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soulmate!au jaehyun

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a/n: LOL THIS IS SO LATE IM AN IDIOT but i might make an actual scenario out of this hmm ;)

  • man thinking of a soulmate concept the first time was easy
  • in this soulmate universe, it’s not very easy to find your other half
  • there is a timer on the inside of your palm that is frozen until you make eye contact with your soulmate and then it’ll start ticking down until you both meet formally, for some people it may never even start
  • you also didnt care about the soulmate thing bc you found it useless, all that extra work for a stranger
  • you didn’t know this person at all, how were they destined to be with you before you even met?
  • your timer was also stuck for a long time, like it just said 87:52:49, but again, it wasn’t important to you as you were busy with your job
  • you’re a journalist who travels around the country a lot
  • and one day somewhere in seoul where there is a rising serial killer on the loose and you know you have to get there and get the main story before anyone else
  • when you get to the latest crime scene you’re unable to go inside as the investigation is ongoing
  • so you’re stuck looking around and watching people go in and out and then a really tall dude comes up to you
  • “can i help you?”
  • he has a uniform that’s the same as the ones of the investigators
  • and you feel something slightly burn (??) in your palm
  • of course you don’t check it out until much much later when youre on your way to your hotel
  • and when youre taking off your clothes then you see iT
  • the countdown is ticking down and it’s slightly lit up
  • so at first (ofc) ur like WHATT THE ACTUAL FREAKING HELL IS THIS THIS CANT BE REAL and ur smacking ur hand and scratching it and smacking ur eyes as well bc this has gOT to be an illusion to fuck u up maybe this was ur brain’s way of distracting you from the gruesome crime scene you witnessed today
  • anyways the next day you wake up extra early to get to the site before anyone else
  • someone else is there and ur like hey wtf i woke up at 6am why are you here
  • turns out its that tall investigator
  • while you’re talking you feel your hand burning again so youre just rubbing it to get rid of the feeling but tall guy thinks ur cold so he gets some hot packs out AAHHH DDADDEUTHAEE
  • you take the hot pack even tho u insist ur not cold but this guy is too sweet as in he literally just shoved it in ur hand
  • “mister,,, jung thank u ?? even tho im good”
  • “aww you’re so polite but it’s okay to accept offers sometimes”
  • youre like ???????????
  • anyways the burning only persists when you’re near that very cute investigator
  • and for some reason he gives you so much info on the case and basically is your primary source which you’re not complaining but!!!
  • “hey investigator jung aren’t u gonna like… get in trouble for giving all this stuff to me”
  • “pfffftt me?? im a senior to more than half the kiddos on this i’ll be fineeeee”
  • you also notice your countdown is getting closer to ending, approximately a day left from what it looked like
  • and u had a wiLD idea
  • what if,,, the investigator was the soulmate
  • cue you smacking your face bc again wtf
  • the next day you’re greeted with the guy and a cup of coffee and thinking wow he is so so sweet i wouldn’t mind him being my soulmate wait shut the fuck up
  • as you take the coffee from him your hands touch and you literally almost drop the coffee bc of the contact
  • it wasn’t no normal feeling you’ve touched hands before but this time your hand felt like it got electrocuted
  • while you look at your hand you notice the timer is only showing 00:00:00
  • and as you stare your hand in the most confused way possible the mr jung puts his palm in front of your eyes instead, where you see the same timer
  • “uh.what..”
  • “did you really have no idea this entire time?”
  • “what are you saying…. you knew this entire time and didn’t tell me? wait so soulmates are real?? how does that work. is this even real? maybe i should dump this coffee on my head real quick-“
  • “y/n pls calm down. also you’re not very bright for someone who reports current events for a living. did you really think i’d get away with giving you so much information?”
  • “….oh”
  • “it’s ok. you’re still the most adorable. it was funny getting to know you these past three days. also dont dump the coffee on your head i just met you and i don’t want you to die. also pls call me jaehyun from now on mr jung makes me sound . weird.”
  • you’re literally so confused and so embarrassed and also blushing bc hUH
  • “ok so…..jaehyun… i…um”
  • “lol i think all u need to do is to write the report so let’s go somewhere hm?” and he literally starts dragging u with his arm around ur shoulder like hey stop with the tallness thank also pls stop my blushing is becoming evident
  • im literally convulsing inside jaehyun is my ult ndededede
  • but yeah he takes u out and gets you more coffee and cookies wow and i think i’m going to cry

May I have your attention Plz?

I just wanted wanted everyone to see this random screen shot I took in admiration of Mitsuki’s smol eyebrows.

Just look 👀 at them

It’s like the smallest freaking eyebrows in the damn world.

It’s like the animators drew on one of those “V” birds people used to draw in kindergarten and split it in half.

Then lets draw attention to Boruto’s expression.


How Boruto’s eyes are at the DEAD ASS CORNER OF HIS SOCKET!?


Wanna One as romcom cliches

Seongwoo: drunk confession

  • you two have been friends since like elementary school and now you’re in college already where does the time go
  • so when you guys successfully get through your final exams, seongwoo suggests going out for celebratory drinks
  • and ofc who are you to turn down free drinks
  • so the two of you go to the club because the only thing better than getting drunk after exams is getting drunk and dancing after exams
  • all of your other friends aren’t done exams yet so they all turn down your invitation to go
  • but that’s fine bc drunk ong is a hoot and a holler
  • so there you are looking all cute or whateva
  • confidence level is ^^^^ bc ure in your favourite outfit
  • ong offers to get you two more drinks while you stay at the booth
  • while ong is gone this guy comes outta nowhere like “hey baby”
  • and you kinda roll your eyes bc 1) he’s totally not cute and 2) “hey baby” had to be the single most corny pick up line anyone has ever tried on you
  • so you kinda just smile at the guy and say that you aren’t interested
  • but the music is kinda loud and he’s kinda obnoxious so he slides into the booth beside you like “what’s that? I didn’t hear what you said, babe”
  • you roll your eyes again but then you feel his arm slide around your waist to pull you closer and you can’t help the shiver that racks through your body
  • you lean in to shout above the volume of the music that you really aren’t interested
  • but before you can the guy is pulled out of the booth and there’s a hand around your wrist that’s more or less dragging you out of the club
  • finally ong whips around to face you like “are you fucking stupid?!”
  • and your jaw just drops bc oh no did you really just use that tone of voice with me uh uh honey
  • “are you crazy? what the hell are you doing?” you yell back
  • “what do you mean what was I doing? what were you doing getting all cozy with a stranger!? I turn my back for two seconds and you’re off getting into trouble!”
  • you put your hand up to stop him and you’re like “uhm?? I was saying no???”
  • “well it didn’t look like it” ong bites back
  • “he couldn’t hear me over the music and why do I even have to explain myself to you! stop butting in, sir, this is why boys don’t talk to me! you’re always doing this!” you cant believe how he’s acting right now
  • you see exasperation flare up in ong’s eyes “you don’t need a boyfriend! I’ve been here all along!”
  • cue taylor swift’s you belong with me
  • and you’re like oh fuck oh shit abort abort “ong, dude, you’re drunk and you don’t know what you’re saying”
  • your heart is pounding right now because what if this makes everything weird and you can’t be friends anymore “don’t just say things like that so casually”
  • it’s not really that you’re worried about not being able to be friends later so much as it is you’re worried you won’t be able to not cry
  • hearing ong casually imply that he could be your boyfriend breaks your heart bc you’ve always been into him since the time in middle school when he kicked this boy in your class who called you ugly and made you cry
  • suddenly, he sobers up like “I’m not joking, I know this could ruin our friendship but I’ve never thought of you as just a friend and I don’t want you to see me like that either anymore”
  • you’re flabbergasted
  • he liked me this whole time??
  • and you’re like “I never did!”
  • seongwoo gets this look after you say that and you notice his eyes shift from your eyes to your lips
  • before you realize it he’s kissing you
  • you kinda just melt because you’ve been waiting for this for so long
  • when you both pull apart you look at each other before both going “holy shit”
  • the next day you guys are awkward as hell and lowkey avoiding each other
  • but then this girl comes up to ong to flirt all coy
  • and you’re like “bITCH DONT EVEN HE’S MINE”
  • and that’s how you ended up dating
  • needless to say your friends were shook when they finished their exams

2/11 (the rest will be up soon!) Jisung | Sungwoon | Minhyun | Seongwoo | Jaehwan | Daniel | Jihoon | Woojin | Jinyoung | Daewhi | Guanlin

GVWEEK DAY 3: a redraw of one of your favourite panels or your favourite outfit a character has worn!


 heres the original panel:


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Hiya, love the UT, US and UF love realizations! Thanks you (and haha sorry for the typo) :) Could you possibly give the SF reactions to first realizing they're in love with their S/O as well?

oh your fine hun no need to be sorry, and yes I can defiantly and happily do that swapfell is my favorite!

SF Sans;

Blackberry is unknowingly in denial for weeks if not months before realization hits him like one of Alphys punches, literally.  You, him and Alphys were probably training. The dino forgets how fragile humans can be gos to give you a ‘friendly’ punch in the arm and without thinking Blackberry grabs Alphys arm before it makes contact with your shoulder and starts yelling at said dino. He doesn’t know why he stopped the punch or why he started yelling, all he knew is that he hated the thought of you getting hurt. Later that night Blackberry asks Papyrus, and the older skeleton just starts laughing. “PAPY STOP LAUGHING THIS IS SERIOUS!”……..”WHAT? LOVE?”……..”I SHALL THEN RETRIEVE MY DATING MANUAL!”………”DAMMIT YOU STUPID MUTT STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!”

SF Papyrus  

He was chilling on the couch when you burst in through the front door carrying like four bag full of containers of syrup, making his eyes get bigger . “Uhhhhh kiddo whats with all the good stuff  you got there?” and you have a huge smile on your face “Dude I had all these coupons for syrup so I thought I’d get it for you since you cant always get it cause of your bro”. He’s shocked to say the least and hugs you excitedly, poor thing hasn’t had syrup in about a month and a half cause Blackberry refused to let him buy any. As he hugs you, your talking happily about something and he just cant stop thinking how amazing you are. But when he sees his reflection in the mirror behind you he sees that the lights in his eye sockets turned into tiny hearts. He gets very confused ‘why are they doing that? They only do it whe-’ his mind gos blank and realization hit him like a freight train. ‘well fuck’

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my dude i cant look at a pic of current noah without feeling so incredibly unsettled people dont give you enough credit for your costume design and framing. you excel at pretty much anything visual (video editing, costumes, eyes)

It’s less costume design and more lighting and filter effects, most of the magic visuals you’re seeing are realized in post.

Preference #26- Confession (Marauders Era)


James is so chill and laid back, playing with his stupid snitch like its nothing, that he’d easily walk up to you and be like will you go out with me but the twist is you thought he was superficial and it was all just an act and you told him you wouldn’t say yes until he showed you who he really was.. Now James Potter loves a mission so he set up all these things to show you he deserved you. He gave you flowers and tried to impress you whenever he could. He also was nicer to people, he deflated his head a bit, and for the final gesture, he set up a moonlight picnic on top of the Astronomy Tower with mason jars full of candles (that almost set Hogwarts on fire) scattered all around. Let’s just say you gave in and he didn’t play with that snitch so much. 


Sirius is such a fucking womanizer its scary hed have a new girl every other week.. BUT when it comes to you hed be kinda on edge because you shut him down every time he tried to make a movie. Now its a challenge for him and hes so much more into now because you now your the girl who actually said no to Sirius Black.. Plus your like perfect in his eyes.. One day he’d see you talking to some random Ravenclaw dude and just be so done that’d he’d push his way in between the two of you and be like “Okay (Y/N) look. you cant do this to me Im like so into you and you know im so into you and i know im a manwhore but i wouldnt just keep trying and trying for any girl so will you please just fucking tell me wh-” And you’d kiss him just to shut him the fuck up and once you pull apart you’d be like “Hogsmeade next weekend.” then smirk and walk away anD HED BE SO STUNNED AND IN LOVE OMG 


Remus would be sosooso nervous like he couldnt even handle  the butteflies in his stomach.. once he actually plucked up the courage (a.k.a being shoved into you by Sirius) he would just blank out and you’d have to snap him back to reality and he’d be like ‘wut? uh OH (Y/N) hi uh um uh ummmmm ummm willyougotohogsmeadewithmenextsaturday” and youd say “um can ya slow down a bit?” and hed take a deep breathe and calmly say “will you go to hogsmeade with me next saturday” and get really really red faced and you’d think it was the cutest thing in the world and because its Remus freakin’ Lupin you’d say of course and kiss his cheek and hed be that happiest person alive 


“Hey (Y/N) I like you will you go out with me?

“No because you turn into a horrible, disloyal, betraying freak rat face who fucks over his best friends in an attempt to get more powerful and frankly thats the biggest turn off there is” 


“Hey (Y/N) I like you will you go out with me?

“No because your a greasy asshole whose obsession with one women who will never love you is so creepy that you stepped over HER HUSBANDS DEAD BODy, ignored her crying child, and instead violated her lifeless body just because you “loved” her so ew no k bye” 

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((Just gonna put this out there that it is so important to clean your glasses cause I trained my eyes to see through the filth and that strained my eyes to an unbelievable amount and now i can barely see less than 6 inches in front of me. I wear contacts now so my eyes get better, but if you cant afford/are afriad of contacts, PLEASE CLEAN YOUR GLASSES! Your eye sight will get worse if you do not.)) ~Bailey


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Remember in tfc when Nicky said “It's a list of celebrities we're allowed to have affairs with. Kevin is my number three.” I have many things 4 u to consider 1) Kevin drunkingly finding that out and being kinda honoured 2) nickys other two and then him having to reshuffle to take into consideration his hot ex team mates Neil and matt 3) matts list (which totally doesn't include Neil) ((who are we kidding it's almost all Neil lmao)) - in which he discusses with Nicky bc more bro bonding thank u

  • kevin is hammered. he’s got a high tolerance, but not this high
  • he’s gone thru a bottle and a half of vodka with only two glasses of water between 
  • and everyone else is only about half as drunk, which is to say
  • everyone is pretty drunk
  • aaron isn’t there, so that’s how kevin drank so much
  • andrew’s taken neil since the room is free and they havent been drinking as much
  • matt and dan are talking, kevin is half-listening as nicky babbles, allison and renee are discussing something intensely
  • nicky sighs suddenly after checking his phone, the flops back on the couch 
  • “i miss erik. he won’t reply to me” 
  • “maybe it’s because you’re drunk.” 
  • “he likes drunk nicky. drunk nicky is good in bed. all nicky hemmicks are good in bed.” 
  • nicky winks at kevin (really, it’s more of an exaggerated blink. they are very drunk.)
  • “if you’re trying to get into my pants, it’s not happening, hemmick.”
  • “please. i was not trying to fuck you, kevin day.” he pauses, looking kevin over 
  • “number three, though. i could do it if you wanted to.” 
  • “number three?” 

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ok please do you have more clizzy headcannons?? there arent enough in the world

OMG yess also theres hardly any clizzy content like i need way more hello??

  • Izzy likes to connect Clary’s freckles on her arms and legs with sharpie to make pictures
  • for some reason the pictures often resembles a dick, Izzy blames her bad drawing skills, Clary’s not so sure
  • Izzy wearing low cut tops and clary just looking at her chest and saying “nice”
  • Alec is a huge Clizzy shipper and essentially acts like Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls “you girls need anything? a snack a condom let me know”
  • Early mornings!! Izzy usually wakes first but likes to stay in bed, the sunlight streams through the windows and Clary is still asleep with her hair splayed on the pillow and Isabelle lays for ages looking at her, playing with her hair and tracing patterns on her skin until she wakes up
  • + bonus Clary, eyes still closed, muttering “stop staring at me creep”
  • Tiny Clary ready to fight at all times, izzy pats her head like “chill babe”
  • Tickle fights!! Izzy knows Clary is super ticklish and will attack her when she least expects it. Clary will thrash to try and get her to stop and has often ended up kicking her in the stomach or the boob, izzy usually ends up with a few bruises and one time Clary may have kicked her in the chin, resulting in izzy not being able to open her mouth properly for about a week
  • Clary made her stay in bed all that time and waited on her hand and foot while izzy communicating using pen a paper
  • The two of them moving out of the institute and getting a cute lil appartment together
  • Clary often brings home stray kittens and izzy is like “goddammit” but she secretely loves their lil cat family
  • Clary is super clumsy and izzy always ends up having to pick her up when she falls
  • But sometimes she’ll fall and actually scrape her hands or her knees and break the skin, but she’s used to it by now and shrugs it off but Izzy is like “omg!! are you okay? is it bad? Lemme see! Clary Fray give me your hand, let me see!! Omg that needs an iratze give me your stele!” Clary just rolls her eyes like “dude i cant even feel it”

send me some sunshine beautiful angels 

Clalec|Branwood| Clyzzy

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dude you should really really really write a fic with percy and piper being annoying as hell with all the mortal stuff because they grew up with it and them just being best friends i will seriously love you forever like they are my brotp you cant even begin to understand dude

Piper does her best to ignore the pain in her leg as her elbow digs into her thigh. She’s glad her arm has at least gone numb. If only her butt would follow suite.

“You know she’s not looking, right?” Piper tells him.

“What?” He looks up from his feet, “why would I care?”

“Sure, Percy. We don’t hang out in front of the coffee shop so she’ll see your dumb self do tricks.” Piper rolls her eyes.

“This is a good spot to hang out! Screw you McLean,” Percy looks back down at his feet and mumbles to himself. It’s the same way every time he comes up with a new trick. Piper has heard him describe to himself every trick he’s ever landed, and the ones he hasn’t.

Piper waits until he’s in the middle of balancing on the side of his board.

“She’s staring at you,” she half-shouts hurriedly.

“Wait, what, yeah,” Percy tries to spin and look through the window behind him causing the board to slip out from under him.

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Luke while you were having contractions

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Okay, so while you were having contractions I could see Luke sitting behind you on the hospital bed. Your back resting on his chest, he’d be massaging your scalp, helping you take your mind off the pain. On the other hand, whenever a really bad contraction hit, you’d squeeze his hands really tight and his eyes would do the thing squinty thing where he also giggles a little bit bc you had this new sorta pain strength and you were actually hurting him. So when you let go his hands were red and you apologized continuously but he kept reassuring he was fine and then he’d start doing the lamas breathing with you. 

He hated seeing you like this but he knew it would all be worth it when baby boy hemmo came. He would kiss your shoulder and rub your belly talking to his unborn son saying things like “C'mon little dude, we cant wait to see you” and “Please stop tearing mommy apart, her lady bits are fragile… I would know” laughing when you smacked his leg at the inappropriate comment. His eyes squinting while his hearty laugh rumbled through his chest. “I love you both so much” he said, kissing your hair WOW WOW WOW WOW

- - -


Shawn Mendes Imagine!

Alrighty, so this is my first Imagine with Shawn Mendes. Idk what it is about him, i think it might be his voice and eyes and omg i cant. My feels for him have gone through the roof today, oh lord. So I would like some feedback, i do have another imagine for Cameron Dallas, should I do it? Help me, you lovely people! :D

            -Oh my god. Please, God, don’t let that be him. Oh sweet baby Jesus.

            “Y/N, honey, are you okay?” Mom asked after seeing you abruptly stop and cause your best friend, Y/bff/N, bump into your back and nearly spill the lemonade she had bought.

            “Yeah, what the hell, dude?” She asked, stepping beside you and placed her glass down next to the lawn chair.

            “Hey, uh, we forgot to buy something at the food court, we’ll be back.” You said, grabbing your friends hand right as she was about to deny you guys forgetting anything. You guys passed your younger siblings that were playing in the pool and headed for the food court, you kept your head down until you didn’t think he could see you.

            “Y/N, what the hell is going on?” Your best friend asked, confused.

            “Look who’s not sitting far away from Mom,” You answered, slowing down your walk.

            “I don’t know who- oh shit, it’s Shawn!” your friend exclaimed, seeing your ex-boyfriend, who was also a part of Magcon, and turning back to you. “Holy shit, do you think he saw you?”

            “God, I hope not,” you answered, getting in line at the food stand. You and your family, plus best friend, were at a water park, not too far from home. You listened to your friend gush about how hot Taylor Caniff looked shirtless and thought about what happened with Shawn. You guys had met when you went to Magcon, with your friend, and he asked for your number and you guys seemed to hit it off. You texted and he called you at night; whenever he was near he came to see you. Not long after you began a relationship did it end, and the break up was painful. You loved Shawn, you had fallen for him so quickly, but he was feeling the stress of the distance, the fans didn’t like you because you were so closed off. You believed in what was your business shouldn’t be advertised to others.

            “Y/N?” You heard his voice and your heart dropped. You knew his voice anywhere, the first thing you fell in love with was his voice. Then his lazy eye. Then his smile.

            You turned around and saw him and Taylor. You smiled, “Shawn, hey,”

            His lips turned into a smile and headed towards you, “I thought it was you but you ran off before I knew for sure.” His arms opened and his body folded around you, his hot skin of his tight abs touched the skin of your stomach. His arms held you close and for a split second you wanted to back away and run, it had only been 2 months since the break up but everything was still fresh.

            You broke away from the hug and felt your arm heat up as his fingertips brushed the back of your forearm. “Um, Y/Bff/N and I forgot something at the food stand,”

            “Yeah,” Your friend said, “What did we forget exactly?” She was being a bitch. You guys didn’t forget anything, you had just wanted to get away from Shawn and him possibly seeing you.

            “Mom wanted a coke,” You answered, shooting her a quick glare.

            “Oh, mhm, yeah,” Your friend said then turned to Taylor. “Want to go for a swim? Shawn can keep Y/N safe,”

            It’s official, you wanted to ring her neck. You went to go decline when Shawn spoke up, “Sounds good, I need to talk to Y/N anyways,”

            You looked at Shawn confused and he gave you a lopsided smile. Your friend smiled and walked away with Taylor, you glanced up at Shawn and he placed his hand on your bare lower back, walking you towards where the line ended up. You stepped out of his hand and asked, “How is everyone?”

            “Good, how’re you?” He asked politely.

            “I’m good, enjoying summer and all,” You answered, being careful to not get sucked into his brown eyes.

            “I don’t really know how to say this, so I’m just going to come out and say it; I miss you, Y/N. It hurts so much, I don’t know how to deal with it,” He said quietly, standing next to you.

            Your stomach dropped, you didn’t know what to say so you said nothing. You went to go move up in the line when Shawn grabbed your hand and turned you to face him, “Please, please don’t shut me out.”

            “What do you want me to say, Shawn? You broke my heart over distance and fans. If you think I’m dealing with our breakup easy then your mistaken,” You said, swallowing the tears.

            “I need you in my life, Y/N, I don’t care if we’re just friends,” He answered.

            You looked down and whipped the tear away, “I can’t just be your friend, Shawn,”

            He touched your cheek and made you look at him. His eyes were sad, but still beautiful. They were sucking you in so slowly, it was almost painful. “Take me back, Y/N,” He whispered, his lips so close to yours. You had dreams of him kissing you again, of him pulling you into his lap and holding you tight. You didn’t think he dreamed of you either, but he did and he regretted the breakup the moment it happened.

            “Shawn,” You whispered but he didn’t give you a chance to say anything else because he pressed his lips to yours, ever so lightly. Your finger tips danced along his lean hips and let his lips move against yours, his teeth nipped at your bottom lip before he pulled away.

            “Y/N,” Shawn whispered on your lips, “I love you,”

            You couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone deserves a second chance, even relationships. You gave into the war raging on in your head once and for all, you whispered back, “I love you too,”

            Shawn smiled against your lips and pulled back, his fingers wrapped around yours and he joined you in the line at the food court. Maybe this time would work.

svt as students (exam vers)

seungcheol: the one that comes RIGHT before the exam starts and brings half a pencil and claims he doesnt “need” an eraser

jeonghan: the one with ALL his shit like he even brought a lil book to read afterwards and he just works so diligently u dont even see him stumble or get lost or anything

jisoo: the one who ends up giving seungcheol a pencil #therealmvp but other than that he SEEMS like hes perfect but thats only when u look at him and when u look away he starts screaming but doesnt make noise (constantly has attack on titan theme song playing in his head)

junhui: the kid who wont SHUT UP …the teacher was like “junhui if u open your mouth just see what happens” and he was all “sorry i cant see very well i left my glasses at home”

soonyoung: hes the one who mumbles “yes !!!” whenever he gets through a question. like every minute all u hear is a “yes!”

wonwoo: when everyone is done taking their exams and read books or draw, hes the one sleeping. not napping, sleeping. NOT EVEN IN A NORMAL POSITION EITHER

jihoon: hes the one with bags under his eyes and a random ass sweatshirt on. everyone was like “dude we’re just taking the reading comprehension exam today u didnt really need to study”. then he realizes he studied for the wrong test good job jihoon

seokmin: the one who makes random noises…ur in the middle of doing a math problem when this guy whisper yells “what are THOOOSSSEEEE” . this guy is seokmin

mingyu: he keeps making unintentional noises?? his desk is so squeaky and his nose IS SO RUNNY and he wont stop sniffing and he also randomly pokes you ??like he sits next to you or behind you and he just pokes u and traces patterns on ur back or arm and stuff its so weird but oddly soothing

minghao: the one with all the snacks and actually offers u some lil tamarind candies or some grapes and when u guys pass in the halls he does the “fighting !!” hand motion thing and smiles what an angel

seungkwan: the one whos LOWKEY cheating like he has formulas and quotes and shit on a rubber band that makes the writing obvious when you stretch it out. asks u for random answers like he taps u and ur like “??” and hes like “hey….so … do u have number 18??”. ends up humming REALLY loudly but the teacher is old and deaf and cant hear it but everyone else can and when someones like “seungkwan shut up” he just starts aggressively humming REALLY LOUDLY in their direction jesus CHRIST seungkwan

hansol: hes really unprepared but ends up getting a pretty good grade ?? constantly tapping his fingers or smthn honestly and ends up on his phone taking a bunch of selfies. takes pics of the teacher and edits them then sends it to the class’ kkt chat. then in like five mins u just hear junhui JOKED OUT oh my god

chan: dressed up for the exams ??? he wore this snapback and the teacher just glanced at him and he was like “im so sorry imso sorry so sorry” and snatches it off his own head. ends up sleeping halfway thru like hes not even DONE and hes passed out but no one wants to wake him up because they dont want him to be crabby when he wakes up. talks to minghao and he sets him up with some coffee candies and a five hour energy