dude with glasses

does anyone else feel like they are just… clenching rn, waiting for when Tower of Dawn spoilers start coming out and then the book is released and the ToG fandom turns into a shitstorm of criticism mixed with antis trying to stir shit up, and that takes all the enjoyment out of reading and the fandom experience?


Back when Tom first realized he needed glasses, he avoided going to the eye doctor because he didn’t want you to find out. It somehow got to him and made him feel old, mostly because he was just having a bad day and that was the icing on the cake. Once he finally told you, you laughed and made him realize how silly he was being.

Edit: I should have updated this sooner but these are actually in the game :D YandereDev himself liked this and even added it in the game as the KubzScouts easter egg :D I was bouncing off the walls when I saw Jay looking at them in game :D

This was supposed to be a scribble for Jay’s most recent Yandere Simulator video. but I ended up finishing it. I thought why not upload it. gonna upload it to my redbubble to I like it so much.

i drew it the day the video was posted. been too busy to upload it properly

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  • Pale White Dude With Glasses And A Beard That Lives In San Francisco And That's Never Been To Non Resort Parts Of Mexico Because It's Dangerous According To US Travel Warnings: Hello, this Italian caricature by a Japanese company wearing things from Mexican culture is racist
  • Mexican American Third Generation Woman Estranged From Her Family Because She Keeps Screaming About Homophobia At The Dinner Table And Can Barely Speak 5 Words Of Spanish: HE'S RIGHT! THIS IS MY CULTURE AND IT'S NOT OK

There was a sun once.
It lit the whole damn sky.
It kept everything,
everything alive.
And there was a man once.
He looked it straight in the eye.
He saw everything.
Everything. He went blind.



Thinking about how Rhys had to bear with Feyre’s hatred in order to keep her alive throughout the series makes me feel things. You know what else makes me feel things?

Chapter 54 in ACOMAF. *cries*

I honestly don’t know what I just drew. XD
I don’t even know why I made Pewds Nugget, likewise for Mark xD (I think it’s because the dude had glasses)

Anyways, I have 8 days left till round 2 of my publics, so have this random piece of thing I did based on Kindergarten, cause that’s the only video I managed to watch lately.

Oh yeah, since many of you guys have been wanting me to do more ‘behind the screen’ drawings, the nex post will definetelt be that!