dude monsters!

Why do I only ever fall for bad guy characters? Can’t there be like. A super hero or something. Not even the edgy batman can make me trip. I only fall for villains like what the heck. And then in real life only creepy guys like me. Why is this the way it is. I just want a dark dude with a flashy smile and a suit to carry me away. A tall monsterous dude. With sharp teeth. And a tail coat. And probably claws. Yeah. Where was I going with this

oscilite  asked:

Top 5 cryptids

no.5. the jersey devil

they seem like they have their life together 

no.4. fresno nightcrawler

sentient pants

no.3. hellhound

a good boy

no.2. flatwoods monster

very fashionable and had a cameo in majoras mask

no.1. mothman

the best cryptid and a really cool dude

  • Namjoon: Hey guys, let's try this /gestures to a booth in the arcade/
  • Hoseok: Nah dude that's lame.
  • Everyone: Right, it's lame nevermind.
  • Hoseok: Aish, fine. Let's try it. Let's goooo!!!
  • Everyone: RIGHT LET'S DO THIS!

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: jin kissed rap monster. seokjin kissed namjoon. kim seokjin kissed kim namjoon. kim seokjin’s second onscreen kiss is with his fellow bts member kim namjoon. his actual plush lips actually fucking touched namjoon’s actual silky smooth cheek live in front of the rest of bangtan and millions of witnesses. kim seokjin, plush god and inventor of hand kisses, literally placed his lips on the cheek of one motherfucking kim namjoon, beast rapper and ryan bear enthusiast. kim seokjin, writer of kissy punishments, had to do his own goddamn punishment on kim namjoon, the biggest pretender in the universe pretending to hate the idea of being kissed by kim seokjin. the pink princess kissed pinkmon on the fucking cheek-