dude idek if this is right

I’m so….,idek like annoyed? Mad? offended? Perturbed?
this guy I used to chat w when I lived in NYC (when i thought i was bi) just added me on snap where I post 3638 things about being a lesbian and he kEEPS ASKING ME FOR PICS ??? AND IM LIKE NAW DUDE IM GAY THNX THO !!! So he responded “ohhh no but if you’re the one sending them to me then that’s fine right?”
do straight men just not understand things? ???? Like anyTHING?????!!!!!!!!

how i described bts before i knew them
  • 2 of them can act right? lmao: jin and v
  • the one with the abs more famous than the queen of england herself: jimin
  • coconut who can do anything: jk
  • dance monster 2.0 and a lot of people called him a horse why: j hope
  • his face is the proof of gods existence: jin
  • english speaking dude who i fallen in love with but never knew his name or that he was the leader: namjoon
  • i was intimidated by a shroom: yoongi
  • why is everyone calling him an alien: v

I got sick and now I have a little bit more free time this week than I usually have, since I shouldn’t do much other than sleep - which I can’t really complain about. Still, the whole doing nothing situation can get boring very quickly, and that’s probably how I ended up spending an hour doing random quizzes on the internet because that’s undoubtedly the best way I can learn more about myself, and it was all really enlightening. I mean, apparently according to my favorite movies I should travel to Australia, and my food preferences say I’m going to be in a serious relationship this year - with a tattooed and badass dude. Also, it turns out my choices in ice cream say that my dream job is to be an actress, so there’s that. That’s how I know I made the right decision, because my main would never lie to me about anything.

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85 and 26

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to.” + “It doesn’t bother me.”

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Mercutio swallowed heavily, hesitating where he stood in the doorway. He had meant to step right in without hesitation and apologize quickly to Benvolio, and then act like normal, but the moment he had opened the door all his plans had fallen apart. The door handle was still tightly gripped in his hand, the force of his grip making the edges bite into his palm, and he just couldn’t move. He had tried talking, saying something, anything, but the big lump in his throat made it impossible. All that was in his head was Benvolio of the now, lying covered in bandages as white as the sheets of his bed, and the Benvolio of the past, the one writhing in agony as Mercutio tried to stop the bleeding.

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i love the a/b/o au??? so much?? do you have any more thoughts?? maybe on the mating/them being mates??

anon: “Could you maybe talk some more about Andreil+mating+foxes finding out on that a/b/o au because damn thats so good”

my dear anons… I am here to answer both of your prayers all at once

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You just slapped a dude right in his face for Billy and then threatened him not to go near Billy anymore, you blindly trusted that Billy could mess with your ankle tracker and now youre helping him… IDK bury a body or some shit IDEK with this movie anymore tbh but youre clearly ride or die Blue Ranger Defense for life… like why you pretending like this is an issue now.

Also its really hard to hear Billys mumbling rambles… Im trying really hard hear…. please speak up Little Boy Blue.

alright, so i was wondering if cigarette packs could be recycled, i had just assumed they couldn’t, but i’m looking at this yahoo! answers thing (lol) that reads:

           Can you recycle the cigarette hard packs???                      

 I know you can recycle cereal boxes, aren’t they similar to the hard packs that cigarettes come in??

and then i come across this answer, which… ya idek. thank you user marckman, i guess…

actual… What does it count number? incredibly. Dude changed into only being a spoiled fool. i wager you may carry a delicate p.c.. on your the front pocket and trend it right into a pretend dick salami… What do you think dude could have carried out if he ordered his many times burger and were given 2 slices of tomato as a change of one million? He could have complained because he’s an uptight anal fool. are you able to imagine being his girlfriend or maybe with? Btw, the smokes I smoke in easy words are available troublesome packs so a techniques as i comprehend. American Spirit. No probability of pretend salami with that.

So I have figured out the plot of ‘Poison Ivy gets turned into a mermaid and she and Aquaman team up to fight pollution and oceanic crime’.

I like to call it

Blue Planet


Clearly, there’s some hinky magic user in Gotham who runs afoul of the Gotham Sirens. Maybe he needs the warehouse they’ve converted into a living space b/c it is THE ONLY PLACE in Gotham he can summon unpronouncabledemonname. (Stop summoning demons in the frathouse, Peter.) 

But in order to use the warehouse he’s got to deal with Catwoman, Harley and Ivy. So he whips up some weird, like, antithesis spells. ‘I’ll turn Harley Quinn sane! I’ll make Catwoman like dogs!’ stuff like that. And he’s like ‘okay, Poison Ivy, she’s plant based, I KNOW. MERMAID.’

Because… because he doesn’t realize there are plants in the ocean?

Anyway, he whips out Ivy’s spell first (maybe she’s prepped to strangle him with some vines) and all the sudden Ivy’s lying on the floor gasping b/c NEED WATER CAN’T BREATHE and the warehouse is CONVENIENTLY located near…

Gotham’s on near the ocean, right? Like, I’ve seen Aquaman rise from the water there. Haven’t I? Is it a lake or a river or. OH WHO CARES. A FILTHY BODY OF WATER. Harley dumps her in it and Selina beats the shit out of magic boy.

And he’s like ‘hahaha well at least one of you is down for the count!’

And Harley and Selina trade a  look like ‘you realize there are… plants in the ocean, right?’


And then, she’s like ‘okay, this place is FILTHY. I’M GOING TO DO WHAT I DO BEST’.

And she proceeds to wreak fucking havoc on Gotham Harbor. You thought you were safe dumping that nuclear waste? You thought you could dump bodies in the lake? THINK AGAIN. 

And she just starts to cut this swathe of cleanliness. Like she’s destroying toxic algae, she’s bringing life and fish back to the harbor. And Batman’s somewhere shrugging like ‘is she killing people? has she destroyed any law abiding people’s property?’ 

And she starts moving further out to see and Batman shrugs and is like ‘look, that’s maritime law. Arthur’s territory. She’s a mermaid now, not my department’.

And so, she meets Aquaman.

(Momoaman, because, WHY THE FUCK NOT.)

And he’s not even mad. SHE’S NOT HURTING ANY OF THE ANIMALS. She hasn’t destroyed any part of Atlantis. SHE IS DOING GOOD. And they talk. And he’s like ‘no, no, you’re right, I should take a more proactive stance protecting the oceans’.

And just.

Like, they don’t flat out break shit for no good reason. They show up on an ocean tanker and they’re like ‘are you aware you’re leaking’ and the dudes on the tanker are like ‘UH’.

They clean up the great pacific trash pit and Ivy spells out CLEAN UP YOUR PLANET in like, kelp.

Aquaman loiters around a few oil rigs with binoculars just waiting for them to break a law so he can arrive with the fury of the ocean at his back.


IDEK who would get sent to talk to Aquaman. Because I imagine Diana just like laughing her ass off, like, ‘no’ and Batman’s over there like ‘mermaid, ocean, not my problem’ and even Superman is like ‘WELLLLLL, they’re ENFORCING justice not really BREAKING the law…’ 

But eventually the oil reps get like, a sitdown with Aquaman and he plants this list of demands in front of them and Bruce Wayne (who DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE) is like in the back of the room offering everyone a chance to join his Green Energy Coalition.

“Three guys chilling isn't gay right? Just three dudes chilling and watching the sunset. He’s not gonna think I'm coming onto him or anything, right? It’s totally normal.”
“It’s totally normal, my dude, now go woo your boy.”
“He’s not my boy.”

Kuroo’s the best wingman.
The sky was pretty today, then boom bokuaka

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As far as Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, which Lotr race would each of them be?


for sure hiccup is a dwarf like this is what i decided on first bc how can u not make the vikings the dwarves man (plus all the forging and shit idek ok) but hiccup’s not the usual violent i-can-kill-a-whole-army-with-my-axe kind of dwarf of course he’s the odd one out (and also dragons!!! but idk how to incorporate that!!!)

jack’s probably a wizard NOW HEAR ME OUT I KNOW THEYRE SUPPOSED TO BE OLD AND SHIT but come on they get their power from their staffs right and like theyre spirits sent in human form to help people and shit ok????? basically jack fucking frost (and white hair it was inevitable) lets just make him young shush its okay

and i did research just now and apparently each wizard “belongs” to like a greater being like honestly idek the wikia page confuses the fuck out of me but each wizard dude was associated with a god or angel sORT OF THING IDK so jack could have this moon guy??????? bc man in moon basically appointed him (i have no idea if what im saying is correct just try to read the lotr wikia pages TRY SO COMPLICATED MAN)

merida (despite all the archery) is a human i swear to god as tempting as elf!merida is her character is just so flawed and reckless and human tbh like its gr8 i love this so so much (she can be half-elven if you wanna push it but i much prefer her completely human idk)

rapunzel is such an elf ok like theyre immortal and magic and stuff she’s probably like galadriel magic level tbh but with an arwen personality???? god did that make sense but yEAH SHE’S HELLA POWERFUL AND IMPT and all the jackunzel interaction in this one bc theyre both immortal and have been around for the longest time and basically the gist of all the gandalf and galadriel interaction but more shippy I WILL DIE


so i got to the venue like 7 hours early (with @urnotchrismotionless) and we waited in line in the cold for a long time and we were snapchatting devin for more then half the time (he kept relpying and chatting us omg it was great) and we were talking to the people around us for a while and then I saw Vinny, Shane, Josh (manager), and 2 other guys walk past to go get food (keep in mind that by this time the concert was in 1-2 hours so the line was way longer) and on their way back I was the only person who actually knew who vinny and them were so we said hi and waved and they were really nice but we didnt actually stop them because they had food that they were carrying. 

When the miw show started it was carzy omg, even the people who said they didnt like motionless in white were still jumping up and down and having a great time. they put on such a good set, and i knew all the words to each song and chris and ricky kept pointing to me when i was singing along to their new songs but sadly for me I have claustrophobia, and after the set ended i had a really big panic attack and since i was right at the front i had to get the security to pull me out and as soon as i did i had like a breakdown and it was bad but my mom talked her way into the vip section and i got free drinks the whole night and i just kinda stayed there for a while to calm down. Once i was calm i went over to the merch tables and there wasnt really any lines bc bmth was playing so i talked to the miw merch girl (they have sabrina and a new girl too) and she said that if i wanted to meet miw then they would probably be outside by the gates during/after adtrs set so i went and waited outside for 2-3 hours to meet them and then their bus pulled out and left so after waiting for like 15min extra in case of bmth we went back to our car and their bus wAS PARKED RIGHT FUCKING NEXT TO US and josh and their merch dude were outside talking and we asked if it was their bus to make sure and htey said ya and then we were like r they in there and josh said “no idek where they are, theyre animals” and i was like ok :( and then when i was getting into my car I SAW THEM THROUGH THE CRACK IN THE BLINDS AND RICKY WAS LIKE DOING THE MOONWALK AND SOME WEIRD SHITTY FUNNY ADORABLE DANCE MOVES AND THEY WERE ALL IN THERE so i turned to my mom and told her how they were all in there and even though she was tired and shit she knew how much i love them and how theyre my fav band and have helped me through a lot so she went up to jsoh and was like “if theyre in there can you please have at least one of them come out, weve been here for 12 hours and drove 2 hours to get here and we mainly came for you guys even though you were only the opening act” and josh being josh was like “ill go see if anyones in there” (i wAS LIKE I KNOW U KNOW THEY R IN THERE) but he walked back out with RICKY AND BALZ AND AS ASOON AS THEY CAME OUT THEY HUGGED US AND SAID HI AND TALKED TO US FOR LIKE 20 MINUTES AND GOT PICS AND SIGNED ALL OF OUR POSTERS AND MERCH AND THEN WHEN WE WERE GOING TO LEAVE I ASKED RICKY FOR ONE LAST HUG AND HE WAS LIKE “OF COURSE I DONT MIND” AND WHEN HE HUGGED ME IT WASBT JUST A HALF HUG THAT YOU WOULD EXPECT FROM A BAND MEMBER TO A FAN, IT WAS A FULL HUG WITH HIS ARMS FULLY WRAPPED AROUND ME AND SQUEEZED A BIT AND HE PUT THE SIDE OF HIS FACE AGAINST   MINE AND I WISPERED THANK YOU SO MUCH IN HIS EAR AND HE SQUEEZED A BIT HARDER FOR THE HUG AND HE WAS SO WARM AND SOFT AND BALZ AND HIM WERE SO NICE AND WHEN WE WERE ABOUT TO LEAVE THEY TOLD MY MOM HOW THEY WOULDNT NORMALLY COME OUT AND DO THIS BUT WE WERE REALLY NICE AND THEY WERE GLAD WE CAME.

(sorry that i look like shit in the photo oops)

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This is totally random but may I ask why you are anti-Coulson? I'm not trying to bash you, I'm honestly curious. I mean, I don't hate him but I also don't love him a ton. I'm neutral about Coulson. He's not my fave (that honor is saved for my goddess Raina and Melinda) I know a lot of people don't like Coulson but I'm wondering why. And also, it's nice to find a blog who loves Raina as much as I do!

oh no that’s totally fine!! i’m happy to explain uwu and i’m gonna publish this just in case anyone else is ever interested in my reasons.

i didn’t actually have the episodes on me, so there’s a lil bit of paraphrasing when i couldn’t remember the exact lines, and i’m tired as hell. but you’ll get the gist.

basically coulson has shown that he is (a) a huge hypocrite and (b) on a moral high horse and doesn’t actually give a shit about his agents.

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lenadamnvers  asked:

Omg wtf how do you even? Your drawings are literal perfection and your Korra and your Asami are so cute, fuck me. Dude like wtf you got mad skills bro. You make this teenage boy giddy with you beautiful art. Idek how to explain it but like I wanna see every single fucking thing you've drawn.

Hahah aw man thank you so SO much! <3 It’s just a lot of practice!

Idk about seeing everything; I’ve got some crazy funky sketchbooks where I still ask myself ‘Sam, where is that person’s arm going? Does that look right? Nope, hell no, that is not how a foot bends’ lol So you’re mostly seeing the doodles that turned out alright. xD 

(This is a super cropped corner from a TxZ piece I made for Patreon!) 

Thanks again!