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Without further ado, here’s the jeffmads song, written and recorded in just under an hour!

I actually don’t hate this one. That’s new. 

Anyway, I present: “Without You”! 


EDIT: Oh my god I’m definitely writing a counterpart to this song in James’ perspective tomorrow…


Every single ship/pairing/otp/brotp/friendship etc in Seventeen💎

4&6: Jun & Wonwoo (Wonhui)



“He looked more alive in death”
⇨ Happy birthday dear old kimberly ✲゚*

To my next girlfriend...

If it’s long distance, I won’t stress you out with you thinking I’m going to cheat or let anyone get in the way of us. You’re going to be my only. I don’t let people get in between and I’ll only love you. I’ll reassure you that you’re beautiful because you are and I want you to know that. Chances are that I will wonder what you’re doing and want to talk to you all the time. I’m clingy and I will be until I die probably, but just know that it means that I care so, so, so much about you. I can promise a lot of things, but what matters most is that I’ll love you with all of my heart. I either love with everything I have or don’t love at all.


Gifmeme.- Free! + most attractive beautiful  asked by aoichii

Haruka Nanase
“The water is alive. Once you dive in, it will immediately bare its fangs and attack. But, there’s nothing to fear. Don’t resist the water…”

The Miraculous Mime

Dave called me during his work break to rant about Miraculous Ladybug.  Because this is the type of marriage we have.

Dave: rantrantrant–and the mime is Marcel Marceau–rantrantra–

Jen:  –Wait, who?

Dave: *pause*  Marcel Marceau.  You know, the famous French mime?

Jen: ……..

Guys.  GUYS.  He’s RIGHT. How does he know these things?!


I had a dream where Snape teleported me into the midst of an oceanic feud between mermaids, kelpies and frogs, all coz i was being a greedy lil shit

okay so me and @thelast-dodo are crying over musically inclined + adhd Lance McClain, and just voltron characters + music in general so I just…

•  Lance is great with string instruments, especially the ukulele and the guitar
•  He’s had an undying love for the ukulele since he was like 9 because he managed to strum a chord and half his family cheered and his dad stuck a sticker on his cheek
•  Both his guitar and uku are a mess of bumps and dings, and they’re both plastered with stickers all over
•  He plays when he’s stressed
•  He plays when everybody else is stressed, too
•  He’s constantly strumming similar patterns when morale’s low and urging the others to input their own lyrics, anything at all
•  “C’mon, Keith, you usually never shut up!” “Aw, please, Allura, I never hear you sing!” “Shiro you know you wanna”
•  Hunk’s the first to try it out, and pretty much after that they’re doing their best to sing something even slightly coherent
•  It’s never coherent, ever, but that makes it extra fun
•  Lance has so many lyrics stuck in his head at all times
•  Lyrics he doesn’t understand ‘You’re a constellation and stars mean everything to me, you’re the sun and being warm is everything to me-’ and lyrics he does understand ‘Playin’ word catch with you is like a dream, I’ll tell you-’ and lyrics that chime and ding and lyrics that feel like sparklers and feel like Summer or scarves or cat purrs
•  He makes up songs all the time and he knows he has a good voice so goddamnit, he’s gonna sing all the time if he wants to!
•  Keith is the first to learn one of his songs off by heart and gosh, can those two boys harmonise
•  It nearly brings Lance to tears when Keith’s able to join in with one of his songs all the way through, he hadn’t been expecting it
•  There are notes everywhere with stray lyrics on them
•  Hunk starts collecting them first, and putting them in Lance’s room for safe keeping
•  Soon enough everybody’s doing that too
•  Sometimes Keith and Lance are handing out in Lance’s room, Lance strumming away absently and Keith just letting the sound wash over him
•  Lance’s words might get stuck and Keith just pulls a suitable lyric from his notes and sings it, and the song carries on
•  Lance’s music is sporadic and unpredictable in every way, and moves and changes unexpectedly
•  His train of thought changes a lot while he’s thinking about the music and the words together
•  Allura once asked if that was how Earth music worked normally. Shiro just grinned at her. “No, that’s just how Lance music works.”
•  The boy cant read sheet music for the life of him, he just kinda knows where chords fit together and the boy just gets it without really getting it
•  Pidge once called him the “Mozart of the ukulele” but Keith rejected that real quick, because Mozart relied on sheet music, and anyway, Lance is the Lance of the ukulele because nobody else can play like Lance can
•  Lance blushes at that. A lot.

asdfghjkl; I love my music family, guys

i’d just like to say that falling in love with Lars’s character is probably one of the best things to ever happen to me

He looked at the dresser for a moment, then impulsively yanked open a drawer and seized a plaid flannel shirt. After hastily removing the gold tunic and tossing it across the room into the laundry disposal, he slipped into the civilian attire and began buttoning the shirt. 


Did Kirk just get half naked in front of Spock like it was nothing



‘You didn’t say goodbye. I should have known then that you would come back.’

Okay, yes, I understand that Barry needs to repent for what he did cause my dude fucked up majorly like hella times with time, but HOLY SHIT, IRIS AND BARTHOLOMEW HAD JUST FUCKING SENT OUT SAVE THE DATE WEDDING INVITES, THEY WERE LITERALLY RELIEVED/HAPPY/LIGHTHEARTED FOR ONE FUCKING MINUTE AND THEY GET TORN APART…WHAT THE FUCK?!!! Did you see how heartbroken Iris was?! Did you see it?! Fuck! I. WANT. HAPPY. WESTALLEN. im emotional.

man what’s with these rich kids getting poor kids shoes and having the entire school watch/film. i would’ve hated that shit, way to embarrass the fuck out of someone for some ~facebook fame~ that doesn’t mean shit


story time

So like, on the one hand, OH MY GOD.

On the other hand, I totally called the Soma thing happening and I’m so happy that they’re going to make the most of this. 

But let’s also go back to the first hand again and OH MY GOD.