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Garfield the Fantasy Costco Employee, B2? (I'm honestly just super curious as to what you think they look like!)

i like to think of him as a tiefling ? bc it totally explains the whole cat thing

orange w yellow eyes ? oh hes just a tiefling.
cat ears ?? nah, just horns
4 fingered paws w claws ??? naw, dude. just a tiefling !

[send me a number & character~]

As soon as he started, Nino knew that he had, maybe, three minutes before he was ambushed.

Most people would have sped up, but instead he slowed down, took his time, and…

“Hey Nino.” A warm body plastered against his back, toned arms reaching around to grab the spare fork that Nino had started bringing as Adrien helped himself to a bite of his lunch.

Nino probably shouldn’t have adored the little moan that Adrien made, but it was too damn cute.

“Are you sure you don’t mind sharing?” Adrien mumbled with his mouth full before swallowing.

“Naw, dude.  My mom’s even been making extra for me to bring.  She thinks you’re too skinny.  Eat up.” Nino smirked, playfully digging an elbow into Adrien’s side.  “Can’t have my boyfriend going hungry.”

“I swear, your family makes the best food.” Nino knew objectively that it was probably rude for Adrien to be talking with his mouth full, but he just found it adorable.  It was totally unfair how his boyfriend managed to be adorable at everything he did.

“That’s because we actually spice our food, dude.  Now help me finish this before we have to get back to class.”

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all other shorts: slow cinematic, boring. junkers and hog short: amazing animation and voice acting, junkers basically nuts his jorts, hog pierces his nipples for a disguise

naw dude this short was (jokes) some weird sfm shit and the other shorts were fuckin revolutionary imho they’re like pixar level

but like that’s the thing this short was made for junker fans it’s some goofy ass sfm slapstick shit fast paced worldbuilding with the skins the fans think are the sexiest and then the announcer for the junkertown map is a QUEEN

the other cinematics? Luxury gay. The junker short? Flannel gay. 

both? good.

Take A Break

It was 2:42 AM when Dan finally crawled under the covers with Arin. Arin, who’s slumber was disrupted due to feeling the dip of the mattress, slowly opened his eyes. He turned around, and saw Dan, who’s bags were noticeable even in the dark, resting against a pillow.

“Babe,” Arin croaked. Dan shuffled slightly.
“Arin, please don’t wake me up. I have to start working on some paperwork again in a couple of hours.”

Poor Dan, he’s overworking himself again, Arin thought. He lifted his head slightly, noticing the tiny desk lamp was still on by the table in the corner of their room. The table was covered with paperwork, belonging to Dan, presumably about the band or the show.

Arin frowned to himself. He couldn’t bear seeing his boyfriend like this, miserable and secluded all the time. They barely even got to talk, despite living together, except for when they were recording-but even then, there was a strained air as Dan forced jokes and topics out of himself left and right.

Arin put his head back down and snaked his arms around Dan, who made a muffled noise of displeasure. He pulled him closer, wrapped his legs around him so that they were spooning, Arin holding Dan. The younger brought a hand up to Dan’s hair, and began petting it.

“Arin-” Dan began, only to lead to Arin shushing him. His hand trailed down and up to his sides, moving slowly, but not sensually in any way.

“I know you’re tired, Dan. I don’t like seeing you so exhausted, so grumpy all the time. Please take a break from the paperwork, dude. Take it in little by little, don’t try doing it all in one sitting, expecting you’ll finish it by the early morning; you’ll make more mistakes like that.” Arin nuzzled his head into Dan’s shoulder, earning the tiniest of giggles.

“I miss you,” Dan turned around so he was facing Arin, and cuddled into his chest. “I’m sorry we barely get to hang out anymore, and I’m sorry that I’m so frustrated all the time.”

Silence filled the room for a few minutes as both men continued to snuggle into each other. Arin broke the silence.

“Don’t be.”

Dan looked up and pressed a kiss to Arin’s chin. He trailed kisses up, until they met each other’s mouths.

“I’ll take you out to dinner tomorrow….uh tonight,” Arin corrected himself, smiling as Dan continued kissing his face.

“Like a fast food place?” The other asked, stopping the amorous, affectionate kisses temporarily.

“Naw, dude. Like a-a fucking fancy restaurant. Fancy as shit. You deserve it.” Dan laughed as Arin stuttered, continuing about how much Dan has been doing for the show, for everything, lately.

“Can we seriously?” Dan rested his hand on Arin’s chest, smiling.

“Yeah, dude! It’ll be our night, baby.”

Dan’s body filled with warmth. They’d been dating for years now, but Arin never failed to make him feel like he was some high schooler on a date with his crush for the first time. He basked in happiness, something that felt so relieving after being trapped in a rut of sleepless nights and stress.

“Arin, I love you so much. You’re gorgeous. You’re amazing,” he responded, yawning towards the end of the sentence. Arin looked down, pressed a kiss to Dan’s forehead.

“I love you too. Sleep well, and don’t get up early. Wake up with me, okay?” Dan faintly nodded, his vision already clouding.

That was the first time in weeks Dan had a full night of restful sleep, and he loved that his boyfriend was there next to him until the evening.

  • police: freeze right there!
  • me: wait what i didn't do anything please
  • police: naw dude i just wanted to say you have a super cool yuri on ice jacket
  • me: ah thanks
  • police: you're also under arrest for robbing that entire store of all their yuri on ice merchandise please come with me

@randl tagged me in a list of prompts and told me she wanted me to write all of them, so i’m accepting the challenge.

here’s the third one:

I just told you I liked you but now I’m shy and say “never mind, forget it” and why are you looking at me like that? 

It’s just the two of them. 

And really, if he thinks about it, that’s usually the truth. Still, right now the intimacy of the night is heightened for more reasons than just the alcohol they’re passing back and forth. It’s got more to do than the privacy of the lake, of the familiarity of the truck behind them. The grass is cool, but the humidity sticks to them both. 

They’d stolen the jar from the pantry at Rhett’s house, a mason jar that’s unlabeled that Rhett had handed him with a raised eyebrow and a soft smile. It was a challenge, one that hung over Link’s head as he thought about all the things he’d been told about moonshine. 

Come to find out, most of them are true. He won’t be shocked if he wakes up in the morning and finds more hair on his chest. 

Right now, Rhett’s staring at him, and Link’s supposed to grab the jar from his big, sweaty palm. And even though he doesn’t think he can handle drinking anymore, he doesn’t let it stop him from grabbing the jar from Rhett– if only to stop him from drinking more, too. 

Somehow, the lip of the jar finds its way to Link’s mouth anyway, and a newly familiar burn starts in his throat, licks across his chest, warms his cheeks. He licks his lips with a small sound, a throaty laugh that Rhett returns gently. 

“What do you think’ll happen now?” 

Link knows what he’s asking. What’ll happen now that they’ve got all these plans made, ones that they had to make to replace previous ones, to replace promises, an oath? They had to rewrite the stars, it feels like. The job of digging away at fate, carving out a new path for themselves, was delegated when it wasn’t necessary, wasn’t warranted at all. And Link feels–

Well, he feels a little bitter about it, if he’s honest. His mother had told him similar things that Rhett’s dad had told him, except hers were gentle encouragements to think twice, to make sure it’s what he really wanted. 

Anyway, the point is they’re here now. This is the wall they’re staring at, and they’ll be okay. If he knows anything, he knows that much. Rhett’s right there, right next to him, so they’ll be okay. 

So, Link says, “I think we’ll just keep being us, bo. I think we’ll live this life the same way no matter what, you know?” 

“Yeah,” Rhett sighs, snatching the jar out of Link’s hands and taking a small, tentative sip to match all the other ones he’s taken tonight. 

Link’s mouth works around words that he’s been tasting for years now, his brain not catching up with the muscles to tell them to stop, and he slurs out a, “Hey, I really like you, Rhett. And I want you to know that before everything changes.” Before they aren’t right here anymore. Before the lake stops keeping their secrets.  

The look he gets in return is a blanched expression, like Rhett’s been caught, like Link’s got him trapped, got him cornered. To defuse the tension, Link mumbles a quick, “Never mind, man. Forget it, okay? Just– Just forget it, yeah? Give me the moonshine, it’s my turn.” 

“What do you mean, Link?” Rhett’s asking, jerking the jar back and away when Link lunges for it. “Naw, dude. What’d you mean you like me?” 

He can backpedal. He can shake his head and say he’s drunk, blame it on the thickness in his fingers and his numb tongue. Instead, he scrubs two hands over his face and laughs into the darkness of the night. Dropping his head, letting it hang between his shoulders, he takes a few steadying breaths. 

The thing is, this has been hanging around him for years. Maybe since they first met; he really doesn’t know anymore. Rhett’s just been there always. Rhett’s been the single thing that’s constant, that’s solid and sturdy in his life. He’s going to continue being that for Link, he just knows it. Admitting this might change that, Link thinks. So he hesitates. 

There’s a static pop between the two of them now, an unsteadiness that’s new and strange. Link buckles in for the impact, and says, “I like you, man.” He puts on his serious face. 

This time, Rhett’s look is soft, his eyes smiling and his mouth curling up slowly to catch up. And then he’s lunging forward before Link really knows what’s happening, his hands shoving Link back hard enough to have him landing on the ground with a solid thump. Before the spinning even stops, Link’s vision lands on a blur of Rhett straddling Link’s hips, looking down at him seriously. 

“Remember this moment in the morning,” he says, and Link nods, promises silently. 

When Rhett’s lips press against his, Link knows he won’t break his promise. 

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do the toasters work? or are they just renders? because if they work i have something very important to ask of you

aw dude naw they work, are fully controllable, and are definitely going in the game lolol. You’ll be able to spawn as much toast as your computer can handle 

I’m so….,idek like annoyed? Mad? offended? Perturbed?
this guy I used to chat w when I lived in NYC (when i thought i was bi) just added me on snap where I post 3638 things about being a lesbian and he kEEPS ASKING ME FOR PICS ??? AND IM LIKE NAW DUDE IM GAY THNX THO !!! So he responded “ohhh no but if you’re the one sending them to me then that’s fine right?”
do straight men just not understand things? ???? Like anyTHING?????!!!!!!!!

“for the last time, no. I’m not making a cheat sheet for your algebra test. You can come up with as many stupid threats as you want, but I’m not changing my mind. I’m not going to be your safety net for something you clearly didn’t study for.” Charlotte crumpled up the paper the kid slid to her and tossed it at their face without looking away from her laptop screen. She fixed the wide framed glasses she only wore when she was clearly getting stressed out with a scowl. The redhead was starting to get real tired of the way the higher cliques where pushing her around along with the rest of her issues lately. “I have more important things to do, go away.”

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hhhhHHHOW. Can you run out of Baku screenshots. Out of all people, YOU??



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snopp give me your knowledge what is bionicles about

in the time before time, there were two dudes: mata nui, and the makuta. they were brothers, and makuta was the shithead one. mata nui was really nice and shit, so he made life and all of the matoran (regular people) and the toa (superheroes) to live in peace. makuta was like “fuck that shit” and knocked mata nui in to a coma and turned all of the animals evil.

then six heroes with amnesia showed up. these were the toa. they had all of the elements from avatar, plus one dude that specialized in rocks and one dude that specialized in ice. they had magic masks that gave them extra powers n shit. they arrived on the island of mata nui (named after the sleeping god) and collected more magic masks so they could defeat the makuta and save all of the matoran.

then they did that, and after that happened some evil bugs showed up called the bohrok and they started burning everything on the island. like, imagine if bulldozers were robot bugs and they were all just kinda bulldozing the earth clean. the toa stopped the bohrok by piloting sick-ass mecha and beating up the bohrok’s queens, who were two godzillas. 

after they beat up the two godzillas the toa got dunked in this funky shit called energized protodermis. that mutated them and gave them sick-ass silver armor and made their elemental powers stronger. once that happened, some fuckers called the Bohrok-Kal showed up and tried to revive the bohrok queens. the bohrok kal were basically generals in the bohrok army and they managed to steal the toa’s (now called Toa Nuva because of their sweet armor) elemental powers. the toa had to go on a quest to find the legendary mask of time which lets the wearer have Dio powers. they found it, used the time stop powers to cheat and beat the bohrok kal, and got their elemental powers back

knock knock, who’s there, it’s makuta, turns out he’s not dead and he made six horrible lizard sons called the rahkshi. the rahkshi have the ability to turn good guys evil, and that happened for a while, but then he got better. meanwhile, this matoran named takua who basically Sucked Dick and was extremely shitty and his mask always fell off (masks are kinda a thing in bionicle) went on an adventure to find a way to beat the rahkshi since the toa kept getting their asses kicked by them. takua found the Legendary Mask of Light, put it on, and became the seventh toa, Takanuva, the Toa of Light. takanuva went down on his sick flying motorcycle and fused with Makuta, becoming Takutanuva, and stopped the rahkshi an opened the Thousand-Year Door that was nestled under the island of Mata Nui.

oh, also, takanuva’s best friend jaller died. takutanuva used makuta’s life force to bring jaller back and they unfused. happy ending. 

behind the thousand-year door was another island under the island of mata nui: Metru Nui. the Turaga (the matoran’s village elders) showed up and said “ok so… we may have been lying about a lot of stuff because we never figured you guys would open that door. bombshell time, dudes: you seven aren’t the first toa. not by a long shot”

mind fucking blown

the next story arc is a flashback telling the tale of the Turaga, and how the Turaga used to be Toa. turns out, back in the past, Makuta tried to take over the super-advanced city of Metru Nui by impersonating the island’s mayor. the toa that would become the Turaga beat him up, but Makuta managed to wipe the memories of every Matoran and he severely weakened all of them. 

No big, the Toa Metru (thats what the turaga called themselves when they were toa) thought. we’ll just wake them up OH WAIT. Makuta called his evil buddies, Roodaka and Sidorak, to come take over the island and let them breed their giant spiders all over it. Roodaka, who was a gigantic lizard dominatrix, and Sidorak, who was basically a Baron of Hell except also a gigantic pussy, were like “uh naw dudes this shit is ours” and mutated the Toa Metru in to quasi-modo lookin motherfuckers called the Toa Hordika. the Toa Horidka were half animal, half dude, and not in the sexy way either. some stuff happened, angst took place, they beat the Dominatrix and the Hell Baron, regained their original forms, and loaded all of the Matoran on to a boat to go find a new place to live that wasn’t covered in spiders.

turns out, they found the island of Mata Nui, conveniently located directly above Metru Nui. they were like “wait what we were underground the whole time” but this didn’t bother them that much. the toa metru sacrificed their elemental powers to fix the matoran, which turned them in to scrawny old people, and they started up a civilization on this weird tropical island with a bunch of amnesiacs. 

so now with the flashback over, all of the matoran and the toa nuva and takanuva all move back in to metru nui. uh oh, bad news, shit here’s broken. you wanna know why shit’s broken? mata nui, the god, is dying. uh oh. god’s dying. that’s not good. 

fortunately they find a solution: go find the mask of life, stupid. the turaga assemble a team of matoran (who were all relatively important characters that i neglected to mention) and shoot them out of a cannon to the place where the mask of life is.

whoops though. this dude, Karzahni, who’s an absolutely insane butcher who runs the bionicle equivalent of hell, catches the cannonball they were all riding on and decided to fuck with them a little bit. he gives them all new masks (which was a really awkward allegory for stripping them of their identity) and forces them to be his slaves. they escape though, hop back in to their cannonball, and go off to find the mask of life.

they make it to the island of voya nui, which is on the “real surface,” which is inhabited by these weird emaciated matoran that live pretty shitty lives. they’re being subjugated by a group of lizard gangster rappers called the Piraka. the matoran get struck by a bolt of red lightning and are transformed in to toa. they defeat the piraka, and free the matoran of voya nui. one of the piraka had the mask of life, but he dropped it, so the toa ignika (the toa from the last sentence, try to keep up), have to go down to the bottom of the ocean to get it.

down there they find a city called Mahri Nui, inhabited by fucked up fish matoran. turns out mahri nui used to be a coastal city on voya nui, but it broke off and sank. the matoran survived somehow and became weird atlantis people. down there there’s also these shitburgers called the baraki who were evil warlords before they got shipped off to the Bionicle Illuminati’s secret underwater prison. Mahri Nui crashed in to the prison, everyone got out, and now the barraki are terrorzing mahri nui. The Toa Ignika turn in to weird fish people too by a process that I completely forgot, they beat up the Barraki, and they find the mask of life. 

uh oh. Mata Nui died. they were too late. unless one of them sacrifices themselves to revive mata nui, everyone’s fucked. Matoro, the toa of ice, sacrifices his life to bring back God. Mata Nui’s alive, dudes! he’s still in a coma, though

the toa nuva decide that it’s time to wake up Mata Nui, so they all hop in to the cannon and get fired off to this place called Artakha. at Artakha, they get outfitted with some guns and armor and they all fuck off to the center of the universe, Karda Nui, to go jump-start Mata Nui. at Karda Nui, they meat a team of dudes that are Makuta. Not THE Makuta, but just Makuta. Turns out “Makuta” is a species name and the guy we’ve been calling Makuta the whole time was just their leader. His real name is Teridax and we all wish we never learned what his real name was. 

The Toa Nuva use their guns to shoot the Makuta for a bit, they all ride around on flying motorcycles, some shit happens that didn’t really make sense. Takanuva went on an adventure through parallel universes that didn’t really accomplish anything, and then the Toa Nuva manage to awaken Mata Nui. 

Mata Nui, who is actually a giant planet-sized robot made by these guys called the Great Beings who is designed to explore the universe, stands up. Turns out everyone was living inside of Mata Nui’s body which is weird. 

Uh oh, it’s Makuta again. Makuta Teridax. I’m just gonna call him Makuta. Makuta takes over the giant Mata Nui robot, revealing that this was all part of his grand keikaku. he ejects Mata Nui’s consciousness in to space and is like “see you later fucker!” 

Mata Nui lands on a different planet, called Bara Magna. Here on Bara Magna, everyone is a fucked up mad max gladiator. Turns out Bara Magna was a dumping ground for the Great Beings who just kinda threw their trash there. Mata Nui teams up with the planets natives (who are all suspiciously similar to the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe) to find a prototype giant planet sized robot. Mata Nui hops in its cockpit, punches Makuta’s giant robot dick, and uses his magic god powers to bring Bara Magna back to life and make it all green and beautiful. All of the peoples of the Matoran Universe climb out of the giant robot and decide to live on the Paradise Planet. Everything comes to a sudden and unsatisfying end, because Bionicle toys weren’t selling well. 


or is it???

A few real-life years later, Bionicle gets a hard reboot. All of the original Toa get new toys, the story takes place in a completely new universe, and a new story unfolds. The toa must find their masks of power again on the island of Okoto. They have to fight Makuta (a different one)’s evil Skull Spiders and save all of the Okotans. The story is significantly simplified, so there’s not much to talk about here. They get the masks, beat Makuta, they bring this guy called Ekimu the Mask Maker back to life, and then things get fuzzy after that.

Some skeletons show up, the Toa get new armor, and then…

the story ends.


The Bionicle Reboot toys didn’t sell well, so lego pulled the plug on them. 


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Naw dude (is it okay to call you dude? if not, sorry), I gotta agree with the other anon on this one, you've very pretty! You have a nice facial shape that works well with your eyes and nose, and your hair looks very soft as well as being a pretty color. Also, your mouth looks like it's subtly doing the kitty :3 thing and that's absolutely adorable, to be quite frank. Oh, and I love how big your glasses are? They're very cute on you!

wtf,,, this made my  d ay ohmygo odness-

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Naw dude, it's me - I knew it was gonna start Spleenpocalypse, but I thought y'all as fans of Trevor deserved the truth. I regret nothing. Accept no substitutes. This man has no spleen but he's given us so much more.

hes a good boy & i love him but if he was in front of me rn id smack him for causing so much heartache 

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What do you think about bondage? I just imagine Ryuji being tied to the bed, actually just tied up, helpless and defenceless and Akira doing whatever he wants to him~ Ryuji would definitely be against this at the beggining but he'll like it. But after "Naw dude i didn't like it!" uwu

bondage is cute, i think there is seldom anything i dont like

ryuji is tsundere i agree, he should let himself be a big slunt for his boyfriend though, accept yourself ryuji