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Dude, bro...

Anyone who says they don’t like Craig Cahn are sitting on a throne of liars.
I mean.. bro.. he is eff-in perfect, dude.💦💖
And Amanda? She is my best friend now. Everyone can go home. 💞

Tuesday Fic Rec #14 (Stiles/Scott)

I feel like i need to put a disclaimer that this week’s rec is not Sterek and if y’all don’t have anything nice to say about the pairing rec’ed here keep it to yourself and do not spread hate either on this post, on the works or to the authors.  

Picture Perfect by RTSideStories | stiles/scott | m | 14k | 

Scott McCall has just lost his home to a blazing fire, and has moved in with long time best friend (and support network) Stiles Stilinksi. Over time, they’ll come to realize how close they really are, and what they could be together, thanks to a mouthy baker.

Ah-dorably oblivious Scott getting some guidance from baker!Derek. But guys this is 14,000 words of adorable fluff with pets and best friends falling in love and adopting kids. It’s so, so worth the read. 

Broken in Paradise by BootsnBlossoms | stiles/scott | t | 6.8k | 

“You’re not dysfunctional,” Scott insisted darkly. “No matter what that jackass —”

“Blake is not a jackass.”

“He is when he calls you dysfunctional,” Scott growled.

“Can we not?” Stiles folded his arms over his chest, watching Annie approach with their breakfasts. “It’s eight in the morning on a Saturday, Scott, and I don’t want to have this conversation anymore. Today it’s just you, me, and the river.”

Protective Scott! Asexual Stiles! Emissary Stiles!!! for alpha Scott!!! doing a cool ritual to protect the pack territory. It’s great and very sweet! 

Dude, bro by @petals42 | stiles & scott | t | 8k

“It’s Mister Stilinski,” Stiles repeats. “That- uh. There’s a mistake. On the paperwork. It’s Mister.” That was all it was. Just a mistake on the paperwork. On the school records and his birth certificate and his social security card. On all the paperwork. But still, just a mistake. That’s what his therapists said. His cells had made a little mistake but it isn’t disgusting or wrong or sick. He isn’t a mistake. Just the papers. His body.

Kid fic! by the incomparable @petals42 that is so adorable and very sweet and respectful and it’s just Stiles and Scott being bros in middle school as Stiles goes through coming out as FtM and Scott being nothing but supportive and protective ( ˘ ³˘)♥

anonymous asked:

idk if this matters in any way but i saw someone else ask about a typo and it reminded me -on this page: / scratch. php ?s=6&p= 005837 dave says 'TG: it like the tight end was going long down the yard in sudden death'. im assuming this is just a standard typo and nothing to read into but if that is the case im wondering whether hussie is known to have made many typos or ever corrects them if so?

On the other hand, this is Dave Strider, the dude that authored Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, the bro that wrote “ahlly yoop for the SLAM-DUNK”