dude this was an incredible costume

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Hey! I saw you post a lot of GIFs of Korean dramas and I really want to start watching some because they look really really interesting... So I was wondering if you could give some recomandations?

I WOULD BE HAPPY TO (and please come talk to me about them as you watch lol IT’S BEEN AN ISLAND)!!

here’s just My Favorites so far, but if you want me to give you recs for a specific genre or tone let me know and i’ll be happy to add to the table :D. the names to all of them will give you a link to episode 1 w/ english subs

favorites (have watched from start to finish)

kill me heal me. a third-generation business heir is develops dissociate identity disorder (DID)  and hires a first-year psychiatric resident to help treat him in secret. i was super not into this show based on the premise, but it kept getting rec’d so i gave it a go AND IM SO GLAD I DID. it’s probably my favorite tv series after BSG– there’s genuinely hilarious comedic scenes, heartbreaking moments, and several twists that made me clutch dramatically at the front of my shirt a couple times. the main actors deliver, especially ji sung who plays 7 different personalities effortlessly (like, you can immediately tell which personality is emerging based entirely on non-verbals). i Wibbled a lot and laughed a lot and it was just A++ quality

happy ending | warnings for child abuse, psychiatric treatments, mentions of suicide | 12/10 ranking | 20 episodes

empress ki. OKAY I HAVEN’T FINISHED THIS ONE YET. but it’s amazing and you should give it a go if you want a longer story. it’s about the historical empress ki, a korean woman who goes on to become the empress of china. she’s AMAZING. and goes through a ton of character transformations. there’s romance, revenge, and an electrical guitar riff plays everytime there’s political subterfuge IT’S INCREDIBLE. if you ever wanted a historical drama about a woman moving her way up to the top motivated by REVENGE this is a great one for you

unknown ending (i would guess sad because #history) | warnings for executions, mentions/allusions to assault, violence, SORROW | 9.5/10 rating | 51 episodes (i’m on 39)

moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo. a remake of a chinese drama, this is the story of a modern-day woman being sent back in time to the goryeo era (918-1392) of korea where she meets and befriends (well, most of them) 13 royal princes (they’re all Beautiful and have a Signature Color it’s amazing). eventually she gets caught up in the political drama, and tries to change the course of history. this show is such emotional whiplash, and i mean that in a positive way. one episode will be a birthday party and the next POLITICAL ASSASSINATION. i enjoyed the ride, though the timeskips/character development elements could occasionally get Weird. the costuming and vibes are beautiful <3

bittersweet/sad ending | warnings for executions, torture, dudes being jerks, historical incest | 9/10 | 18 eps

beating again / falling for innocence. woman meets evil businessman with incredible fashion sense. evil businessman tries to ruin the company the woman works for. evil businessman receives a heart transplant from woman’s dead fiance. Shit Goes Down. I would say this is half workplace drama, half romance, with a good chunk of comedy thrown in and a couple of moments that hit you like a truck. this one’s also on netflix!

happy ending | warnings for death/murder, referenced suicide, the lead being a total asshole for the first 5 or so eps | 9.5/10 | 20 eps

other favs:

moonlight drawn by clouds. cute, historical romcom/coming of age story about a romance writer who disguises herself as a boy and ends up working for the crown prince as a eunuch

secret garden. asshole businessman with the MOST AMAZING TRACKSUITS falls for a badass stuntwoman. badass stuntwoman stans international pop superstar Oska who turns out to be asshole businessman’s cousin. AND THEN the businessman and stuntwoman end up switching bodies every time it rains.

she was pretty. another office-place/romcom about mistaken identities. i started watching this because it has 2 of the same leads as kill me heal me and it was a cute romcom journey. YOU WILL ROOT FOR THE SECOND LEAD THOUGH. Also devil wears Prada vibes.

currently watching/still airing

Goblin. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! A minor revenge demon (goblin) has lived 900 years searching for the Goblin’s Bride–the only woman who can end his immortal existence by pulling out a cursed sword embedded in his chest that’s invisible to the human eye. Through the intervention of his “nephew” (a member of the human family that has served him and a Certified Rich Kid of Instagram), he ends up becoming flatmates with a Grim Reaper, who can’t remember his past life. This show is BEAUTIFULLY shot, with filming in both Korea and Canada, and is perfectly balancing comedic moments with heartpunches. It has so many of the tropes i love, and if you’re a fan of being human this will likely be up your alley as well. Currently 4/16 episodes.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Cute show about a famous weightlifter and her friendship/eventual romance with a swimmer. Characters are college-aged and it’s a really adorable romcom/slice of life drama. Currently 8/16 episodes.

After that ask a lil bit earlier I’ve been thinkin’ and here’s a list of the costumes I’ve seen people come in to play Lazer Tag while wearing;

  • A full 20-strong squad of power rangers
  • Various Disney ladies
  • Ninjas
  • Marvel characters ranging from a screen-accurate captain america to a dude who just painted himself green
  • Popeye
  • Thunderbirds
  • “Mad Max” characters
  • A full 20-strong squad of Where’s Wally’s
  • Some incredibly enthusiastic Pirates
  • Zombie Surgeons
  • Cowboys
  • Indians
  • Georgian Ladies and Gentlemen of court (feat. big-ass glow in the dark bouffant wigs)
Winteriron halloween prompts!

Because I lack the focus/commitment to actually write these, I hope someone would write something out of these prompts/headcanons.


Imagine Bucky & Steve as modern vampire roommates. Imagine Bucky meeting Tony via a human volunteer program, where human volunteers get paired up with a vampire for feeding (and that’s how Steve meets Sam of course). 


Imagine Tony in an incredibly white-dude-in-a-horror-movie fashion accepted a dare from his asshole friends to spend a night in a haunted house. It turns out the house was rumored to be haunted because of Bucky’s screams when he was on the Chair. The haunted house was an abandoned Hydra facility, and even though Bucky broke out of his cryo, he never left the house.


Imagine Bucky and Tony wearing each other’s costume for halloween.


Imagine if Tony was in the car when Bucky caused the accident that killed Howard. (shifting the timeline so he’s a tad older than he was supposed to). He was in a coma ever since, and his spirit/ghost accidentally haunted Bucky and they grew closer. He’s technically not dead, but they didn’t know that, so Bucky was constantly beset by guilt that he killed this brilliant young man he was rapidly falling in love with. One day Tony disappeared and Bucky was devastated. Until he saw the news that Tony Stark has awoken from his coma.


Imagine Tony got dragged into a haunted house by his friends and Bucky is one of the scarers. On the way he got separated with his friends and he was so scared Bucky felt bad and accompanied him to the exit.


Imagine Bucky and Tony being apartment neighbors who’s been flirting back and forth. Their apartment doesn’t get trick or treaters so they didn’t prepare candy. On halloween one of them knocks on the other’s door and when they tell them they don’t have candy the other goes ‘how about some sugar instead’.


Imagine werewolf!Bucky meeting were!cat Tony. Everyone thought they would claw each other eyes out the moment they met, and while they certainly hiss at each other at first, they bond quickly after. (Imagine were!cat Tony purring and snuggling to his new mate, imagine Bucky being super protective and territorial)


Imagine if Toni/Tony is wearing something revealing/sexy for halloween and got hit on while s/he’s out with friends. The guy is persistent and s/he is starting to get annoyed but before s/he gets to tell him off, a handsome guy dressed as the Winter Soldier cut in with the whole ‘is this guy bothering you’ line.


Imagine Bucky & Tony being friends from childhood (it was Bucky, Tony & Steve until Steve moved to New York) and they always share their haul for halloween every year. Even after they’re too old to go trick or treating, it’s tradition to eat candies together on halloween. This year when Tony opened the candy wrapper, a diamond ring fell out with ‘will you marry me?’ written inside of the wrapper.


Imagine Bucky rescuing a black cat that’s being harassed by superstitious jerks who gets paranoid during halloween. He brought the cat home and took care of it, but the minute Halloween ends the cat turns into a mouthy, annoying, yet charmingly handsome man. Bucky almost liked him better as a cat.


As usual I have more ideas than I could ever write so. Yeah. Happy Halloween!

here. have some incredibly short lolix trash inspired by this post because it is the cutest thing in all of reality and i love it

“Aaaaand, cut!”
“Dude, what the fuck was that.” Tucker said immediately, glancing around. “I mean. What the fuck was that. Do people want to see Felix fall off a cliff and die or - ?”
“Thank God, I am getting out of this armour. Right now.” Donut said promptly, and proceeded to strip down to his undersuit, tossing pieces of armour to the side, to the poor costumers’ chagrin.

Locus, however, was hurrying over to the side to help Felix up from where he was currently sitting on the little mat under the edge of the cliff he had ‘fell’ from.

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How much character does that small "oh sh--" give this Bruce though?

an incredible amount and it’s one of my favorite moments from the trailer because no other movie interpretation has ever allowed for bruce to be so human while wearing the cowl. it’s an incredible contrast that even though he smiles as bruce wayne, it feels more pretend than when he’s in costume and mutters one word and a half that shows he a) acknowledges he fucked up b) acknowledges he’s about to get fucked up c) actually has humor

like, i had faith in this film from the start even when zack said it was drawing material from miller’s TDKR, but i never expected to see the day a film would allow for bruce to be… well, the dude we know from the comics

TMNT Comic Con 2015 - Turtles go to Comic Con Script

I saw shellebelle1980 had an anon who wanted this written out so here it is! And here’s a good video of it:


(Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey are incognito at San Diego Comic Con. They’re wearing the classic trench-coat disguise as they try to blend in with the crowds.)

Mikey: Whoa! Look at all the people! Look at all the crazy cosplay, yo!

Raph: That’s cosplay? I actually thought most of ‘em were mutants!

Donnie: Yeah, yeah, real funny, Raph. Guys, this is INCREDIBLE! This is the one time we can actually go out in public and mingle with real people!

Leo: Yeah, dressed like flashers. That’s great Donnie.

Mikey: *gasp* Dude, look over there, man! I think that dude’s cosplaying Mazes and Mutants! Yo dude, stand up! Stand up! Yeah, yeah, you! Fantasy guy! Come on, come on! I knew we shoulda come in our LARPing costumes, dudes!

Raph: Turtles dressed as elves, dwarves and hobbits makes ZERO sense! Seriously! Turtle-hobbits?

Leo: What are you talking about Raph? I just saw a girl dressed as Optimus Prime, Cobra Commander, and Papa Smurf at the same time!

Mikey: It’s called “crossplay,” dude! It’s the new shiznick!

Donnie: Whoa whoa whoa whoa, hold up! Look. At. That. Is she supposed to be April? Stand up, April! Now that… is a cutie.

Raph: I just wanna drive the Turtle Mech over all these crowds! There’s a line for everything!

Donnie: And the bathrooms! Aw man! Our sewer’s cleaner! I have seen things living inside those toilets that would turn your shell green, dude.

Leo: Guys, be serious. We have to look out for Shredder. Wait… why are there so many people dressed as Shredder? With costumes consisting mostly of tinfoil? A-Anyone in the audience dressed as Shredder, stand up!

Donnie: Oh.

Mikey: Do we have any GIRL Shredders out there?  Can I get a “What What?”

Donnie: (mocking) What What?


Girls in audience: What What!

Mikey: That’s what’s up!

Tiger Claw: What what. …Master Shredder, I regret to report that the exclusive Legend of Korra – Chief Beifong statue is… sold out.

Shredder: What? How could they not make enough? I must have that statue! Do you know how much it’s already going for on eBay? Find out who is in charge of production and have them destroyed!

Tiger Claw: Of course, Master Shredder.

Shredder: Steranko! What are you doing here? I thought I told you to hold our place in line for H – Hall H!

Rocksteady: Is not my fault! Standing in line all the day is boring! And I already missed the panel for Star Wars: The Force was Still Sleeping and Then it Woke Up because this title makes none of the sense!

Shredder: You fool! Mark Hamill was at that panel! I told you I wanted his autograph!

Rocksteady: Ah! I am sorry. I have been busy looking for the Megan Fox! Oh-ho boy… she make my horn tingle.

Tiger Claw: What what?

Donnie: Whoa! Shredder and his goons!

Rocksteady: Look! Is fans dressed up like turtle ninjas! Very lifelike!

Tiger Claw: Those are the real turtles, you imbecile!

Shredder: Destroy them!

Raph: Let’s raise some shell!

Leo: Wait wait guys we can’t fight in here! All the people! …plus, we will get kicked out!

Rocksteady: Da. He brings up the good point. I still need to get the Chief Beifong statue, bending the earth, yes?

Mikey: Yeah, we tried that one already, bruh. Sold out.

Shredder: Very well. I will let you live this time, turtles. But as soon as I get out of the Robot Chicken panel I assure you… muahahahaha… you will meet your doom!

Tiger Claw: You know, I heard that Seth Green is much taller than he looks in the movies.

Rocksteady: Is he robot, or chicken?

Shredder: Lies!

(Shredder exits with his henchmen.)

Raph: Well that was disappointing. No butt-kicking, huh? Imma go check out those hobbit plushies…

Donnie: Yeah I gotta tell ya Raph, you’re a hard hobbit to break, but… you guys do your thing. I’m gonna go talk to that April cosplayer…

Leo: Yeah I think I see a Karai cosplayer out there! I’m all over that like Mikey on pizza!

Mikey: I’ll give that a Comic Con level… BOOYAKASHA!!!

Thing I currently need: A Sterek Austenland (movie version) AU. Peter Hale runs an immersive Austen vacation site where vacationers are costumed up, put into a faux Regency setting for a week, and given a romance plotline with a hot actor. One of the actors is off filming something, so Peter talks Derek into stepping in. MEANWHILE, Lydia decides to go on an anywhere-but-here vacation and gets Stiles to agree to go with her. Only then does she tell him they’re going on a Regency cosplay vacation.

Stiles is all, “ffs, I didn’t know I was blowing this much money on a trip up Mr. Darcy’s ass,” but it’s almost impossible to say no to Lydia when she really gets going, so he winds up buying the cheapest possible ticket package and figures he’ll smuggle in his phone and spend the trip playing Candy Crush in his room.

They head out on their trip. Peter Hale is vaguely creepy at them and makes it clear that Stiles’ punishment for buying the bargain ticket package is that he’ll never have any fun ever, as all the fun stuff is for rich people. Stiles is already regretting all of his life choices at this point, but Lydia is into it, so he lets her drag him into the costume shop and swaps out his jeans for breeches.

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I see you are another Eurocentric putting your own image on what ancient Egyptians looked like . You want so much to take credit for an African civilization. Sorry they look nothing like you and their is a clear distinction between indigenous and inv

Ok first of all, wtf.

Second, Hi. You could also start a conversation like a civilized person by saying hello. It helps a lot when you want to start a discussion. Unless you just wanted to insult me? In that case, why?

I’m going to assume this is about my Rami Malek portrait as Ahkmenrah, as it’s the only somewhat Egyptian thing I’ve ever done.

You have no idea how much I just want to tell you to get down your righteous high horse and go fuck yourself.

This is a fictional character from the movie Night at the Museum, played by Rami Malek who is, guess what, Egyptian. I did not even paint his skin as light as it is in real life.

I love History. I have loved it all my life and I enjoy few things more than studying the wonders of ancient Islamic medicine or Chinese astronomy. i am perfectly aware of Europe’s Dark Ages and tendency to steal discoveries from old manuscripts and claim it as their own.

There have been black Pharaohs, lighter skinned pharaohs and also white skinned pharaohs (the Ptolemies for exemple). I admittedly know more about the last generations of pharaohs as I’m an Alexander the Great gigantic fan and have much more interest in the Macedonian and Hellenistic period than the Egyptian’s Early Dynastic one.

But I guess that will piss you off even more, all those disgusting light skinned dudes. But I digress.

In this kids movie they at least had the guts to cast someone of Egyptian descent. He’s not wearing blackface or anything like that and even if it’s a little silly, his costume does contain interesting pieces of clothing that are inspired by the ones worn by kings of his time.

So, I draw a portrait from a fun movie and you accuse me of taking credit for the entirety of an African civilization. Just because Rami Malek doesn’t look like what YOU decided Egyptians look like?

 I just have to wonder, are you alright in the head? Are you so incredibly bored that instead of promoting that wonderful civilization, you attack people for drawing a fictional pharaoh? Also, what tells you I am not of African descent?

Before you attack people on the Internet like some idiotic social justice warrior, you should take a minute and think about what you’re doing with your life.