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Pardon me but may we please have some more smutty headcanons? You know what I could really go for right now? Smutty Bahorel/Feuilly. I want all of the smut for them. Just all of it. Please and thank you.

My new favorite thing is that this is my legacy

Smutty Bahorel/Feuilly let’s go

  • loudest babes. literally wow stop waking everyone up at 3am. this is mostly bahorel’s fault
  • bahorel is such an adrenaline junkie - he went skydiving once and annoyed feuilly about “are you sure we can’t fuck while skydiving ??” for weeks
  • playful boxing that turns into actually competitive boxing and then into rough make out session
  • they kinkshame each other all day every day 
  • speaking of bahorel was trying to be cute by whispering to feuilly that he loved playing with his hair and feuilly just stepped back like “oh dude… that’s like… really kinky… i don’t know how i feel about that bro”
  • “i’m sorry i broke your nose i’m an enthusiastic lover”
  • high five during sex like ?????
  • once challenged each other to moan nothing but ‘no homo’ during sex
  • feuilly texts bahorel going “bored at work” and receives about twelve dick pics 
A Gift From Crowley

Reader thinks that no one cares about her birthday.

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Swearing and fluff

Word Count: 1,458


“Darling, I need your help with something.” The gravely yet smooth British voice of the demon you loved to hate and hated that you loved jolted you from your sleep.

“Dude! Get the fuck out of my room!” You shouted, as you turned on the light that sat on your bedside table and looked at the clock. 3:33. “How fucking fitting.” You mumbled as you tossed it back on the table; what a great way to start your birthday. Crowley stood next to your dresser, casually leaning against it as if he hadn’t woken you up in the middle of the night and you looked over at him.

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Best Friends

Summary : Love is great, love is amazing. But there is something really special about your friends. They have your back no matter what, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Because they already know how to grab it and keep it.

Just a little something to make us all feel better about the impending heartbreak ^-^

Thanks @navybluewings0013 for letting me use your headcanon idea! I hope you like this :)

(also, I do not own the song Can You Feel The Love Tonight)

“That’s so not true,” Gray scoffed at his partner.

“I’m telling you it happened!” Natsu waved his arms around, thinking it would prove his point.

“The captain wouldn’t do that,” the dark haired detective took a look around the area again, they were in the middle of a stakeout. The guy they were looking for should turn up soon.

“So?! I saw it with my own eyes!” Natsu pulled on the skin under his eyes.

“Dude, Jellal wouldn’t threaten his job like that!” Gray turned to the pink haired man and growled out.

“How exactly would that threaten his job?” Natsu crossed his arms, sitting back in the driver’s seat. Having motion sickness sucked, unless he was the one driving.

“Dating a FBI agent who’s working on the same case as he is?”

“Who said anything about dating? I just saw them making out.”

“It’s Jellal,” Gray shrugged, “He doesn’t do flings.”

“Point taken,” Natsu pulled his hat down more to cover his hair, “but the case is over now. They can date if they want.”

“I guess,” Gray said, “I just never saw him with the demon of the FBI.”

“Agreed,” the detective team of Fullbuster-Dragneel had run into Agent Scarlet more than once, and it was never pretty, “Is this guy ever going to show up?”

“File said he’s normally in this area after fighting with his girl of the week, looking for a hook up,” Gray pulled out the paperwork one last time, “maybe in another half hour. His car was taken in for repossession this week.”

“Man,” Natsu groaned, “I guess I’ll miss Lucy again tonight…”

“Lucy?” Gray’s head shot up, he hardly ever heard his partner mention a woman.

“Yeah..” Natsu scratched his cheek, “the girl who moved in next to me a few months ago? She gets off at nine, I usually try to talk to her.”

“Well, well. It’s about time you found someone to be attracted to, I can’t wait to meet this girl,” Gray slapped Natsu on his back.

“Attractive?! She’s just fun to talk to!” Natsu frantically spoke, ignoring his burning cheeks, “And she’s fun to mess with and Happy likes her and I can scare her so easily and- and- and-”

“You like her.”

Natsu hit his head on the chair, “…and I like her. But she’s way out of my league.”

Gray snorted, “Who are you and what happened to my partner?”

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could you draw levi ackerman from attack on titan please? i'd be very happy bc i love your art and the way you draw stuff! congrats

sure ! here u go my dude:

Forever Love: Chapter 1: The Wedding

Sequel to Blue Dreams | Jonnor Soulmate AU 

Inspired by this post 

Takes place in May 2026. Jude and Connor are 25. Each chapter of this story will take place in a different month/year. 

Disclaimer: I know that Connor/Gavin does not have blue eyes, but for the sake of this story, we are going to say he does. 

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