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legit halfway through episode five of Dear White People I was like ‘all these wide shots of characters in the dead ass center of the frame remind me of Moonlight’ AND NOW I REALIZE BARRY JENKINS DIRECTED THAT EPISODE NO WONDER

The Birds and the Bees, Part 2 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1

Imagine: In preparation for your first time with Jughead, you seek out advice and guidance from your friend, Archie. As you spend time with Archie, Jughead starts to get the wrong idea.

Warnings: Discussion of sexual acts (no smut though!)

“What’s it like to have sex?”

Archie sputtered the water he’d been drinking, staring at you incredulously. Jughead had went to the bathroom, leaving you alone with Archie with just enough time to ask the million dollar question.

“Why?” Archie asked, getting red in the face.

You groaned. “Because I think Jughead and I are gonna do it soon and I’m scared.”

After admitting to Jughead you were ready to become physically intimate, you began taking part in what Veronica referred to as “heavy petting”. Which was simple enough, but the act of sex itself was a whole other ballgame, and coming sooner than you were prepared for. The Internet was a confusing source of information, so you figured you’d search for a firsthand account yourself.

“Why don’t you ask Betty or Veronica?” Archie said.

“It could make things weird between them and Jughead if they knew all about our business. You guys are like brothers, and frankly, I trust you more.” You smiled hopefully. “Plus, you know what guys like.”

Archie groaned, burying his face in a pillow. “This is too weird.”

“Please?” You whined, pouting.

He sighed, relenting. “Fine. We need more time, though. And we meet in private. I don’t want someone overhearing and telling Veronica what I’m talking to you about.”

Jughead returned. “Hey guys. What are you talking about?”

You smiled sweetly, a plan concocting. “Archie just offered to accompany me for my voice solo for the solo-ensemble competition! So we need the room a couple of times a week for a while.”

Jughead raised an eyebrow. “Why can’t I be here? I live here.”

You feigned a frown. “I’m really self conscious about my voice, Jug. I can’t focus if I know you can hear my singing. It would make me feel a lot better if you were downstairs while we’re rehearsing.”

Jughead shrugged, wrapping an arm around you with a smile. “Anything for my girl.”

Your eyes met Archie’s across the room and you grinned mischievously. Operation: Birds and the Bees was in effect.

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Imagine Sam and Dean finding your diary..

“Dude, no.” Sam started to smile as he stared at the book. 

“Dude, yes.” Dean grinned. 

“Dean..” Sam started, “Put it away. Y/N is gonna flip if she finds out that we found her diary.” Still, he continued to smile. 

“Just one page, Sammy.” 


“Oh, look. It says…” Dean looked up amazed. “How can she like you? Why not me?”


Just as you walked in. “What are you—Is that my diary!?” 

“You keep a diary.” Dean laughed. “But quick questions, why do you not like me? Why is Sam ‘so sexy’? Why do you like him? I’m clearly the better looking one!”

“Oh my gosh.” You snatched the diary back, blushing hard. “I hate you so much.”

“You like me?” Sam inquired starting at you. 

You bit your lip and took a deep breath. “I mean, Dean already blurted it out so.. I guess there’s no point in denying it..” 

With that came the biggest smile anybody has seen on Sam. 

frequent customer interactions at the ice cream shop

Customer: I’d like a small.
Me: Sure! Do you mean a single scoop or a kiddie size scoop?
Customer: A small.

Me: [hands customer a taste on one of our reusable taster spoons]
Customer: [tries to hand it back to me when they’re done tasting instead of placing it in the used taster spoon bucket, labeled USED TASTER SPOONS, which is 6 inches in front of their face on top of the cabinet.]

Customer: I’d like that one.
Me: Which flavor?
Customer: [vague gesture at the cabinet] That one.

Me: Waffle cone or sugar cone?
Customer: Cone.

Me: Cup or cone?
Customer: Yes.

EXO Reaction to: Receiving Nudes at Practice

Xiumin: gets excited because he knows that little baozi’s getting it in tonight

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Luhan: once he’s home, he drops the nice guy act he’d kept up at practice and his eyes darken with lust. “you’ve been bad today, you know that, right? and you must also know that bad people get punished”

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Kris: thinking, ‘I’M GETTING LAID TONIGHT!’

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Suho: tries to eat to distract himself from the tent forming in his trousers. he’s the leader, he has to stay level headed. but even chicken can’t distract him from your beautiful body and he suddenly realizes, 'wait, I’m a leader??’

“guys, I think we’ve worked hard today. let’s call it a night”

'so I can go home and teach (y/n) a lesson’ #daddy$uho

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Lay: hears jongdae gasp and is like “whoa, man, chill. my new phone’s cool but not that cool!” since he doesn’t realize it’s the nude he’s shocked about

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Baekhyun: runs home like he’s in the Olympics

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Chen: his dance moves are very sexy and thirst inducing for the rest of practice to the point that baek’s like “we’re singers, not strippers, calm down, dude”

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Chanyeol: “oh shit” he gasps, then panics and puts away his phone before any of the boys see. they look at him curiously but he plays it off, saying he forgot to tell you that he had practice tonight. but then he sees baekhyun smirking and he KNOWS that he knows

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D.O: 'this boy/girl is driving me insane’

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Tao: makes up an excuse to leave practice early then walks out like “bye, bitches! have fun not getting laid!”

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Kai: needs glasses to truly appreciate the work of art he’s looking at

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Sehun: in his mind, he’s singing 'oh girl the candles are lit, and all that’s left is me kissing your lips and lemme call you mama, cause we about to make a baby. and before I go put it in, I’ll go underwater girl just like a fish’

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1:27AM - Taeyong x Reader (M)

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Request: Hi! Can I request a virgin sub Taeyong (NCT) smut where you’re kinda younger than him but you’re the less innocent and more experienced one? Thanks! 

A/N: I had no idea if you wanted boyfriend or best friend Taeyong so this is a nice surprise yo. (I haven’t wrote anything as serious as this since my yusol..)

Warning/Content: Smut 

Taeyong, didn’t exactly strike you as a virgin; Usually he would be caught leaving the porn tab open on his computer by his room mate, Johnny and get teased by it later. 

“Dude you need to put the porn away and get laid” you and Johnny would tell him over and over. Problem being? Taeyong was inexperienced and actually blushed at the thought of having sex with another person. 

So one night, when you found him on your doorstep at 1:27am, asking for sexual guidance and how to please a girl you didn’t know whether to be surprised or not.

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Tom Holland x Medical Student (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed the first part. Here is part 2 ;). Tell me your thoughts. plus, I’m sorry for the stupid mistakes. I always see them after I post the story. ^^

Part 1

Part 2

After Tom left time flew. Soon I was leaving the hospital through the same doors that Tom exited the building. My mind keeps going back to our goodbyes that we shared a few hours ago. The drive home was the usual. Entering my apartment, I threw my jacket and bag on the couch and went to the kitchen. It was 8 p.m. I still need to eat something and get ready for my friend’s party. I wanted to text my friend for the address of the club or bar that we are going. However, I find myself on google searching for something I might regret afterwards. Tom Holland is written on the search bar. I bite my lip, I really want to look him up, but I don’t want to at the same time. Before I can think it over again I press on the search button. I heart is racing, I feel like a teenager that is hiding some nasty secret of her parents, I am officially going insane. Soon pictures of those familiar brown eyes pop on my phone’s screen. My heart melting away. The google page revealing the latest news of the actor’s life.

Tom Holland injured

Spiderman rushed into the ER

There were some very dramatic statements of some journals telling that Tom had a near death experience. I laughed a little. Then I scroll and see his twitter.

Tom Holland

I am alright guys, just got some stitches ;) thanks for worrying though

3h ago


Tom Holland

[Posts pic of him and Harrison]

I wanted to be the first to congratulate my mate for his newest role in Spiderman 2. You are going to be a great Harry. ;) we got to celebrate that, see you later.

1h ago

Y/N you need to stop stalking this dude. I put my phone away, closing my eyes I exhale in frustration. Wait, why was I on my phone? As I remember my friend texts me and giving me the address of the club. I put the address into google maps, my eyes widen when I realize where we are going tonight. I dial the number of my friend.

“What’s up, Y/N?”

“Did you send me the right address?”
“umm, yeah. Why would I send you the wrong address, duhh?”

“That club is really expensive and celebrities attend that place all the time, how were you able to get reservations in such an exclusive place?!”

“I have my contacts, darling. good thing that you’ve heard of that place. You need to wear something really nice tonight” she uses her ‘oh so very seductive voice’ to mock me and laughs afterwards

“haha, yeah. Let’s see what I’ll wear. See ya later.”

I open my closet and stare at my wardrobe. “Yeah, well shit…” I don’t have anything that is like really fancy. Suddenly, I remember that I do have a black dress from two or three years ago. I put it on and take a look at myself, it does still fit maybe it’s a little shorter now, but nothing too tragic. My makeup is pretty simple nothing too extravagant, since I’m not really in the mood to go out tonight. Putting my heels on, I call a cab that takes me to the club. I absolutely loathed entering a club alone, it’s a socially very awkward moment in my opinion. At the entrance there were two lines one that was endlessly long and another one that was pretty short because it was for private guests. My friends were already inside it was already 11 p.m. if I had to go to the end of the endless line I’d never get in. My phone starts ringing.


“Y/N where are you?!” I hear my friend shouting from the other end of the line. Loud music in the background

“I’m here outside of the club, but there is an endless line, I’m never going to get in.” I confess to her. Getting ready for nothing, yay. Who doesn’t love that.

“What if you try to enter through the other entrance, you know the line for the VIPs.”

“I-I don’t know… What if I get in trouble…?” I reply chewing my nail, terrible habit of mine. I pace around near the entrance.

“C’mon don’t be such a chicken” she was very persistent.

“If I get in jail or end up somewhere you come and find me, though!”

she laughs, “you are so dramatic, just try. I’m going towards the entrance to help you out with the security guys”

“or I could get you in. I mean you helped me out today and I got to return the favour, right. What do you say about that doctor?”, a familiar voice says from behind me interrupting my phone call. My heart stops for a second. No way. I turn around slowly revealing Tom Holland in a suit. Oh hell no this should be forbidden. My mouth drops open in disbelief.

“Tom”, I gasped, “w-what are you doing here?”

his grin is merciless and I hate him for that. He is making me all nervous. And when Y/N gets nervous she starts talking like a waterfall.

“Well, my friend and I are celebrating tonight. He landed a role in a very important movie.”

“Oh so that’s what you meant by ‘see you later’. He got the part in the next Spiderman mov-“ OH SHIT. Before I could think of what I was saying it was far too late. I just basically told him that I’ve been stalking him. My cheeks turn red and I start stuttering. He first gave me a weird look, but it soon turned into one of those smirks that says ‘so you were thinking about me’. I want to disappear right now.

All of a sudden there were the paparazzi around the corner, shouting and screaming for Tom.

“Umm, so do you mind if we get inside?” he says looking at the paparazzi giving them a tight smile. He puts a hand on my lower back to lead me inside.

Inside the music was blasting. I walk in front of Tom, right after the entrance I see my friend. Waving and calling her name she comes towards me. She looks at me, but the closer we get she gets her eyes on Tom. And honestly, I do not like how she’s looking at him.

“Y/N! you made it! I was right about to get you!” she explains in a very exaggerated manner. She was talking more to Tom than to me, but okay.

“Yeah, Umm, Y/F/N this is Tom. He helped me out.” I reply awkwardly making a weird hand gesture. “Tom this is my friend, Y/F/N”

“Y/N you didn’t tell me you knew Spiderman himself. How did you meet him?” Y/F/N continues flirting

“I-I actu-“ I try to explain and get interrupted by Mr. Tom Holland himself. I look over at him annoyed now.

“Actually,…”, he came closer and put a hand on my waist, I was all hot again, what the hell is he trying to do, “we met a while back and Y/N and I had to keep this whole thing a secret. You know privacy and media don’t get along well.”, he lied as if it was the most natural thing ever.

“Wait, ARE YOU GUYS LIKE TOGETHER?” my friend scoffed in disbelief. Geez, thanks? But I’m startled too. I mean I know guys don’t usually want to date me and that I’ve never been in a serious relationship before, but her reaction did kind of hurt a little. Nevertheless, I was shocked and it was one of those moments where, if I had a drink and I’d be drinking it I’d be spitting it out right now.

I laugh hysterically. “Yeah, no, no…” I tell her shaking my head.

“Well, no, we are not a couple, but we are dating or starting at least”, he admitted. What a big fat liar!

“Y/F/N can you hold that thought for a second. I need to talk with my almost boyfriend slash superhero.” I take Tom’s hand and head to a part that is more private. Fury the only thing that keeps me going right now.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?”, I shout at him.

“I thought it’d be fun to see your reaction.”, he confessed with a grin, “I’m sorry I put you through that”

“I can see it in your eyes. Mr. ‘I’m so sorry’, you aren’t sorry at all.”

“Touché, your friend was flirting way too obvious and I thought it would be amusing to see her all shocked that we’d be a thing. Plus, what kind of friend hits on someone else’s guy.” he laughs and his laughter is contagious because in that moment I realize how silly this is.

“Don’t tell me that you weren’t a little annoyed by how obvious she was trying to get into my pants.”, there was a challenge in his voice. The ‘laughing’ mood was turning into something more serious. I look away my cheeks turning a deep red.

“i-I guess it did bother me a little…” I shrug and he smiles in satisfaction.

“So, Y/N. Do you want to go back to your friend? And if you want to tell her the truth I’ll tell her that I was trying to prank her. No worries.”

“No, w-wait don’t tell her. Let’s keep it our little secret for tonight. I’ll tell her tomorrow morning that it was all a joke”, I admit biting my lower lip giving him a weak smile.

“okay, as you wish doc.” He smiles at me giving me a wink. “let’s head back” he offers me his arm that I take gladly.

The rest of the night was really fun. I danced with Tom and we had a drink together. His friend Harrison was a total sweetheart and we all had a blast. The next morning, I was woken up by the sunlight entering my room. I rub my eyes. What time is it? I get up and have a breakfast. Today I had to get some stuff done since it was my free day. I put some comfortable jeans and a t-shirt on. it was a sunny day and I can finally wear my new my sun glasses. I was about to close the door of my building, when I hear people running and shouting my name.

“What the heck?!”, I look at the mob running towards me.

“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N! look at the camera!”, a voice shouted. Flashes were blinding me, thankfully I had my sun glasses on.

“Y/N, how was your date-night with Tom yesterday?”

“Since when are you two guys dating?”

“Y/N what do you think of Tom’s upcoming movie!?”

The paparazzi were calling my name from all sides. Overwhelmed by the entire situation I began to run for my life. What the hell is going on here. How do they know me and where I live?

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Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader 

Request: HI! may you please write an imagine with Chris Evans, you guys met at comic con with you dressed up as the girl version of Captain America and he was taken away by how great you looked? thank you! (anonymous)

Word count: 1448

A/N: This turned out pretty long. Oops! Well, I hope that you’ll enjoy this :)


You stood in front of a mirror making sure your costume was perfect. You had dressed as a female Captain America this year because of your huge crush on the character and its actor. You had tried to make your costume as identical to the Civil War suit as you could. The only thing different in your suit was your feminine curves under it. You made some finishing touches on your hair and makeup and did a little spin to get a good look at the whole costume. It was even more perfect than you had dreamed. “Y/N, let’s go” you friend shouted at you from the door and you took one last look. You nodded at the mirror smiling widely, you were ready. “Yeah, I’m coming” you shouted back and walked to your friend. “Man, that costume is awesome Y/N! You really nailed it” your friend admired your costume and you smiled proudly before saying “Yeah, I really did”.

You walked in to Comic-Con and took in the scene. This is going to be a fun day, you thought while looking at everyone in their costumes. You and your friend walked straight to the Marvel booth. “Yo! Miss America!” you heard some guy holler at you and you turned around to them a bit annoyed. “It’s Captain” you answered trying to mimic Chris’ deep voice and jokingly made the iconic Captain America pose. “Oh, sorry dude, my bad” the guy put his hands up in defense and turned away. You turned back to your friend “Seriously? Miss America?” you laughed at your friend and shook your head. You browsed through the booth for a while before realizing the time. The photo op with Chris Evans was about to begin and you made your way there. This was the moment that you had been waiting for the most. Today was the day that you were going to meet Chris Evans!

You were waiting for your turn with Chris nervously. Your legs were shaking and palms sweating as you stood there. You took a deep breath and tried to calm yourself down. You didn’t want to be a blushing sweating mess when you met Chris. “Okay, it’s your turn” someone said and you walked through the curtain and immediately your eyes met Chris’. “Hey!” he greeted you and you tried not to freak out. “Hey, I’m Y/N” you shook his hand nervously. “Oh shit, that’s a nice costume! Did you make it yourself?” Chris looked at you and you did everything you could to keep the blush away. “Y-yeah I did. Captain America is my favorite Avenger” you looked at him smiling. “Well, you look amazing” he said and felt the suit. “Thank you” you looked into his eyes grinning widely. Oh god those eyes were beautiful. You were almost hypnotized by his gaze. Chris was looking at you and suddenly you felt yourself blushing. Was he checking you out? No, he couldn’t be. There is no way Chris Evans is checking you out. You looked at the smile on his face and the way he was looking at you. Could it be? You shook the thoughts out of your mind. You were just imagining the whole thing.

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Blanket Fort

Another dadsona x Craig fic, this time featuring @avenoire‘s adorable dad: Tony!

“I’m home!” Craig called as he walked into the house that evening. As he was shrugging off his jacket, he was surprised when no one came rushing to greet him. The twins were home from school, River was probably asleep upstairs, and Amanda had come to spend winter-break with the family, so imagine his confusion when his arms weren’t instantly bombarded by three excited girls and one affectionate boyfriend. Confused, Craig glanced down at the floor and saw that their snow-boots were there. Where was everyone then? “Girls? Tony?”

He heard muffled giggles and someone loudly shushing them. “In here!” A muffled voice called out. Curious and a little amused, Craig followed the sounds to the living room.

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Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star Of Ceartais Ch.7- The Things We Keep Hidden

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais. First off I’d like to thank everyone who has supported this fic and protested against the Troll Mafiaguy2017, whose hurtful rhetoric has no place in the zootopia fandom. And to Jill Fine, if you’re reading this please know I’m sorry for the online bullying you’ve endured and that I will always have your back. Thank you to everyone who, liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed the last update. A big thank you to the development team for this fic @nick-and-judy-daily, @raykamino , @senny74 and @alexboehm55144 who helped me structure this upcoming chapter and gave lots of ideas for future chapters, also thanks Alana for beta reading this, all you guys are AWESOME! So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

here’s the fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/8/Take-A-Stand-Star-Of-Ceartais

Chapter 7- The things we keep hidden.

“Last chance ass hats; leave.” Robyn said, standing her ground.

The horse with the bolt cutters had heard enough and swung the bolt cutters down at Robyn, she dodged them easily and kicked the stallion in the gut with such a force he was knocked into the side of his pick up truck with a visible dent….that was impossible Robyn was around the 17 pound mark in weight yet she managed to kick and launch 1500lb horse with little effort, The medicine!? She thought it gave super strength too! When Robyn realised what she had done she felt a surge of energy course through her, she was going to teach these thieves a lesson she bared her canine like teeth and grinned at the other horse who looked terrified and simply said “Playtime.”

“What the hell are you!?” The thieving horse babbled.

“I’m not sure myself.” Robyn tittered, loving the petrified look on the horse’s face.

“Little freak!” The thief crowed before throwing a punch down towards the much shorter hybrid.

Robyn saw this move coming and easily sidestepped the equine grabbing his arm as she did so, she flipped him on his back with a judo throw then like flash but him in a crippling arm lock “You really are as a dumb as you look.” Robyn sniggered, unaware that Kodi had gotten out his phone and started recording what was transpiring.

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Movie Affair

Chapter VII

Current obsession; Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Summary: Life as a young actress was hard, but when you get a part in a promising movie and reunite with the man you’ve fantasized about since you were 15 things get harder. At first it’s like every dream you ever had is coming true. But reality pulls you down from cloud nine as you start to fall for the one guy you weren’t supposed to.

WARNINGS: Language, music preference, mature content.

A/N: I had a meltdown bc of this stupid chapter, had to re-write the WHOLE DAMN THING. Bc I hadn’t saved the first draft -cuz I’m a moron like that- and lost it after I’d worked on it for three days and it was almost finished😭… But yeah, the original A/N said something like; I feel like I’ve taken too long to actually develop their affair so here goes nothing… Enjoy!


“I don’t want fucking McDonald’s” I complain looking out the window.

“Oh c'mon, you’re always up for McDonald’s” Aaron says and I roll my eyes. He wasn’t wrong, but I was mad right now so I wouldn’t admit it.

“You ruined my fun” I say crossing my arms over my chest and he huffs.

“I saved your ass from the press Y/N. If you had indeed ‘beaten him up’ even a little, you could’ve been out of the movie.“ he says half scolding me.

Choosing not to respond we find ourselves in silent for a few minutes, until I sight and -half heartedly- say “Thanks”. I eye him and see how he looks up from his phone and smiles at me. The gesture all too adorable, causing me to drool over him all over again. I look away, feeling my cheeks get warm.

“But I still don’t want McDonald’s, I feel like I might puke it right up” I say making a grimace and Aaron chuckles.

“Ok, but I want. So we’re still going” he says and I snort, rolling my eyes when a little smile peeks at my lips.

When we get there the driver parks the car and I frown. Couldn’t we get it drive-thru? I look at Aaron as he is about to open the door and grab his arm. “Hey, it’s late I’ll go with you” he looks at me and chuckles.

“I can take care of me” he says getting out of the car anyways, I lay on the seat in order to still see him. “Besides, you…. I’ll just be right back” with this he closes the door, practically on my face.

“Fuck ’s he tryna tell me?” I slur frowning and then sit back up looking at the driver with a questioning look. He shrugs.

“Too many guys with too little good intentions at this hour.” he says and I frown, not understanding what he means at first. But when I do I fixate my eyes outside the car, on Aaron specifically. “If you were my lady, I wouldn’t have liked for you to get out of the car either.” he says look at me briefly, flashing a smile. I sigh, it was cute if it was true. But I’d already had to deal with one of those guys today, two would just be a fucking party.

“I’m not his lady” I slur as I watch Aaron come back. He looks at me apologetically and I just smile. “Don’t worry”

When Aaron gets in with the bag of food we start heading back to the hotel. The driver turns on the radio and there’s a song playing that almost made me go to sleep, so I lean to the front seat and ask him to change it. In a very nice way. Like, “Change that crap! I’m falling asleep hereeee” Aaron chuckled and with hands on my waist dragged me back to my seat. The driver laughed and changed the station. I knew this one, I’d heard waayy too much. It was an Adele song. I gasp remembering the lyrics. Singing them as I used my right hand as a microphone.

Everybody loves the things you do

From the way you talk, to the way you move

Everybody here is watching you

‘Cause you feel like home

You’re like a dream come true.

Aaron was looking at me with a shocked expression. I chuckle and swing my shoulders side to side, carrying on with the song.

But if by chance you’re here alone

Can I have a moment before I go?

‘Cause I’ve been by myself all night long

Hoping you’re someone I used to know

I look at Aaron, realizing he had started to sing with me on the second verse. I smile and we keep on singing like the two drunks we were.

You look like a movie

You sound like a soong

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young

Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us so restless

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

In the pause I rest my cheek on Aaron’s shoulder, giving the song more passion.

I was so scared to face my fears

Nobody told me, that you’d be here

And I swear you moved overseas

That’s what you said, when you left me

I sit back up turning my whole body to Aaron, leaning in just enough.

You still look like a movie

You still sound like a sooong

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were yoouung

Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us so restless

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

We start singing softly the next part, leaning in closer so we can hear each other

When we were young [x4]

It’s hard to admit that

Everything just takes me back

To when you were there

To when you were there

And a part of me keeps holding on

Just in case it hasn’t gone

I guess I still care

Do you still care?

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young

When we were young [4x]

We lean closer again, my right cheek pressed with his left one, as we sang our hearts out. Holding back laughs at how ridiculous we probably looked.

Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us so restless

Oh I’m so mad I’m getting old

It makes me reckless

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

When we were young

We were breathing heavily at this point, chuckling lightly. I take a hand to his cheek as I pull away and chuckle harder, millimeters away from his face. His breath moving my hair, his eyes deep in mine. It dragged small electric shocks all over my skin. I had the urge to kiss him, to press our foreheads together. But I pulled away, taking a deep breath a resting my back agaisnt the door. I couldn’t do that, he had a girlfriend, and he clearly didn’t see me like that.

He sits back right, smiling and I smile too. Putting my legs on his lap comfortably. At first he looks at them like he doesn’t know what to do, but he then he rests a hand on one and takes it upon him to massage the other. I giggle at the ticklish feeling his hands on my skin give me, but don’t pull away. It felt nice, so I rest my head agaisnt the glass of the window and look outside. The streetlights passing over my head like shooting starts. And getting lost in that moment we arrive at the hotel.

I might’ve been half asleep of something, but when I get down from the car after Aaron the floor seemed way closer than it actually was. Making me almost fall when I get down. Lucky me Aaron was there and grabbed me by the arm. If not, God knows I would’ve hit the pavement with my face.

“You are so drunk” he says chuckling, he pays the driver and we wall inside the hotel.

“So are youu!” I half yell in the middle of the lobby and Aaron laughs. We walk towards the elevator and I grab the McDonald’s bag and inspect it’s contents. Grabbing some stray fries and stuffing my mouth with them.

Aaron drags me inside the elevator, laughing at something. ‘Something’ probably being me. Once inside I press our floor number, dancing to a song that was stuck in my head. Humming to it I elbowed Aaron, getting his attention. He just chuckled.

When we got to our floor I walked straight to my door, looking for the key inside my purse. Opening the door once I found it. Throwing myself on the couch and groaning in pleasure. “Ugh finally” I say and Aaron takes the McDonald’s bag from me, patting my thighs so I’d make space for him. Groaning I move, still taking up half of the couch.

“Woman, move” with this Aaron lifts me into a sitting position as I complain and laugh. He sits down taking his food out of the bag and passing me my fries.

“I’m like, at the best moment of being drunk” I say laying back and eating the fries.

“Wich moment?” Aaron asks taking a bite from his burger.

“I feel like I would do just about anything I’d normally not do, y'know. Like, I wouldn’t be ashamed of it right now, but if I was sober I’d be.” I say taking a bunch of fries to my mouth. But to mind came that one thing I couldn’t do.

I weren’t capable of kissing Aaron. It seemed like the one thing that actually stuck around in my brain for this long was the fear of rejection from him. And also the fact that he had a damn girlfriend.

“I guess that’s good” he speaks, getting my attention. “Until you wake up the next day and everyone tells you what you did” He says and laughs, making me laugh too. I put what’s left of my fries back on the bag. “Are you not gonna eat those?” He asks and I shook my head. Aaron frowns at me and takes a hand to my face, pretending to take my temperature and we both laugh.

“I’m fine, just a little too boozed up” I say smiling, he cups my cheek and by instinct I take my hand to his. “I’m fine dude” I chuckle putting his hand away and he rolls his eyes with a snort, getting back to his burger.

My eyes linger on him for a while, taking in the features of his face. Eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips… I look away flustered and start taking off my heels. Damn it, if I could only have him for one night and make sure it wouldn’t change our friendship I’d do it. I wanted him all too bad. I had been wanting him since I was 15…

My mind lingered on that thought for a while. Fuck it’ I thought and grabbed my phone, scrolling down my playlist. Who knew when I’d ever get another chance to do something stupid and blame it on alcohol.

I finished removing my heels and stood up with my phone in hand. “This is a cool song” I said throwing my phone on the bed after pressing play. Making sure Aaron’s curious eyes were on me I started lip singing the song.

I haven’t seen my ex since we broke up

Probably ‘cause he didn’t wanna grow up

Now I’m out and wearing something low-cut

‘Bout to get attention from a grown up

Aaron tilts his head with a confused smile. I walked to the bathroom, making sure to swing my hips just enough.

‘Cause you hold me like a woman

In a way I’ve never felt before

And it makes me wanna hold on

And it makes me wanna be all yours

As the chorus started I undid the zipper of my skirt, turning my back to Aaron before letting it fall to my feet. In the bathrroom mirror I could see how his eyes crawled up my legs and lingered in my ass for a minute. A smirk place itself in my lips. If I could tease him just enough… Just enough to get him to want me. Then I could have him. I continued humming the song turning around again.

All he ever wanted was to go down

What we supposed to do with all his friends around, yeah

Smoking weed, he’d never wanna leave the house

Got an empty cushion on that sofa now

Aaron swallowed hard and stood up as the song continued. Walking towards me and not stopping until our faces were centimeters away. Deep, dark stare on mine, breath mixing with mine. “What are you doing?” he asked, my eyes fluttered closed at his husky voice. He walked away before I could give him an answer.

Guys my age don’t know how to treat me Don’t know how to treat me Don’t know how to treat me Guys my age don’t know how to touch me Don’t know how to …

And he turned it off, his chest raising and falling at the pace of his breathing. My legs threatened to fail me as he spun around and walked on my direction again. Passing right by me into the bathroom, I turned around following him with my eyes. “You need a shower, a cold one” he said turning the water on.

I bit my lip angrily when he turned to me again. I frowned and he walked towards me, pulling me up and carrying me to the shower. The cold water instantly fell over my shoulders making me squeal. “What the hell?!” I yelled angrily and slapped his chest.

“You’re drunk Y/N” he says not looking at me. As if I didn’t know that piece if information already.

“So what, you’ll shower me with clothes!?” I yell again, eyes wide and hands extended at each side of my head. He looks at me and we stay in silence for a second, water soaking my shirt, bra and panties.

Aaron looks down on my body and then meets my eyes again. And I can see in the exact moment he decides to give up. Getting inside the shower with me and pulling me into a desperate kiss. Wich I respond to immediately.

My arms go around his neck and he pushes me until my back hits the wall. He pulls away, only to grab my face and take a look at me, before kissing me again. I hum in response and kiss him back, his free hand falling to my hip and digging into my sking there. Maving a soft moan escape my troath. We pull away and take another breath, looking at the other.

He frowns as realization crosses his face. “You’ve been wanting this haven’t you?” He asks and I chuckle, a smirk placing on my lips.

“Took you this long to figure that out?” I ask, and he gives me an amused look. Crashing our lips together again.

His hands find the hem of my [ soaking wet ] blouse and pulls it over my head. Moving his hands to my waist after, they were hot against my skin. “You’re so cold” he says and I pull away, breathing heavily.

“So make me warm” I whisper on his lips and pull him closer. He lifts me by my waist, having me wrap my legs around his hips. Pants hanging dangerously low on them. I gasp when he shoves me agaisnt the wall again and moan when he buckles his hips against mine. I can feel the heat down on my core, and the friction with his pants only made it worst. His mouth traveled down my jaw, letting me be a panting mess.

“Shit. I want you” he mutters and reaches down for my panties, fighting to remove them. Biting on my neck at the same time, making me moan. I pulled from his hair, a grunt escaping his troath when I did. Leaning in I captured his lips again, separating my ass from the wall and making him hold me. And like that I removed my panties halfway to my thighs, the rest he did himself. I hear him unzip his pants and then press a finger against my clit, estimulating me enough to make me wet in seconds.

All I know after that is that he buried himself inside of me with a thrust. And I almost screamed, wrapping my arms around his shoulders, panting.

Neither of us moved for a few seconds, getting used to the feeling. My mouth was in a perfect circle and his hands held my ass tightly. He took a step back, carrying all of my weight as I hugged myself tighter to him, my nipples hardening under the lace bra.

He lifted me a bit, bucking his hips back and forth as he started fucking me. Starting off at a normal pace at first. Filling the bathroom with my moans and his. But then after some minutes he speeded up, thrusting brutally inside of me. Making me cry out in pleasure, my hands removing his shirt only from his shoulders. I couldn’t help but to be loud, I’ve been wanting this too long. And it was everything I ever wanted it to be.

Wild, passionate and raw.

I tilt my head back, the water of the shower splashing on my boobs. Slowly I lean my back against the wall again, shutting my eyes closed as curses fell from my lips. Aaron fucking my consciousness away. And he leans in, kissing the exposed part of my breasts. He sucked on them and grunted, I could feel his hot breath warming my chest under the shower and it was only making me want more.

His hair was soaked now, so I curled my fingers on it and buried his face deeper on my chest. “Oh baby, keep going” I moan, having him thrust harder. Hitting my sweet spot repeatedly.

“Oh fuck Y/N” he muttered as I tightened around him. His movements becoming sloppier. I cried out as the whole room spinned around me. If I hadn’t been having the best fuck of my life I would probably be throwing up.

“Aaron” I moaned, tapping his shoulder “Aaron” I moaned out for him again and he pulled back, putting me to face level again.

“Yes?” His eyes couldn’t concentrate on a single thing, so I grabbed his neck and pushed his face up to the crook of my neck. Wrapping my arms around his neck and my hands pulling from his hair. Gaining more skin to skin contact like that. My moans became louder, and his cock twitched inside me as he went in and out.

“Fuuck” I cried, closing my eyes and throwing my head back. My orgasm riping through me like a train. He rode it out, making me dizzy. His hands were buried on my ass, but he moved them up to my waist. Fingers digging on my flesh when he started cumming. Shit, if that didn’t bruise I’d give me a medal. Aaron grunted and finally rested his forehead on my collarbone, slowly stopping his movements.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion now. We stayed like that until our breaths evened out. And then he slid out of me, putting me down on my legs. Aaron pulled away but his hands were still on my waist. “Wow” I whisper, resting a cheek on his chest and he chuckles. Resting a hand on the back of my head.

“Wow indeed” he says and I chuckle too. I take a deep breath and pull away. Completely undoing the buttons of his shirt, pulling away to take it off and throwing it to the side.

“It’ll be dry by tomorrow” I say locking eyes with him and he has a smile on his lips. Like he couldn’t believe what just happened.

He chuckles and I laugh softly. “I know” I say and hug him by the waist. Maybe it was just the buzz of the alcohol. But either way, I really fucking enjoyed that.

“We’ll need to get something for you tomorrow” He says caressing my cheek and I nod.

“I just wanna go to bed right now” I say grabbing his hand and kissing his shoulder. He chuckles and leans his head back, so I’m able to kiss my way up to his neck.

“You’re not thinking second round are you?” He asks trailing a finger up and down my arm. I kiss his collarbone.

“What if I am?” I kiss his neck this time, smiling when he purrs as I move to kiss adam’s apple. Seemed like a yes to me.

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Their new place

Helen stands in the doorway of the apartment with her arms crossed over her chest, cocking her head at them. Philip breathes hard through his mouth as he struggles to keep his hold on the couch, glancing at Lukas quickly. Lukas is looking at his dad, whose brows are furrowed in concentration, and Gabe is in front, backing in through the door.

“Come on, men,” Helen says. “Just a little bit farther.”

“By the window?” Philip gasps.

“Why did we pick the heaviest couch of all time, man?” Lukas asks, looking over at Philip briefly.

“I never would have imagined, looking at it,” Gabe says.

“Last haul,” Helen says, stepping aside and motioning to the empty space by the window.

They all inch over, audibly groaning when they let it down to the ground. Philip looks up at Bo and sees him bracing his hands on his hips, peering up at the ceiling.

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Puppy Love // Carlos x Reader

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    You brushed your hands down the front of your shirt and adjusted your hair before knocking on your boyfriend’s door. You heard no response from behind the door except that of dog tags clinking softly. The campus mutt was hardly ever seen away from Carlos’ side, so it was odd to hear the dog alone in the dorm.

    “Dude? Is Carlos here?” You called out, albeit awkwardly. Something you also thought odd was the fact that Mal’s malfunctioning spell allowed Dude to talk and the fact you often had conversations with a dog.

    “Just missed him, Y/N, he’s headed off to tourney practice,” Dude’s voice grew louder as he approached the door. He scratched the door, jumped at it a few times, then finally he managed to grab onto the handle and open the door for you. “But you’re welcome to stay and scratch my butt.”

    You laughed aloud and picked the dog up. Dude wagged his tail as you scratched under his chin. You carried him over to Carlos’ bed. The sheets were unmade and bunched at the bottom of the bed. Articles of clothing were piled around the edge of the bed on the floor. You rolled your eyes at the mess. You gingerly stepped over it with Dude still in your arms. After placing him on the bed, you put your bag down on a chair nearby and grabbed the TV remote.

    “Want to watch a movie?”

    “As long as you let me sit on your lap, you can do whatever you want,” You smiled and lifted your arms enough to let the dog through. Dude climbed onto your legs, spun in a circle, then flopped down and curled into a ball.

    You picked a movie from the video library Auradon had on all the TVs and the theme started playing. At some point in the movie, the main girl character got dressed in fine clothes for a dance. You commented that her dress was beautiful, referencing the dark purple color. Dude responded with agreement that she looked good in grey, with a hint of sarcasm that reminded you of his doggy color-blindedness. Last time you would do that…

    The credits were starting to roll by the time Carlos pushed open his door. His confusion as to why it was open–when he knew he left it closed–soon disappeared with a new sight before him. Dude lounged over his girlfriend’s lap with his head dangling over the side, one leg. lifted in the air and kicking rapidly as Y/N petted his belly. Y/N giggled as she watched him. Carlos could not explain the twinge of jealousy that ran through him. Dude was his dog, not some other boy swooping in to steal Y/N away from him.

    “What are you up to?” Carlos grabbed your attention. You stopped your attack on Dude and he lifted his head to look at Carlos.

    “Carlos, I think your girlfriend likes me!” Dude said, his attempt at whispering failing miserably. You blushed, covering your mouth to stifle a loud laugh. Carlos rolled his eyes, throwing a glance your way. Carlos tussled Dude’s fur on top of his head and began to change out of his uniform. He didn’t look your way, not once, as he put his equipment away either.


    “Hmm?” Carlos replied.

    “Dude is a dog.”

    “I know that.”

    “You don’t have to be jealous, Carlos.”

    “I know– Hey, I’m not jealous!” He finally looked at you fully, a little pout set to his lips. Meanwhile you only grinned.

    “Yes you are.” Dude chimed in for you. You and Carlos both scolded him. He gave a ‘hmpf’ and said nothing more. You collected Carlos’ hand and tugged him closer. His defensive expression fell and he smiled at you before pecking your lips gently.

    “Come sit,” You scooted yourself over as best as possible and Carlos sat next to you. Dude moved as well, now taking up half your lap space.

    “Best place in the house.” Dude commented.

    “Don’t mind if I do.” Carlos adjusted so he could comfortably lay his head on your other leg. Dude licked Carlos’ face, making him laugh.

    “So, does this mean we’re watching another movie?” You asked.

Carlos nuzzled your leg in reply. Dude sighed contently. With no plans in the foreseeable future, you selected another film and laid back against the pillows.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Ohmtoonz Edition [3]

The first two aren’t necessary to follow along, this is just about how they meet for the first time in the world of r6s :) 

part one: [x]

part two: [x]

The night starts with Luke on a date, a very horrible, boring date. The woman across from him is entirely engrossed with her phone, slurping the soup she ordered, and Luke knows he can be a bit standoffish at first, but fuck, she could at least pretend to be interested. Instead they’ve only said a few words, lame jokes, and shared awkward stares.

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AU where Columbine happened exactly the same, EXCEPT…

It turned out it was actually just a prank, fuck it, the guns are NERF and the bombs are just confetti poppers, it’s just a prank, just chill out and put the guns away dude it’s fine haha

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Other Side [Bokuroo]

A/N: Haikyuu!! (Bokuto/Kuroo, lee Kuroo) -  28. “Did you know you look adorable when you’re bent over?”

Summary: It’s time for some practicing with Nekoma vs Fukurodani again and Bokuto totally likes to flirt with that hottie on the other side of the net. 

Word Count: 1858

“Hey hey hey! Look who it is! Our beloved Kuroo-chan again, good to see you!” Kuroo sighed and looked at the lively opponent on the other side of the net.

“Well duh. I’m the captain here, and please don’t call me Kuroo-chan,” he said, and he blushed when he even heard Kenma chuckle behind him. 

“Sure sure. Let’s get this game started then,” Bokuto said, looking over at their impatient coaches, and Kuroo nodded.

“Let’s do that.” And there they went. Kuroo took one last glance at Bokuto and he blushed again when he noticed the way he smirked at him, eyes checking him out as if he was ready to eat him. Eep. Flustered and feeling a bit shy, he quickly averted his eyes and stood in his position, ready to do what they came here to do: volleyball.

Each one of their practice matches was starting to get worse. Kuroo knew Bokuto was probably just fucking around. Just teasing him, but to him it really felt like flirting. Just hearing that they were up against Fukurodani again made his heart race in anticipation already. 

He felt embarrassed for taking it to heart, each time Bokuto sent a sexy wink in his direction, gave him silly nicknames or would blurt out random compliments.

“Hey, Tetsu. Did you know you look adorable when you’re bent over?” Kuroo literally yelped, as a reflex he covered his own butt and immediately turned around just as he was picking up the ball. 

Bokuto!” he growled, and he blushed when everyone laughed. With a cherry red face, Kuroo turned around again, quickly picked up the ball and stood in position for his serve. That ball should be smashed into that smug face like 3 - 2 - 1 - 


That was the flirtiest whistle Kuroo had ever heard and of course it came from Bokuto as a reaction to Kuroo stretching his body out for his serve. It caught him off guard and he dropped the ball. Dropped. Before he could even serve it properly.

“Did you just drop the ball?” Kenma asked, and Kuroo felt the blood rush to his face and the sweat down his body.

“H-he whistled at me!” He pointed at Bokuto who stood on the other side, continuing to whistle playfully but it was not the ‘hey you, sexy!’- whistle tune anymore. Kuroo felt like going crazy for taking him seriously again and facepalmed. This was getting worse with each time they played together. 

“Hey guys. Is Kuroo ticklish?” was the next horrid exchange of words throughout the game, and Kuroo stomped his foot.

“Bokuto, can you just –”

“Very. You should try his thighs.” Kuroo turned his head and stared daggers into Kenma’s head who wasn’t even looking back at him. 

“No man, his stomach. Do it like this,” Yaku said, and he made claw hands and moved his fingers. 

“I thought you said his butt was ticklish!” Lev told Kenma, and Kuroo panicked.

Guys!” Kuroo squeaked with a blush on his face.

“Guys, less talking, more training,” coach Nekomata scolded, and reminded of the fact that their coaches were watching them and hearing all of this too made Kuroo want to sink into the ground even more. 

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Fandom Writing Challenge
prompt: walk
pairing: dean/cas, mentioned Sam/Eileen
word count: 1,200
tags: canon!verse, set post s12, fluff, first kiss


Dean was meticulously scrubbing the countertop in the kitchen when Cas entered the room.

“Hello, Dean. I’ve been looking for you,” he said in one breath.

Not stopping what he was doing, Dean asked, “Whad’ya need, buddy?”

“Would you like to go for a walk with me?”

Dean looked up from his task and smiled. “Yeah, sure. Let me just finish here.”

Ever since Cas had become a human again, by his own choice this time, he and Dean had gotten into a routine of taking walks in the woods surrounding the bunker. It had been Sam’s idea. He couldn’t stand listening them whine anymore about back pains. (Which they suffered from because they may or may not have spent two weeks cooped up in Dean’s room, binge watching The X-Files.) After that it became normal thing to do, especially when they hadn’t been on a hunt for more than a week.

Like, for example, now. It had been three weeks since the last hunt and Dean was starting to feel restless. Cas must have sensed it, hence his offer.

“I’ll wait outside,” Cas said, turning on his heel and leaving before Dean could say anything else.

It seemed a bit weird, but Cas was a pretty weird dude, so Dean didn’t question it further.

He quickly put away everything and hurried to join Cas, making a short pit stop to change his clothes.

Yeah, it was just a walk and no one was going to see him, but Cas. Still, that doesn’t mean he wanted to look good for Cas, he just wanted to wear something more comfortable. Yeah.

Just as he said, Cas was waiting for him in front of the bunker. Dean watched him for a moment; long gone was the old trenchcoat, nowadays Cas usually opted for a pair of jeans and Henleys or flannel. Not that Dean paid much attention to that.

Finally, he walked up to Cas and wordlessly they set out towards the woods. Most of the time, they walked in silence, only sometimes commenting briefly on their latest hunt or a TV show they had watched recently. Sometimes, if Dean was in a particularly good mood, he would share stories from his and Sam’s childhood or stories about some of their more interesting hunts. And sometimes, and this was Dean’s favorite, Cas would tell him stories of the Earth’s creation and dinosaurs and first people and invention of a wheel and-

So, yeah, maybe Dean really enjoyed hearing Cas talk. But it was alright because he was pretty sure Cas liked listening to him too.

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I hate kidge it's so stupid they're have 0 chemistry what the fuck, you think it's going to be canon???? When Keith is big brother to Pidge????You're are insane???? HE IS TOO OLD FOR HERE YOU IDIOTS - That's what my ex friend said to me today

*take sword*
*read the rest of the message*
*put sword away*
*hug anon*
Dude, I’m so sorry something like this happened to you, I hope you’ll be alright and find some new friends who at least respect other peoples preferences 
Three Year Difference doesn't make something problematic, It’s not even a big difference, to begin with. (Just look for example at 20 and 23) Even people who are the same age as their partner can still experience the violence. Not every relationship with age gaps must be instantly bad.
Especially if it’s fanon interpretation of two cartoon characters who are not real.