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When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

Maple Pancake

Street racers!AU

warnings: Daehwi is older here, past and present, last one and then the finale, sneak peak, for the confused souls (I’m sorry), strong language, (ft. Minhyun), Daniel gets burned here but I’ll give him a happy ending, bloody graphic.    

You slumped down on the couch after throwing the records on the table. Kicking your flats off your feet, you stretched your legs on the sofa before grabbing the list of patients from the shelf beside you. Your fingers brushed against the coarse paper as you scanned for a specific name; a familiar one. However, you were interrupted by a sudden phone call.

You lowered the list and took the call, a female voice ordering you to head to the desk counter. Quickly wearing your coat and heels, you left your office and walked towards the head desk. You placed the file down on the desk before getting inside the counter and talking to the other nurses. Thereafter, you scanned the file once again, this time questioning a friend of yours, “When was the last time you checked on patient 0172893?”

“A month ago,” the younger female answered. You grabbed your stethoscope, sliding it around your neck thus advanced to the patient’s room. When you accessed the patient’s room, you saw the girl sleeping calmly under the covers until you noticed the tears streaming down her cheek. Silently, you observed the room around you; everything was well-organized, the books were stacked neatly inside the shelf, a few CDs lying on the desk, and a picture frame facing down on her table.

You only gave the picture frame a glance before writing down the recorded data; intensive cleaning, excessive sleep (always restless), and a very curious behavior. You explained in the record, picture frame faces down when the patient could’ve not placed it on the table at the first place. You added in the probable disorders or mental illness: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Severe Depression (previous record), developing insomnia.

Your attention shifted towards the girl who abruptly woke up. She stared straight at the ceiling to focus her vision before turning to you. You asked, “Nightmares?”

“It never ends,” she replied. You smiled as you stated, “Not easily, but eventually. How many hours do you sleep?”

“Four to five at most, but I have a few difficulties in between. Sometimes, I just feel restless after a long nap.” She answered truthfully, pushing her head deeper into the pillow. You recorded it down on her profile, thus threw another question, “Feeling any other discomforts besides sleep?”

She responded after a minute or two, “Just the same nightmare from before.”

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Michael, what is your favorite spell?

M: Protecting Jeremy has been and always will be my priority, wether it’s actually my job or not.

Busted - Harrison Osterfield x Reader imagine

Title: Busted
Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader
Synopsis: Tom comes home early and catches you and Harrison getting it oooon.
Word Count: 714
Warning: Pretty smutty ngl lads
A/N: Written for anonymous - “could you do a Harrison Imagine with prompts 78 & 91″.
Tagging: @1022bridgetp, guys, please let me know if you’d like to be tagged in future imagines so you know when I post them!

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Random thought but if I find out BamBam has a roommate who isn’t Yugyeom I will fly my ass all the way to Korea and I’m gonna start swinging fam.

I’m so tired of this idea that wanting to be able to navigate the world in an educated way, so you can maintain a productive and fulfilling level of mental health, is political correctness gone mad. There’s no perfect way to have trauma. There’s no threshold for a level of Real Trauma. There’s no reason to force people into painful situations or to side swipe them with triggering material just because you don’t want to stop being a jerk. There’s no reason we should value fear over empathy.

You’ve been through some shit and you can handle it internally without asking for help or breaking down? Good for you. That doesn’t mean everyone else can or should. That doesnt make you a better human than them or stronger than them or less of a snowflake than them. That shit is exhausting. Aren’t you exhausted? I know I am. Why the fuck do we think exhaustion is a virtue? We would all contribute so much more to society if we could cut down on the time spent literally fighting our own brains for control.

How funny that the same people who preach personal responsibility are also the ones making fun of people who are trying to responsibly maintain their emotional state. Hilarious that the people who gleefully shout ‘ARE YOU TRIGGERED?’ in response to someone’s request for educated emotional autonomy are the ones telling people to just deal with their shit. THEY ARE DEALING WITH THEIR SHIT, YOU SQUEAKY CURD WHEY WATER REJECT. ALL THEY’RE ASKING IS FOR PEOPLE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT NOT EVERY LIFE IS THE SAME AND TO PROCEED WITH KINDNESS AND MINDFULNESS.

That’s not a ridiculous request. That’s the literal least you could do for society. It costs zero dollars to leave someone the fuck alone and allow them to make healthy decisions and live their best lives. And if what you actually wanted was for people to be responsible for themselves and their actions, that’s exactly what you’d do.

me: makes a good point

someone: your*

me: ah. i see. youve run out of things to say to prove your side of the point and now are attacking my words in their physical form instead of their meaning. ill go ahead and mark score 1 for you my dude bc we all know who won here

when someone you don’t know joins the group chat

So in my classroom today the students were getting ready for my math lesson and I put up my hand (which is the school’s universal signal to quiet down, and, coincidentally, makes it look like you’re about to high five someone) and I joked, “I need everyone to give me five - as if you are trying to give me a high five from across the room…”

The kids do it but I hear this tiny, quiet… “Whh-pish!” from a student in the back, which made me laugh, and as I sat down next to the projector I just kinda mumbled to myself, “Top of the morning to you laddies - “


So then I had to spend the next few minutes answering all their questions about what was my favorite game that Jack played? what other youtubers did i watch? while they all gave me suggestions about videos i should see and basically it was the randomest thing ever but I could not stop smiling the rest of the day. 

And that is the story of how I managed to become the most popular 3rd grade teacher in about ten seconds.

(On a side note, isn’t that really cool to think about? I mean, a bunch of twenty 8-year-olds and their dorky ass teacher in a random elementary school in the middle of Texas, a totally different continent from where you even live, not only recognize but get joy at hearing your name and favorite phrases. Maybe that’s how you know you’ve got it made, Jack!)

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ok a while back u said sh/lav wasnt bestiality because s/av is an intelligent creature but like... by that same logic, like, the mice from the rescuers are intelligent creatures who can communicate with humans and probably consent to a relationship... i don't wanna be rude i just wanna know like where do you think the line is there

are you really comparing sh/lav to a disney movie about talking mice

Sometimes I think ‘am I getting too ride or die for this friend too quickly?’ and then I remember that in the first 24 hours of meeting:
- Kenzi, after getting knocked out from a distance by a guy whistling, broke into a warehouse full of weird super-powered people
- to save a girl she met the night before, who also has weird powers, and who she’s seen kill a man
- finds a room full of people, who she has good reason to suspect might also have creepy powers and/or be government
- which also has a dead monster dude on the floor???
- finds said girl with some other monster dude burning her temples with his fingertips???
- shouts to save her friend even though it reveals her to the entire crowd of people
- continues struggling against big burly guy who is holding her
AND THEN - Bo chooses humans because this tiny human girl saved her and her allegiance is to her, not these weird people making all sorts of grand offers, but to this friend who she doesn’t realize yet how important she’ll be, but is still who she chooses
- they go HOME and start making it homier after only knowing each other a day???

So really, my ride or die is about on the level of Bo & Kenzi or Dutch & Johnny

the samwell men’s chorale au

alright folks, you asked for it and here it is! warning that this will get long because i’ve thought a lot about this, mostly during breaks in choir class. 

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okk soo i have an intake in an hour and im shaking i cant do thsi please hel p

like i honestly dont think its going to be that hard but?? im reall ybad at talking to strangers and im even worse at talking about myself to strangers so waht if like? /theyre gonna ask me what good qualities i have? or bad?? liek i dont fukcng know i barely know my hobbies orz
and the even more dreaded quesion: why do you want to work here like dude we all know y,,, i need the fckng money but noooo tahts not an acceptable answer >___>

ic ant im gonna di e

Just think of Eliza trying to procure these stupid ramekin molds so she can make Ham the shitty food he wants and like this is what she does; she’s always doing things to make his life good and better.  

And what the fuck does he do for her?