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Lovers Suite

“What?!” Tyler exclaimed through his phone. Josh sat across from the singer, his legs crossed and eyes glued to the brunette. Tyler stood up from his seat and paced back and forth, running his fingers through his chocolate brown hair frustratedly. Closing his eyes, he hung up and pressed both of his middle fingers against the temples of his head, massaging gently.

“W-what happened, Ty?” Joshua spoke up softly, his voice broke a bit. He was worried slightly, Tyler never got angry, especially at Mark. The singer sat back down next to his band mate, handing over his phone that glowed softly.

“Mark sent me this text,” Looking down at Tyler’s iPhone, he read the texts the two exchanged.
MARK: Hey dude, sorry this is so last minute but the hotel called me and they screwed up on your rooms. Instead the one room with two beds they booked a room with a king sized bed
YOU: Can you call them back and exchange it or whatever so we can get the two beds?
MARK: No dude, the hotels completely booked, there’s some convention going on tomorrow and everyone took everything.

Clearing his throat, Josh looked up to his best friend and forced a smile. “I tried to convince Mark to get us another hotel over the phone just now, he said all the hotels in this area are all booked as well,” Tyler sighed.

“We’re cuddling tonight?” Josh said, nudging the side of his band mate.

“Shut up dude,” Tyler snapped and turned his shoulder over to him. The two sat in silence together, the loud chatter around them grew as more people poured into the lobby of the hotel. After a few minutes with no words exchanged between the two, the singer rested his hand on Josh’s knee and looked over at him. “Well we might as well check in at least,”. Cracking a smile, the pink haired male nodded and stood up with his best friend. As the band mates approached a receptionist, Tyler cleared his throat and forced a smile. “Uhm- we have a room under the name Joseph,”

After a few moments of typing away at her keyboard the receptionist’s eyes lit up, “Aha,” she exclaimed and looked back up at the two, grinning widely. “The lovers suite, yes it’s ready for you two. Here’s your key, if you need any assistance to your room just let me know,”

Snatching the key card from her grip, Tyler scoffed, mumbling an audible “thank you” before taking off to the elevator.

“Ty, wait,” Josh exclaimed, slightly jogging after him. The singer nearly let the doors close in on his friend, but guilt draped over him and he quickly shoved his arm between the closing doors, causing them to open back up. “Dude,” the drummer huffed, looking over at the brunette sternly. “Come on, they just call it that because it has a big bed,”

“Lovers. Suite,” Tyler put emphasis on the T, gritting his teeth and pressing the Floor 8 button. Holding onto the two suitcases, Josh leaned against one of the walls of the elevator and closed his eyes. He was frustrated, not because he had to share beds with Tyler or because Tyler was upset. It was because he wanted the lovers suite. The drummer requested for a lovers suite, he wanted some intimacy with his best friend. And, of course, he knew it was a terrible idea.

The elevator dinged as the doors opened and Tyler swiftly walked out and towards the direction of their room. “Tyler…” Josh sighed and followed after him, practically dragging his feet. “Come on Tyler, I’ll sleep on the floor, you can have the whole bed to yourself,” As the singer approached their room, he glanced back over to his best friend and sighed heavily. He wanted this too, but he was so conflicted with emotions and his own personal relationship that all of his feelings just blended together forming angst and frustration. Before sliding the card to unlock the door, his phone buzzed. Ignoring it, Tyler swung the door open and headed straight to the bed.

“You don’t have to sleep on the floor,” the brunette sighed and looked over at Josh as he walked into the room. “I’m just tired…. And hungry,” a small smile cracked on his face as he looked around the room curiously. His phone buzzed again, this time he decided to pull it out of his pocket and check who was texting him.

“Jenna texting you,” The drummer asked, jumping onto the bed next to his bandmate.

“Yeah, she wanted to know if we got to the hotel,”

“Are you two like… Official now,” That question was so big to Tyler. He wasn’t sure how he could answer it. Her name did have a heart emoji next to it, but Josh’s had five. Closing his eyes, he let out a heavy sigh and shook his head slightly.

“I don’t think she’s ready for so much responsibility,” the singer replied, locking his phone before placing it down on the bedside table. Josh kept his eyes locked onto his friend, he was surprised with the response he got.

“Oh,” He muttered and nodded slightly. “So, wanna get some food or maybe watch a film or something,” the pink haired male asked. The brunette nodded with a small smile. Josh sprung off of the bed and picked up the telephone next to their bed. “Whatcha want,” he hummed and over looked the menu that was hidden under the lamp.

“You,” Tyler bravely said, crawling on the bed towards his bandmate. Nearly hanging up the phone, Josh tried to laugh it off but was cut off by Tyler hugging his waist tightly. “Just kidding, I want a grilled cheese and French fries, please,”. Looking up at the drummer, the brunette smiled sheepishly and listened to his best friend order food for the two.

Once Josh hung up, he jumped back onto the bed and turned the TV on. It didn’t have many channels, HBO, the local news channel that seemed like it had a five hundred dollar budget, and infomercials. “Are we gonna watch ‘Pretty In Pink’, 'Get Abs Now!’, 'Look Twenty Years Younger!’, or the weather,” he asked, shifting around on the lumpy bed.

“Well, you have abs, I don’t want to look seven again, and I think we know the weather right now,” Tyler couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of him and his best friend touring as seven year old kids.

“Pretty In Pink it is,” he chuckled and flipped through the channels until it went back onto the 80’s romcom. Tyler quickly grew silent as he was drawn into the film. He didn’t like talking about it much, but he totally had a weak spot for romance films. Something about them just enchanted him, he always longed to find his soulmate. Something about love, he never imagined his life being very romantic, to him, he believed those things only ever happened in movies. As the two gradually got closer in bed, Josh found himself nervously wrapping his arm around the other. Tyler knew exactly what the drummer was doing, and instinctively snuggled his head on top of his chest carefully.

The band mates practically shot up and out of bed when room service knocked on the door loudly. Josh quickly gathered himself together, giving the brunette a reassuring smile, “Food,”. Opening the door, a cart was pushed in followed by a young male in a uniform. Watching the boy carefully, Tyler sat up from the bed and flattened out the sheets underneath him.

Once the boy left, the pink haired male took the plates of food over to the bed and chuckled quietly. “I don’t think we’re supposed to eat on the bed, but they did mess up on our room so I mean this is our way of retaliation,”. Smirking widely, the singer picked up a French fry and popped it into his mouth.

“Living on the edge, huh,” he said teasingly, chewing on the undercooked fry. “This food is terrible,” Tyler laughed and continued to eat.

“I heard girls like the bad boys, so I strive to be the baddest in the streets,” Josh giggled. Closing his eyes, he took a bite out of the hamburger he ordered and proceeded to shake his head. “Oh my gosh,” he mumbled with a mouth full of burnt hamburger patty. “This food really IS terrible,”

The two couldn’t finish their food, after about five minutes of eating they slowly lost their appetites because of how horribly cooked their dinner was. After putting the plates back on the dining table, Josh started to change out of his clothes. Slipping off his pants, he faced away from Tyler although he was almost completely positive that the singer was so involved in the movie that he didn’t even notice that the drummer was changing.

Eyes glued to the television, Tyler watched the movie intently. He was so sucked into the plot that he hardly noticed Josh shifting about. That was until he heard his belt buckle being fumbled about. Curiosity took over and his gaze shifted over to the male that faced away from him. His cheeks slowly grew a dark shade of pink when he saw Josh’s briefs. “Hey Ty,” the drummer hummed, pulling his shirt over his head before dropping it onto the floor.

“Y-yeah man,” the singer practically choked on his own tongue. He’s seen Josh shirtless before, way too many times actually. But, something about this felt different. More intimate almost.

“Is it okay if I sleep in my briefs,” he asked, turning around to find Tyler staring him down.

“Totally dude, I sleep in my boxers too so it’s no biggie,” he quickly tried to dismiss Josh, eyes shooting straight up to his bandmate’s face. It was difficult. The brunette wanted to look at Josh’s body. He wanted to admire all of him, but he wasn’t going to risk anything. “I guess I should change too huh,” Chuckling nervously, Tyler slipped out of his shirt quickly.

Josh knew his friend was flustered. Nothing screamed 'I’m nervous’ like a red face and airy laughter. Nodding to his bandmate, he crawled back into the bed and spectated the nervous boy next to him. “Are you sleepy,” he whispered to Tyler.

Struggling to get his skinny jeans off, the brunette nodded. Grunting once he was free from the tight jeans, he sighed in relief before quickly darting his legs under the blankets. He was so unsure if Josh was looking over at him or not, Tyler knew he had to act normal but it was so difficult for him when he was in the same bed with his bandmate and he knew they were both almost naked. “We should get some sleep,” he finally spoke up, turning on his side so his back faced towards the male beside him.

“O..kay…” Josh muttered, turning off the light on the bedside table and then the TV that was playing the credits for the 80s flick. He wasn’t too sure on what happened with Tyler or how his mood went from happy to serious. Pulling the covers over him, Josh faced towards his friend, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the dark room. “Good night Tyler,” he hummed.


That was it. No stories. No silly jokes told between the two. Just silence. The drummer slowly scooted himself closer to Tyler until his chest pressed against the other’s back. “Sorry,” he whispered softly, “I’m cold,”. The brunette just nodded softly. He couldn’t speak, feeling Josh’s skin against his was sending electricity up and down his back and through his fingertips and toes. Pushing back against his bandmate he sighed and hoped to fall asleep fast.

Just as he was drifting off, he heard Josh move around slightly, opening his eyes, Tyler waited for the pink haired male to stop moving. But, before he could hear Joshua contain himself, he felt something warm against his neck. Before he could realize what was happening, Josh’s hand started to run up and down Tyler’s side.

“What he HELL man,” Tyler jerked away, sitting up quickly and away from his friend. “What are you doing,” he exclaimed, eyes adjusting to the dim room.

Josh sat up slowly and covered his face in embarrassment. “Dude I’m so… So sorry,” his voice cracked slightly. The drummer wasn’t much of a crying type, he kept most emotions in to himself. But he was terrified.

“Sorry,” Tyler shook his head and pushed Josh slightly, “You kiss my NECK and think an apology is going to fix this,” The singer was more than flustered, the only thing he thought to do was to freak out.

“I messed up,” the shorter male brought his knees up to his chest and shook his head rhythmically. “I planned all of this… The room, everything,”. Silence once again grew between the two. Tyler was in shock. He couldn’t believe that his best friend set this all up. At this point, he started to feel a little bad. He knew Josh was lonely, but he never considered him to be THAT lonely.

“You planned to sleep in the same bed as me, why dude,”

“Because,” Josh fought back tears, his wobbly voice didn’t put up very well. Hearing how distraught his friend was, the brunette slowly started to calm down. “I think I might love you Tyler,”.

Those words hit harder than anything. Disbelief washed over him when he tried to comprehend it all. Tyler didn’t believe anyone could love him. He always thought to be destined to the single and lonely life. “Dammit Tyler,” Josh sniffled, raising his voice. “At least tell me you don’t love me, don’t just let me pour out my heart and not even give me an answer,”.

“Jishwa,” The singer whispered softly. He slowly started to shift over to the drummer next to him. “Jish,” he whispered again. Josh grew silent, tears streamed down his cheeks as he listened to Tyler coo. “Cmon my fren, spooky baby, talk to me,”

“Talk to you about what,” he replied, sniffling and wiping his tears away quickly. “The fact that I ruined all of this, dammit just tell me how you feel,”

“You’re my best friend, my number one,” the singer ran his thumb across his bandmate’s cheek softly, wiping away warm tears that continued to fall down. “I don’t think you ruined this, I think I ruined this,” Smiling softly, Tyler started to see Josh’s face as his eyes continued to adjust. “I ruined your plans, but can I make it up to you,” he hummed and continued moving closer until he was sitting on Josh’s lap. His tears quickly ceased, looking up at the boy who carefully sat in his lap.

“How do you make up my-” before the pink haired male could finish his sentence, he was interrupted. Tyler pressed his lips softly against his bandmate’s. It was odd at first, the singer wasn’t expecting Josh’s lips to be so soft, but he quickly grew accustomed to it. The first kiss was innocent, like two kids having their first kiss. Pulling away, the brunette giggled softly.

“We kissed,” he hummed, scanning his best friend’s face in the dark. “We actually kissed,”

“Can I kiss you,” Josh whispered, his hands cupped Tyler’s face as his thumbs slowly caressed his cheeks.

“You don’t need to ask me,” he replied, tilting his head towards Josh once more.

Nervously, Josh pushed his lips against the singer’s. As their gentle pecks quickly warmed up, the drummer got more comfortable. Their tongues greeted each other, touching softly before dancing together rhythmically. Pulling away, Tyler couldn’t help but smile. Still in the lap of his bandmate, he looked up at Josh and spoke up. “So we’re getting the lovers suite from now on, right,”

“Of course Ty,” he hummed, kissing the top of the brunette’s head. “But next time we’re going to a hotel with good food and TV channels,” Josh chuckled, wrapping his arms around Tyler’s waist.