dude monsters

Wait, how can that be? Did All Might just… appear one day? 

But didn’t he have any family? Friends? Someone who would’ve tracked his record and know who he is? The unidentified quirk is interesting, it must have something to do with tapping into some kind of power for a limited amount of time.

I can totally see that, dude’s a monster

And on top of that he’s also a great person..

“Hey can I get a fucking uhhhhhhhhhh”

Excuse me?


My exact same face right now.

His power? He can actually give his Quirk to someone else? Or is it something that’s not a Quirk?

animated-axolotl  asked:

Good Art Vibes™ my dude but also lemme throw some back at ya cause you deserve it. Your character designs are totally killer, especially with the angels and demons and monsters, dude, that's shit is so GOOD. Also your colours?? Tons of pretty purples and pinks, in the shots in heaven for example, like damn they're so fresh. And just generally your cartoony look you've got is crazy neat, the expressions and dramatic poses are always so fun to look at, god bless ur art

EEEE that means SO much to me!! thank you!!! i weep,,,,,,,,,,

i’ve got a longer vibe answer for you because i never had the excuse to get sappy to you:
i look up to your art a TON because my art used to be really sketchy, but i was always told that it didn’t look as good as it would be cleaned up? so i changed my style to be cleaner like the posts i’d get the most notes and praise on instead of sketchy how i liked it the most back then.
but when i saw your art i got SO excited because you’ve got a sketchy art style but it’s SO fluid, the colors are bomb and the expressions are just so cool and zany(???) that’s the word that came to mind lmao. it’s honestly one of the most unique art styles i’ve EVER seen and it has a special place in my little heart as just a style ALONE. it’s got a feel to it that makes me nostalgic of old nicktoons. 

i’m gonna stop myself here on the public embarrassment but Know this. 

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: jin kissed rap monster. seokjin kissed namjoon. kim seokjin kissed kim namjoon. kim seokjin’s second onscreen kiss is with his fellow bts member kim namjoon. his actual plush lips actually fucking touched namjoon’s actual silky smooth cheek live in front of the rest of bangtan and millions of witnesses. kim seokjin, plush god and inventor of hand kisses, literally placed his lips on the cheek of one motherfucking kim namjoon, beast rapper and ryan bear enthusiast. kim seokjin, writer of kissy punishments, had to do his own goddamn punishment on kim namjoon, the biggest pretender in the universe pretending to hate the idea of being kissed by kim seokjin. the pink princess kissed pinkmon on the fucking cheek-

Mirror, Mirror

[Background. we are in a fire temple fighting two dumb (yet intelligent enough to speak) Flame lions, and our monk cat/bird hybrid who was a slave most of his life gets a hold of a mirror. it went as such]

Monk: Guys! why didn’t you tell me this thing has an alternate dimension me inside of it! D0NT W0RRY ILL SAVE Y0U

Warrior: Dude that’s just your reflection

Monk: Whats a reflection?

Warrior: It absorbs the light around it to make a similar image

Monk: Light? IT’S TAKING MY S0UL?!

Warrior: no it’s just-

Monk: -flies over to the monsters- Dudes look at this shit

Monster: Don’t show that to us! It’ll take our souls!!

Monk: oh fuck! -throws it to the warrior-

Rouge: -takes the mirror from the warrior and makes a reflective spot on the ground-

Monk: -being a dumb cat proceeds to try and catch the spot-

Monsters: -they do the same-

-Through this they became friends and refused to fight us. being dumb pays off in spades-