dude knows his name

Hey y’all remember another big guy dragon nerd?

-I’ll see myself out

i’m laughing so much because of this lmao, like first jensen sees jared is gonna move right in front of him and he’s like “nope i won’t fall for this, i won’t look”

and he smiles because of the crowd’s reaction but still doesn’t let himself be tempted

and then he’s like “fuck it” and he’s clearly taking advantage of having the best view lol but the best thing about this is the guitarist’s (don’t know his name sorry) reaction, the dude was watching jared and smiling until he catches jensen starting ogling jared and that’s when he can’t help but start laughing out loud, like this dude KNOWS lmaoooo, he knows what’s going on there 

and then jensen heard him laugh so he looks at him and the dude is like “oh my god i can’t believe you guys”

this is jensen’s face while looking at the guy, he is so SMUG lmaooo, he knows the guy knows

oh you thought jensen wouldn’t look at jared’s ass again after this? that’s cute xD

look at his face, he truly appreciates what he’s seeing 

and when jared’s done jensen looks SO pleased like “yeah yeah yeah that was good that was very good” he keeps nodding lmao 

this is priceless, i can’t with these two, i just wonder if jensen thought he was being subtle and everyone was focused on jared or if he just doesn’t give a fuck 

that reminded me of the nerd hq 2013 thing lol

here’s a gif with the dude’s whole reaction

and one with the quick shots of jensen’s face from this angle

source of the videos from vegascon 2017: XXX     XXX

What’s going on in Brazil? #10

So, this is gonna be me trying to put A LOT of stuff into very few words. Written at 26/05/2017.

Alright. You know how the whole world is kinda feeling like its situation can’t possibly get any more scandalous at this point? it’s what we felt about two weeks ago, too. I mean, between our ex-president being on a crusade against the justice system and the media and all the unpopular measures taken by our politicians lately, including reforming the labor laws and social security to make them shittier, and a new small corruption scandal every week, y’know, you figure it can’t get much worse than that. 

And then it happened. It was a beautiful Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) night. All was its usual mess. And then a businessman came forward like, “ops I recorded the president negotiating to bribe someone who’s in jail to keep quiet and the other presidential candidate negotiating on how to get his usual 2 million in bribes discreetly lol did I mention he might have mentioned the possibility of killing someone?” BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. 

If you screamed right now, imagine how much we did. There were so many memes. So many. The jokes, the glorious jokes. I hadn’t have that much political fun in ages. But you’re probably still confused (we are, too), so imma explain it a little better.

Businessman Joesley, owner of the biggest meat company in the world, was caught in corruption schemes. Who wasn’t, right? so, like it happens in Brazil, he started negotiating his sentence by giving other people away. And he sure as fuck named a lot of people, like anyone else, but this guy did something that other people hadn’t yet: he recorded it. You’d think more people would’ve been this smart just in case, I guess, but so far, nah. And obviously the most polemic recording is of a conversation our now President Michel Temer had with him, negotiating bribes to Eduardo Cunha. If you’ve read my older posts, you’ll know his name. He’s the main dude behind Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment (if you have no idea of absolutely nothing i’ve just said, dude, go back to the other posts, this is quite saga already). Did I mention he’s in jail??? yeah. Arrested for money laundering sometime ago or something (one cannot remember all the scandals in brazil for more than 2 months since there ARE SO MANY NEW ONES ALL THE TIME). Still, he did swear he’d bring two presidents down, and now it seems the time has come, one way or another (we’re so dramatic, omg, this is gonna make for excellent movies someday, we’re already out-houseofcarding house of cards).

BACK TO IT. So. The president is on tape negotiating quite a crime. In most countries that’d lead to the guy resigning. And we thought he would, too, actually. This dude scheduled a press conf. and we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to see the second president down in less than a year. But guess what? dude goes “I’m not resigning”, gives pissed off speech, alleges everything is a fake and says if we want him down we’ll have to bring him down. He also kinda tries to forbid people from using his pictures in memes, which leads to opposition party creating a whole gallery online of pictures they bought of him for people to do their memes safely. I ain’t joking. The most brazilian think to ever happen, probably.  

Meanwhile, remember I said there was a second recording? Yeah, it was from Aecio Neves, and you might remember him too: he ran for president against Rousseff at the last elections, and he was the main activist for her impeachment after he lost the elections, all “against corruption” and shit. Lol. Dude was literally negotiating how to get his money, cursing a lot, and saying they’d need to find good people to do this money transporting thing, it had to be someone, and I quote, “that we can kill before they can make deals with the police”. And then he proceeds on suggesting his cousin’s name. Talk of family issues, right? Anyway. It came as no surprise for us with half a brain that both these man were corrupt because honestly there had been people saying that before, but nobody had them on tape yet. Aecio’s sister has been arrested, he has kinda stepped down from his senate position and his apartments are being raid by the police, let’s see where this leads. 

Back to Temer, remember when he told people we’d need to take him down if we wanted him down? Yeah, people took that quite literally and a couple of days ago in the middle of a protest some SET FIRE to a few ministry buildings. Nothing much happened to anyone there tho. But Temer took that as a good opportunity to give especial authorization to the Army to be on the streets and do whatever was needed which was pretty fucking scary since we haven’t been out of a dictatorship for thaaaat long??? but the order has been revoked by now so we’re ok. For now. I guess. Who knows. 

So the question now is how long can Temer hold himself in power. If he does fall, which is complicated, since he’d likely have to resign (there are already a few impeachment processes opened against him, but since they depend on the ok from chamber president, who still supports him, it’s unlikely to work, and it’d take months anyway), but if he did fall, we’d get either president of the chamber of deputies in power or president of the supreme court in power (cause president of the senate can’t, since he’s a defendant in a corruption investigation) - and I said “OR” there because there’s a chance president of the chamber also becomes a defendant in corruption charges through the next months so we can’t really be sure on how the succession line will be in the future. Yeah, that’s how screwed we are. Anyway, if any of them get to power they are bound to organizing new indirect elections, by the constitution, since it’s past half the term and we’d only need someone to basically finish this year and the next one when there are elections again, hopefully. However, with congress as it is, with most people there charged with something, you’d think brazilians are…. less than happy with the idea of our congressmen choosing their own fucking president. And you’re right. Most of us are. Which is why there is a campaign to make a change and try for direct, real, voting elections (and to get Temer out, obviously). 

It’s worth noticing that a lot of powerful people are still behind Temer, though, especially big businessman and the media, because of his austerity measures and probable cuts on labor laws, and also, because a lot of them are scared shitless of we actually getting a direct election and Lula winning. Yes, our ex-president, yes, the one in trouble with the law that I mentioned early. Aaand I would like to have covered him and our asshole hygienist new são paulo mayor whose biggest ability so far seems to be shitty decisions here, BUT this post is long enough as it is, so if y’all wanna know about them ask away and I’ll cover it in another post. For now, just remember: it can always get worse if you’re brazilian :)

compassion. | 2

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“Your ass looks great.” “Will you fuck off for a second?”

“You’ve really fucked me over this time.”

“Please let me in.”

genre: fuckboi!jungkook, roommate!jungkook, smut in next part

“Wait…”, Jungkook said as you were by the door. “Do you still talk to Isla?” “No, not after what happened.”

Isla and you had stopped speaking because she went ahead and fell for Jungkook, she gave into his ways. Now, you also did like him romantically at one point but would never let yourself drop so low; why else would you have fucked other guys and not him? To forget about your little crush. Isla had found out that you liked Jungkook and she wanted him to herself.

“I’ll expose you if you touch Jungkook. So you better stay away from him.”, she threatened in P.E when you were on opposite teams. “He’s all yours, have him.”, you told her as you passed the basketball to Jungkook. “I said stay away from him! Not pass the ball to him!” “Dude, it’s part of the game! Passing a ball does not mean I’m flirting!”, you told her as you tried to reason with her but she shoved you so hard that your right ankle was sprained. “I am so sorry, oh my God.” “Just don’t touch me or talk to me ever again, that would be better for both of us.”, you told her as you were picked up by a pair of strong arms. “Someone got into the game.”, Jungkook chuckled as he carried your bridal style to the nurse, this earned many dirty looks from other girls. “Why are you doing this?”, you asked him. “I have my reasons, besides you got injured, this is the least I could do as team captain.” “We’re not even a real team.”, you muttered.

All throughout work you couldn’t stop thinking about the moment Jungkook picked you up in front of everyone and actually seemed to care about you, just like today. No, no, no, you couldn’t be falling for that idiot again; you were determined to stop yourself. To snap you out of your trance your boss, aka your older sister, told you to fix up the aesthetics of the store. “Hey, lil sis, will you make it more like appealing? You do have good sense of aesthetics after all.” Even while you were working you couldn’t stop daydreaming about what life would be like as Jungkook’s girlfriend; then you realised he was a fuckboy and had probably never had a girlfriend in his life, just one time flings.

“Baby sis, stop daydreaming or I’ll remove the tattoo of us.”, your older sister joked as she checked up on you. “You know you wouldn’t.”, you replied as you fixed up one of the new bright lights that read ‘love me’. “You’re right but get to work, you’ve got two hours to go!”, she told you and you got right back to it. After you finished you took a rest at the till and took orders from customers who were here for coffee and aesthetics. “Yo, what’s wrong?”, your older sister asked you. “Hung up on a guy?” “You know me all too well, I haven’t even been romantically involved with him and I can’t stop thinking about him.”, you muttered. “Lemme guess, your roommate and old friend, Jungkook?” “How did you know?” “Dude, you muttered his name, saying you’ll kill him while you were working.” “I did?”, you asked her, the shock really hitting you. “Yep, but don’t worry about it, no one heard you except me and maybe a few customers. But that’s besides the point, why are you thinking about him so much?”

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SOS - phandomlittlepop

Title: SOS

Drabbler: thatsmistertoyou

Beta: larryfravan

Doodler: @firedawnleafpool - art coming this Sunday!

Warnings: Copious amounts of swearing and pancakes

Summary: Dan’s actual job is working at Louise’s diner, but he could make a career out of saving cute dark-haired strangers from dates with assholes.

A/N: Thanks to the ever-wonderful @philslesters for her help with this. It’s about damn time I plucked up the courage to post 1k of fluff. This is my first time doing PLP and it was a lot of fun :)

“I understand why people do it, but the business side just doesn’t work, Phil,” the asshole at table four explains, and Dan’s a bit miffed for having missed that much of the conversation. He has no idea what Jerkface is on about.

“More Coke?” Dan asks Blue Eyes - or Phil, assuming Dingbat has his name right.

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Stills from the new season of Zoo that were released by the show.  The top image looks like Jamie just busted in somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be (anyone surprised?). She also looks determined as hell. (Did she find out Mitch wasn’t dead?  That he’s being held against his will? That he’s there voluntarily and she’s gonna kick his ass?) Bottom image is the same woman looking like she just walked onto a Bond movie. Gorgeous. I’m liking the short hair, as well as the RBF.  On point. 

Other images include Jackson looking both badass and adorably confused, Jackson making out with an as-of-yet unidentified woman (watch those hands, young man), and (unfortunately) what’s-his-name with what appears to be some sort of ID badge. 




I had to write something about Wes Weston. I think I’m in love.


Wes looked up at the white clock that hung just above the whiteboard, its second hand going slower the longer he stared at it. He needed the bell to ring and he needed it to ring now!

He needed to talk to Danny.

He’d been desperate to talk to the boy since yesterday but settled for waiting until today to do it. Of course, Danny had been late to school (probably due to him fighting ghosts or something. Wes didn’t know. He didn’t stalk the boy’s every move just because he knew he was Danny Phantom) which forced Wes to wait until the end of the school day to talk to Danny.

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anonymous asked:

I really liked the line 'the dark side of the king' from your question about enforcers. would you maybe be willing to talk some more about Gavin and Ryan being terrible doing Geoff's dirty work??

The Fake’s might joke that Geoff is a pushover, too adoring of his crew-mates to really lay down the law as boss, but in reality there are few men more feared than Ramsey. Few legends with more ruthless reputations, more stories of heartless brutality; for those outside his limited family Ramsey is nothing less than an unmitigated horror.

Still, there are certain things Geoff can’t be seen to be involved in, things he must stay above, be diplomatic about. Times when an issue needs to be taken care of without the blowback, when there must be violence without inevitable retribution; ferreting out moles, persuading recalcitrant informants, dealing with a problem who belongs to a gang the FAHC are supposed to be allied with.

It’s easy enough to think that in a crew with a reputation as terrible as the FAHC there is little need for a designated ‘bad guy’. They’re all the bad guys, just ask the citizens of Los Santos, just look at the bodies in the morgue, track down the ruins of all who have thought to oppose them. There isn’t a single member with clean hands, isn’t one who didn’t choose this, who isn’t having the time of their life every singe day morality be damned. And yet there are still jobs Geoff wouldn’t push any of them into, deeds too dark to be forced onto even the most loyal. In those cases that call for abhorrent action Geoff can’t take on himself there is one pair he tends to turn to.

Few would truly be surprised to hear that Ryan is one of the two who tick this box, but that his partner in absolute depravity is Gavin would catch some unaware. There are, of course, members of the crew more suited to being paired with Ryan for all out violence, and those more apt to accompany Gavin for subtlety, but together the pair of them are unrivalled in their gruesome innovation, their unflinching dedication.  

There is being willing to do the dirty work, and then there is enjoying it. Excelling at it. Relishing in the snap of bones and panicked pleading, in the creativity of cruelty, the intricate art of fear. They are violent and terrible, all wrath and retribution like the stories of old, they are a reckoning. Unlike most others there isn’t even a moment when either of them regret. Not a single hesitation before doing whatever must be done, no matter how terrible, how brutally unforgivable. No threat is too dark, no act is too far, no reaction too extreme. In this there are no lines to cross, no moral code to offend or gods to obey. And worst of all, they enjoy it. They have fun, entertain each other, safe in the knowledge that out of sight of the rest of the crew, with none but Geoff really knowing what exactly they are up to, there is no judgement. No one who matters will think differently of them for unapologetic iniquity when they are each other’s only witness and their ruin matches up oh so well.

Gavin is delightfully petty, can whip out flippant comments and passing jokes from months or even years ago in his monologue, twist them into some pithy one liner on the fly, like a hollywood villain without any cheesy dialogue to detract from the menace. He knows just how to frame their attack, laying out exactly what infraction has brought on Ramsey’s ire and building an awful sense of suspense as he delightedly meanders around what they are going to do about it.

It’s not something that should be appealing, it’s awful really, bitterly cruel, but it makes Ryan’s sense of melodrama sing. Ryan who could have chosen any mask in the world but went directly for a blackened skull. Who drops his already deep voice two octaves when he purrs out threats and has a terrible habit of laying wait in dark corners until he spots the perfect moment to loom in sight. Ryan who’s never crumbled in the face of desperate begging, never seen grovelling as anything but undignified, who can’t help but appreciate the way it merely makes Gavin turn up his nose, roll his eyes, toss Ryan increasingly incredulous looks; Christ isn’t this one pathetic?

They share enough languages to communicate in privacy no matter the situation but even without planning they are synchronised enough to work in tandem, playing into each others proclivities, teasing chatter as much for their own genuine amusement as it is for taunting their prey. There are no hard and fast rules to their partnership- sometimes Ryan’s feeling particularly chatty and sometimes Gavin’s itching to pull out his lovely gold knives- but more often than not Gavin wheedles his way into the mind of their victim before Ryan quite literally pulls them apart. Just as Gavin strokes Ryan’s ego when he leans in and pleasantly explains all the horrific things the Vagabond has done, Ryan pander’s to Gavin’s ever vicious whim; drags things out, slows them down, get’s disgustingly creative.

There’s always been something distinctly animalistic in Gavin, the way he slinks like a predator, grins wide enough to bare his teeth, the way he can’t help toying with his food, but in this he isn’t Gavin Free, the Fake’s happy-go-lucky wrecking ball of chaos, isn’t the Golden Boy, Ramsey’s unbelievably persuasive frontman; this is another creature all together. On these jobs Gavin is no less the showman, still all insidious cunning and attention-grabbing flash, but for once he does nothing to disguise his own decay. Doesn’t inject false emotion where none exists, doesn’t manufacture empathy, won’t even pretend to give a solitary shit about anything outside his own world, his life, his people. Amusement as chilling as it is cold-blooded, crushing any hope that he might be the tempering force, that the presence of the glittering Golden Boy will reign in the Vagabond.

And Ryan, good grief Ryan. The Vagabond already has so very many tortured tales attached to his name, already inspires so much fear, but people do like to hope his reputation is inflated. Like to think the man behind the mask can’t truly be as terrible as they say, must suffer the same bouts of  guilt and mercy as anyone else. Think the Vagabond’s greatest secret is the fact that at the end of the day he is just a man. The look in their eyes when they realise they are wrong, realise that while the skull may be a mask Ryan has always been the monster, is the stuff nightmares are made of. The Vagabond isn’t soft on a good day, but in this role he is ruthless. It would, perhaps, be a relief if he were cold, detached. Would be an easier pill to swallow if he acted with his usual air of professionalism, but this? This is Ryan in his element. This is the Vagabond having fun.

It’s a tossup who’s better off; the victims who die slow and painful or the ones who get to live. The ones who spill their secrets, who suffer their punishments, and in the end are left to crawl free. Those who never really stop thinking about bloodstained teeth and razor-blade smirks, distressingly fond banter and cold flat eyes. None of them come back right, none of them return the same way they left, have suffered terror beyond words, experienced horrors they will never be capable of explaining. Most wind up leaving the city, even a passing mention of the Fake AH Crew enough to send them shaking, the possibility of another run in utterly intolerable, but those who stay only serve to further boost the duos reputation.

It’s one thing for anyone with half a brain to fear the Vagabond, it’s quite another for well-known crooks to literally flee when he appears, spike classic fear-mongering rumours with far more truthful tales of vicious depravity, go to absurd lengths to steer clear of the FAHC at any cost. In the same vein the denizens of Los Santos can only say Gavin’s name with increased reverence after  a mere wink tossed at some thug playing muscle in the background of a meeting has the man throwing up all over himself. Can only be more impressed when a slow smile and whispered comment has another back-peddling so fast the Fake’s make off with way more than they were owed.

Which, of course, suits Geoff just fine, reaping the boons of the pet horrors he keeps in his pocket for a rainy day; rare, but undeniably memorable. To see the three of them at work is a sight to behold, Ramsey strolling along flanked by his most wicked miscreants, one the darkened menace of death incarnate, the other almost alight with his own glittering hubris, not a scrap of restraint or morality between them. They are apocalypse, are inevitable disaster, the end of all things good and holy and with an unseen signal they peel off, leave their grinning king to walk alone as they melt back into the night, set free once more to hunt.

Set up [Peter Maximoff x reader]

Requested: No

Summary: both Peter and (Y/N) have a crush on the other but won’t admit it. So, (Y/N)’s friend decides to take matters into her own hands and puts a mischievous plan in place to make them date…

Originally posted by sirenscurses

           Peter Maximoff and (Y/N) (L/N) have been best friends even before discovering they were mutants. When Peter discovered that he was a mutant with super-speed he immediately told (Y/N). A few months later, (Y/N) found out she could manipulate and summon any type of rock, precious or otherwise. Together, they formed the inseparable duo ‘Quicksilver and Lapis’.

The two joined the X-men at Charles Xavier’s request and one day, Peter started to feel… Differently for (Y/N), attracted to her in a romantic way. (Y/N)’s friend (F/N), being an empath picked up on it immediately but never told her anything, deciding that fate should do the work for once. So, for a year and a half, she watched as her friend and the silver-haired kleptomaniac pine after each other obliviously and decided that fate was useless and took matters into her own hands.

The question was, how? Every time (F/N) told (Y/N) that she knew about her crush on Peter, the latter would deny it and when (F/N) told Peter he would just tell her to fix her empathic abilities because the love he emitted was friendship not romance. In the end, (F/N) knew that the way to do it was to make the most impulsive one of the two jealous. That one, was Peter.

“Hey (Y/N), since you don’t have a crush on anyone, could I set you up with someone? He found you super cute and wanted to get to know you.” (F/N) told you when you entered your shared room, “And don’t worry, he’s cute.”

“Uh, I’m not sure, I don’t even know his name.” you replied

“Come on! Pleeaaaase (Y/N), you haven’t gone on a date with anyone in two years! Do this for me.” (F/N) told you, ignoring the second part of your sentence.

“Okay fine! When is it?” you asked

“Yes!” she exclaimed, “Thank you (Y/N) I love you. The date is on Saturday.”

“Yeah, yeah. You owe me, big time.” You said

“Yeah, okay.” She dismissed you heading to her room

           ~Time skip to Saturday evening~

           “This dress or this dress” you asked (F/N), showing her a dress with a white laced top with a plain black bottom on the right and a short black dress with the straps crossing in the back on the left.

“Right.” She said, you smiled and entered your bathroom with the dress

“If I’m going out with this dude I should at least know his name.” you told her through the door.

“He’s Warren’s brother, Wesley Worthington” she replied

“Sounds like a snob.” She groaned “What does his mutant powers consist of?” you asked.

“He isn’t! And you can ask him on your date.”

“Fine?” you said, exiting the bathroom and posing in front of her.

“Beautiful! My gal is finally going on a date! If this works out, Bobby and I could double date with you and Wesley.” She squealed

“key word: ‘if’”

(F/N) opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by a knock at the door which you opened. Holding a bouquet of Twinkies stood Peter Maximoff in a black suit, your jaw dropped and he grinned.

“Am I really that handsome?” he asked jokingly

“U-uh” you stuttered, “(F/N)! Get over here!”

She walked up to the door waving at Peter, “Hey I was starting to think that you were late.” She told him

“Me? Late?” he scoffed ironically

“Wait, wait, wait, what the hell is happening (F/N)? Where is whats-his-face… Wesley?” you questioned completely confused

“There is no Wesley (Y/N), there never was, this was all a set up planned by me to get you two oblivious lovebirds to date!” she exclaimed

“Yeah but Peter doesn’t like me back.” You denied

“If I may, I am pretty sure he has liked you back for around three years now.” He smiled

“What!?” you said, “you do?”

“A hundred per cent. Now, shall we go?” he asked

“Absolutely.” You smiled and placed your hand in his, walking away on the best first date ever with your crush, Peter Maximoff.

“God! I am the best!” (F/N) said after you left.

Blizzard Can’t Not Be Transphobic

It’s time to talk about my experience with Blizzard Entertainment CS! They have an outlandish policy in place that is seriously transphobic for transpeople like me who can’t afford a legal name change.

tl;dr I ask Blizzard to merge my three accounts under my preferred name. I can verify my identity. They ask for proof of legal name change? They won’t make an easy exception, not even the supervisor will.

Link to a full screenshot at the end, but here’s the important bits:


I’m a bit aggressive but I’m civil. “Hands are tied”.

Once you are able to obtain the thing you are unable to obtain, we can solve the problem!

At this point I ask for their supervisor. I email him, and here’s his response (warning: huge paragraphs of bullshit ahead)

We all know damn well a woman who hadn’t updated her last name would have no trouble resolving an issue. We know damn well a dude who used a nickname for his first name would have no trouble with CS.

We know that the solution is so so so SO brain dead simple that its pointless to be this pedantic.

But, despite me giving them every chance to help someone out, they refused.

@blizzard-games, your move. 

Lucid Dreams

“Night” you give Sophie a mocking military salute before going into your room and calling it a night, no, a week!

House parties are super fun! Except when your housemates are the ones throwing it… the party was kinda great, you had fun and got a little tipsy, made out with that gorgeous guy from the football team; that you don’t quite remember his name, but it’s okay. The cleaning after is the whole problem.

After the police showed up at the front steps you had to throw everyone out and now almost 3 hours later you’re going to hit the hay, knowing you still have stuff to do in the morning.

You lay againt the door and close it with your back as your fingers hook on the hem of your shirt, pulling it up and over your head, you’re already working on your jeans when a snore-like sound startles you.

“What the-”

Quickly, walking backwards you turn on the light. “Fuck.”

There’s a guy passed out in your bed, just laying there, he’s only wearing a pair of boxers, hi clothes strewn all over the floor and he’s.giant. His long legs are stretched making his big feet hang over the side and… well his butt’s kinda nice to look at.

“Uughh fuck it!” you sigh, giving up after you shake him and he doesn’t wake up.  You poke him in the ribs until he rolls to the side a bit, leaving enough room for you to lay next to him.

You’re exhausted, you’ll deal with all of this in the morning…

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Team Fortress 2 is the greatest metaphor for groupwork we will ever have…

there’s a medic who’s trying to keep everyone peppy no matter how hard the task but might lose their shit at the first inconvenience, predominantly bc no one is keeping THEM peppy (except the heavy maybe), so little negativities and issues start to get to them, especially if people start doing stupid shit or leaving everything on the medic type… core of the group bears the largest portion of blame whether they want it or not

the heavy who is ready to tackle the problem head on and take no prisoners but he will provide a sandvich -literal or figurative- for people at random intervals to keep them alive through the process. likes things to be fair, will listen to everyone’ss ideas in turn and then provide a good answer, simple and effective, an amalgamation if possible… tends to surprise other group members. also sometimes just fucking obliterates teammates who are wasting time or saying stupid things…

the must-do-well soldier type, who try to take command and sometimes succeed but mostly cripple themselves trying to be the leader with the perfect plan when really everyone on the team is just fumbling around in confusion as much as he is… will shout encouragement, provide general platitudes, has no idea what the fuck is happening

the clever guy engie who doesn’t want to fucking do anything towards this unless he has to, bc he knows from experience he’d end up doing it all if the team ever realised just how smart he was… and that’s not in the blueprints for this project, pardner! Will dispense insight and information if asked right…

the demoman of groupwork tends to randomly appear and bomb you to damn death with Ideas and Thoughts and Concepts but quickly runs out of ammunition and fucks off again without warning… then return, no matter the plan you’ve formulated, and toss down a rain of metaphorical hellfire in the form of new ideas that may or may not be entirely removed from the main topic… it keeps everyone on their toes, but can sideline or demoralise theose affected…

the scout is the one who is 3000% invested in getting it all bullshitted in under an hour, so they can do something the fuck else more entertaining… maybe they hate the course, maybe they’re energetic/excited for this assignment, maybe they’re anxious and just blitzing through it works for them…. the one who just speeds through their portion of the project and complains when the rest can’t keep up, tends to jump from topic to topic too quick… can be annoying, or a blessing, depends on the situation. usually an oddly positive person

the sniper, the dude that works from a distance… as in, you’re sure they’re part of the group bc they’re getting the emails and responding to texts, but you only see them rarely…. he never says much, but when the guy contributes, it’s usually a bloody brilliant point… and this is the one with the external perspective so important to academia, most often offers to edit/proofreader your final work for mistakes…

the pyro… is the one person in the group who is just sunshine and rainbows until you realise they’re capable of outperforming everyone if they’re so inclined, and they will cut you down in the most adorable of ways, if you argue with them bc they know better, more. sure they’d like to have group cohesion, and this is fun for them, the work and the group combined, but never mistake their gentle complacency about any task given… for anything less than what it is, assisting you all to commit cold-blooded academic murder on the rest of the class’s grades. something about them, even if they’re quiet, makes you listen… bc you feel like if you don’t… you’ll fail

and the spy, he knows exactly what you need to do and how to do it… unfortunately, he’s also the one dude who fucks off to who knows where but his name still ends up on the paper/presentation as if he did all the work, the teachers are all charmed and tend to attribute your blood, sweat, and tears, to this dude.


overall it starts as innocuously as all other things do. you are randomly slotted into a group, different skills and abilities, to see what you can do in a specific task…

and sure, you might start out with a plan, but godamnnit, after the first three seconds something’s on fire, several teammates are dead, you can only vaguely remember your sense of purpose and the timer is ticking down

My Idol: Chapter Twenty Two

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

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i have so many ideas also it’s 11 and i’m usually asleep by 9 so this is my “midnight blogging” ok i have lots of nursey dex ideas this is only one i’ll probably post a billion other ones okay cool let’s get going

• florist x tattoo artist au
- dex inherits the flower shop because his family has owned the shop for years
- when the restaurant across the street from them closes due to low income, dex is really upset because damn it, they had really good clam chowder, now where is he supposed to go for lunch?
- when a tattoo studio opens up where the old restaurant was, dex gets ever more upset because who the fuck gets a tattoo and then comes to get flowers???? no one!!!! at least people at the restaurant gave a fuck about his shop and went in every once in a while for a surprise gift for their significant other or something because every person at that restaurant was like 50+
- dex considers closing his flower shop or moving locations but decides to wait until he sees what sort of effect this new tattoo place has on his business (he keeps track of costumers in a journal and everything because he’s a fucking nerd)
- when the tattoo place opens, no one goes to it because (1) this tattoo place has no reputation so why take a chance? and (2) literally no one in the god damn town is edgy enough for a tattoo honestly
- dex notices that business continues on as usual with no noticeable change. people from the old restaurant still come in for flowers, bless them
- everyday dex looks through the window and sees no one going into the tattoo studio and he feels kind of terrible (he found out that this studio is owned independently so the poor guy sits in this run-down building all alone all day and it’s kind of sad to imagine) (dex then realizes that he owns his flower shop and sits around all alone all day too) (is he sad?) (he makes a data table but the data is inconclusive) (at least he gets customers)
- finally dex is like “shit this guy must be super lonely or whatever” so on his lunch break he goes across the street to the tattoo studio
- there’s a little bell above the door that rings when he comes in and honestly he thinks “what does this dude even need a bell for he gets no fucking customers” and while he’s thinking this rude thing the owner comes in and he suddenly wonders why more people don’t come in here
- like seriously why doesn’t anyone come in here
- dex would come in here just to stare at the owner
- like he’s so pretty dex is like 103% sure it’s illegal
- so while dex is sitting there basically drooling the guy introduces himself as derek nurse (but all of his friends call him nursey)
- and dex is all like “what makes you think i wanna be friends with you” and maybe it was supposed to be flirty but it came out like … sort of super rude and dex is dying
- and infuriatingly enough derek just … laughs it off … like it’s okay … and he’s just like … “hahaha dude chill” … like what the fuck dex is being chill he is in his most Chill™ state
- so dex gets all defensive and is like “don’t tell me to chill man i am being COMPLETELY chill”
- derek is just like “yeah whatever man you want a tattoo?”
- and dex is so flustered because he looked at this guy’s eyes for like .3 seconds longer than he should have so he just says yes and fucking walks out the door and back to his flower shop
- nursey is like … confused x10 like what was up with that dude
- also … what is his number
- or, you know, his name
- nursey sees him walk back into the florist place across the street while putting on an apron and he’s like … what a fucking nerd he likes flowers
- and then he’s like … i found the perfect way to ask him out
- but first … nursey needs to grow a pair because every time he thinks about the way that guy stormed out of his shop he gets a little dizzy
- he wont even walk on the side of the street that the florist is on
- he’s kind of nervous
- more like terrified
- his Super Suave Facade™ is failing him this hasn’t happened before like ,,, nursey knew he was gay but why is he so gay for this guy?
- meanwhile dex is trying to think of ways to see this tattoo guy more often
- dex literally works right across the street from his crush and he just .. cant go over there
- it also seems that derek is avoiding him
- like he has never ONCE seen derek on his side of the road like what is that all about
- dex knows he was pretty damn rude when they met though so like … it makes sense
- long story short, dex knows he’s ruined it
- the two pretty much are both super huge scaredy cats who are too afraid to talk to each other, much less ask each other out
- so a month after their awkward meeting (dex wrote it in his planner) and two and a half months after the tattoo studio opened (dex also wrote that in his planner) nursey finally starts getting business
- it’s slow at first, but it steadily increases. nursey develops a sort of reputation and people actually come from other towns to get tattooed by him. it’s kind of awesome.
- dex is just happy because some people buy their friends flowers to make them feel better after the pain of their tattoos so he is getting more customers
- dex supposes that he owes derek a thank you but he’s also too afraid to go over there and talk to him now that he’s a hot shot tattoo artist and stuff
- he never stops thinking about derek’s laugh (which is probably the most melodic thing dex has ever heard) (he also cant believe he thinks something is melodic)
- in other topics, nursey totally looks out the window of his shop to see if the florist is doing good every once in a while
- every once in a while refers to any free time he can get
- he recognizes he has a very hopeless crush on someone who he’s too afraid to talk to and who probably hates him or something . basically, he’s doomed
- he wants to use his dumb pick up plan but he’s too afraid to step foot in the shop
- instead, he writes poems and draws little doodles in the margins of the paper and he puts them in the florist’s mail box when he leaves because the florist leaves work before him
- derek is too afraid to look over on the days after he leaves a poem for the florist because he’s too afraid that the florist hates his poems or thinks they’re too sappy or something
- in reality, dex fucking loves the poems
- he has no idea who they’re coming from because he’s so . fucking . oblivious .
- he gets excited to open his mail, actually
- he think he may be in love with the author, but he knows he still has a big crush on the tattoo artist across the street (little does he know they’re the same person)

lol so i think i’m gonna stop there for now because honestly … i didn’t think this post was gonna be this long anyways hope this makes sense because i’m really really tired and all of this may be incomprehensible whoops? hope you enjoyed

i also might do a second part to add on to this post sometime hmm

in crim justice class today, my teacher made a reference to the westside middle school shooting (near jonesboro, arkansas) and we all moved on but No. in an extremely delayed response, some kid exclaimed ‘wAsn’T thAt coLuMbInE ?¿!1¡?1’ bitch listen , i couldn’t contain my loud ass sigh, so that filled the room while my teacher just responded w/ ’…………….no, greg.’