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… Don’t worry, Jared, you didn’t give away anything we didn’t know already (Nerd HQ video)

better ref thing for that mobian-like iblis i was working on and hes also a tad more simplified,, ill list some stuff abt him too so here u go

  • taller than average mobians
  • has v pointy fangs
  • third eye can move independently of the other two
  • chest gem is based on solaris’ core, everything else from his own canon forms
  • rocky areas take on lava-like appearance when he’s heated in any sense
  • snarky asshole with a lot of issues, older brother type figure to mephiles
  • gay for chaos (check out @shadzter‘s mobian chaos dudes)
  • doesn’t completely lack intelligence but meph is def smarter. he’s the brawn of the two, while mephiles is the brains

so i was tagged by @kibumsbitchface (thank you!!) to do a selfie x color moodboard thing so I just did dark green/black even tho i have 0 idea how to do aesthetic moodboard stuff asldgnalgsg some kinda… nature witch…idk

I’ll tag @leejinklies @sataeminism @flower-taemin @choiminoh @jjonghyun @silverznight @tofnew but only if you guys want to of course (if u dont wanna do selfies u can substitute pics of your bias)

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hi! I don't want to sound rude at all or anything, but what has Ian Somerhalder done that's brought on the negativity? again, not trying to seem like a dick, just looking to be informed. thanks! (:

I’m so sorry this took me 10 years to reply to I got it this morning but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to respond until now. Also, pls don’t feel bad for asking a question you’re totally fine! I’m on mobile at my aunts house so this isn’t as good as it would be if I could like sit down and type a response so I’m going to do the best that I can, here goes:

-When he started dating Nikki he was at a convention and he said he needed viagra to shoot DE scenes because apparently Nina is just so gross. Like come on dude, we all saw how obsessed he was with her, it was a little extensive at times (i.e. staring at her boobs during interviews). Yea, he sure as hell never needed viagra with her lmao bitter much, Ian?

-He also said that Elena’s contribution to the show was “banging the brothers and now they’re better people for it”. I mean the dude straight up slut shamed a female character for having sex with her boyfriends. (Meanwhile his character has literally fucked every female character that’s ever been on the show)

-also when a fan asked if we’d ever get to see a delena wedding he said “I’m already married.” Apparently he doesn’t understand the difference between real life and television.

-Yelling and berating a group of like 10 fans that were just asking for autographs, literally making a girl cry. He legit screamed at her for asking to take a photo, it’s on video and he gave this long ass speech to them like “THIS IS MY DAY” and then when everyone called him out on it after they saw the video online he made this Instagram post with a ten paragraph caption (full of grammatical errors bc he’s an idiot) about how great he is and how he did nothing wrong because he’s amazing to his fans. (Because screaming at them for wanting to take a photo with you because they look up to you is treating your fans so great)

-A few weeks later another video was released of him doing the same thing again

-he’s such a child he can’t even be in the same room as Nina. Example: the past teen choice awards he had a con going on so they rescheduled the entire convention so he’d be able to attend the tca’s, but then he blew it off. Nina was the only one that showed up and accepted the award that they had BOTH won all by herself. Dude can’t even face his ex girlfriend who is perhaps one of the most reserved and mature women I’ve ever seen and has a new boyfriend like come on you’ve both moved on and she left the show, you can’t even stand on a stage with her for 2 minutes to thank your fans for endlessly voting and giving you this award???

-One time he liked a photo Nina posted on Twitter and then claimed he was “hacked.” (Even though he insists that they’re friends and there’s no bad blood but he can’t like a photo she posts on social media that’s just too far lol) and apparently when someone hacks your Twitter they just like someone’s photo and then do nothing else lmao even the cast of the show (Matt Davis) were making fun of him for it bc it was such a lie

-his foundation is bullshit. They’ve legit never done a single thing and most of the donations go to him personally so now he has a 3 million dollar home in Venice thanks to his fake love for animals. Also, the people that donated thousands of dollars with the promise of a phone call with him never got it. He’s been investigated by the IRS like ten times already.

-he legit gets in fights with 10 year old girls on social media just take a look at his insta it’s all there. Some 12 year old made a comment about Nikki once and he straight up responded and flipped out at her and everyone was like wow okay she’s a child probably on her moms phone and you’re a grown man like come on grow the fuck up. And he’s done this multiple times to multiple girls. What kind of 36 year old man feels so threatened by a little kid that he’s gotta put her in her place? Once again, GROW UP.

-he’s super inappropriate with underage girls at conventions and makes comments about their “boobies” (his word not mine)

-made a rape joke about a month back when someone asked why Bonnie would ever sleep with Damon so he said he’d “get her drunk” bc when you’re drunk you can’t consent

-only takes pictures or interacts with fans if he’s being paid at conventions otherwise he refuses and yells at them

-he also lied about his relationship with Nikki. Someone once said it was kinda fucked up that he would date his ex’s friend and he responded by saying that Nikki and Nina weren’t friends and only met twice, which is a straight up lie. The two ladies made a video together for this campaign about health insurance, they hung out tons of times (there’s photos), Nina was literally at Nikki’s first wedding a few years back and the couples used to go on double dates. It’s his life and he can do what he wants, but the man just constantly lies about everything it’s ridiculous. Like even if they were friends who cares why do you feel the need to lie about it just to explain yourself to some random commenter on the Internet???

-his ego is so big idk how he can even walk down the street without it weighing him down the dude is obsessed with himself. He has a contest going on right now where you can win a dinner with him and Nikki and literally JUST TO ENTER you have to pay 10,000 dollars lmao

-there’s so much stuff it’s impossible to list all of it but that gives you an idea. For more stuff just check my anti-Ian tag it’s got everything that’s ever been posted.

-overall he’s a disgusting self obsessed misogynistic piece of shit who thinks he’s gods gift to women when in fact he’s nothing but a creepy narcissistic ass hole

what’s up bitch babies here to clear up why im always looking at ks art and snooping through ur tags! its bc I’m an anti! what the fuck! yeah of course im gonna waste my time bitching about how ks is offensive and other stuff too idk anyway i like to criticize works of fiction that make me sick u know why? cus I hate it dudes lmao! if i weren’t here you guys would be free to ship that sangbummy or whatever the fuck it’s called idk it’s trash but no u guys just want antis to shut up and get a life lol okay Sharon but consider this: don’t revolve Your life around rape porn LOL. u can keep stuffing ur ears with ur anime boyfriend pillow stuffing when we actually call you pansies out on your shit though bc i have nothing but time and morals! cheerio!

Ayyy ship Q/A

SHIPPING INFO //  answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST.  don’t reblog.

WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO RP WHEN IT COMES TO SHIPPING? :  Dude, I’m down w whatever, like don’t even trip dawg just come at me

HOW LARGE DOES THE AGE GAP HAVE TO BE TO MAKE IT UNCOMFORTABLE? : I prefer it if your muse is at least 25 ot smth if ur gonna ship w an adult, and it’s still a bit young w Rick here who’s in his 60′s. W Birdperson I am a bit more chill, but not lower than 18.

ARE YOU SELECTIVE WHEN SHIPPING? : I mean yes and no? Sometimes you just know if shit is gonna work out, and most of the time it does. But if I really don’t feel like you and I click well then our muses won’t either

HOW FAR DO STEAMY MOMENTS HAVE TO GO BEFORE THEY’RE CONSIDERED NS.FW? : At the boner warning, that’s when we pull the curtains B)

WHO ARE OTHER MUSES YOU SHIP YOUR MUSE WITH? : Dude whoever. But most of all I ship Rick here with other Ricks who decide to give him the time of the day, and ofc Jerry. No need to explain that one. With Birdperson’s whose blog I’m going to reblog this to, I ship him w Ricks and ye I’d ship w a Tammy, ngl gimme that evil birdfucker I love her

DOES ONE HAVE TO ASK TO SHIP WITH YOU? : Most of the time yeah, but sometimes it’s p obvious we’re on the same page

HOW OFTEN DO YOU LIKE TO SHIP? : Um all the time? But I rly hate it when things are forced


ARE YOU SHIP OBSESSED OR SHIP MORE-OR-LESS? :  I mean it depends sometimes I go nuts over a ship sometimes I’m rly chill, I’m unpredictable.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SHIP IN YOUR CURRENT FANDOM? :  *snaps fingers* Doofus Rick/Jerry and Rick/Birdperson. I also rly want Morty to fucking hold Jessica’s hand get it together Morty what the fuck

FINALLY, HOW DOES ONE SHIP WITH YOU? :  dude let’s just make shit happen 

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since i reblogged that ace post i might as well say it:

I do really want to look more into how I could be aromantic but like, since i’m still comfortable with the body I had since I was born and the fact i’m positive that i’m sexually attracted to dudes, i’m worried i’m gonna be the butt of everything in the ace discourse and it’s just going to be p a i n.

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I almost never read on tumblr but I was scrollin through the scenarios tag and I came across your "NCT 127 goes to the beach" and I was gonna scroll past it but then I read some and thought it was funny and long story short I read the entire thing and am currently sobbing from laughter. Thank you.

dude yes same, i noticed there was a lack of this kinda stuff in scenarios tag so i was like, might aswell do it myself lmao,, 

anyway, thank you v much for liking it! i intend on writing more!