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Psssst--So a friend and I thought about a Steven Universe AU for Septiplier and it ended up with this really angsty bit where Mark (Morganite, for a gem reference) is cracked during a battle against homeworld, and Jack (Emerald) had to poof and bubble him to save him from suffering, not unbubbling him until he had a healer to save him. I was just wondering if you could maybe draw a bit of that? ^^

 I’m sorry it took so long to answer x3 It’s a nice idea, and tho I am the worst with character design, the concept is neat :) 
 (I’m proud of the second one, why) Thanks for giving me something to procrastinate with btw x3
 I love suggestions like these :) 

I just want someone to love me the way Phil Lester loves Dan Howell. Is that too much to ask for?? Maybe. He’s just so fond of Dan, and I want someone to prank me into rubbing a banana all over myself, and now I’m crying??? ugh, love is everywhere yet nowhere all at once.

I know we said we’re fine,
But some days I still miss you
And I wonder if that’s fine because I know
It isn’t my place anymore
To ask you if you’re okay, to check if you’re still filled with the same cotton fibers
Or did they sew you up with new strings the last time you spilled your guts at the dinner table,
I wonder if your heart is still blue,
If you still love snow
And if you still think celery sucks

I think about the ways you used to chew on the corners of your lips
And if you still wear your favorite t-shirt,
The one that looks a little too much like the city skyline,
Dark with holes on it just big enough
To let the fluorescent brights of how we used to smile shine through

I remember the jokes, the smell of hydrochloride, and the way your hands
Swirled the dust free-floating on air
While you told me the story of how you held the frog in your hands before you cut him open so you could learn
Something you already should’ve known
—That it takes guts to have a heart
Before you said your lab partner’s hair smelled like watermelons

And how you thought she was the most spirited girl you had ever seen,
How she brightens your day just like you used to brighten mine, even when you didn’t know why she had the power of a good day
resting in her pocket just yet

I know we said we’d stay friends,
But I think about the way we parted on the sidewalk because neither of us wanted to
Step on the cracks in between and
I realize in those moments that
You’ve never looked more beautiful
Than you did walking away from me and
That maybe we were meant to pave our own roads and regardless of whether or not I miss you,
It isn’t my place anymore
And somewhere out there is a vacancy waiting for me to make it my own

But some days,
Some days I still find myself looking back,
Searching for that hole in the sky,
Some tiny speck of light that might tell me something different.

—  Serenity.06|| “Is It Still,” 06.20.16

This just in both B and B are responsible for the fire that burned down their house. More at 11

Have a (very) messy follow-up in which Siren wants to know so badly why Ace Pirate is such a music critic that she climbed the side of the ship to lodge a complaint.

tbh there’s nothing i want more rn than to just drop everything, get a ticket for tokyo and meet up with the dude and just walk through japan together with no care in the world

a list of things that happened in last night's episode

1) let’s just get this out there right off the bat: I love New Jesus I love him I love him (that sentence would look so weird to someone who doesn’t watch the fosters)

2) piano-accompanied sex flashbacks MEGA YIKES

3) “I looked it up and it’s like $40,000 a year and” blah blah blah it’s called college loans Brando, we all have them (but I am enjoying a brandon who puts other ppl before himself though don’t get me wrong I’m totally loving it)

4) “did you put that on for monty?” stef that is ICE COLD alright alright alright ok now ladies

5) um every child in the adams foster clan is a fucking entrepreneur what the shit?

6) “it’s like an ex-girlfriend convention in here” SIBLING SASS SIBLING SASS MORE OF THIS PLS THX these kids are a family not coworkers I wanna see them ACT LIKE IT 

7) “I have 50,000 dollars I’d like to invest in you” that sounded unnecessarily sexual. never talk about putting things in people when you’re making a business proposition that’s a little helpful tip from me to you kiddos

8) I had to pause for a second when the connor/jude scene started, just to collect myself ow ow ow ow ow

9) mmk we don’t even get a hug mmk fine

10) now that jesus is back I want a jesus/jude scene like nobody’s business. two snarkiest characters on the show runner-up only to mariana. can you imagine the snark CAN YOU

11) stef’s mom. STEF’S MOM. too good too pure

12) lexi all like “:) no hard feelings :)” um how much you wanna bet yes hard feelings 

13) AJ is the cutest motherfucker get on his level


15) callie and brandon are being the opposite of subtle and stef’s mom is so nosy how has she not noticed that this freaky-deaky shit is goin on under the same roof her ass is legit sleepin beneath I’m calling bullshit

16) the fosters is cooking up a stef/life-threatening disease storyline and i am not down with it

17) seeing AJ at a nerdy convention would be precious but I don’t think it’s gonna happen somehow, I think he’s gonna bail or idk something’s going to go wrong


19) someone give sad potato jude a fucking hug (no not you mr. stevens UH this is really weirD Oh my gosh whAT I swear I really wasn’t expecting that to happen when I started typing this sentence but it hapPENED)

20) if you’re reading this: rewatch the lexi poster reveal scene again and replay it four times so you can get a good long look at each. individual. expression on each. kid’s. face. that is comedy gold right there, I’m telling you

21) mariana/lexi situation: called it. stef/cancer situation: called it. AJ bailing situation: fucking called it. I am on FIRE

So while looking at the Wikipedia page for Justin Trudeau I stumbled across this wonderful picture, and I can’t stop laughing…

re: that photo

It’s the first time she’s been away from them both for the whole weekend since the baby was born. Charlotte had called the weekend before, saying she was cashing in on a promised spa getaway and would brook absolutely no refusals. Lizzie had sputtered that she couldn’t—the baby, her boobs, the bassinet.

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“We’re just getting started! Let’s close this inning cleanly and show them how scary our baseball is!

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Avatar ended years ago! Stop being butthurt over your shitty ass ship not becoming canon! You butthurt cunt! I hope some fucking shoots your zutaran ass because you deserve to die! People like you old a grudge for years over it a continue to bash kataan! I HOPE YOU DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH! AND I HOPE THEY RAPE YOUR DISGUSTING ZUTARA CORPSE AFTER THAT FUCK YOU KATAANG RULES ZUTARA SUCKS YOU MOTHERFUCKER!

1st, I am so honored that my first piece of anon hate came about due to Zutara.

2nd, It’s “Kataang”

3rd, Had Bryke handled the ship better, built it more fully through the show (and not just as a one-sided crush through 2 seasons), I’d have fewer problems with it.

4th, I don’t really consider addressing the unhealthy elements of a relationship “bashing” it. If you do, then I hope you grow as a person, for one day you may end up in a relationship where being able to recognize problems and deal with them in a rational matter becomes %1000 times more important.

Finally, aren’t you really glad I am someone who does not suffer from suicidal thoughts? Aren’t you glad your words brought me nothing but masochistic glee? I don’t know why you want blood on your hands, and especially over something as trivial as an animated show, but calm the calamity that is your mammaries.

Now, I’m going to go read more fanfiction featuring Zutara, as I found a wonderful Modern AU where he’s a firefighter. My ability to enjoy something is not dependent on your opinion, nor is it dependent on what other people enjoy. If you want some Kataang fic recs, I’ll find you some. I think there was a one shot I saw a while ago while scrolling through AO3 where they play DND together.

please remember this before you rip into dirk over his relationship with jake. he knows he was shitty so please give the kid a break.