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Lupe is my new favorite Adventure Zone character, okay?

∞ what it takes to be INFINITE ∞


Designs for my OCs Azriel, Yuma and Elias. I’ve got a rough idea of their backstories but they all live as courtesans in the royal palace.

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Can you recommend some of your favorite manhwa? Preferably translated ones since my Korean is sucky but non-translated is fine too lol


Window to Window (BL)

it’s about childhood friends Ginu and Yubin and man do I love these boys. Like, if I was stuck on an island and I had to pick two webtoon characters to be with me, I’d be with Ginu and Yubin (although Sangwoo and Bum would be a close first).

Ginu’s handsome, tall, but very cuddly and clingy whereas Yubin is more moody and dark, trying to hide his torch for Ginu.

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  • Korean - a portion of the money will go to the ones who contributed to this chapter
  • English - a portion of the money will go to the ones who contributed to this chapter
  • Fan Translated English

What Lies at The End (BL)

So Taemin, this really rad dude got into an accident and suddenly he woke up as this high school student named Siwon, a weak and often bullied kid. Taemin, meets his old friend Woojin who disappeared from his life and somehow, he figures out Taemin’s little body swapping secret. 

I actually feel like jumping into this manhwa and like fighting every ugly mug there because I don’t like bullies and I DON’T LIKE JOOHOON. That mf can find me in the alleyway of McDonald’s. 

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Lover Boy (BL)

Eunho has been in love with Jaeha, a man several years older than him. After Jaeha got married, the love Eunho had for him was smothered as he grew up and moved on with his life. After coincidentally meeting Jaeha again at a cafe, Eunho tries to make his love come true.

So this is less of a plot, which is surprising that I like it considering that I get really bored if it’s only smut and no substance. But honestly, the character development is so sweet and pure that I end up liking it anyways because the author is less about some antagonist in the story ruining shit up but more of the emotional growth between Eunho and Jaeha. 

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What Does the Fox Say? (GL)

Seongji has just joined a mobile game company. Her face is stoic and she appears displeasing and even scary at times but her heart is very pure and she tries her best. Sumin, on the other hand, is her manager and a hot blooded woman who doesn’t hesitate to be crafty with her work and her workers.

OMG the art is so good and the story is a kind of slow in the beginning but the intense curiosity of Seongji and Sumin really keeps you on edge. This is probably one of my favorite GL webtoons ever not only because of the art but all of the characters so interesting. 

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I’m sure there’s more but these are some of my all-time favorites. 

Here is a list of things that Snape canonly, definitely, absolutely, no-need-to-look-for-proof did (I saw it on tumblr so it must be true)

- Stalked Lily. He had a pair of binoculars in his office, and also a newspaper with two eye hole cut into it. Snape used to sit in the tree outside Lily’s bedroom window, or the bench in her favourite park, and hiss menacingly at children and the elderly as they walked by

- Couldn’t take no for an answer. When Lily told him to fuck off, Snape immediately summoned his fedora and a guitar, and sang a sad song called nice guys finish last. He followed Lily round like a puppy, crawling and begging, until she finally kicked him which prompted Snape to kick any puppies he saw for the rest of his life

- Terrified children. Snape used to hide round corners dressed in a variety of costumes, such as killer clowns, vampires, monsters, and the taxman. He would jump out at children, shout ooga booga! and hiss menacingly (which also came in handy during the stalking)

- Stole from James. As most people do with their favourite bully, Snape idolised James and thought he was wonderful. Thus Snape would eavesdrop during class to find out what tips James had so he could write them down. Pride? What pride? Nobody needs pride when James Potter is around, that swell dude, so awesome, so rad. Even his bullying victims love him. Snape even stole James’s so he could run his fingers lovingly across the pages

- Made Sirius go to prison. Just like with James, Snape adored his other bully to Sirius to such a degree that he strived to know everything about him, including whether he was a Death Eater or not (Snape and Voldie are BFFs and Voldie tells Snape everything). When Sirius was arrested, Snape could have told the truth that he definitely knew every single Death Eater in the world and that Sirius wasn’t one of them, but some children were looking so he had to be scary instead by not telling the truth that he was 100% definitely absolutely sure of

- Was an adult at the same time he was a child and student. Yes, Snape was neglected and abused, lived in poverty, had one (1) friend, and was severely bullied at school which led to him falling in with a group of young Death Eaters who preyed upon the vulnerable but– BUT—Snape also abused his students as a teacher, which means that all that other stuff is okay because teenage Snape should have thought twice before adult Snape was mean to kids. I mean, James and Sirius absolutely knew that Snape was a dick teacher so their bullying towards him was a-ok. God Snape, why weren’t you more aware of your future self like your bullies were?

- Never did anything good. Ever. Spying on the Dark Lord to the Dark Lord’s face? Using Occlumency against the greatest Legilimens in the world? Saving the life (multiple times) of the kid of the one woman you ever loved and the man who bullied you for years? Giving your life to save said kid and the wizarding world? Nah man, none of that matters if you were a mean teacher too. Don’t you know that being mean cancels out everything good you’ve ever done and makes it void? God, Snape, why didn’t you know that?

Shoutout! To all the bad ass peeps out there who are dealing with some shark week bullshit

Nonbinary heros

Demiboy kings

Trans guy space cowboys

Genderfluid ass-kickers

You are all so freakin’ awesome, and the fact that you deal with this bloody bullshit AND manage to be fucking rad as hell??? That’s so great, dudes. Keep it up. Y'all are manly as fuck, genderless as fuck, and masculine as fuck. Proud of you.

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wanna chat? pt. 17

on ao3
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i said a bunch of things in the note on ao3 but its like. sooo long so yeah just check that out please and thanks ilysm 

(son of a gunn = adrien, the worst = alya, lol death = nino, its red = mari)

what is happening in this anymore


son of a gunn: NASA!!! PLANETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!

son of a gun has changed their name to trappist


the worst: as adorable as it is to see u nerd out like the loser u are
sleep boi

trappist: WHO CAN SLEEP AT A TIME LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol death: hello my dudes why are we yelling

trappist: NASA!!!!!!!!!

lol death: nice
the one good thing the americans gave us

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Aight i have the headcanon though it makes no sense: mark accidentally changing mid-recoding/edits while cam is on and then the team has to remind him bc he didnt even realize 

@paperbaghero dude keep making those wolfiplier comics! Theyre so rad!

today i was sitting in the target parking lot and this big black guy with dreads all the way down his back pulled up next to me with his window down and excitedly asked, “are you vegan?!” (my car is covered in vegan stuff). he happily told me he was too, asked where to eat around here, and yelled “vegan for life!” before waving and driving away.

not only did it totally make my day, but i just want to point something out here…

these are the vegans you are erasing when you say shit like “veganism is just a skinny white girl thing”. there are vegans of ALL races, body-types, religions, genders and walks of life. just because you want to make this lifestyle seem elitist or silly or extreme does not mean that you get to totally erase all the vegans out there who don’t fit your narrow, problematic stereotypes.