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In ur opinion what r Jensen and Misha's best angles

i’m not an expert on misha’s appearance and i don’t want to piss off the misha stans so i’m only gonna answer about jensen and probably piss off the jensen stans

this is his best angle

shot toward his left side, with his head either angled a little bit down (first gif) or a little bit up (second gif)

with jensen, it’s all about his nose, ears and jaw.

if u get him head-on, his ears pull focus away from his face. (i mean, they’re cute as shit, but u get what i mean.)

when it’s shot toward his right side with his head tilted up, his nose looks extra thin and pointy, also pulling a bit too much focus. however, this is definitely the best angle for that magic jawline and with making his chin look more defined. 

shots toward his right side also make him look 10x more masculine than he does from his left. it’s because of the way his nose curves. from his left, it looks like it curves up in a cute little point. from his right, it looks like it curves down. i prefer the more feminine angle, and it seems spn does, too, because most shots are toward his left. (go watch the episode misha directed. every fuckin shot of dean is toward his left side. same, misha. same.)

evidenced most obviously in his selfies, jensen ackles……has no chin. or a lot of chins. it’s hard to tell which. in selfie angles, his face kind of just disappears into his neck and makes it look like he doesn’t have a jawline. now, i’m all about a pudgy chin and soft jaw, but i’d prefer jensen’s face not to bleed into his neck like in these selfies. 

his jawline is a mystery even to me and is really more dependent on how he moves his face than what angle the camera is. however, there is obviously a major difference between this

where he has no defined jawline whatsoever and looks very soft

and this

which u can cut a loaf of bread with. 

i think the reason why i’m so drawn to jensen’s face is because, to me, it looks completely different from every goddamn angle. he could move his face half an inch to the left and i’d gasp in shock at how different he looks. i’d say he doesn’t really have a bad angle, but i definitely prefer some of his angles over others. 

(all gifs are from season 9 to avoid a major difference in age or haircut.)

Prefect Meeting

Lily: So for the meeting today, we will discuss a few things.

James: And then you’ll go off in pairs and patrol the corridors.  Hey, Lockhart - stop that!

Gilderoy: *Winks at James and blows kisses*

James: I said stop it.

Antonin Dolohov: DUDE.  Listen to the head boy!

Gilderoy: *Smirks* 

Lily: Anyway, first order of business.  Dung bombs.  They’ve become a growing fascination again amongst the younger students.  If you overhear anyone talking about them, question them and confiscate them.  That includes your friends, Potter.

James: Hey, you can’t tell me what to do.  I’m the head boy.

Lily: *Raises eyebrows* Are you challenging me?

James: Course not love… *clears throat*… I mean, Lily.  Next thing is violence.  There’s been a lot of it lately.  And from prefects, too *looks at Remus and Regulus*

Remus: That was ages ago!

Regulus: We’re friends again now!

Remus: As if nothing ever happened!

Regulus: Except you have a little scar on your head.

Remus: And your nose is a bit out of shape.

Regulus: What?!

James: Okay, enough.  Just no more fighting, okay?  It makes us look bad if even the prefects are fighting… with each other.

Lily: And finally, sex.

James: *Goes red* Uh… what?

Lily: Sex.  

Gilderoy: *Winks at James*

Lily: Make sure if you see any couples who may be… intimate… remind them about protection and to be safe!  There’s been a pregnancy and some shenanigans at the Valentine’s Day ball.  Not to mention someone fell down the stairs during intercourse in a broom cupboard!

Everyone: *Sniggers*

Regulus: It wasn’t during intercourse!  It was before!

Lily: And how would you know that? 

Regulus: No reason! *Blushes*

James: So that concludes the meeting!  Everyone split into pairs and patrol your assigned areas of the castle.

Gilderoy: I’d like to be your partner, Potter.  Your life partner ;)

James: Let’s wrap this up! *Runs away*

  • me: haha look what I found! and look at this! oH OH AND THIS TOO! AHAHA OMG THIS!! AND—
  • me: wait shit I'm probably bothering you aren't I?
  • other person: no no it's fine
  • me: haha shit I'm sorry
  • other person: no you're not bothering me
  • me: I'm gonna stop now
  • other person: DUDE I just said—
  • me: sorry for bothering you
  • other person: ...okay NOW you're bothering me
  • me: [pointing] SEE I TOLD YOU

Okay, but someone making Cisco super uncomfortable and hitting on him and touching him and Cisco just wants him to stop, but he doesn’t. He deals with it, but it’s still getting annoying everytime he has to interrupt his conversation with Iris, Barry, and Caitlin because this dude tried to feel him up.Barry tries to get him to stop but is ignored outright and gets eye rolled. They just suggest to move and they all get up but then the dude outright pulls Cisco into his arms with a smirk and Cisco’s like get away from dude. I said stop. Cue Hartley Rathaway tapping the guy on the shoulder and giving him the meanest glare in his life before pulling Cisco from the man’s arms, wrapping his arms around Cisco and pulling him into a half kiss that looks like a full on kiss to the guy. He uses this chance to tell Cisco to just go with it and he does. They pull away and the man just huffs and walks away grumbling to himself. 

Cisco turns to thank Hartley for the help, but Hartley just winks and walks away. Which leaves Cisco confused because did Hartley just flirt with him and just pretend to be his boyfriend to get the guy off his back? He’d need to have a serious talking to with Hartley because he was so on board with a relationship if he was up to it. 

Dance with me

Lafayette x reader (gender not specified)

Some fluffy Lafayette requested by the lovely @guns-and-lafayeet​ hopefully this is fluffy enough!

I was listening to the song “Dance with me” from Smokey Joe’s Cafe

High school au (I’m so sorry with all the aus, they’re just so fun to write)

Word count: 2,210 ( ¡Caray! )

Warnings: I think there’s one swear word…


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“So, y/n, you got a date to prom?” Was the first thing you heard when you sat down at your lunch table.

“Well, considering that a, I single, and b, tickets for prom are just now going on sale today, I have no date to prom.” You answered Alexander’s question. You pulled out you’re phone from your sweater pocket, scrolling through the fifty-some messages from Eliza and Angelica. Both asking you about prom.

More specifically if you had been asked yet.

You raised an eyebrow, looking back at the four boys sitting in front of you. Alex, John, and Hercules looked at you, devious smirks painted on their faces. Gilbert was flipping through pages of his calculus text book, occasionally stealing a glance at his phone, which happened to be lighting up with a new text message every few seconds.

“Has it become a universal question if I have a date to prom?”

“Oh no no, just wondering.” John said, looking particularly smug. “Ain’t that right, Laf?” He said nudging the french boy. Lafayette looked a little startled.

“Huh? Oh yeah, sure.” Gilbert answered, clearly having no idea what John had asked him.

“Soooooo,” You drew out, turning back to the three boys. “You guys going with anyone special?”

“I was thinking that we could go in a group, like last year.” Hercules spoke up. John nodded in agreement.


“Yeah we could go in a group again.” He mumbled out, glancing to his phone.

“You’re not going with Eliza? I thought you two were a thing?” You asked, suddenly intrigued by the short boy’s love life.

“No! I mean, we are, just…I don’t know, shut up.”


By the time the over-glorified dance had rolled around, plans had been arranged. John had a best car, so he would pick the rest of you guys up, go to the dance, then after prom at the Schuyler mansion.

Hercules had helped you pick out your outfit. The fabric was a deep blue, and had an almost silk-like texture. You had on your best pairs of shoes, and your hair had been done minimally. Prom wasn’t a big deal for you, so why go all out? You admired yourself in the mirror, pulling ridiculous poses.

Your phone buzzed.

TurtleNerd: yo, i’ll be there in a minute, be ready to just jump in.

You quickly responded with an “okay” and ran down the stairway, your mother standing at the foot of the stairs with her camera out.

“Honey, just a couple pictures so I can send them to auntie.” She said pulled on your arm, as you tried to step out the front door.

“Ma! I gotta go, John will be here soon, and he’s probably not going to stop the car.”

“Okay sweetie.” She called after you. “You better be home before three, I’ll make your father stay up if I have to.”

And at that very moment, John’s car rolled down your street, you ran to the curb, yanking the door open, and quite literally jumping in.

“Dude, I thought you were just joking when you said you wouldn’t stop.” You said after a moment of trying to catch your breath.

“Nope. My dad had to borrow my car when I got home from school, so I was late to pick up my tux. So sorry for being a bit late.” He took a moment to actually look at you at the stop light. “You clean up nice, by the way.”

“Not so bad yourself, Laurens.” He actually looked how he normally did, except, well in a tux. His hair was still in a ponytail of messy curls.

“Thanks, I actually tried to look decent this year.” He said, recalling a memory from last year’s dance. He had worn a random suit, and his date flipped because he wasn’t in proper “black-tie” attire, and he didn’t match her dress.

“Why? Tryin’ to impress someone?” You raised an eyebrow at him. His face flushed red, he pouted his lips turning away from you.

“No!” He managed to huff out.

Next to pick up was Alexander, who came out looking half way decent. The dark circles under his eyes were still very much visible, but her had actually brushed through his hair for once. Then came Gilbert, looking particularly dapper in his dark grey tuxedo.

“You look lovely, y/n.” Laf whispered as he climbed into the back seat.

“Aw, thanks Laf.” You gave him a smile. God he’s so handsome.

He squeezed into the center seat once John had gotten to Hercules’ house.

“Why did you stop for all of them, but not for me? I almost died trying to literally jump into the car!” You yelled over at the freckled boy in the driver’s seat.

“It’s funny to see you try and jump into the car.” He simply put, smirking over at you.

“He made you jump in? Dude, you’re such an ass.” Hercules scoffed.


A few other groups and couples had arrived when you had gotten to the dance.

It was held in a huge ballroom downtown, and the student council had really gone all out. It was decorated like a 1920′s dance hall, soft pink and purple light from the crystal chandeliers from above. Fluffy large ostrich feathers from tall black vases on the floor. A space in the center was clear of any decoration for the dance floor. It looked absolutely stunning.

“Let’s go grab a table.” You suggested. You all walked in a group to the other side of the room, to the round table near the back. Everyone sat down and situated themselves. You sat there for a few minutes, more groups coming into the ballroom. Music began to play, people grouping around in little circle on the dance floor. “So, is this going to be like last year, where we don’t dance at all?”

“Probably,” sighed John, resting his chin on his hand.You stood up with a huff putting your hands on your hips.

“Nuh-uh.” The boys looked up at you. “I did not spend 75 bucks on a ticket just so we could be wall flowers again. Someone, dance with me.”

You held your hand out for one of them to take. You were a bit surprised when they all stood up, walking out to the open floor.

After about an hour of group dancing, club songs, and the sin circle forming around the center of the dance floor, the lights dimmed down to a soft blue, the smooth voice of the DJ coming over.

“Alright you lovebirds, time for a little number for our sweethearts out there, this one’s for you all.”

A slow song.

You saw all the couples joining back up, leaving your single self alone. You walked back to your seat, where the rest of your friends were as well. You could tell they wanted to dance with someone. You could practically see the hearts Alex and Eliza were sharing from across the room.

“Alex,” you whispered. You looked over at you, startled. “Dance with her.”

He didn’t need any other prompting, he raced over to where the girl in powder blue, grabbing her hands taking her to dance.

You looked over at John. He sat there, cheeks red, occasionally glancing across the room. You traced his line of sight, seeing Peggy, looking like a drop of sunshine, sharing the occasional glance with John.

“For the love of God, John, ask her to dance.” You teased. He looked between you and Peggy for a moment, before rushing over to the younger Schuyler sister. You turned to Hercules, who was already standing up, making his way over to Maria, who stood by herself on the wall. Her boyfriend had left her half way through, leaving her by herself. You watched the two of them smile at each other, taking to the dance floor.

“Mon cher,” the French accent  made you look over. Gilbert stood in front of you, holding his hand out to you. “Dance with me?” He whispered. You nodded a yes, taking his hand in yours.

He took lead in the dance, placing his hands on the small of your back, keeping one hand in yours. You leaned into him slightly. You could feel him tense for a moment, but almost immediately relaxed to your touch. He took a deep breath, his hands shaking. You looked up at him, locking your eyes with him for a moment, your bodies still swaying to the music.

“Are you okay?” You spoke as softly as you could. You caught him by surprise with your question, and he accidentally stepped on your foot. You winced a little, but let it pass.

“Sorry, I am not very good at dancing.” He murmured. You gave him a smile.

“I think you’re doing wonderful.” Your voice was quiet enough only for him to hear.

The two of your froze were you stood. Something suddenly changed in his demeanor. He looked confident, but at the same time, nervous. A certain gravity began to pull the two of you closer. Your eyes his flicked between his eyes and lips. You both leaned in, eyes closing. So close to each other-

The song ended, club music instantly ruining the moment.

You both pulled away from each other, heat consuming your entire being. You gave Laf a nod, walking away to find Eliza. You found her back at her table with her sisters. You pulled out the extra chair, holding your head in your hands.

“Oh my god.” You whispered. The three girls laughed.

“What happened?” Eliza asked.

“Oh my god.” Was a you could say.


The rest of the dance, went by fairly quickly. Nothing too exciting happened, a couple had been escorted out of the ballroom after getting a bit to risque on the dance floor.

The ride to after-prom, however, was delightful. Meaning, it was so tense and awkward the entire drive to the Schuyler mansion. Alex called shotgun, meaning you ended up being squished between Gilbert and Hercules in the back. Alex wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing Eliza was, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been if it was completely silent.

After-prom was however, quite exciting. For other people anyways. You had gotten there a little later, the party already in full swing. People passing out the infamous red cups. You politely declined, trying to find a placce to rest your tired body for a moment. You wandered around the large room. Perhaps a corner. Noooooo. Couples making out.

You decided just to go into the kitchen, which was mostly empty of anyone, aside from Eliza sometimes going in and out looking for people. You leaned against the counter, pulling out your phone. It was only 12:40. You inhaled deeply, releasing a moment later. Your mother would think something’s up if you came back early, plus you didn’t have a ride home this soon. You knew John had every intention of making the most of the young night, and wouldn’t want to leave early.

You ended up trying to kill time by switching through the same three apps; Tumblr, Snap-Chat, and Instagram. Until you were interrupted.

“Hey y/n.”

You turned to face the accented voice, knowing exactly who it was. You raked your fingers though your hair.

“Hey Laf.”

He leaned against the counter next to you. Silence.

“So. How are you?” He asked. You shrugged.

“Kinda tired. Not really feeling the whole after-prom thing.” He nodded in agreement. More silence. A sudden gnawing feeling began to overtake your stomach. You bit your lip.



You both spoke at the same time. The two of you laughed.

“You first.” You said.

“No, you first. I insist.”

“Okay,” you spoke. you could feel your face heat up, searching for the right words. “Oh god, how do I say this?”

“Mon cher, I apologize if I put you in an uncomfortable position earlier.” He said, gently taking your hand. “It was not my intention at all.”

You stared at this gorgeous man before you. You grabbed the collar of his shirt, crashing your lips into his. It didn’t take more than a moment for him to respond. His hands grabbed your hips, pulling you closer to him. You heart pounded against your chest, the unpleasant feeling in your stomach replaced by bursts of excitement. You pulled away after a minute, needing to catch a breath of air.

Lafayette laughed at himself.


“You know,” he started, his fingers intertwining with yours. “I was going to ask you to the dance.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“I don’t know. I was nervous.”

“Well, you should have. It wouldn’t have been as expensive to go as a couple.”

“Wow y/n. Here I am telling you I love you, and your thinking about money.”

You kissed his lips again.

“Yeah, but I don’t like having my wallet empty.”

He kissed you with a bit more force.

“You, mon amour, are ridiculous.”

Request: Dream Girl - A Markiplier imagine

Request:  can i request an imagine where the reader is a smaller youtuber at a convention doing like signing and other stuff they do at conventions and ends up meeting mark and jack and felix and others and like mark ends up confessing or something sorry if this is bad

A/N: Oh my god I am so sorry that this took me so long. My life has been pretty hectic these past few weeks and I haven’t had much time to write anything. I hope that you like it!

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What? You’re Mine

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas
Words: 1134
Requested by @deancassamsupernaturalised    ( You’re in a bar with Dean and the gang. A guy walks up to you and tries to hit on you. You keep ignoring hoping that he’ll get the vibe and leave. But he doesn’t and you can see that Dean is getting more and more uncomfortable and agitated. When the guy keeps on lingering around you, Dean just loses his temper and hits the guy. You and Sam and Cas and all the other people in the bar are taken aback. Dean just looks right at you and retorts, “What? You’re mine.”)

Originally posted by strengthcas

       You walked into the bar with Dean, Sam, and Cas after the hunt. You were happy to finally be able to relax after the hunt. It hadn’t been particularly hard, but you were tired and you wanted to just sit down and hang out with the guys.

           “I got the first round,” Dean said, heading to the bar to get the drinks for the four of you while the three of you went to get a table.

           “Hey, Hot Stuff,” a guy immediately spotted you and walked over, “What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”

           You looked over at him and rolled your eyes, “Getting a drink with my friends,” you said, nodding to Sam and Cas.

           “Just friends?” he asked, “Maybe you’d like to come with me and we could be a little more than friends.”

           You laughed, “I don’t think so.”

           Dean returned with the beers and eyed the guy that had been talking to you, “Here ya go,” he handed on to you, ignoring the guy.

           “Thanks,” you smiled at him, choosing to ignore the guy as well.

           “Come on, Baby,” he insisted, “I could show you a good time.”

           You kept your back to him, “So, Sam, how’s that shoulder?” you asked. He had taken a pretty hard fall right on his shoulder during the hunt.

           “Still kinda sore,” he said, “But I’ll live. At least it’s not dislocated. Just bruised,” he moved it experimentally and winced slightly, “Maybe I’ll keep it still for a little while longer,” he said.

           You chuckled, “Probably a good idea.”

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Working It Out

((A quick little story for @lamie-lanie  Sorry I missed your birthday, but a little bird told me you had a favorite character, so here’s something for you.  Happy belated birthday!))

“Okay, you know what the problem is here?”

“No, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to tell us,” Clint said.

“He’s definitely going to tell us,” Natasha said.

“I’m ignoring the two of you, just so you know,” Sam told them.

“Oh, obviously,” Natasha said.

“The problem is that everyone is here to work out,” Sam said.

“That is what this state of the art gym is for,” Tony said. He flexed his arms, bouncing lightly back and forth on the balls of his feet. “This very expensive state of the art gym. Have I mentioned how much I spent putting together a gym that can withstand you people? Because, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but that did not come cheap.”

“You’ve mentioned it,” Bruce said. He turned, his arms extended over his head, one bare foot braced against the side of his other knee. Tony considered pushing him over, but that would be rude. And possibly fatal, knowing the other guy.

“A few times,” Coulson agreed.

“And we’re grateful,” Steve told Tony. “Keep your guard up.”

“I’m sparring with you, there’s not a guard in the world that’s high enough,” Tony told him.

“Try,” Steve said, and Tony aimed a short, hard punch at his head. Steve caught his fist in one massive hand and snapped out with one leg, knocking Tony’s legs out from under him. Tony hit the mats with a grunt.

“So, right, we’re here to work,” Sam said. His treadmill whirred along at a brisk pace, but not so fast that it kept him from talking. “I mean, all of us except for the asshole on the ceiling eating cake.”

Everyone looked up. Spider-Man, hanging upside down above them, paused in the act of taking a bite from the massive slice of chocolate cake in one costumed hand. “What?” he asked, his head swinging from side to side. “What? Why is everyone doing that, with the faces?”

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can y'all believe troye sivan, my lord and savior, just gave us the foxes and andreil irl??!?! can y'all believe he is actually neil josten in the flesh?!?!?


It’s been fun, guys, but the porch light is off. I’m a little worn out, I didn’t realise I’d get that many messages! But I hope you all enjoy your presents and have a wonderful Simblreen. :)

For those of you who missed the gift-giving, don’t worry! All four of my presents will be released publicly on the 1st of November.

The Used and Unused- Sam Wilkinson Imagine

You walked down the hall and could feel everyone’s eyes on you. It had been this way for months, ever since Johnson’s party. You never understood why people thought it was a big deal but this was high school, everything’s a big deal.

“I wish people would just get over it.” You said to your best friend as you reached your locker.

“Yeah right,” She said. “This is the biggest thing since Tyler pushed Mr. Smith into the garbage.” You let out a sigh as you remembered that day. It happened in 9th grade…and you were now in 12th grade.

“And what do we have here?” You automatically rolled your eyes as you heard his voice. His disgusting, annoying and sickening voice.

Sam Wilkinson was the class douchebag. He tried to get with every girl and when he did, he told everyone about it. Which is why you were the talk of the school. At Johnson’s party a couple of months back, you had just broken up with your boyfriend of two years and found out that the program you wanted was not being offered at your dream school. You didn’t plan on going to the party but your best friend convinced you to go since she knew you needed to let loose…and that’s exactly what you did…with Sam.

“Someone who’s not giving you the time of day.” You answered his rhetorical question before shutting your locker.

“That’s okay, I just need you for the night.” You tried not to react since you knew that’s exactly what he wanted but as everyone started crowding around you, you couldn’t handle it anymore. You handed your books to your best friend before walking towards Sam as you spoke.

“Let’s get one thing straight; there never were and there never will be feelings for you. You were just something to pass the time with. I used you. I used you to feel something that I never thought I’d feel again and I promise you, it had nothing to do with you. So if you think it would ever happen again, you need to back the fuck up because you are way off base.”

“You used me…” He said, quietly.

“What? No one’s ever played you at your own game before?” You let out a sarcastic laugh. “Looks like I’m the biggest player of the school now.” You took your books back but before you could move, you heard Sam speak.

“I never used you.” You scrunched your face up in confusion. “I didn’t want to do this here. I actually kind of wanted to do it before that night.”

You looked at your friend and you both shared a confused look. Sam was actually being a genuine guy right now and he wasn’t making sexual jokes. You never thought this day would come but hell was freezing over.

“Look Sam, I don’t have time for your bullshit, okay?” You said, turning away but Sam wasn’t ready for the conversation to end.

“I have feelings for you!” He yelled at you, making you stop in your tracks. You turned your head to look at your friend and you knew exactly what she was thinking.

“Yeah,” She said, nodding her head. “I heard that too.”

“Excuse me?” You said, turning to face Sam.

“There might not have been feelings there for you but there were for me. There always have been.”

You stood there in a silent hall as everyone around you waited for you to respond. You stared at Sam before you burst into laughter. The hall stayed silent as you laughed away.

“You almost got me there.” You said, when you finally stopped laughing. “Thanks dude, I needed that.” You let out another laugh before heading to class.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this imagine! I haven’t done one in a while so I thought I’d make one for you guys. I actually love this one; I hope you do too. Make sure you follow me for any updates and leave a comment in my ask, if you’d like!

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“Omg Sammy stop!” I giggled as he tickled me,he didn’t and began making me laugh harder.
“Dude she said stop!” Cameron shouted I jumped at the tone of his voice. Sam stopped and we shared the same look which asked ‘jheez what’s wrong with him’ Sam shrugged and returned his focus to the TV. I got up and followed Cameron to the kitchen. I went up behind him and rested my hand on his shoulder,but still he faced away from me.
“Cam what’s wrong?” He shock his head,his grip on the counter tightens as his knuckles turn white.
“You like sammy don’t you! Just admit it!” I shake my head in confusion,giving him a confused look
“Where did this come from!? Why would you think that?” I question him,Sammy’s my best friend,my brother. Not my crush. I could hear the pain in his voice as it cracks
“Omg you do! Y-you’re not even denying it y/n!” I turn him around to face me,holding his face In between my hands. Why was he being like this!?
“No your wrong Cam! His my best friend,nothing would ever happen between us,why are you so jealous?!“ He wasn’t even looking at me,I had teared up. I don’t understand,what brought all of this on so suddenly.
“Cameron look at me” I ask,beg,plead but he doesn’t look instead let’s his lips linger against mine before kissing me passionately. I pulled away. What just happened? “Well I guess I really am just a friend to you now” Sammy said clenching his fist and walking off in a strop. “Sammy wait-” … A/N part two will be up shortly,my request are still open so inbox me if you have one 😚💗

One of my students was having A Day today. He just… couldn’t get it together.

His constant interruptions were really interfering with the lesson and I could see the other kids getting annoyed so finally I stopped, turned to him and said, “Dude.”

And he said, “Bro.”

And I walked over to his desk. The rest of the room was silent now. I faced him, leaned in a bit, and said, “DUDE.” And I just looked at him.

He stared back.

I raised an eyebrow and put my hand up in the air to silence the murmurs starting from the others.

He said, “Okay. You’re right. I’ll do better. Can I get a hug?”

“Yeah, okay. Bad day?”

“Sorta. But I’ll turn it around.”

And we went back to the lesson.

Sometimes I’ll abandon a lesson to launch into Respect And Why You Need To Familiarize Yourself With It Dammit.

But sometimes, I’m really glad I’ve taken the extra hours and days… the time between classes and before and after school… to really get to know my kiddos. Because when I pushed, and he pushed back, I knew something was up. And it had nothing to do with school.

But he knew that my pushing harder very clearly meant, “I hear you, and I’m trying really hard not to call you out in front of everyone but I’ll make time to talk with you later if you can make the effort to hold it together now. Cool, dude?”

“Okay, bro.”