at all times– and you know how rare that is even for shows that do story well.


I’ll let you discover them for yourself, it’s too much of a treat, but I’ll just say, you might fall in love. Again.

Oh, and Voltron fans?

We found their son.

Reason 3: This Guy

So, even if you’re too young for some of these, you might’ve heard something called Samuri Jack is getting a fifth season after 10 years … and it’s going to be on Adult Swim.

Yeah, it’s gonna be badass.

The important part to all this is that this dude does awesome design, awesome shows, and if you have respect for any of these properties, you know you’re in for a good time.

Which leads me to

Reason 4: The Animationjfsfksnfksafafsj

Between the lighting and the angular designs, I just don’t know what to do with myself. Is bootiful.

Watch the first few minutes there. You see what I mean, right?

Reason 5: It Deserved Better

We’ve championed so many great shows in the past few years, but for whatever reason, we missed one. A great one at that. If you have any love for the shows I listed, I highly recommend you give it a chance. Who knows? You might just find another favourite.

✰ * º ❛ even more popular text posts ask meme. ❜

‘  my kink is getting some fuckin sleep.  ’
‘  omg here goes your lil crybaby ass.  ’
‘  the beatles wouldn’t even fucking exist if big time rush hadn’t paved the path for them so shut the fuck up.  ’
‘  don’t start buddy. don’t you dare.  ’
‘  gay rights? true, as a gay, i am always right.  ’
‘  not to vent, but: fuck.  ’
‘  the worst pain is to make small talk with someone you once told everything to.  ’
‘  i think i accidentally break my own heart a lot.  ’
‘  sometimes ‘brb’ stands for ‘be ready bitch’ so you have to be careful.  ’
‘  i want to kiss you in a way that makes you not want to kiss anyone else ever again.  ’
‘  shout out to the people who are still friends with me even though i’m a fucking idiot.  ’
‘  it’s safe to assume that at any given moment i want to go back to bed.  ’
‘  i’m a big fan of anything that will help me chill the fuck out.  ’
‘  i don’t go through people’s pictures on their phone cause i wasn’t raised in the jungle.  ’
‘  i think we, as a people, just need to have a glass of water.  ’
‘  i don’t have enough black clothes.  ’
‘  sweetie, i could sleep for ten years and i’d still be tired.  ’
‘  i would sleep so much better with your arms wrapped around me.  ’
‘  me??? tired??? sleepy??? yes, constantly.  ’
‘  i’m pb&j – petty, bitter, and jealous.  ’
‘  the fact that sloths aren’t extinct somehow proves that if you go at your own pace and mind your own fucking business you too can succeed.  ’
‘  i wish i could be the person i want to be, but i’m too tired.  ’
‘  i always look sleep deprived. is that hot?  ’
‘  just because there’s always room for improvement doesn’t mean you’ll never be good enough.  ’
‘  my heart is a soft and sensitive mess.  ’
‘  all i want is a big garden and no responsibilities.  ’
‘  honestly someone not liking beyonce is a deal breaker and not for any political reasons, but just like you’re probably, definitely really boring.  ’
‘  hey guys, i’m a huge fan of genuine love and affection.  ’
‘  now i’m falling asleep and she’s calling a crab and he’s having a smoke and she’s kissing the crab.  ’
‘  i’ve been ever since i heard ‘lonely’ by akon at 9 years-old.  ’
‘  my new years resolution is to stop.  ’
‘  i’m irritated cause i’m not lovable in a romantic soulmate way.  ’
‘  i hate knowing that people that ruined parts of me still live and function like nothing ever happened.  ’
‘  i know i’m cute, but you can remind me.  ’
‘  hey, just wondering, but are you fucking kidding me????  ’
‘  i can’t wait to be in love with someone who is also deepfuck in love with me and we love each other forever n’ ever.  ’
‘  me? clingy? yes. please don’t leave me.  ’
‘  girlfriend application compatibility question: do you keep your depression pile on the bed or on the floor?  ’
‘  anything heart shaped is automatically 200% better. this is a fact.  ’
‘  today’s agenda: screaming into the abyss.  ’
‘  going from ‘today is a good day’ to ‘i hate my life’ takes me approximately 2.6 seconds.  ’
‘  everyone needs to wash their face and go to bed.  ’
‘  i’m worth so much more than the ways i’ve been treated.  ’
‘  hey, can i claim you guys as dependents on my taxes?  ’
‘  i really just ignore phone calls. like leave a message. i don’t check those either but like  ’
‘  i honestly just want to pack my bags and go travel the world and see and explore everything possible.  ’
‘  remember being little and thinking dandelions were fun or a pretty color or something and every adult in an 80 mile radius wouldn’t let you say that without screaming IT’S A WEED.  ’
‘  why did we just accept catdog?  ’
‘  my ‘stay in bed all day’ game’s too strong.  ’
‘  you deserve to be loved without having to hide the parts of yourself that you think are unlovable.  ’
‘  i always forget that i literally don’t owe anyone anything!  ’
‘  i wonder what it feels like to know what the fuck is going on.  ’
‘  honestly… us girls? us women? we always out here, knowin.  ’
‘  would an alien think i’m pretty?  ’
‘  i love boys, but only as a concept.  ’
‘  why do parents get mad when you sleep in all day? like i’m staying out of trouble and i’m not spending your money like what’s the issue here????  ’
‘  i identify as an inconvenience to the world.  ’
‘  i seriously regret telling anyone, anything, ever lmao  ’
‘  dating me is like dating a five year-old. i need all of your attention and i’m cranky if i haven’t had a nap.  ’
‘  i’m literally tired of myself.  ’
‘  don’t introduce me to ur parents unless you plan on marrying me because they’re going to love me and ask about me for the rest of your life lol  ’
‘  what the hell is a straight person? only straight thing i know about is the edge of my beloved sword.  ’
‘  i highly recommend never having feelings.  ’
‘  self care is going into a cornfield at night to get abducted by aliens.  ’
‘  staying up late with another human is such a weird thing like you get this special bond and a what-is-this feeling  ’
‘  do u ever feel like ur not even friends with ur friends?  ’
‘  um no offense but whom’st’ve going to loveth me?  ’
‘  date a girl who fucks everything up.  ’
‘  not all who mcfreakin wander are mcfreakin lost.  ’
‘  i may legally be an adult but don’t be fooled. i have no idea what i’m doing.  ’
‘  a fun and interesting fact about me is that i’m a fucking idiot.  ’
‘  you can start again anytime!  ’
‘  all you can do is learn your lesson. there’s no point in wishing you had did differently. the past is the past.  ’
‘  i can’t believe an angel like me has to suffer so much.  ’
‘  you’re all so obsessed with love and being loved. what about just going to sleep?  ’
‘  i’m smart, but i do dumb shit anyway.  ’
‘  tbh i never deal with my emotions. i just let them ravage my body and then go to bed and then i wake up and do it all over again.  ’
‘  first of all: i don’t know shit, so jot that down.  ’
‘  i’ll just ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯ my way through life.  ’
‘  i’m tired of things costing money.  ’
‘  don’t you hate it when you’re dead inside and run out of apps to refresh?  ’
‘  who cares? do better, move on.  ’
‘  i don’t need a significant other. just a significant income.  ’
‘  appreciation for everyone who’s ever talked to me bc i’m annoying and dumb.  ’
‘  thnks fr th mntl llnss.  ’
‘  what  hasn’t killed me has just made me overly sensitive and defensive.  ’
‘  i don’t know shit ya’ll!!!!! i’m just out here.  ’
‘  binge-watching is great until you run out of the show and have to start watching it weekly like some sort of medieval peasant.  ’
‘  i’m in the wrong realm and i think everyone can tell.  ’
‘  this might come as a shock but I’m Not Feelin too good my dudes.  ’
‘  i’m alive, but only ironically.  ’
‘  there she goes again being over dramatic and by she, i mean me.  ’
‘  do you ever feel like have tried Too Hard to a friend and now you have become That Obnoxious Weirdo?  ’
‘  lgbt: lasagna! garfield’s beloved treat.  ’
‘  my favorite phrase in the english language is ‘i shit you not.’  ’
‘  i’m a real boring bitch! a snoozer!  ’
‘  i honestly look so good lounging in an oversized t-shirt and no pants. when will someone experience the blessing of domestic living w/ me?  ’
‘  you don’t understand how hard it is to take a selfie when you’re ugly.  ’
‘  you son of a mumford!  ’
‘  hi, i’m here to ruin everything.  ’
‘  you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands. for example, if it’s a skeleton hand then they’re dead.  ’
‘  the year is 2020 and i am found guilty of treason against the united states for vague blogging that i hate someone and donald trump thought it was about him.  ’
‘  everybody calm down, we’re going to be fine! :))) we’ve weathered worse than this! :) :) :) :) really all this panic just seems like a huge overreaction imho   ’
‘  no beta readers. we publish our crap writing like men.  ’
‘  i need $$$$$ not feelings.  ’
‘  ‘idk imma see’ = i ain’t coming, never was coming, never considered it, never gave it a single thought, only remembered cause you asked again.  ’
‘  oops, i don’t care lol  ’
‘  why girls always crop the halo out of their selfies? stop being so modest. we know the truth.  ’
‘  maurice, you’re not gonna fucking believe this,  ’
‘  i always get told i look like a bitch bc i’m always glaring while i walk, but i’m not glaring, i’m squinting. i have sensitive eyes. they’re watering.  ’
‘  concept: it’s 3 am. candle lit room. a record is spinning. you’re kissing me. we have no worries in the world. we’re warm and content.  ’
‘  i need to go into the forest and scream for an hour and a half.  ’
‘  pls kill all men who yell at girls from cars.  ’
‘  life really isn’t what i expected it to be. less quicksand. almost no quicksand to be honest. lots of metaphorical quicksand tho.  ’
‘  i have a question for u: like are u done… like is it over?  ’
‘  we all have that one person who ruins your day by being alive.  ’
‘  we all have that one person who ruins your day by being alive. for me, it’s myself.  ’
‘  whenever i see police i always try not to act suspicious and fail internally even though i never did anything wrong.  ’
‘  new years resolution: less bitter, more glitter.  ’

anonymous asked:

Hello, Jess. First of all I'm sorry, this is going to be a biiig ask. But please don't give up on me. Part I: Well, I'm one of those people you call Antis or Monkeys. Or at least I thought I was. My big problem with a fact that Sam and Cait had a romantic involvement was always about the big negative impact it would have on the show. I've waited a long time for Outlander and I don't want anyone to ruin it. Many of us think so.

PART 2: I saw some show be completely ruined because of the involvement of the protagonists. I thought that way. I thought the show was more important than Sam and Caitriona, I always thought. Until I met them face-to-face this weekend in Seattle. I don’t have the “Shipper eyes” that you have, I don’t know what that is. My eyes are only very realistic eyes, so I’m perplexed by what my eyes have seen. This is the first time I write this…

PART 3 Dude it’s so hard for me to write this…. But, they are a couple. It’s fact. They love each other. They aren’t just good friends. There is something more powerful surrounding these two people. I believe in great friendships, but this is not the case. It was not a great friendship I saw, as I always thought. They complete. They love each other. Like a man loves a woman. Like a woman loves a man..

Part 5: Today I got home and I felt bad for being so selfish. I think most of us are selfish. We don’t care about their happiness, we just want to be right and protect the show. So I reflected that Outlander is this: just a show. And Sam and Cait are people, human beings . One day the show will end, but until then what will we have done with the lives of these two people with all our expectations and all our pressure?

Part 6: So today I’m retreating from the other side. I’m not going to use instagram anymore to support Sam’s possible girlfriends. I will not send more information to ******* and ****. I deleted a Twitter account that I used to do a lot of things involving them and other people. I want Sam and Caitriona to be happy. I don’t want to feel responsible for stop them from being free to live what they feel because as I said, my eyes are realistic. And what I saw in Seattle was real.

Wow I’m going to be honest here, this brought me to tears. I’m extremely impressed by your honesty and your willingness to change anon and I kind of want to hug you right now! Thank you for being brave enough to send this to me!  xoxoxo

   *sidles up to @syfy in a dark alley*

Listen, Syfy, you know I think you’re great right? Like, just top shelf, ya know? Quality programming, great shows. The Expanse? Aces. Killjoys? Nothing but good things. But listen, you know this gal?

Originally posted by wynonna-earpss

She and her gang make up one of the best shows I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s got badass ladies and dudes, a crazy compelling story, amazing LGBT representation, A++ relationships and characters, and it’s funny as hell
The cast and crew are fantastic and interact with their fans all the time - they even live tweet every episode along with us! This show is crazy, and fun, and emotional, and you know what I’ll say it, it’s probably one of the best on TV right now.

So hey, buddy, pal, *slings an arm around @syfy‘s shoulder* I’m just saying, when you’re sitting at your conference table, thinking about which shows to renew, keep this one in mind. It really deserves it.

…….and listen, not to put any pressure on you, but if you can put in the time, effort, and money to make this:

I think you can find a way to give Wynonna Earp another 12 episodes.

Last Night

Nix woke up on a sofa. Bleary with hangover and alcohol, he tried to collect his memories as to what exactly happened last night.

Taking in his surroundings, he exhaled. At least he remembered where he was - crashed on a sofa in Penny’s place. Based on the several empty bottles and cans littering the ground, it had been a good night.

“Yo, bro! You’re up! How’s your head?” Penny came into the room, two cups of water in hand. He offered one to Nix.

“Alright.” Nix nodded his thanks, careful not to say anything. He felt for his wristband of iron, and was relieved to find it attached.

After a wild night in Elsewhere U, you always had to keep your wits about you. It’s hard to tell if your lack of memories is due to alcohol or due to a stupid deal you made.

“What happened?” Nix asked Penny

“Ah dude! It was great. For like most of the evening.” Penny replied


“Well, around 1am some girl showed up with a fiddle and asked to come in.”

Realisation quickly moved across Nix’s face.

“Yeah. And some idiot - probably Puppy, knowing him - said ‘sure, come on inside, grab a drink,’”

Penny took a drink of water.

“Well, she was pretty normal. Wouldn’t give us a name - not too uncommon for freshers not used to the whole thing yet, so didn’t think much of it.”

Nix interjected; “You’ve been here for two years, a girl shows up with a fiddle and you didn’t think much of it?”

Penny gestured at an empty bottle of vodka.

“Let’s just say I was sober enough to remember a bottle of cream liquor I had on a shelf, which I gave her. I remember her smile, then she began to play…”

Nix’s eyes widened as memories began to trickle back.

“Oh god.”

Penny nodded.

“As far as I’m aware, once she started playing, nobody stopped. That explains the bruises, the exhaustion, and I’m pretty sure Ghoul ended up breaking her legs from the dancing.”

“When did it end?” Nix asked, feeling in his pockets for a packet of salt, prepared to litter the doorways if necessary.

“Dawn, of course. Bells tolled, she vanished, and we all kinda collapsed. Hopefully Puppy learned his lesson, but he’s not coming to my birthday next year.”

“Fair enough.”


dragonthorku  asked:

Hey there Jax-sensei I gotta question. Me and my Girl got into an Arguement recently and she thinks I don't care about her as much as I do. Honestly I love her, she's perfect. Funny, kind, smart beautiful and not gonna lie has a great rack. I love her so much, anyways we made up but I still have this feeling she's a bit cross at me. What can I do to show her I really care about her?

I dont know why people always ask me relationship questions lol but I’ll give it the old Jax try. 

Okay look dude what you wrote me is honestly really sweet and the fact you’re trying to rekindle things shows you’re a genuine guy. You told me you love her but how about her. You should tell her that everyday without being overbearing.

Why dont you Tell her just knowing she’s out there thinking about you, caring about you, makes you feel so at peace.
All your fears, all your yesterdays, wash away. And only hope remains in the promise of her embrace.

TELL HER “you make me THANK God for every mistake I ever made, because each one led me down the path that brought me to you. And when we finally come together, I want to hold you. Hold you all night.” 

Stroke her hair. Tell her she’s a woman, and show her your a man.
Until there is only now. You, and I, and now.

Or something like that. SOMETHIN PASSIONATE she’s the LOVE of YOUR LIFE so Treat like that. She’s a Dime, someone you’d fight ANY MONSTER FOR or any monster with because you dont care what physical pain anyone can bring you, losing her would be the worst form of suffering you could possibly endure.

Originally posted by my-freaky-things

The best lovers are best friends so tell that and show her that.  and thats a relationship that cannot be matched.

SHOW her how much you care about her.
Don’t have unfinished business and if all your words are true and your love is pure best of luck to you!

hard to get.

Originally posted by jiyoongis

“What’s his problem?” “I kicked his balls.”

genre: romance cuz idk how else to put this…

word count: 1.9k

Months and months on end, Jimin kept trying to get you into his bed for what he claimed to be a night you’ll never forget. Bull! Shit! He was just trying to fuck you after missing his chance back in high school; it’s not that he was desperate to be fucked, he had many girls for that, but he never got to experience what you were like and it bothered him immensely, especially after hearing rumours about how amazing you were at giving head.

“Why do you keep rejecting Jimin? He’s like one of the hottest guys around.” Hazel asked me as she sat down next to be on the grass, she would fuck him without a thought, most girls around would. Most meaning neither Kai nor me. We were the sane ones. “I don’t wanna be in his bed and be fucked by him. Chances are he’s shit, has an STD and is just a pretty face.” “You always say that. Wouldn’t you wanna know what he’s actually like? Don’t you get curious?” “Not really, there’s other options. Like his friends who seem like they’d be 90% better.” you told her. “That’s true, I’d fuck Namjoon in a heartbeat.” Kai interjected. “Anyway, you’re insane for not fucking Jimin.”

“Speak of the devil.” you muttered as Jimin walked over to the three of you. You were sat up with your left arm supporting you, while Kai laid her head on your lap and Hazel faced the two of you. “Hey, girls. Mind if I join?” before any of you had the chance to answer he sat down beside you and joined. “Damn, you don’t know what I’d give to be in Kai’s place.” he smirked as he turned to you. “Well I’m glad you’re not.” “If only you would give me a chance to show you how great I am in bed.” he chuckled. “Dude, you lost your chance in high school, you know when I still liked you.” “And I hate myself more and more everyday because of it. Anyway, you girls coming to Taehyung’s party tonight?” “Yeah but it’s also the ‘avoid Jimin at all costs’ party.” you replied to him, causing him to pout. “Aww, what a shame, it would’ve been a great time to prove what I say to you.”

Later that night you found yourself at Taehyung’s house, this boy was your best friend. “___! You came!” he screamed as you walked through the door. “Of course I did! I wouldn’t miss one of your parties!” “Here, have a drink. Enjoy your stay!” he smiled as disappeared into the sea of bodies. “Hey there, sweet cheeks.” Jimin smirked as he slapped your ass playfully. Without a thought you turned, raised your knee and targeted his balls. “KO!” Taehyung shouted as he watched his friend fall to the ground, clutching his crotch. “Don’t touch me like that again.” you said with a smile on your face before you made your way over to Kai and Hazel.

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hi, mansi! my name's gabi and i'm a brazilian college student. recently i had to do a presentation on anything i'd like to, in english, and i did it on the raven cycle. i'd just like to let you know that i used your drawings of the gang to represent how i envision them. i haven't presented it yet, so i'd like to know if it's okay of me to use your art. if you'd like to, i could send you what i did! it'd be great to share with a single person before showing it to the entire class. thanks a bunch!

oh dude that sounds amazing! I’m actually really happy you chose my art tbh thank you so much, of course you can use it, I hope the presentation goes great!!



It’s been an absolutely wonderful past few months with you guys! This fandom started off REALLY SMALL but even on day one, we’ve been a tight little family, and I’m really proud to see it grow further and be a part of it, hanging out with you all! Strap in you seatbelts, it’s gonna get MUSHY HERE. Oh, and if I don’t tag you at all, don’t worry! I love you to bits! Let’s get some rps started so we can get to know each other more!

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anonymous asked:

I'm having a not so great night. Got any pictures of any of the boys to help? Please?

Oh nuuuu, I’m sorry to hear you’re having a bad night! Let’s talk about some happy things, okay? I’ve got lots to show you, so get comfy :)

Like this. Jensen drunk off his ass hanging (literally) with the band Kaleo.

This one always makes me smile, bc you can tell he’s having such a great time with some rad people he really admires. He’s so *clenches fist* happy. And not only do Jared and Jensen listen to their music and have attended a few of their concerts,,, but they have become fucking fRIENDS with them.

like dude,,,, what kind of g O a . L s

Jensen is so gotdamn smug on the outside here, but we all know he’s screaming on the inside

can u like. even IMAGINE going bowling with ur fave like this?!??? good lord.

and just look

how freaking adorable

and happy

and snuggly

Jared is right here with JJ omfg. 

I love seeing them happy and carefree and just kinda in their element. I want them to be happy all the time ;~; Just like I want YOU to be happy :”) Want to see some happy Misha pics? ofc you do, what was I even thinking, pssht

Look how fuckin sCRUNCHY that smile is!!! That is some Mega Nose Scrunch going on right there. He loves his kids so much, can u believe how beautiful his family is alskdgh I would like to remind you of this video too, while we’re at it :))

I absolutely love seeing these dads interact with their kids. It’s the purest friggen thing in the world, just look [x]

Jared and Shep!!!!!

Jensen and JJ!!!!!

Misha and Maison!!!!

These guys are just,,,, incredible. So family-oriented and beautiful :”))
I hope this made you smile a little bit, anon ♥︎ Feel better! xx

marionette-warrior  asked:

If the ask box is open. Can I get headcanons for merformers knockout, breakdown, and megatron trying to court future human!s/o?

(This should be interesting. Also, I don’t know if you want BDKO poly or separate, so I’m going separately.)


  • Over the years, he’s figured out how to make bracelets with loose fishing reel he found and pearls and pretty shells. 
  • So he thought you might like a bracelet, and when you really liked it, so he made a necklace to match. 
  • You wore them every day, and he’d compliment how you looked soo cute!
  • If you ever decided to scuba dive he’d accompany you and on purpose show you a really pretty spot.
  • “You know what’s prettier than this?” he’d say.
  • You blushed, “What?”
  • “Me.”


  • He’d stalk you weeks prior to actually meeting you.
  • And then when he gets the courage to talk to you he makes it look like you both met on accident.
  • And then he’s the kind of guy to do a victory dance when you seem to be okay with him around.
  • He would do anything to show off. Like floating on the of the water just to show his big blue tail. And flexing. Lots of flexing.


  • Remember, this dude is a great fighter. He will bring you the biggest fish you’ve ever seen to impress you. Overall, it’s flattering, but the fish has been beaten to a bloody pulp. Seriously, dragging it in looks like you dragged in a body.
  • Actually, you don’t even think you’ve seen a fish like this. Ever. And it makes you question if you should eat it. 
  • (it ends up not being that bad, and Megs learns he likes cooked foods.)
  • The days when you go out by the ocean (fishing, swimming, scuba diving, tanning, boating, etc.,) he will most of the time come to talk to you. 
  • He doesn’t actually care what you talk about, he just finds you comforting to be around.

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Hey. First, I love your writings. They're amazing. Second, I wanna ask what's your thoughts on fanfictions?

I have MANY thoughts on fanfiction! They all go something like this:

Originally posted by spiina

I love them! I think fanfiction on its own is wonderful! I love when people have so much enthusiasm for something and I especially love any show/book/movie/etc that inspires people to write! I love fandom and I love love, my dude. And fanfiction is love 100 percent!

From a writing angle, fanfiction is great! Authors learn how to write a hundred different characters  in depth! They write and rewrite their favorite characters until they sound just the way they wanted to, they explore tone and pacing to mimic the shows! Or to make them better!

And nothing, nothing beats a fanfiction reader when it comes to compliments! For the most part, everyone is so joyful and happy and it’s really such a nurturing environment. People want to like what you spent hours on, people want to let you know (again, for the most part lol).

So I love fanfiction! I read a lot of it, and I’ve commented on a lot of it, and I’ve written A LOT of it! 

Sam Drabble #21

Submitted By: @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid​  for my 900 Follower Celebration
All Gif Drabbles for this celebration will be posted on my Gif Drabble Masterlist and labeled 900 FC next to them

Sam shrugged frowning, “Uh sure..”
“Yea! Thanks Sam.” You kissed his cheek.
“Dude what’d you just agree to?” Dean asks as you skip away.
“I think I just agreed to watch her model new clothes.”
“Dude that could be very boring or very exciting depending on what (Y/N) comes out in.”
Sam rolled his eyes, “I know.”
Dean can’t reply as you come out in a gorgeous dress that shows off your curves.
Both Winchesters swallowed.
“Well?” you ask biting your lip and giving a small twirl.
“Yea Sam?”
“Get out.”
“you look great sweetheart.” Dean grinned and left the room.
You walk over to Sam swaying your hips.
“You like it baby?” you ask shyly
“I love it but I’d like it better not on you.”
You giggle, “Yeah? Better do something about it.”  
And boy did he do something.

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i think a part of me still doesn't want to believe they're together because i'm very skeptical about (romantic) relationships in general and i dont think they ever really work out in the long term, but i feel much more reassured over platonic friendships. i just don't want them to ever become distant you know :(( (sorry for the whining tho lol love u)

love you too :) a fact of real life is that sometimes (often) people do become distant, whether in platonic or romantic relationships. i think that’s just reality and it often confuses me why people hold dan and phil to a standard that isn’t realistic. it doubly confuses me that the fear that they might one day not want to be together is the sole reason someone might choose not to “believe” in their romantic relationship. that’s just so ,,, strange to me? it means that you’re treating your own feelings as the most important thing, and the principal determinant of your perception of two other people’s relationship, at the expense of all the other info that they share and that you know about them. at the end of the day, dnp will continue to exist as two dudes out there in the world who happen to make youtube videos and who happen to mean a great deal to each other, regardless of how you feel about it! 

while i do understand the fear that one day things could be different between them, since what they have right now (and what they’ve had for eight years) is so beautiful, they clearly are not showing any signs of doing life without each other any time in the foreseeable future, so, firstly, the fear seems irrelevant at this point. secondly, as i said before, all relationships have a certain quality of potential impermanence and dnp’s isn’t any different. it’s not a work of fiction, it’s not static–they’re real people and they could change and fall out of love and that’s just a truth that comes with being human. actively feeling afraid of that happening to dan and phil strikes me as a product of viewing them as something less or more than human and i think it’s important to remember that they aren’t anything less or more–they are just people, with all of the flaws and uncertainties that being human entails. this isn’t to deny, of course, that it would be sad for all of us if it happened, but just to assert that the things that we want to happen, or the things we want to see from them, will never be more important than the reality of their lives. i hope this makes sense!! sorry for rambling a bit x 

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Tiny, cheese, pillow, hot, words

“Fun size candy is a disgrace to mankind.”

Alex looked over, “john, what the fuck? It’s three on the morning. If I had known you were awake trust me when I say we would have been spending this time much more productively, if you know what I mean,”

John blinked, “you insult me and proposition me in one breath.”

“What can I say,” Alex shrugged, “i have a way with words.”

John stuck out his tongue, “I’m going to continue to make my point, fun size candy is a disgrace.”

“Why is it a disgrace, John?”

John lifted his head and slammed it back into the pillow, “it’s so tiny, I don’t get it. It doesn’t do anything - it serves no purpose. All a fun-size piece of candy ends up achieving is making me go and grab more candy. And the all the wrappers and trash! That can’t be good for the environment.”

Alex sighed, “whatever you say, babe, whatever you say.”

“You don’t appreciate me, you think I’m stupid, don’t you?”

“No,” Alex laughed, “I don’t think you’re stupid exactly, but I will say that it’s a good thing you’re hot.”

John opened his mouth and then closed it again. 

Alex raised a brow, “See?”

John narrowed his eyes, “Why am I dating you again?”

“Because I’m a genius and I’m fantastic in bed and who else would be putting up with your ridiculous conversation right now.”

“I wouldn’t say you’re putting up with it,” John poked Alex’s shoulder, “and don’t act so confident about your skills, my dude.”

“Go to sleep, John.”

“You’re one to talk,” John moved his head to rest on Alex’s shoulder, “what are you doing, anyway?”

Alex continued to type, “essay.”

“Let me guess, one that’s not even going to be assigned for another couple weeks.”

Alex smiled, “you know me too well.”

John pressed a kiss to Alex’s shirt, “I love you.”

“Kissing my shirt is a great way of showing that.”

“I’d move but I’m lazy. Besides, my love is intense enough that mere fabric couldn’t protect you.”

“You’re so cheesy that Jefferson would put you in a pasta and call you french cuisine.”

John chuckled, “that doesn’t even make sense.”

“It doesn’t need to.”

“Mac and cheese isn’t french what the hell?”

Alex shrugged, “tell that to Jefferson.”

“No thank you.”

etiquette @ hc concerts

so this is something I’ve been noticing among fans of hc lately and it’s really bugging me bc I’ve never seen fans be so obsessive and borderline rude to a smaller band like hc. (we all know how bad the p!atd situation got with fan bombardment of the guys, esp brendon)

basically what happened was, about an hour before doors, jake went into a coffee shop that was about two stores away from the venue. I frequent the coffee shop twice a week & I knew it would be a really quiet & chill environment to let him relax before the show, and my friends and I obviously weren’t going to follow him in there. no one besides us really noticed that he walked past, so no one was screaming or calling out to him like they did when zach passed by earlier to catch an uber/lyft. 

someone’s dad came out and showed them something on a phone, and this group of girls all started screaming and ran into the coffee shop; slowly we began to notice that almost half of the line was gone. one of my friends who was at the shop just to get coffee said that jake was being really sweet to the girls but he was obviously a bit shaken and bothered by a huge group coming in just to ask him to take pictures. when he came out of the shop, he looked really uncomfortable and seemed like he was trying to dodge the line.

long story short, I know it’s really really exciting to see a member of a band before a show, especially if you’ve been waiting in line for a long time. however, you have to remember that the members of the band are people too, and they’re often extremely exhausted from touring and need to rest and relax before and after a show. 

if they come out before the show specifically to say hi to fans, then great! if they come out after the show for pictures, hugs, & signatures, also great! but if they don’t, you can’t pressure them into doing anything or call them rude for not “being loyal to fans”. they’re playing shows for the fans. they’re coming to these cities for you guys. 

I know I said this a bit before when I talked about jake’s social media accounts, but the dudes of hc are really young for what they’re doing (and how well they’re doing all of it). I get it that everyone knows how sweet and kind they are to fans, but as fans you can’t just expect that you’re going to be guaranteed a meet and greet or discount the boys’ personalities for not wanting to always talk to people or take pictures.

let em work, let em live guys.

Online review of captain babysitters

As requested by anon. :)

Previously, we looked at the reviews written by hapless human parents about Quincy babysitters. But what if they instead hired the shinigami captains to watch their kids? What kinds of reviews might be left then?

1. Ukitake

Ukitake is great with kids, and the kids loved him! He played all of their favorite games, told them great stories, and even came with a basket of candy! My kids cannot stop talking about him!

However, I had to take off one star because he collapsed mid-evening and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Apparently that happens to him a lot.

4/5 stars, would recommend if there’s an emergency room nearby and your kids know how to dial 911

2. Komamura

you have to prepare yourself if you hire this dude he shows up in a GIANT REALISTIC WOLF SUIT and yeah, i know - why would you hire a guy who wears a giant realistic wolf suit?

but komamura was actually really great - very polite, very well-spoken, very good with the kids who loved having a ‘giant puppy’ as a baby sitter

plus like my kids now keep talking about how ‘everyone is beautiful’ and how animals and humans both deserve respect and i dunno i like giant wolf guy

so like don’t believe what you read onlne about furries theyre all right

3. Soi Fon

I would NOT recommend this babysitter.

She made my children do “ninja training drills” all evening, whatever those are. My son was in TEARS saying how she told him that snacks were “weakness personified.” They were CHIPS. HEALTHY CHIPS

My daughter meanwhile keeps throwing paper ninja stars at things. I don’t know WHERE she keeps getting them or WHY she’s so good at it but it is really starting to concern me.

4. Gin

Pros: My kids really loved him. They said he was “fun.”

Cons: He’s super creepy. Like, so creepy. Like, when I look at him all I can think about are snakes and I don’t know why. Also ever since he left, my kids will not stop “pranking” me and it’s driving me nuts and I think it’s his fault. I hate him. Do not hire him. Do not. Please. He’s so creepy.

5. Kyoraku

Hire if you want a babysitter who is very relaxed and chill - some babysitters get very anxious about watching somebody else’s kids but not this guy. He’s obviously been doing this a long time because he was very comfortable. Also he had a bunch of children’s games prepared. The shadow one seems a little weird but my kids liked it so I guess it’s okay.

6. Kenpachi

Do. Not. Under. Any. Circumstance. Hire. This. Man. He showed up with a sword and asked which of my kids was the STRONGEST! After that I don’t know because I slammed and locked the door and missed my play.

7. Kurotsuchi

Never actually hired this babysitter I just want to warn other parents about his “vetting” process. Usually we parents interview the babysitter and not vice versa but this babysitter had a very long questionnaire that he required the parents to fill out and I got very bad vibes from it. Like, it asked if my kids had any “special abilities.” What does that even mean? Susie is good at soccer so I put that. Anyway, I filled out the questionnaire against my better judgment and you know what happened? He said that HE wasn’t interested because my kids were not “special” enough. What the fuck. What the actual fuck. My kids are very special fuck you man.

8. Hitsugaya

Personally I am okay with younger babysitters - like some teens like to babysit to make extra money and that is okay. But twelve is too young. And when I politely told Hitsugaya that he was too young to watch my kids he got really upset. “I am not twelve!” Yeah, sure, your childish tantrum is very convincing you twelve year old. 

9. Aizen

Fantastic babysitter. Organized, polite, responsible. He had a detailed plan for the evening which was maybe a little too detailed, but I guess that just means he’s well prepared. The only thing I would caution is that he’ll call YOU when he thinks it’s time for you to have another date night and that’s a little weird.

10. Shinji

Shinji is the best for real. Very silly, very funny, really great with kids. He apparently told silly stories and played dress up and helped my kids do handstands. My son wants to wear ties all the time now - so adorable!!!

11. Unohana

I have never been a fan of babysitters who just want the kids to like them. That’s important of course, but some babysitters will let the kids get away with anything. One babysitter I had in the past let my kids eat candy for dinner. They were sick all night, of course. Ridiculous.

That is why Unohana is so great. She’s kind but firm, and she has such an air of authority that my kids obeyed her and did not try to get away with stuff as they normally do. Plus, she has first aid training which is fantastic. 

The only thing is that her bedtime stories are apparently really violent and involve a lot of murder. Which is weird, but everything else is so good and my kids didn’t seem to mind so I think it is okay.

12. Tosen

don’t be put off that he’s blind it doesn’t make him any less good at watching the kids. he talked a lot in the interview about how fair he is. that is very important to him. so very very important.

anyway my kids talk about justice a lot now

13. Kensei

Yelling “SMILE YOU HAVE A BABYSITTER” is not an appropriate way to greet children. Would not hire again.

14. Yamamoto

I don’t mean to be ageist but I was a little worried when a very very old man showed up. what if he died while watching my kids?? And my kids say he did fall asleep partway through so that’s not good. But my kids did enjoy braiding his eyebrows and beard and he kept the bows in all night so that was nice.

3/5 stars 

15. Rose

He brought instruments and taught my kids a bunch of songs. They had a great time!! Also they keep talking about their muse lol 


My kids love Byakuya!!! They love how funny he is - he’s always asking them silly questions like “Did you steal those goldfish from your neighbor’s pond” and making up silly rules like “Please don’t create any secret passageways in the walls I hate it when children do that.” They laughed and laughed! And do not even get me started on that silly “Admiral Seaweed” puppet he has - he pretends to be so serious about it and my kids just ROAR with laughter!

For some reason he won’t return my calls to come back but seriously he’s great.

[005] Hanyu, Y.

NO: (…)So what’s next for you, now that you’ve pretty much conquered the Olympics and the world along with it?

YH: What happened this past season, this gold medal included, is something that would only happen then. With each new season, (competitions and championships) may bear the same names and titles but the time, the place, the rink, the competitors and the programs will all change. Sochi has had its moments but PyeongChang’s are yet to come and they won’t be the same. One doesn’t equate the other. It’s not like those who won in Turin were exactly the same ones who won in Vancouver. Cos in between, we’ll see the times change and huge shifts along with them. But in these changing tides, I really hope to see Japanese male skaters rise and those from other countries following suit. Just anticipating the kind of age that may come really gets me going. Cos there you’ll see me working hard to stay on top and you’ll see everyone reaching their fullest potential. And then, there are the younger ones who come after who’ll become even better. I suppose being able to see all that happen is one of my dreams.

NO: Everyone, huh…

YH: Everyone. Those little students of yours you’re teaching as well. ^__^

Source: Taken from 05:52 ~ 07:17 of [this Spring 2014 interview] with Nobunari ODA

Omake (07:17 ~ 07:30):

NO: Yeah, I should probably do my part and work towards bringing up some great kids of my own. 

YH: Please do.

NO: Which means I’ll have to appear on less variety shows…

YH: LOLOL! You said it, not me!

NO: Haha, yeah I said it.


Aida: “Shut it, it’s back on!”

Jace: “Oh man, I love that Ash dude. I’m calling it, he’s gonna win!”

Aida: “He should fucking win, that goddamn clown dance made me almost piss myself!”  

Jace: “Hell, I know! We gotta vote, Gorgeous.”

Aida: “You don’t believe that fake voting shit actually makes a difference, do you?”

Jace: “Hell yeah, I do! Didn’t you watch Simerican Idol?”

Aida: “…”

Jace: “What?! That was a great show!”

Aida: “…I don’t even know what to say. I don’t even know you anymore.”

Aida and Jace, or at least, Jace is counting on Ash to win and will be voting to make it happen. So, be sure to cast your vote in @quiddity-jones’ Big Brother Finale to see your fave take the prize!