dude i was that bored

Holy shit dude congrats @therealjacksepticeye​ on 14million subscribers!! Thats a huge fucking amount of people but you sure do earn every single one of them

I found your account somewhere in 2014, around your 600k video? Anyways i started watching you and i quickly realized how much your videos brightened my day, and they still really do!

So thank you and keep doing you Jack!! ♡


Christmas with Baekhyun moodboard.

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Do not liSTEN TO THIS SONG while picturing Will and Nico because you’ll probably end up staying up super late drawing them making DUMB TWITTERPATTED FACES AT EACH OTHER LIKE I DID.


Art by me

  • why people think jk rowling considered killing ron off: he was the most useless of the trio and jo hated him and she wanted hermione to be with harry
  • why jk rowling actually considered killing ron off: she was at a really bad place in her life when she thought of it as an option because she knew that ron's death would have the most impact as he was extremely important and if anything was going to break harry beyond repair it would be him thinking that he led this best friend (aka the person who meant the most to him) to his death

I just reached 450 followers so to celebrate here’s some fanservice-y loose-haired historic-ish Lams for all your fanservice-y historic-ish Lams needs.

(based on @ciceroprofacto‘s take on Alex Hamilton and John Laurens in their historical fan fiction work Song of Alexander, which all of you should read)